Foes of British boycott of Israel make a last stand

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					                                                            BUY ISRAELI PRODUCTS!                                   WRITERS
                                                            THE "End the Occupation Campaign", comprising
                                                            some 20 civil society organisations, has called for a
                                                            national boycott against Israeli products.
                                                              In a media release the SAZF and SAJBD have
                                                            called on the Jewish community to "defeat the           A JEWISH
                                                            boycott by increasing your purchases of Israeli
                                                            products next week".                                    WRITER?’ /10

                Friday, 1st June 2007 / 15 Sivan 5767                 Volume 11 Number 20

     Foes of British boycott of
     Israel make a last stand
  OPPONENTS of a proposed boycott of Israeli academics are making their final pitch before members of a large British trade union
vote on boycott motions of Israeli academic institutions. Arab and Jewish Israeli students are hosting a stand at the conference detailing
         co-operation projects between Israelis and Arabs and between Israel and the UK, which could be affected.      SEE PAGE 8

                                                                                                                             John Berks
                                                                                                                             enthusiastic about
                                                                                                                             Ramallah Radio
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                                                                                                                             Ups and downs of
                                                                                                                             Kosher chicken
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                                                                                                                             Bethlehem: Learn
                                                                                                                             the words of SA’s
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                                                                                                                             JNF’s tribute to
                                                                                                                             Arthur Chaskalson
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Goodbye                  Hazel Blend with several of the Yiddish Folk Nursery School’s learners whom she will soon
                         be saying goodbye to when she leaves the school after 40 years as a teacher and 38 years as         e-paper on our website:
Mrs Chips...             headmaster. Blend is going to live in Australia. (Photo: Lara Greenberg) SEE PAGE 7       

2     SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                              01 June - 08 June 2007

                                                                                 PARSHA OF THE WEEK                                                                    SHABBAT TIMES
Published by                                                                                                                                                           June 01 / 15 Sivan
S A Jewish Report (Pty) Ltd,                                                                                                                                           June 02 / 16 Sivan
Suite 175, Postnet X10039,
Randburg, 2125                                 ‘When you cause to alight...’                                                    ing of barmitzvah at its right time
                                                                                                                                to have a belated, adult event.        Starts   Ends
Tel: 011-886-0162                             THE TITLE of this week’s reading
Fax: 011-886-4202                                                PARSHAT
                                              - Beha’alotecha - belies its fuller
                                                                                                                                   The sheer joy, the pride would
                                                                                                                                fill not just the person concerned,
                                                                                                                                                                                          Cape Town
                                              content: For in truth the portion                                                 but the whole family. It was as if
Printed by Caxton Ltd
                                              deals with events in the desert, the
                                              marching, the celebration of the
                                                                                                                                an added spirit was present.
                                                                                                                                   As opposed to that, one rabbi I
                                                                                                                                                                       16:47    17:39     Durban
EDITOR - Geoff Sifrin                                                TECHA
                                              second Passover (the first to be
                                              held in freedom since the first was
                                                                                                                                know, Rabbi Alfred Gottschalk,
                                                                                                                                tells the story of the moment
                                                                                                                                                                       17:07    17:59     Bloemfontein
                                                                 Rabbi Charles D Wallach                                                                               16:59    17:53     Port Elizabeth
GENERAL MANAGER - Roni Lea                    still in Egypt) and all of this comes                Temple Emanuel               when the Nazis attacked his home
                                                                                                                                                                       16:52    17:45     East London
                                              as a precursor to the story of the                                                town in Germany, ransacked the
Sub-Editor - Paul Maree                       spies and the resultant rebellion.                                                synagogue, pulled the Torah scr-
                                                 But that opening, and that par-       one invited to say the blessing          olls from the Ark and proceeded to
Senior Reporter - Rita Lewis                  ticular word - Beha’alotecha - res-      mounts the bimah at the Torah            tear them, hurling the remnants
                                              onates a spirit which is itself wor-     reading. As one who over three           into the town’s swiftly flowing
                                              thy of comment. The word itself          decades and more has had the priv-       river.
Editorial Assistant - Shelley Elk             relates to the mounting of the           ilege of welcoming those called to          The young Alfred recalled: “My                            lamps of the tabernacle, an act to       give blessing, it has always struck      grandfather waded into the water
                                              be undertaken by Aaron, thus             me how folk approach the task -          and clutched at however many
Sports Editor - Jack Milner                   showing the importance thereof.          often with a sense of humility to be     segments of Torah he could and
                                                 And, as with so much that             sure, but always with a sense of         held them aloft out of the river:      which gives title to this week’s
Youth Editor - Lara Greenberg                 relates to the Mishkan, literally        pride: For is it not something for us    ‘Alfred,’ he said, ‘look and remem-    sedra: For “Beha’alotecha” really                        the place where the Eternal was to       to be free to express our faith, to      ber: Hold the words of Torah dear      means when you cause to alight...
                                              be found, the undertaking of such        approach the key source of what          and make them live!’”                  Each and everyone of us has it
Contributing Editor (Arts) -                  a task should have been done with        we are and publicly to give thanks          A generation later the young        within them to “cause to alight”,
Robyn Sassen                 honour and with dignity. And so, if      and blessing?                            Alfred became Rabbi Alfred Gott-       to increase the spirit, to give a
                                              we allow ourselves to play with             Many are the stories of those         schalk and still later rose to         sense of purpose and devotion, to
Cape Town correspondent                                                                who gave and give blessing despite
                                              the word for a moment one sees                                                    become head of the Hebrew Union        help others achieve something
Moira Schneider: 021-794-4206                 the word OLEH or ALIYA very              trauma and traumatic circum-             College, the principal rabbinic col-   they may not have thought possi-
                                              clearly therein.                         stances. A couple of decades ago,        lege in the United States. He had      ble before.
Pretoria correspondent
                                                 Within a religious context we         as Jews from the then Soviet Union       truly lived out the hope of his for-     May this be an abiding mes-
Diane Wolfson                                 readily see a link with the call-up      trickled out, some communities           lorn grandfather.                      sage to take with us into this
Manager: Sales and Distribution               to the Torah - the moment when           allowed those denied the celebrat-          And so I go back to that word       Shabbat.
Britt Landsman :

Sales Executives - (011) 886-0162
Britt Landsman: 082-292-9520
Tammy Freedman: 082-820-0509
                                               Rabbi Isaac Richards - a lifetime of service
Freelance Sales Executives                    DARRYL EGNAL                              about his memoirs.                       and I was therefore very                       he remained for 27 years.
                                                                                          After the war, he took up duties       active,” said Rabbi Rich-                      Sadly, Faye passed away in
Marlene Bilewitz & Assoc.: 083-475-0288
                                              SOUTH AFRICA’S longest serving            as a chaplain in Germany, which          ards. “I was involved in                       Durban in 1998.
Manuela Bernstein: 082-951-3838               Jewish spiritual leader, Rabbi Isaac      involved visiting Jewish soldiers in     running services and                              Rabbi Richards retired
                                              Richards, rabbi emeritus of Temple        north Germany.                           dealing with members                           in 1986, but four years
Classified Sales
                                              David Durban, died on Friday May            “In 1946, as my demobilisation         over the four or five                          later, he was brought out                                                               was approaching, I faced the prob-       years I was there.”                            of retirement to serve for a
                                              25 at the age of 93.
Design and layout                               Rabbi Richards had a long and           lem as to my future. As an officer in       In 1951, Rabbi Rich-                        few more years. He retired
                                              distinguished career within the           the army, I had experienced a dif-       ards accepted a post in Port          again in 1994, but less than a year
Graphic Descriptions
                                              Progressive Movement, and was             ferent way of life. My work among        Elizabeth, where he served as rev-    later, the congregation pleaded
Nicole Matthysen                              instrumental in formulating the           the survivors had completely             erend of the newly-established        with him to return. He eventually
                                              South African Progressive minhag          broadened my outlook.”                   community for a few years. His        retired in 2002 when the communi-
Subscription enquiries
                                              (custom).                                   He answered an advertisement           wife, Lily passed away suddenly in    ty finally found a new rabbi.
Johnnic Publishing                                                                      in the London Jewish Chronicle for       December 1951. Not long after            On this retirement, he was
                                                He was born in 1913 in Liverpool,
Tel: 0860-13-2652                             England. After years of study in a        a position as assistant to Rabbi M C     that, he decided to make aliyah       appointed rabbi emeritus of
                                              yeshiva, he was accepted by the           Weiler, founding rabbi of the            with his daughter, but this didn’t    Temple David.
                                              British Orthodox Beth Din in 1935         Progressive Jewish Movement in           work out as planned, so he               “Rabbi Richards served the
Honourable Abe Abrahamson (Chair-             as a minister. He took up a post in       South Africa. Rabbi Weiler visited       returned to South Africa.             Durban Jewish community and
man), Issie Kirsh, Dennis Maister, Bertie     Bangor, North Wales and then in           him in Germany and persuaded                He joined the Cape Town            the South African Progressive
Lubner, Herby Rosenberg, Russell              Bolton, England, under the title of       him to join the South African com-       Progressive Congregation as           Movement with love and dedica-
Gaddin, Marlene Bethlehem,                    reverend.                                 munity.                                  director of education of the          tion for the best part of 60 years,”
                                                When war broke out in 1939, he            On being discharged from the           Hebrew and religion classes,          says Steve Lurie, chairman of the
Stan Kaplan, Gordon Utian,
                                              volunteered to serve as a chaplain        British army in November 1946,           where he met and married his sec-     South African Union for Pro-
Norman Lowenthal.                             in the British forces. When the           Rabbi Richards left for Johan-           ond wife, Faye.                       gressive Judaism (SAUPJ).
Judge Meyer Joffe (Chair,                     Bergen-Belsen concentration camp          nesburg and his wife, Lily, and             In 1966, Rabbi Richards decided       “We will miss his insight, his
editorial comm)                               was liberated, he was posted to the       daughter, Monica, followed some          to take a Sabbatical year and went    knowledge and his commitment to
                                              camp to be of assistance to sur-          months later. On his arrival, he         to study at the Leo Baeck Rab-        the movement.”
                                              vivors.                                   took charge of the cheder and day-       binical College in London. He was        Rabbi Richards is survived by
           KASHRUT                              “It was a grim experience, but          to-day matters affecting the mem-
                                                                                        bers of Temple Israel in Hillbrow.
                                                                                                                                 ordained as a rabbi in mid-1967
                                                                                                                                 and returned to South Africa. His
                                                                                                                                                                       his daughter, Monica, Faye’s
                                                                                                                                                                       daughter, Margot, her husband,
                                              also uplifting, even if all I could do
The following symbols will appear on          was to give a comforting word,”             “Rabbi Weiler did a great deal         first rabbinic position was for       Vivian, and their grandchildren
advertisements and/or advertising fea-        Rabbi Richards said in a 2003 article     of travelling during those years         Temple David in Durban, where         and great-grandchildren.
tures to indicate whether or not they are
kosher. Where no Kashrut mark appears

                                                Some angels reading to CT kids in need
on an advert, the Jewish Report
assumes no responsibility for the
Kashrut status of that establishment or
                                              MOIRA SCHNEIDER                          work of ORT members who will             premier, was reportedly “very          department, who is chief cur-
    NK Non-Kosher        K Kosher             CAPE TOWN                                visit inner city schools situated in     excited” about the project, com-       riculum adviser for the district
                                                                                       the Cape Town city bowl.                 plimented Nilly Baruch, chair-         in which the schools are situat-
Where no symbols appear, consult the
                                              “ANGELS OF ORT”, an initiative             Teachers in these schools have         man of ORT Western Cape, on the        ed.
Beth Din Kosher Guide or contact the
                                              of ORT Western Cape, was                 to cope with up to 40 learners of        initiative and said that it would        • For additional information on
                                              launched in early May at Leeu-           differing needs per class. The           give children hope and would           the project, or if you would like
                                              wenhof, the official residence of        “Angels of ORT” will assist tea-         mean far more to them than just        to be involved, contact Nilly
Advertisements and editorial copy from        the premier of the province,             chers in this task by reading to         reading.                               Baruch on 083-298-6849 or ORT’s
outside sources do not neccessarily reflect   Ebrahim Rasool. The project will         small groups of learners.                  Also present was Saras Pillay        Cape Town office at (021) 975-
the views of the editors and staff.           involve setting up a volunteer net-        Rosieda Shabodien, wife of the         of the Western Cape education          7933.
01 June - 08 June 2007                                                                                                                                              SA JEWISH REPORT   3

     Panel discusses some thorny conversion issues
STORY AND PHOTOGRAPH                            and “Yomtov”, one was exposed to “Divrei         vation had been to “hold on to the Jewish    that we were doing some things wrong,” he
BY MOIRA SCHNEIDER                              Torah” on television. In the Diaspora, the       population because we lost so many in the    added.
CAPE TOWN                                       situation differed from country to country.      Holocaust. But we’ve held on and now we        Answering a member of the audience
                                                   Many rabbis did not wish to involve them-     can put back the details.                    who asked why he as the partner of a con-
WHY DO converts to Judaism have to              selves with conversions, as it was “not an         “In the past, we changed the acceptance,   vert had to become “frum” as well, he said:
adhere to higher standards than the rest of     easy situation at all” and a “big responsibil-   not the rule. Judaism hasn’t changed, our    “You’re responsible for creating the (cor-
the community? Why has the conversion           ity. We’re not making the rules, just follow-    knowledge of it has and we have to accept    rect) environment for this person.”
process become more difficult over the          ing them,” he added.
years? Why do partners of converts have to         On converts having to keep higher stan-
become “frum” as well? Should we in fact be     dards than the rest of the community, Rabbi
encouraging conversions?                        Zekry said that when one came to Judaism
   These were some of the questions dealt       as an adult, “we expect you to be like the
with at a panel discussion held under the       Jews at Mount Sinai, accepting the
auspices of the Union of Orthodox               covenant with G-d.”
Synagogues (Cape Council). Answering the           Rabbi Yitzchak Steele of the Claremont
last question, Rabbi Dr Pinchas Zekry of the    Wynberg Hebrew Congregation who co-
Durban Hebrew Congregation, who is              ordinates the conversion process in Cape
chairman of the conversion committee of         Town, spoke of the two-year programme
the Rabbinical Association of South Africa,     that ranged from “a deep philosophical
said opinion was divided on the matter, with    understanding” to practical issues.
much depending on the individual circum-        Moderator Rabbi Jonathan Altman of Beit
stances and the location.                       Midrash Morasha, commented that the
   “Conversion doesn’t always work - we do      course did not only involve “book learning”,
have great successes, though,” he said.         but also “engagement with a Jewish envi-
“Some great rabbis have come from the           ronment”.
lines of ‘gerim’ (converts).”                      Visiting Torah scholar Rabbi Jeff
   He warned, however, that there was “a        Wohlgelernter of La Jolla, San Diego, said
price and a commitment” necessary when          that he learned with “every single convert -
converting to Judaism. One could not            there are no conversion classes and I don’t
“close the doors”, he added, referring to the   hire teachers. To change a mindset and a
“great nachas” experienced through con-         thinking process takes more time and can
verts who had changed their lives for the       only be done in an arduous way,” he
better, “so you can’t say it’s a dangerous      explained.
route to take.                                     “It’s not about your husband or
   “If you live in Durban, it’s not simple to   boyfriend, but a connection to G-d and it’s
find a Jewish ‘shidduch’, Cape Town too and     difficult to do this in a mass sort of way.”
even Johannesburg,” he suggested in expla-         A failure in a convert was a failure on the
nation.                                         part of the community, he stated, saying
   It was “impossible” to have universally      that converts were like citizens of a new
accepted conversions as circumstances dif-      country. “If they see others that are not so
fered from place to place. In Israel, for       observant, it is difficult for them.
example, it was possible to be more lenient        “We should uplift ourselves so that the
as one had to search to find non-kosher food    standard is lifted up for them as well.”
and had to be “dafka” to work on “Shabbat”.        Explaining the “looser standard” for con-
   Even if one was not “Shomer Shabbat”         verting in the past, he said the prime moti-

From left: Rabbis Yitzchak Steele, Jeff Wohlgelernter, Pinchas Zekry and Jonathan
Altman, who participated in the panel discussion on conversions.
4    SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                               01 June - 08 June 2007

                                A kosher roasting over chicken prices
                               ALISON GOLDBERG                                                                                dayanim, a very large kashrut division,
                               PHOTOGRAPHS: SHELLEY ELK                                                                       and a chief rabbi of whose cost it con-
                                                                                                                              tributes 75 per cent (25 per cent by the
                               AGAINST A drastic reduction in the num-                                                        Cape UOS).
                               ber of chickens slaughtered for the kosher                                                        “The UOS provides services which are
                               market over the last six years of some                                                         essential to the preservation of Jewish life
                               200 000 (an average 33 000 annually), prices                                                   in South Africa, and this needs to be fund-
                               per kilogram are currently almost double                                                       ed,” he says.
                               that for non-kosher chicken, though                                                               Lampert is quite correct that customers
                               butchers like Ami Bolnick of Tenderchick                                                       are feeling the strain. Nor do they have
                               and Bolbrand, vehemently disagree about                                                        much sympathy for what may appear to be
                               the price difference.                                                                          an “unnecessary imbalance” in supply
                                                                                                                              and demand.
Read the Jewish Report           The Union of Orthodox Synagogues
                               (UOS) in Johannesburg which licenses            Jewish Report, has called for a forensic          As matters stand, customers would be
                               suppliers of kosher poultry countrywide,        audit into the price of kosher meat. In a      better off theoretically buying their meat
     e-paper on our website:   is hard-pressed to explain the reason for       letter to the paper three weeks ago, he        in Cape Town where prices of slaughtered
                               the fall, but it suspects a number of factors   compared the Johannesburg price of a           beef and lamb to butchers are consider-   may have contributed to it.                     whole kosher chicken at R37,50/kg to that      ably cheaper.
                                 One of these is a drastic decline in mar-     of a non-kosher equivalent of R21,99/kg.          Both UOSes are funded partially by the
                               riages points out UOS executive director        For a chicken braai pack the relevant costs    schechting of animals at abattoirs which
                               Darren Sevitz, resulting in a reduced num-      were R48,80/kg as against R18,99/kg for a      in turn pass on the cost to butchers. In the
                               ber of Jews in the community.                   non-kosher braai pack.                         case of oxen, Johannesburg charges
                                 Cape Town’s UOS executive director,             Bolnick, who does his own price com-         R207/unit as against Cape Town’s
                               Mickey Glass adds emigration; a move            parisons in Johannesburg’s northern sub-       R99/unit, and R26/unit for lamb as against
                               away from meat by consumers; and partly         urbs on a monthly basis, confirms that the     Cape Town’s R16,20/unit.
                               prices themselves.                              only cost relief is in the purchase of            Johannesburg’s UOS charges R2,07
                                 Bolnick says over this period it is impor-    frozen kosher whole chickens compared          (Bolnick says R2,38) per chicken slaugh-
                               tant to note that while chicken slaughter       to fresh.                                      tered.
                               has dropped, a turkey market has been             He juxtaposes the sale of whole fresh           Putting the fees in context, Sevitz says
                               developed by Tenderchick and Pick ’n Pay        chicken at the Norwood Hypermarket, cit-       “on average the forequarter of an ox will
                               in response to consumer demand.                 ing R33,95/kg (kosher) against R26,95 (non-    weigh about 100kg. After treibering it loses
                                 Imports do not appear as a factor in the      kosher). At Checkers in Balfour Park the       about 10 per cent, so we are left with 90kg.
                               fall-off, nor profiteering by any particular    price of frozen whole chickens is              The amount of R207 into 90kg accounts for
                               party.                                          R25,99/kg (kosher) compared to R21,99/kg       R2,30 per kg. Of course the increase in
                                 Running at a net loss in 2005-6, the          (non-kosher).                                  kosher over non-kosher meat costs more
                               Johannesburg UOS is still deliberating            To these comparisons he adds the prices      than R2,30/kg, but it’s important to see
                               over the granting of a licence to Cape          of non-kosher whole fresh chicken at           that the extra is not going to the Beth Din
                               Town-based Israeli Rammi Katz who               Benmore Butchery at R33,99/kg and              and the butchers and wholesalers must
                               imports Mehadrin chicken breasts from           Oaklands Butchery at R28,99/kg.                account for the difference.
                               Israel.                                           Explaining the economics of the UOS’s           “I’m sure they have good reasons, but it
                                 Katz says filleted chicken breasts are        operations, Sevitz says schechita is part of   is for them to explain.”
                               selling in Johannesburg for R89,99/kg,          the funding of the UOS. The UOS in                In the meantime customers will contin-
                               while his in Cape Town sells for R79,99/kg.     Johannesburg is far larger than the Cape       ue to look for savings wherever they can
                               Glass points out that the latter figure is      Town UOS which explains the latter’s           and buy whole frozen chicken over fresh
                               even higher than some local suppliers.          lower charges.                                 for example, in a market which rarely
                                 Aubrey Lampert, a letter writer to              The Johannesburg UOS supports four           advertises discounts.

                                                                               SAUPJ gives nod to
                                                                               same-sex marriage
                                                                               IN A landmark decision, the South                “This is a matter of justice and princi-
                                                                               African Union for Progressive Judaism          ple and we believe it is what Judaism
                                                                               (SAUPJ) has approved marriages between         requires of us in this day and age,” said
                                                                               Jewish couples of the same gender.             Lurie.
                                                                                 In a media release, Steve Lurie, chair-        “As an inclusive movement, and one
                                                                               man of the SAUPJ said: “This decision          with a strong commitment to ensure that
                                                                               was arrived at after long and thoughtful       injustice is not done in our communities,
                                                                               deliberation, and in the spirit of what        we believe that this move goes a long way
                                                                               Progressive Judaism is about - inclusion       to repudiate prejudice.”
                                                                               of all Jews regardless of gender, sexual         In December 2006, South Africa became
                                                                               orientation, race or ethnicity.”               the fifth country in the world to grant
                                                                                 At the national assembly of the SAUPJ        same-sex couples the same status and
                                                                               held in Durban on May 6, it was agreed         rights as heterosexual marriage partners.
                                                                               that there should be no distinction in the       “The SAUPJ honours the divine within
                                                                               status of religious marriages of same-sex      all human beings, and their right to live
                                                                               partners and heterosexual couples.             with dignity,” said Lurie.
01 June - 08 June 2007                                                                     SA JEWISH REPORT   5

 Berksie’s well and living in Jerusalem
LIONEL SLIER                                   studio in Jerusalem. I never fear any
                                               degree of violence.
THERE ARE four essential things that             “My apartment is on the top of a hill
every South African visiting Israel must       and I have to go up 410 steps each day to
do - pray at the Kotel, mourn at Yad           get home. It is my daily exercise.
Vashem, see the Shrine of The Dead Sea           “As a South African it is fantastic to
Scrolls and listen to John Berks on Ram        see Jews of different ethnic backgrounds
FM 93.6.                                       mixing freely and equally in all spheres
   Berks is the legendary South African        with other Israelis. It is lovely to see
radio presenter who enthralled at least        young people and realise how much they
two generations of South African listen-       love music and laugh and enjoy life to
ers at LM radio, SABC and later 702.           the full.
   He is currently the morning anchor at         “But there must be a balance. It is
the newly started South African-backed         important to understand the Palestinian
Ram FM 93.6 that broadcasts from               situation. They need their own sovereign
Jerusalem and Ramallah 24 hours a day.         state, to be independent and self-suffi-
In an interview in Jerusalem, Berks said       cient.
it was an absolute privilege to be living        “In South Africa talk radio contributed
here at this stage of his life.                a tremendous amount towards breaking
   He said: “Personally things could not       down barriers between different peoples;
have been better. We anticipated that          we could all freely and openly express
starting a station from scratch would be       our opinions, make criticisms, make con-
complex, difficult and challenging, but,       tributions, and in the end get together,
then again, it makes the kind of contribu-     solve our seemingly intractable prob-
tion I believe it can make in the format of    lems and build a new country. I believe
talk radio.                                    that Ram FM 93.6 can and will contribute
   What is needed here is dialogue to get      to a similar solution.”
people to know each other and at this
stage it is important for Israelis to get to
know Palestinians and for Palestinians to
get to know Israelis.
   “The format is music but the idea is that
with time the format will change from
music to talk and we will have a balance
between the two. The music we presently
play is ‘adults contemporary’ from the
seventies and eighties and catering for a
large demographic age group. We main-
tain a good balance.”
   Berks told how happy he was to be in
Israel, although “to learn Hebrew is like
going back to cheder again, and learning
sentences like kelev metachat le shulchun
(the dog is under the table.) It is like the
person learning Hebrew stopped someone
in the street, asked him in basic Hebrew
to tell him the time but to please answer
in English.
   “I’ve been here for five months. I was
originally asked to come up for the launch
by Issie Kirsh (of Primedia) and I’m very
pleased with what has happened so far.
   “In a way it is frustrating to be here;
there is so much to see and so little time.
Yet there are also fascinating aspects. To
see a Jewish garbage collector or a Jewish
cop is precious and it is wonderful to be in
Israel with its advanced information tech-
nology. The infrastructure in this country
is incredible.
   “It’s amazing how well the South
African Jews have done and how much
they have contributed. I keep in touch
with South Africa, regularly surf the Net,
but my feeling is that they are not doing
enough there to combat crime. I have
never felt as safe personally as I do in
   “You can feel the strength of the people.
The first month I broadcast from
Ramallah and I used to take a taxi from
my home in Malcha neighbourhood in
Jerusalem at four o’clock in the morning.
I still leave at four am but now walk to the
6    SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                01 June - 08 June 2007

                                                                                    SOCIAL SCENE                                                                   Rita Lewis

Lorraine and Arthur Chaskalson examine a congratulatory letter from Nelson                 Lorraine Chaskalson, Albie Sachs, Arthur Chaskalson, George Bizos, Nadine Gordimer, and
Mandela.                                                                                   Ahmed Kathrada.

JNF honours Mr Justice
  Arthur Chaskalson
STAFF REPORTER                                        deserving than Chaskalson who made a big dif-
PHOTOGRAPHS: ILAN OSSENDRYVER                         ference in the legal world”.
                                                        Chaskalson’s wife Lorraine also paid tribute to
FORMER CHIEF Justice Arthur Chaskalson is             her husband, reciting two poems she wrote.
a lawyer’s lawyer who took the time to listen to        A panel discussion was held with Justice Albie
anyone in his court room. So said George Bizos        Sachs, Ahmed Kathrada, (who was one of the
at a function held this week by the Jewish            accused in the Rivonia trial and sentenced to life                                                                     Helen
National Fund of South Africa, to pay tribute to      imprisonment with Mandela) and George Bizos                                                                            Suzman
Chaskalson at their third annual honoree event.       who defended Mandela, Govan Mbeki and Walter
   Chaskalson has had a long and illustrious          Sisulu in the trial.
career in the legal world. In June 1994, he was         Kathrada recalled how they, as prisoners,
appointed by former President Nelson Mandela          watched with interest when they were introduced
as the first president of South Africa’s new          to Chaskalson who was a young attorney.
Constitutional Court. He became chief justice of        “He was being touted as the new Issie Maisels
South Africa in 2001, finally retiring in 2005.       and we eventually were convinced and were at
   Chaskalson’s career was shaped by his devo-        peace with ourselves,” he said.
tion to the cause of democracy, for all his abhor-      Bizos described Chaskalson as a “lawyer’s
rence of apartheid and his determination to           lawyer” and the greatest cross-examiner of
fight the injustices which, for far too long, were    policemen. He said Chaskalson made the world
the defining feature of the South African land-       aware that they were defending patriots and not
scape.                                                terrorists.
   Chaskalson       was    admitted       to    the     “He gave up a lucrative practice to make justice
Johannesburg Bar in 1956 and appeared as              available for all, especially through his involve-                                                                     George Bizos
counsel for many members of the liberation            ment in the Legal Resource Centre.”                                                                                    and Arthur
movements in several major political trials             Chaskalson, in accepting the award, said he                                                                          Chaskalson
including the Rivonia treason trial and the           wanted to put things into context. “I am greatly
Delmas trial. He was the second South African         moved by what has been said, but I am also
to be elected as an honorary member of the Bar        embarrassed. I came from a comfortable home, I
Association of New York, the first South African      had a good education, good food and a university
being Jan Smuts.                                      education which gave me access to an elite profes-
   Chaskalson has received many awards includ-        sion.”
ing six doctorates. He was also given the human         Things could have been very different, he said.
rights award by the Foundation for Freedom              His earliest recollection was the Second World
and Human Rights in Switzerland. He was               War when he was eight. Although very young, he
instrumental in starting the Legal Resources          remembers the anxiety his parents felt as the
Centre in 1978.                                       Nazis went through Europe.
   His mother, Mary Adler was closely involved          “I was young enough to know what was at stake
with the Jewish community. She was president          and to understand that if my grandparents had
                                                                                                                                                                             Forman and
of the Women’s Zionist Council of SA and also         not come to South Africa, we would have been vic-                                                                      Lorraine
honorary life member of the World WIZO exec-          tims of Nazi persecution. If the Nazis had won the                                                                     Chaskalson
utive.                                                war, we would have grown up as victims and not
   Lord Joel Joffe paid tribute to Chaskalson         members of the privileged white community and
from London through a video message. He               all the benefits afforded to whites.
describes Chaskalson as unique, caring, coura-          “My family prospered, not only through their
geous and generous and said he was privileged         hard work, but because of the opportunities
to be a close friend. “He had a passion for justice   afforded to them. We were not part of the margin-
even when it was risky and unpopular and made         alised population, but of a privileged group which                                                                    JNF treasurer
financial sacrifices for the cause of justice,” he    did not suffer discrimination and humiliation and                                                                     Alan
said.                                                 I was aware of the paradox.                                                                                           Menachemson
   Mandela sent a congratulatory note to                “Many others did more, took greater risks and                                                                       and Director
Chaskalson saying there was “none more                made bigger contributions than I have,” he said.                                                                      Isla Feldman.

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01 June - 08 June 2007                                                                                                                                                              SA JEWISH REPORT    7

                                          had compulsory Hebrew classes             for ostrich feathers. In 1913 it           and it became known as the Jewish       who later became principal, would
COMMUNITY                                 and covered the first eight years
                                          of schooling. There was also a
                                                                                    reached $500 for a pound of the
                                                                                    finest feathers.
                                                                                                                               Government Primary School. In
                                                                                                                               August of that year A M Abrahams
                                                                                                                                                                       literally eat his hat and give five
                                                                                                                                                                       shillings to the opposite side if

BUZZ                                      mikveh, which is still in use,
                                          while the Oudtshoorn Jewish
                                          Cemetery had been established in
                                                                                       That was the year that fashion
                                                                                    started changing, due in part to the
                                                                                    open motor cars whose speed was
                                                                                                                               became the headmaster and there
                                                                                                                               were five teachers and 150 pupils.
                                                                                                                                 In 1905 I A Harris arrived from
                                                                                                                                                                       they could score a try against us.
                                                                                                                                                                          “We played under-11, under-12
                                                                                                                                                                       and under-13 and I don’t think that
LIONEL SLIER                              the 1880s.                                not conducive to feathers attached         England. He became a legend at          we ever lost a game.
082-444-9832, fax: 011-786-5036,            The Jews also settled in the sur-       to clothes or hats. The start of the       the school and in 1966 the school          “I wasn’t very brilliant on the
                                          rounding areas such as Calitzdorp,        war was the final nail in the coffin.      was named after him.                    academic side. In those days you               Ladismith and Uniondale. The                 Both in South Africa and London           In an article in the Johan-           either passed or failed. When my
                                          50km between Oudtshoorn and               there were warehouses full of              nesburg Sunday Times of Sep-            mother heard that I had failed
OUDTSHOORN                                Calitzdorp was known as “Der              feathers with no buyers. The feath-        tember 1985, Doreen Levin wrote         Afrikaans, she wouldn’t allow me
                                          Yiddishe Gass” (the Jewish neigh-         ers were worth next to nothing and         that one of the earliest old boys       to play rugby. When I told Mr
ONE OF the Afrikaners donated             bourhood) as the hotel and all the        the feather buyers were left with          was Joseph “Jinks” Beinashowitz         Arenson I could not play because
two plots for the synagogue, while        20 shops alongside the road were          debts owed them by the dealers             who recalls arriving with his twin      he had given me only 37 per cent
another donated the stones and            owned by Jews and they all closed         and therefore could not pay the            sister Annie Zulman when they           for Afrikaans, he promptly or-
had them brought to the site. The         on the Sabbath.                           farmers, who started growing to-           were seven years old.                   dered me onto the playing field,
building, known as the Queen                There was also a boarding house         bacco and raising livestock to               He only won one prize at school       saying it wasn’t 37 per cent it was
Street Synagogue, was completed           owned by Avraham Kaplan who               counter the collapse of the feather        and that was when he tied for           73 per cent and I had passed. This
in December 1888 and had, accord-         kept a Torah and where daily serv-        market.                                    arithmetic in Standard 3. He            is true, I got through school on my
ing to one account, been funded by        ices were held.                              Ostriches were raised on a small        recalled that for his birthday he       rugby.”
Afrikaner donations.                        Meanwhile, the Jews started             scale for their skins and, at a later      had a party held in the nearby End         Besides Okey Geffin, other “old
   In 1892 the inevitable happened        farming the ostriches and built           stage for their meat.                      Street Park and he had a chocolate      boys” were Hymie Kloner, the soc-
in a Jewish community. The Kelm           huge sandstone houses, known as              To be completed.                        cake. He lived in Pritchard Street      cer Springbok and Transvaal cri-
Jews broke away and built their           ostrich palaces, on their farms and                                                  in the centre of Johannesburg           cketers Clarence Levy and Aaron
own synagogue, the “Griener               in the town. In 1914 at the outbreak        • This article by David Zetler first     where his family also kept a cow, a     Nickel.
Shul” on St John Street, which            of the First World War, there were        appeared in The Jerusalem Post             sheep and a goat.                          One of the best known “old
was completed in 1896. The Queen          600 Jewish families in Oudtshoorn,        and was sent in by Basil Zive.               Well-known bottle store owner,        girls” was the pianist Cherry
Street Synagogue, in fact, had            about a third of the town’s white                                                    Solly Kramer’s three daughters          Wainer, who became an interna-
become too small for the growing          population.                               JOHANNESBURG                               Sadie, Beaty and Edie all went to       tional star in Britain where she
community.                                  Jews played an important part in                                                   the school in the late 1920s. Beaty     went to live in 1948.
   The Kelm Jews were a people of         the development of Oudtshoorn             IN 1895 the chief justice of the           recalled that many of her friends          Today the once famous Jewish
great tradition and knowledge and         and the district. At one time, the        Transvaal Republic laid the foun-          were from Arcadia, the Jewish           Government School, now the I H
wanted more study and daily serv-         mayor and two of the councillors          dation stone for a Jewish school in        orphanage down the Oxford Road          Harris Primary, finds itself in a
ices; the rabbi of the Queen Street       were Jews, as was the district sur-       De Villiers Street in the centre of        hill in Parktown.                       neglected and rundown area of
Synagogue was too Western for             geon, the medical officer of health       the town, but it took 18 months              The children used to be given         Johannesburg, but the memories
them. The ark in the new syna-            and a member of the municipal             before the school was opened.              money to take a tramcar to get to       and the sentiment remain, not
gogue was modelled on that of the         school board. Seven lawyers, three          The school had become neces-             and from Arcadia to the school.         only of the school through which
principal synagogue in Kelm.              doctors and the biggest landown-          sary as Jewish children were not             Levin quotes Okey Geffin, the         so many of today’s older Jewish
   A Jewish day school was estab-         ers and businessmen were Jewish.          allowed to attend state schools.           rugby Springbok of the late forties     citizens had passed, but indeed of
lished in Oudtshoorn in 1904 next           The prosperity of Oudtshoorn              In 1902 there was a change of            and early fifties: “My four brothers    the entire area of Doornfontein. As
to the Queen Street Synagogue. It         was, of course, due to the high           attitude towards Jewish people; the        and sister were all at the school.      the writer L P Harley wrote: “The
was a government school which             prices of the fashion industry paid       school was moved to Doornfontein           My Afrikaans teacher, C Arenson,        past is a different country.”

  ME universality Hazel leaves a 40-year
 LIONEL SLIER                            almost as if the one on top is

                  legacy at Yiddish Folk
 “IT WAS an answer to my
 prayers when I was recommend-
 ed to the Israel Now Tour organ-
                                         oppressing the one at the bottom.
                                         That is a very graphic way in
                                         which this conflict is shown.
                                            “On this trip I haven’t really
 isers by Marlene Bethlehem,”            had a Palestinian explain that          STORY AND PHOTOGRAPH BY                     the common purpose of doing              rather the process of learning. On
 said Rev Moss Ntlha, general sec-       conflict. If you look at the            LARA GREENBERG                              what’s best for the children.            this note, Blend concurs with the
 retary of the Evangelical Allia-        Temple lying underneath the                                                           She is proud of the fact that the      saying: “In years to come, a child
 nce of South Africa. Ntlha was          Temple Mount, it is almost as if        FOR 40 YEARS Hazel Blend has                school has moved from a staff of         may forget what you taught him
 one of two Christian clerics on         the burden of proof is on the           nurtured hundreds of children               unqualified teachers to a full staff     or her, but they will always
 the May 2007 Israel Now Tour.           oppressor above to explain why          who have passed through the                 of fully qualified teachers, two         remember how you made them
   “I always wanted to under-            he is there.                            doors of Yiddish Folk Nursery               assistants, one fulltime secretary,      feel.”
 stand the Middle East, the story           “The third layer of this story       School.                                     a part-time speech therapist and a         In between her time at the
 of Israel and the conflict with the     for me is what seems to be G-d’s           At the end of this school term,          part-time social worker.                 school, Blend married David and
 Palestinians.                           hand on Israel. This is the whole       it will be Blend who walks out of             Blend’s      relationship    with      raised her children, Howard and
                                         story of the struggle of Israel         the school and ends an era as she           Yiddish Folk goes back to 1967           Lindi. Howard attended Yiddish
                                         and yet linked with that, I find        and her husband move on to a                when she worked at the school as         Folk, while Lindi started out at
                                         that the ruling elite are really        new life in Australia.                      a student teacher.                       the school.
                                         reticent about affirming their             During an interview with                   Once she qualified, she was              In August, Hazel and David will
                                         spiritual heritage. And does one        Jewish Report, Blend, who has               offered a position on the staff and      be moving to Sydney, Australia to
                                         see the hand of G-d in terms of         been headmaster at Yiddish Folk             started as a fulltime teacher for        join Howard, Lindi and their
                                         the technological advances and          for 38 years, was unable to name            the five- to six-year-old group, in      respective families.
                                         the performance of the army in          one specific moment which stood             January 1968.                              “It really hasn’t hit me yet,”
                                         the wars against impossible             out for her as she said that she              In April 1969, just over a year        said Blend. “This school has been
                                         odds?                                   relived those moments whenever              later and around the age of 22/23,       part of my life and I can’t imagine
                                            “You would’ve thought the            she watched the children in the             Blend was appointed as the               not coming in here every day.”
                                         grace of G-d among Israel would         playground, or observed how                 school’s principal and although            What she says she will miss the
                                         have been readily found. I didn’t       their “little personalities” devel-         she has faced many challenges            most is the interaction with the
                                         find it. I find an incurable sense      oped over a three year period -             along the way, 38 years later, she       children and parents - the noise of
                                         of unbelief.                            ensuring confident, independent             still holds that position.               the children in the playground
                                            “A rich religious experience         children with high self-esteems.              Over the years she has worked          and listening in on their interac-
                                         was also combined with the his-            It was an emotional-filled hour          with 17 chairmen and she notes           tions and conversations. “You can
                                         torical significance of Jerusalem       as Blend spoke about her many               that the parents association has         learn so much from the children,”
                                         and ever emphasised by the reli-        years at the school, describing             always been very active in organ-        she said.
                                         gious significance is a powerful        how the school has always been              ising     cultural,    social   and        Yiddish Folk Nursery School
    “A big part of my stay was get-      testament to 3 000 years of civili-     such a huge part of her life and            fundraising events.                      opened its doors in 1937 at 45
 ting to grips with the story of         sation in the Middle East.              how, even on public holidays and              Because of today’s lifestyle,          Upper         Meyer          Street,
 Israel. Obviously as a Christian I         “I did not get the sense that        during school holidays, she would           Blend notes that the children are        Doornfontein with the aim of pro-
 have a very strong connection           Palestinians have ever been to          come in to the school grounds               not as creative as those in years        viding Jewish parents with a
 with this story and in a sense it is    museums such as Yad Vashem. It          “just to potter around”.                    gone by.                                 Jewish nursery school during the
 my story. It is like an onion with      is almost like a Jewish story that         Blend has always prided herself            “They have too many pressures          morning, with an afternoon
 several layers.                         only the Jews know and it is dif-       on the homey environment,                   and not enough time to just play,”       Yiddish school twice a week.
    “The one layer is the core and       ficult to have a communication          which has been created within               she says. “Children need to play           With the growth of the Jewish
 it is the history from Abraham          when people do not know each            the school’s walls and was happy            and play and play and play and           community in the Sydenham/
 through to the First Temple             other’s stories.                        to say that she has always known            play...”                                 Orange Grove area, an old house,
 and the Second Temple, which               “I draw a parallel with South        every single child’s name and                 She added that on this note, par-      built on a double stand was
 is dramatised by the Temple             Africa. When there was not a            background - despite the fact               ents put too much pressure on            bought in 1954 and when the
 Mount. Jerusalem is the story of        bridge between each other and           that, annually, the school boasts           their children to do too many            building took place in 1961, 107 9th
 the Old Testament and the New           we did not read each other’s sto-       120 children between its six class-         extramural activities.                   Avenue Sydenham became the
 Testament and that is a special         ries, eg what Afrikaners suffered       es.                                           “It’s often the parents’ needs         new home for Yiddish Folk. The
 part.                                   in the Anglo-Boer War remained             The prosperity of the school is          and not the children’s, because          school continues to run from that
    “The second layer is the very        an Afrikaner story and then they        a huge achievement for Blend                the parents feel that their chil-        same address.
 picture of the Temple and the           constructed apartheid on the            who noted that even through                 dren will be losing out if they            The school was taken over by
 excavations beneath seem to             basis of their own fears, nobody        tough times - such as high emi-             don’t do something.”                     the South African Board of
 underline the conflict and the          understood where they were              gration levels - the school had               Blend is also a huge advocate          Jewish Education, in January
 Palestine/Israel question. In a         coming from.                            always been full and already                for parents and educators setting        1995 and has never had any finan-
 sense I feel that, to my regret, I do      “So I think that understanding       there was a waiting list until 2010.        the right example for their chil-        cial problems.
 not know to what extent the             each other’s story is an impor-            The teachers all work as a team          dren and teaching them the cor-            Blend noted: “Yiddish Folk will
 Palestinians have really seen the       tant starting point for peaceful        and Blend has always been care-             rect values.                             always have a very special place
 Temple under their shrine               reconciliation.”                        ful to ensure that there is no com-           She also believes it is not the        in my heart - even if I’m living on
                                                                                 petition - they all work towards            end result that is important, but        the other side of the world.”
8     SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                             01 June - 08 June 2007

                                                                            OPINION AND ANALYSIS
                                                                                         FORUM FOR DIVERSE VIEWS

                                                                 Bracing for a long struggle with Hamas
                                                               LESLIE SUSSER

     Are the ANC also                                          JERUSALEM

                                                               WITH NO end in sight to Qassam rocket
                                                                                                                                                                                       The charred
                                                                                                                                                                                       remains of a
                                                                                                                                                                                       restaurant are
        like Nazis?                                            attacks on Israeli civilians near the bor-
                                                               der with Gaza, the Israeli government is
                                                               preparing for a long struggle against rad-
                                                                                                                                                                                       seen on Kibbutz
                                                                                                                                                                                       Nir Am, on May
                                                               ical, Hamas-led Palestinian militants.                                                                                  23. A Qassam
    IN HIS latest “Letter from the President” on the offi-
    cial ANC website, President Thabo Mbeki expresses             In two weeks of persistent bombard-                                                                                  rocket fired from
    outrage at Cosatu secretary-general Zwelinzima             ment, some 200 rockets have been fired                                                                                  Gaza by Hamas,
    Vavi’s recent public statement, that a reported eco-       across the border, killing at least two                                                                                 made a direct
    nomic boom in South Africa is government propa-            Israelis and injuring dozens more in the                                                                                hit, totally
    ganda similar to that used by Adolf Hitler’s regime        frontier town of Sderot. Now, it seems,
                                                                                                                                                                                       destroying the
    in Nazi Germany.                                           that could be just the beginning.
                                                                  Although dozens of Hamas and                                                                                         structure.
       Says Mbeki: “The charge that our government
                                                               Islamic Jihad militiamen have been                                                                                      (PHOTO: BRIAN
    and the ANC are behaving in a manner akin to the
    Nazis is serious in the extreme... it is not possible to   killed in retaliatory Israeli air strikes,                                                                              HENDLER/JTA)
    ignore the grossly repugnant statement... Nazism           several Cabinet ministers are pressing
    was the most reactionary, chauvinist, predatory and        for an even tougher Israeli response to        gating the violence, Hamas is also trying       hands.
    anti-human political system to emerge in Europe            force Hamas to back down.                      to undermine any chances for an Israeli-           At the same time, the United States has
    and the world between the two world wars...                   Both sides have an interest in continu-     Arab peace dialogue based on the 2002           put forward a plan for easing Israeli pres-
       “As a concrete expression of its pernicious             ing the fighting. Hamas wants to embar-        Arab League peace initiative. That initia-      sure on Palestinian civilian life in the
    racism, it slaughtered millions of Jewish people in        rass Israel and consolidate its position as    tive has been accepted by Arab moderates        West Bank. The idea is both to weaken
    the infamous Holocaust. The war it launched led to         the leading force in Palestinian politics.     such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and         Hamas and to show the Palestinian peo-
    the death of over 20 million citizens of the Soviet        Israel wants to deal Hamas a crippling         Fatah; it is rejected by Iran and its           ple that only moderates like Fatah can get
    Union... The suggestion that our movement and gov-         blow and help elevate the status of the        Hezbollah and Hamas allies.                     results.
    ernment have resorted to ‘propaganda similar to            more moderate Fatah movement on the               “Everything is being organised by               What happens next on the negotiating
    that of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany’ seeks to dis-         Palestinian street.                            Iran,” Deputy Defence Minister Ephraim          front will depend on how the Hamas-
    credit our movement and government...”                        For now the bigger problem for Israel       Sneh told the Jerusalem Post.                   Fatah standoff works out.
       The demagoguery inherent in the abuse of lan-           is the West Bank. The Israeli army                Buoyed by the perceived success of              “Hamas’ violent clashes with Fatah in
    guage in this way by Vavi is indeed repugnant. His         remains active there, gathering intelli-       Hezbollah’s     Iranian-backed        rocket    the streets of Gaza, are nothing more than
    use of the Nazi slur shows no understanding of what        gence, arresting terror suspects and           attacks on Israel during last year’s            a dress rehearsal for the great confronta-
    the Nazis were really like, either in their employ-        intercepting would-be suicide bombers.         Second Lebanon War, Hamas is trying to          tion the group anticipates in June or
    ment of propaganda orchestrated by Goebbels, or in            Top army officers argue that a cease-       further undermine Israeli morale.               July,” political analyst Akiva Eldar wrote
    the actions which were carried out under the               fire suspending these activities would            Hamas believes that time is on the           in Ha’aretz.
    umbrella of this propaganda.                               mean the return of suicide bombers to          Palestinians’ side, that if it just keeps up       If current efforts to prevent them fail,
       South African Jews could be forgiven for feeling        Israeli towns and cities. For Israel to even   the pressure, Israel eventually will col-       the outcome of those anticipated clash-
    somewhat cynical, however, at Mbeki’s anger. In            consider a ceasefire, the West Bank must       lapse. That is why it rejects the two-state     es could determine the contours of
    recent months when his minister of intelligence was        be taken out of the equation.                  solution; Hamas believes that if it waits       Israeli-Palestinian ties for years to
    routinely insulting and offending Jews by likening            But there is a bigger picture. In insti-    long enough, all of Israel will fall into its   come. (JTA)
    the actions of Israel to those of the Nazis - a compar-
    ison equally outrageous - nary a word of public crit-
    icism was heard from the president.
       We have said often in this paper that it is quite
    legitimate to criticise Israel: in the complex and
                                                                   British boycott foes making last stand
    interminable Israeli-Palestinian conflict, wrongs          JONNY PAUL                                     dents” and “condemns the complicity of          in the harassment and abuse of
    have been committed by all sides. There is plenty of       LONDON                                         Israeli academia in the occupation, which       Palestinian students and lecturers,” said
    blame to go around. But resorting to the Nazi analo-                                                      has provoked a call from Palestinian            Haim Bresheeth, a University of East
    gy by government ministers is something else. It           OPPONENTS of a proposed British boy-           trade unions for a comprehensive and            London lecturer who introduced the
    suggests a more sinister motive than objective com-        cott of Israeli academics are making           consistent international boycott of all         motion with Tom Hickey, a lecturer in phi-
    ment.                                                      their final pitch before members of            Israeli academic institutions”.                 losophy at Brighton University.
       If the president does not distance himself from         Britain’s largest trade union cast their          If the motion passes, among the recom-         “They are part of the system which
    such statements, he becomes associated with them           votes this week on two boycott motions.        mendations are “for members to consider         imposes closures, curfews and collective
    by default. It would have been an important gesture           The University and College Union            the moral implications of existing and          punishments, supports military invasions
    towards Jewish South Africans to see him rejecting         started meeting on Wednesday right             proposed links with Israeli academic            of campuses and arbitrary arrests.”
    the Nazi slur, even if he remained critical of Israel.     through to today (Friday) at the sea           institutions” and for guidance to mem-            “Taking a stand on these issues is the
       Another article on the website reports on country-      resort of Bournemouth, on the southern         bers on “appropriate forms of action”.          least that we can do. International action is
    wide anti-Israel protests to be held next week “co-        coast of England.                                 In an effort to counter the boycott, a       required to persuade Israeli academics
    ordinated by the End the Occupation Campaign,                 The union will debate two motions           group of Arab and Jewish Israeli stu-           that they must examine the role of their
    comprising almost 20 civil society organisations,          calling for an outright boycott of Israeli     dents are hosting a stand at the confer-        own institutions in denying educational
    social movements, solidarity organisations, political      academic institutions and seeking a            ence to detail academic co-operation proj-      rights to Palestinians.”
    parties and faith-based organisations”. The tone of        “moratorium on research and cultural           ects between Israelis and Arabs and               The Israeli students aren’t the only ones
    the article suggests that it should be supported.          collaborations with Israel”.                   between Israel and the United Kingdom,          making their case in advance of the union
       There will be pickets in various centres around            The move is the latest of several           all of which they say could be affected if a    vote.
    the country, including outside selected stores selling     British efforts to boycott Israel. Last        boycott goes ahead.                               Last week a delegation of senior Israeli
    Israeli goods, with a call for South Africans to boy-      month the National Union of Journalists           They also will talk to delegates about       academics returned to Israel after a week
    cott products from Israel. The article says the ANC        passed a motion to boycott Israeli goods.      the achievements of Israeli universities        of meetings with British counterparts,
    has called for a Parliamentary debate on the occupa-       More recently, a group of British doctors      and showcase the projects between               parliamentarians and journalists in an
    tion of Palestinian territory. The organisers propose      and a group of architects called for a boy-    Israeli and Palestinian universities, as        effort to combat the boycott call.
    mass marches and rallies on Saturday, June 9 in            cott within their respective professions.      well as the joint work benefiting Israel’s        With the delegation was Miriam
    Cape Town and Johannesburg.                                   In the British academic world, four         Arab minority that is threatened by the         Shlesinger, a professor at Bar-Ilan
       The irony here is that most Israelis and Jews           attempts have been made to introduce a         proposed boycott.                               University and a victim of a boycott in
    today also believe the occupation by Israel of the         boycott of Israeli academics since 2002.          “The stall allows Israeli students to        2002. She was removed from the board of a
    Palestinian territories should be ended. Israelis          The University and College Union was           show that a boycott is counterproductive        journal at Manchester University on the
    widely acknowledge that the occupation and the set-        created last June by the merger of the         and will hurt the very relationships that       basis of her Israeli citizenship.
    tlement enterprise has been a historical mistake,          National Association of Teachers in            will help bring peace in the Middle East,”        “A boycott against Israel is discriminato-
    and want to get out.                                       Further and Higher Education, and the          said Ofir Frankel, executive director of        ry and will achieve no useful purpose,”
       But there seems no secure way at present to do          Association of University Teachers, the        the International Advisory Board, which         Shlesinger said. “Many academics like
    this, given the chaos in the Palestinian world, con-       AUT, both of which had initiated their         is sponsoring the stand.                        myself are acting on behalf of the causes
    tinued rejection by Hamas of Israel’s right to exist,      own boycott proposals.                            “We also want to take this opportunity       that the UCU and others espouse, except
    and hundreds of Qassam rockets falling on the                 Motions were defeated by the AUT in         to build links with British academics that      that by deterring us from doing this they
    Israeli town of Sderot since Israel withdrew from          2003, and although a motion passed in          may advance these valuable projects.”           are achieving the exact opposite.”
    Gaza. Israelis are wary of withdrawing from further        2005, it was overwhelmingly overturned            The board was established by Bar-Ilan          Also last week, Steven Weinberg, a
    Palestinian territories for fear of what would hap-        at a special council of the union follow-      University in 2005 with the Academic            University of Texas professor and Nobel
    pen.                                                       ing international outcry.                      Friends of Israel to respond to calls for       laureate, cancelled a visit to a London uni-
       Former South African law professor John                    A boycott motion narrowly passed at         boycotts of Israeli academics, fight anti-      versity citing the journalists’ boycott and
    Dugard, who is the UN special rapporteur on human          the National Association conference in         Israel policies of the British education        what he perceives to be “a widespread anti-
    rights in the Palestinian territories and not consid-      2006, but the resolution expired with the      unions and anti-Semitic incidents on uni-       Israel and anti-Semitic current in British
    ered a friend of Israel, says: “The indiscriminate fir-    merger of the unions.                          versity campuses.                               opinion”.
    ing of rockets into Sderot violates international             According to the new boycott motion,           The stall is supported by the Fair Play        In a letter to Imperial College he wrote:
    humanitarian law.”                                         “Israel’s 40-year occupation has serious-      Campaign Group, part of the Board of            “I know that some will say that these boy-
       If the protestors are concerned about ending the        ly damaged the fabric of Palestinian soci-     Deputies of British Jews’ campaign to           cotts are directed only against Israel
    occupation and about the Palestinians’ welfare, they       ety through annexation, illegal settle-        combat boycott initiatives, to promote co-      rather than generally against Jews, but
    should call on them to stop the Qassams and concen-        ment, collective punishment and restric-       operation and dialogue in the Middle            given the history of the attacks on Israel
    trate on rebuilding Palestinian society rather than        tion of movement.”                             East, and by the British Friends of Israeli     and the oppressiveness and aggressiveness
    destroying Israel. And intellectual and moral consis-         It goes on to say the union “deplores       Universities.                                   of other countries in the Middle East and
    tency from our own government might also help              the denial of educational rights for              Proponents of the boycott measure            elsewhere, boycotting Israel indicated a
    point these protests in a more constructive direc-         Palestinians by invasions, closures,           defend their efforts.                           moral blindness for which it is hard to find
    tion.                                                      checkpoints, curfews, and shootings and           “Israeli universities are complicit in       any explanation other than anti-
                                                               arrests of teachers, lecturers and stu-        occupation of Palestinian territories and       Semitism.” (JTA)
01 June - 08 June 2007                                                                                                                                                             SA JEWISH REPORT       9

                                                                         OPINION AND ANALYSIS
                                                                                         FORUM FOR DIVERSE VIEWS

Israeli situation saddled with the ‘A’ word
THERE SEEMS to be no way of avoiding                                                                    Neither rejoinder, to say the least, is           countless Jewish lives. If this is apartheid,
apartheid-era comparisons when analy-
sing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, not
                                                                 BARBARIC                             going to make Israel and its defenders any
                                                                                                      more popular, but given the persistent
                                                                                                                                                          it is justifiable apartheid, and no matter
                                                                                                                                                          what unreflecting fury this answer is like-
because there is any real validity to them
but because they are being brought up                            YAWP                                 refusal of their opponents to recognise the
                                                                                                      extent of the security threat posed by
                                                                                                                                                          ly to elicit, it has to be stated firmly and
persistently to ignore.                                          David Saks                           Palestinian terrorism, there may no                    Equating Israel’s policies in the West
  The fall of apartheid South Africa large-                                                           longer be any choice.                               Bank to those of apartheid-era South
ly came about through its being turned                                                                  One may as well take the above-men-               Africa is misleading and cynically unfair,
into a pariah state, subjected to a host of                                                           tioned case of separate roads for Jews and          not because parallels cannot be found but
damaging international sanctions, and            evacuated). Here it is pointless denying             Arabs in the West Bank as an example.               because the respective reasons for why
Israel’s enemies are quite openly seeking        that similarities with apartheid South               Here, what is truly “obscene” are the rea-          repressive measures were implemented
to ensure that history repeats itself.           Africa exist, or even that in many ways              sons why Israel was compelled to insti-             differ vastly from one another.
  Indeed, the “A” word is now being              the restrictions on the Palestinians are             tute such extreme measures in the first                Unlike in apartheid South Africa, where
bandied about by those who consider              even harsher than those operating under              place.                                              discriminatory legislation was aimed pri-
themselves Israel’s friends, or at least who     the apartheid regime.                                  From the Israeli capture of the West              marily at concentrating power and privi-
are supportive of its continued existence.          As a method of population control, for            Bank and Gaza in June 1967 to July 1994,            lege in the hands of the white minority,
  Jimmy Carter’s inclusion of the term           example, checkpoints are even more effec-            Israelis used the same roads that the               Israeli Jews face immediate threats to
“apartheid” in the title of his controver-       tive than pass laws. And as the minister of          Muslim and Christian Arabs of the terri-            their very lives that simply did not exist in
sial book was particularly misleading as         intelligence of a certain country close to           tories used. No new roads were built in             this country. Nearly 1 500 Israelis - the
Carter himself states that he admires            home recently fulminated, certain West               those territories, while the existing roads         majority of them civilians - have lost their
Israel as the only genuine democracy in          Bank roads are indeed barred to                      were extensively upgraded by Israel. Then           lives over the past seven years, whereas
the Middle East and is critical only of its      Palestinians and reserved for Jewish                 came September 2000 and the launch                  perhaps a few dozen South African whites
policies in the territories.                     settlers, something he regarded as                   of Yasser Arafat’s so-called “Second                were killed in the 30-year-long “armed
  Similarly irresponsible are Israeli            “obscene”.                                           Intifada”.                                          struggle”.
human rights groups like B’tselem, who              It could be that the only way to refute             Constant attacks on public buses, school             What John Dugard and his ilk would
presumably are not opposed to Israel’s           these damaging accusations is by counter-            buses and private cars and trucks fol-              probably counter to this is that the settle-
existence but whose knee-jerk employ-            ing that even if Israeli policies in the West        lowed, the methods employed including               ments are illegal under international law
ment of pseudo-apartheid-like analogies          Bank in some ways resemble those of                  drive-by shootings, sniper attacks, fire            and therefore the Jews living beyond the
serve to undermine the legitimacy of the         apartheid South Africa, unlike in the lat-           bombing, suicide bombings and truck and             Green Line have no right to be there in the
entire Israeli state.                            ter situation, such measures are morally             car bombs. (The cold-blooded murder of              first place. It would seem, therefore, that
  Debunking charges that Israel itself is        justified.                                           Tali Hatuel and her four daughters was              the only way to satisfy this lobby is the
an apartheid state is relatively straightfor-       Moreover, a powerful counter-thrust               just one of the many atrocities carried out         ethnic cleansing of nearly a quarter of a
ward (even if this is sometimes complicat-       could be made that those demanding the               by Palestinian “freedom fighters” during            million West Bank Jews, or else withdraw-
ed by the undeniable fact that de facto dis-     abolition of “human rights violations”               this time).                                         ing the Israeli security forces completely
crimination against the Arab minority            such as checkpoints, security barriers and             Israel’s response was to build separate           and leaving them to the tender mercies of
does occur).                                     separate road systems effectively believe            roads leading from Israel to the main               their Palestinian neighbours.
  The real focus of the Israel/apartheid         that the murder and mutilation of Jews is            Israeli communities in the territories, a              There is not much Israel can do in the
campaign is to home in on the situation in       preferable to the inconveniencing of                 measure that our minister of intelligence           face of such unjust and unreasonable
the West Bank (Gaza having now been              Arabs.                                               finds “obscene” but which has saved                 demands.

    National anthem of                                                                                   CANTORIAL EXTRAVAGANZA
     SA Nkosi Sikelel’                                                                                             The Jewish National Fund of SA in association with
                                                                                                                      the Johannesburg Jewish Male Choir will be
MARLENE BETHLEHEM                                Africa by the oppressed and it was always
                                                 sung as an act of defiance against the
ONE OF our greatest successes in the tran-       apartheid regime.
                                                                                                                                staging a concert titled
sition to democracy in South Africa has             A proclamation issued by the State
been our attempts to promote the feeling of      President on April 20 1994, stipulated that                                        A GENERATION IN SONG
pride in being South African.                    both Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika and Die Stem
   The national anthem, for instance, is a       (the Call of South Africa) would be the
brilliant way that not only protects certain     national anthems of South Africa. In 1996 a                                      Featuring Cantors Naphtali
rights, but makes South Africans recognise,      shortened, combined version of the two
embrace and embody alternative ways of           anthems was released as the new anthem.                                            and Natanel Hershtik
being South African.                                There are no standard versions or transla-
   The current version of the national           tions of Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika so the words                               VENUE: Linder Auditorium Johannesburg
anthem has been in existence since 1996.         vary from place to place and from occasion
   It pains me to be at functions where mem-     to occasion. Generally the first stanza is
                                                                                                                            DATE: Tuesday August 7, 2007, at 19.45
bers of various communities fail to sing the     sung in Xhosa or Zulu, followed by the
indigenous words at the beginning of the         Sesotho version.                                        Booking now open through the offices of the SA Jewish National Fund
anthem, but sing vociferously when the
Afrikaans and English texts are sung.              Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika                                       at Beyachad. 2, Elray Street, Raedene, Johannesburg
   It has been more than a decade and many         Maluphakanyisw’ uphondo lwayo,
still have not learnt the words. It may be of      Yizwa imithandazo yethu,
some interest for people to have some back-        Nkosi sikelela, thina lusapho lwayo.
                                                                                                                   Arrangements for payment and collection of tickets can be
ground on the combined anthem.                                                                                          made through Sharon, telephone 011 645 2541
   Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika was composed in          The above-version covers all Nguni-speak-
1897 by Enoch Sontonga, a teacher at a           ing South Africans, but is understood by
Methodist mission school in Johannesburg.        many, as South Africa is a multilingual                  Naphtali Hershtik, Chazzan of the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem, Israel has travelled the
It was one of many songs he composed, and        state.                                                   world capturing the hearts of audiences with his cultured and refined singing both on the
he was apparently a keen singer who com-
posed the songs for his pupils.                    Morena boloka setjhaba sa heso,                        concert stage and in synagogues during the rendition of prayer. He is the complete Cantor
   The words of the first stanza were origi-       O fedise dintwa la matshwenyeho,                           with the greatest class in interpreting the liturgy and songs of the Jewish people.
nally written in Xhosa as a hymn. In 1927          O se boloke, O se boloke setjhaba sa heso,
seven additional Xhosa stanzas were later          Setjhaba sa South Afrika - South Afrika.                 Natanel Hershtik, the younger son of Naphtali is the new genre of chazzonnim. He is
added by Samuel Mqhayi, a poet.
   Most of Sontonga’s songs were sad, wit-         The above version covers all Sesotho-                 blessed with a natural music talent, nurtured and influenced by his father. He is also able to
nessing the suffering of African people in       speaking South Africans but is understood               synthesise the art form of jazz and other musical styles. He is currently studying Law and is
Johannesburg, but they were popular and          by many, as South Africa is a multilingual
                                                                                                                       the Cantor of the prestigious Hamptons Synagogue in New York.
after his death in 1905, choirs used to borrow   state in a diverse country.
them from his wife.
   Solomon Plaatje, one of South Africa’s          Uit die blou van onse hemel,                               Proceeds of the concert will go to the JNF Walter Sisulu
greatest writers and a founding member of          Uit die diepte van ons see,
the ANC, was the first to have the song            Oor ons ewige gebergtes,                                 Environmental Centre in Mamelodi and the William Shatner /
recorded. This was in London in 1923. A            Waar die kranse antwoord gee,
Sesotho version was published in 1942 by                                                                   JNF Therapeutic Riding Consortium Endowment in Israel which
Moses Mphahlele.                                   Sounds the call to come together,
   The Rev J L Dube’s Ohlange Zulu Choir           And united we shall stand,                                  supports some 30 riding centres in Israel for mentally
popularised Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika at con-         Let us live and strive for freedom,
certs in Johannesburg, and it became a pop-        In South Africa our land.                                             and physically disabled children.
ular church hymn that was also adopted as
the anthem at political meetings.                  South Africans need to make an effort to
   For decades Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika was        learn the words and fulfil the ideals of                SUPPORT THE ORGANISATIONS THAT SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY
regarded as the national anthem of South         “Unity in Diversity”.
10   SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                  01 June - 08 June 2007

                                                                               ART, BOOKS, DANCE, FILM, THEATRE

  Architect Jeremy Rose - icon of heritage design
ROBYN SASSEN                          Monument in Pretoria, to name          the uprising. Words describing         explained their work on the
                                      but a few.                             the events of June 16 1976 are         Mokopane Interpretive Centre,
DURING       MARCH,       architect      Rose focused his lecture on         painted on the museum’s win-           the Spier Art Gallery in
Jeremy Rose presented the first of    place in terms of its functional       dows, using the living landscape       Stellenbosch, which enables a
a series of public lectures, hosted   success, billing it “Landscape and     like a map to document its history.    structure which folds into the
by the University of Johan-           Context”. He offered insight into         Freedom Park in Pretoria, on        landscape, so as not to inflict its
nesburg Arts Academy in               the making of an architecture and      top of Proclamation Hill, is cur-      visual presence aggressively, and
Auckland Park. The centre’s           what pull it has on the space in an    rently underway in collaboration       the Dino Park Interpretive Centre
timetable allows for lectures to      urban framework, from the inside       with artist Marco Cianfanelli. Its     in the Drakensberg, with a similar
piggy-back on large-scale theatre     looking out, and from the outside      manifestation is light and open,       methodology.
productions.                          looking in.                            governed by calibrated organisa-         MRA’s work ethic is about sim-
   Associated with his architect         In explaining recent design         tion of landmasses and metal           plicity and boldness without bom-
practice since 1995, Rose was edu-    achievements of MRA, Rose              poles in diminishing sizes, evoca-     bast. It is about truth to materials,
cated at Wits University. For the     offered insight into shifting trends   tive of reeds.                         and can involve the reuse of his-
past 10 years, his practice (MRA)     in global and local architecture in       “In traditional African practice,   torically imbued materials that
has worked largely in the related     terms of environmental sensitivi-      the reed was a conduit for life,”      have to be archaeologically sal-
fields of heritage design, offering   ty and historical precedents.          Rose commented. The space is like      vaged.
architectural presence and voice         In designing the Apartheid          an amphitheatre, a sanctuary.            Rose delights in the organic
to projects that in the past have     Museum, MRA acknowledged               With a pond in the middle, it coun-    nature of concrete as a design
had no voice at all.                  Johannesburg’s gold-mining his-        terpoises quietly yet provocatively    medium, an element which has
   MRA has been responsible for       tory. “Making new architecture         with the Voortrekker Monument,         earned several of MRA’s works
several post-apartheid architec-      about Johannesburg was about           which stands on a neighbouring         their distinct sense of often con-
tural icons on the local urban        the events and industry, mine          hill.                                  tradictory starkness.
landscape, ranging from the           dumps and mining headgear. The            Rose spoke of MRA’s competi-          He also sings the merits of
                                                                                                                                                            Architect Jeremy Rose outside
Apartheid Museum, to the recon-       view from the Apartheid Museum         tion entries for the Freedom           unconventional cladding like            the imposing facade of the
struction of Liliesleaf Farm in       is central to its design.”             Statue at Mandela Bay, Wits’s Art      mesh and living grass to enable a       University of Johannesburg Arts
Rivonia, the UJ Arts Academy             The Hector Pieterson Museum         Gallery and the Carlow Art             building to integrate smoothly          Academy. (PHOTOGRAPH:
itself, and the Freedom Park          in Soweto was built on the site of     Factory in Ireland. He also            into its environment.                   EHLLEN… BEKKER)

 Writers debate what’s a Jewish writer
DINA KRAFT                            Israel from Kiev and writes exclu-     rabbi as its main character.
JERUSALEM                             sively in Russian, said that despite     Rosen said that stood in con-
                                      many years in Israel it was still      trast to the older generation of
AMONG THOSE jostling for room         the Russian language and its great     Jewish writers, who wrote of
in crowded conference halls in        authors with whom she connected        moving away from their religious
downtown Jerusalem were a             most deeply.                           and immigrant origins to embrace
Serbian novelist, a Russian short        Such debate was among the           American culture, even viewing
story writer, an Israeli poet and a   aims of the conference, organis-       Ellis Island as the new Mount
German playwright.                    ers said. The idea was not that        Sinai.
   They were among some 100           participants should agree on             Now, he said, there was a “jour-
writers who gathered from across      every topic but rather - because       ney back toward Jewish identity
the world to begin a conversation     this was a unique encounter            and consciousness rather than
on what it means to be a Jewish       between Diaspora and Israeli           self-consciousness. It is a journey
writer.                               Jewish writers - they would start      that is equally heroic, fruitful and
   Polish-born writer Eva Hoff-       debating the same themes and           exhilarating and is even quintes-
man spoke of how Jewish identity      topics.                                sentially American, because with-
intertwines with her writing             “There is sometimes a sense         out an individual identity one can-
life.                                 that there is a Diaspora-Israel        not have an American identity.”
   “I started writing out of the      break, that some Israelis have a         Rosen traces the trend to the
Diaspora (experience) - the great     very strong sense that Israel is the   1960s, when Jewish studies began
rupture of emigration, the loss of    centre of the Jewish world and         to make inroads at American uni-
my first language and finding a       some people in the Diaspora feel       versities, the Six-Day War boosted
second language,” she said during     very uncomfortable with that, as       Jewish self-confidence and gen-
a panel discussion. “Being inside     if it is some sort of denigration of   teel American anti-Semitism went
and outside... this is the classic    their own lives,” said Michael         into eclipse.
Jewish and writer’s position.”        Kramer, a conference organiser           Nessa Rapoport, a Canadian-
   Kissufim, the Jerusalem Con-       and director of the graduate cre-      born memoirist and writer who
ference of Jewish Writers, was the    ative writing programme in Bar-        now lives in New York City and
first gathering of its kind in        Ilan University’s English depart-      long has dealt with Jewish             Writers Eva Hoffman, left, Jonathan Rosen, right, and Ruth Fainstein
Israel. The four-day event, which     ment.                                  themes, also sees Jewish writing       speak at Kissufim, the Jerusalem Conference of Jewish Writers, in
ended on April 19, featured read-        “One of the things we were try-     taking a turn toward its religious     Jerusalem, on April 18. (CREDIT: BRIAN HENDLER/JTA)
ings and roundtable discussions       ing to do was get beyond that          roots.
on topics ranging from memory         sense of a break,” Kramer said.          “Once I felt considerable soli-
and the Holocaust to Nobel win-       “We invited people to speak and        tude as a writer in my passion for
ner S Y Agnon to the variety of       read in their own languages, try-      the Jewish literary tradition,” she
languages in Jewish literature. It    ing to get things translated not       said. “Now I see an increasing
was hosted by Beit Morasha of         just in the linguistic sense, but      number of Jewish American writ-
Jerusalem, The Academic Centre        also the larger sense to get a sense   ers as engaged as I am by the elo-
for Jewish Studies and Lead-          of their world translated.”            quence of our shared literary
ership.                                  Jonathan Rosen, a New York          inheritance.”
   Central to the gathering’s goals   author and editor, said the confer-      Rapoport said she sometimes
was to expose Israeli Jewish writ-    ence provided important insights.      was overwhelmed by how much
ers and Diaspora Jewish writers       “It’s unusual to have a conference     writing there was on Jewish
to each other.                        like this in Israel, where Jewish      themes.
   At a panel discussion on what      identity plays a different role in       “I used to be able to read most of
defines a Jewish writer, Israeli      the cultural imagination than it       what was published in American
author Aharon Megged said using       does in the United States,” he told    Jewish writing,” she said. “Now I
Hebrew was central to his writing     JTA.                                   cannot possibly keep up.”
experience.                              Rosen said the conference dealt       The conference was an opportu-
   “In Hebrew, every letter has       with those differences but also        nity for the writers to network
meaning,” he said. “It is the lan-    underscored the emerging under-        and begin to create a kind of com-
guage of the Bible, a language        standing among Israeli writers         munity. Plans are under way for
with layers of history... there is    that there’s a vibrant Diaspora,       another gathering in two years.
something Jewish deep inside it       just as it allows Diaspora writers a     Carolyn Hessel, head of the
that you cannot distance yourself     chance to contemplate the vital        Jewish Book Council, was among
from.”                                role Israel plays in Jewish life.      those attending the conference.
   Melvin Jules Bukiet, a New            “We all need each other,” Rosen     Considered among the most pow-
York novelist and literary critic,    said.                                  erful voices in North American
asked if the glorification of            Another theme that emerged          Jewish literature, she has been
Hebrew was not in some ways an        was a return by some American          delighted by the recent surge of
attempt to disenfranchise other       Jewish writers to the role of reli-    high-quality literary fiction pro-
languages.                            gion in their lives. Rosen himself     duced by the younger generation.
   Prize-winning writer Maya          wrote a novel, “Joy Comes in the         “It’s like a Renaissance of          People crowd a room during a session at Kissufim (CREDIT: BRIAN
Kaganskaya, who immigrated to         Morning”, that features a woman        Jewish literature,” she said. (JTA)    HENDLER/JTA)
01 June - 08 June 2007                                                                                                                                                    SA JEWISH REPORT     11

                                                                           ART, BOOKS, DANCE, FILM, THEATRE

                                   This Fugard implodes into
   Call 084-319-7844 or at
                                    a shallow heap of words
                                  Play: Victory by Athol Fugard          ured volumes, are hardly tough-         which simply fails to achieve              Cobus Rossouw (Benson) and
  least one week prior to         Director: Lara Foot Newton             ened criminals. Giggling, gauche        either height or depth. Instead, it        Wayne van Rooyen (Freddie).
        publication               Cast: Cobus Rossouw, Ameera            and incompetent, they are high          implodes into a small, shallow
                                  Patel, Wayne van Rooyen                both on liquor and on the gleeful       heap of words, lacking cohesion            grotesquely inappropriate levity.
 Civic Theatre, Braamfon-         Venue: The Laager at the Market        anticipation of finding “the            and conceptual clarity.                      Ameera Patel, as Victoria, is the
 tein: In the Nelson Mandela,     Theatre, Newtown, Johannesburg         money”, a store of cash which             The fault certainly does not lie         least powerful of the cast -
 Australia’s “Ten Tenors”,                                               Victoria insists is stashed some-       with Newton, whose direction has           although her character demands
 June 6-17. In the Tesson, Ben    REVIEWED BY GWEN PODBREY               where in this house - which, after      added every possible dimension to          far more energy and force. Too
 Elton’s “Popcorn”, until July                                           all, is one she knows well.             a play with these fault lines. Nor         sweet and compliant to portray
 1. In the People’s Theatre,      THERE IS a special tension that          No such avidity as was the case       can it fairly be laid at the door of       the coarseness of an embittered
 “Babe, the Sheep-Pig” June 4     pervades audiences at the opening      in “Hello and Goodbye” exists.          the cast, although on press night          young woman, she fails to move
 - August 11. (011) 877-6800.     of any new Fugard work. The            Instead, the couple resort to juve-     their interactions were slow, stilt-       us.
                                  memory of his earlier plays -          nile bickering about how they will      ed and always a beat too late to             The same is true of the other
 Goodman Gallery, Rose-           which yielded some of the great-       spend the cash (should they go to       ring true.                                 two characters. In short: we sim-
 bank: “Diary Pages”, by          est moments in contemporary            Cape Town, to join up with profes-        Rossouw, as Benson, delivers a           ply don’t believe them.
 Harold Rubin, until June 16,     world theatre - entitles one to        sional gangsters, like the Hard         performance at once poignant and             In her programme notes,
 features an autobiographi-       expect something very special.         Livings?).                              dignified, but there is only so            Newton mentions - almost as an
 cal documentary film: “A            “Victory” opens with a vintage        Freddie - still too callow to be a    much even an accomplished actor            apologia - that Fugard has himself
 Magnificent Failure”. (011)      Fugard setting: Freddie and            real hoodlum - alternates between       can draw out of a hollow charac-           been a crime victim, and based
 788-1113.                        Victoria, two coloured township        bravado and bullying his insecure       ter.                                       “Victory” on that experience. It
                                  youngsters, have broken into the       girlfriend. She, for her part, is         Caught between moralising and            explains, to some degree, his need
 Johannesburg Art Gal-            house of Lionel Benson, a local        racked with guilt by the act of rob-    maundering, Benson’s attempt to            to explore a situation in which all
 lery, Joubert Park: “Dunga       white, elderly widower and for-        bing an old man who is her bene-        locate the spark of human decen-           loyalties and assumptions (in both
 Manzi: Stirring Waters”          mer schoolteacher.                     factor, as well as having deviated      cy in his assailants - using, of all       the predator and the prey) are
 Tsonga and Shangaan art             Victoria’s mother - now also        so badly from her mother’s stan-        things, Tolstoy as a divining rod -        ambushed, cauterised and cor-
 from southern Africa, curat-     dead - was the domestic servant        dards of integrity.                     is brave, and even beautiful, but          rupted by fear. But it does not
 ed by Nessa Leibhammer,          for Benson and his wife, and             So when Benson surprises his          utterly ineffectual.                       explain why, even from a non-
 Natalie Knight and Billy         became a close friend and confi-       bungling housebreakers in mid-            Wayne van Rooyen, as Freddie,            political, wholly humanistic
 Makhubele, until August 18.      dante of the couple. As a result,      robbery, the ensuing confronta-         seems unsure of whether to play            approach, the play falls flat.
 (011) 725-3130.                  Benson has always remained very        tion involves many complex,             his character for laughs, or for             Any reviewer would cringe at
                                  protective towards Victoria, for       multi-layered responses.                something more menacing. When              having to slate a work by Athol
 Liberty Theatre on the           whom he retains almost avuncu-           It sounds like an ideal spring-       the confrontation ends in tragedy,         Fugard - but the sad fact is that,
 Square, Sandton: At lunch-       lar affection.                         board for a life-altering flight into   his hasty decamping from the               this time, the emperor is naked.
 time on June 1, Malane              The two youngsters, ransacking      the truths which few other play-        scene - which might have offered a           • “Victory” runs until July 1.
 Hofmeyr (flute), Susan Mou-      the old man’s library by candle-       wrights can traverse as deftly as       dramatic insight into his innate           Bookings at Computicket or at the
 ton (cello) and Annika Burke     light and laying waste to his treas-   Fugard. But, alas - this is a vehicle   cowardice - is botched by                  Market Theatre, tel: (011) 832-1641.
 (piano) play works by Men-
 delssohn and Martinu. On
 June 8, Sempre Viva: Ca-
                                         Akeelah and the bee
 melia Onea (violin), Kerryn
 Wiesniewsky (piano) and
 Polina Burdokova (cello)
                                      Cast: Keke Palmer, Curtis                           FELDMAN
 play works by Beethoven and
 Shostakovich. From June 8,
                                    Armstrong, Laurence Fishburne,
                                           Angela Bassett                                 ON FILM
                                      Director: David Atchison                            Peter Feldman
 Alan     Swerdlow     directs
 “Some Girl(s)”; cast includes
                                   Akeelah Anderson, played by
 Craig Urbani. (011) 883-8606.
                                   delightful     newcomer      Keke       An anomaly, though, is that
                                   Palmer, is an 11-year-old South       when it comes to the life of the
 Linder Auditorium, Park-
                                   Los Angeles student with a            attractive Liz (Jessica Biel), Cris
 town: The Johannesburg
                                   knack for spelling. But she is        can see more than two minutes
 Philharmonic’s fourth week
                                   afraid to stand out as a “braini-     ahead into her life. He has never
 of season two features works
                                   ac”.                                  met her, but knows their fate is
 by Malcolm Forsyth and
                                     Her       principal      (Curtis    entwined. It’s never explained
 Grieg on June 6 and 7. The
                                   Armstrong), however, encour-          why he can peer so far into Liz’s
 soloist is Ingrid Jacoby (pia-
                                   ages her to enter a spelling com-     future, a plot device without
 no), and conductor is Conrad
                                   petition. She is then coached by a    which the rest of the story cannot
 van Alphen. (011) 789-2733.
                                   former university professor,          unfold.
 On June 9, the Johan-
                                   Joshua     Larabee      (Laurence       Meanwhile, FBI agent Callie
 nesburg Musical Society
                                   Fishburne), who also teaches her      Ferris (Julianne Moore) is track-
 presents the Kerimov Trio.
                                   some valuable lessons about life.     ing Cris. She needs his help to
 (011) 728-5492.
                                     Humour and drama, and an            stop a terrorist about to detonate
                                   excellent cast, makes this an         a nuclear bomb.
 Market, Newtown: In the
                                   enchanting little film.                 Next starts off with intriguing
 Barney Simon, Yael Farber’s
                                                                         possibilities but fails to deliver as
 “Molora”, an adaptation of
                                                  Next                   the story hits murky territory
 Aeschylus’s Oresteia trilogy,
                                                                         from which it never emerges.
 until June 3. In the Laager,
                                     Cast: Nicolas Cage, Julianne
 Athol Fugard’s “Victory”,
                                         Moore, Jessica Biel                      Driving lessons
 with Ameera Patel and
                                       Director: Lee Tamahori
 Wayne van Rooyen, until
                                                                             Cast: Rupert Grint, Julie
 July 1. (011) 832-1641.
                                   Nicolas Cage is not having a good
                                   hair day. The director has sad-
                                                                              Walters, Laura Linney
                                                                             Director: Jeremy Brock
                                                                                                                    DON’T SELL IT! AUCTION IT!
 Montecasino, Fourways:                                                                                                                                     If you are spring cleaning, moving,
                                   dled the man with an unbecom-
 “Menopause the Musical” in
                                   ing hair piece.                       Rupert Grint, of “Harry Potter”                                                  emigrating or have a deceased estate;
 the Main Theatre until July
                                     But there are other problems,       fame has certainly grown up. In
 22. In the Studio, “Defending                                                                                                                                  we are looking for antiques,
                                   too. His character, Cris Johnson,     this wacky comedy he plays Ben,
 the Caveman” with Alan                                                                                                                                       collectables, furniture, jewellery,
                                   is a man with a freaky gift. He       a painfully shy teenager who is
 Committie until July 1. (011)
                                   can see into the future (but only     brought out of his shell by an                                                   artwork, appliances, household items,
                                   for a maximum of two minutes at       eccentric, retired actress Evie                                                   computers, chandoliers, light fittings,
                                   a time) and knows exactly what        (Julie Walters).
 State Theatre, Pretoria: In                                                                                                                              persians, office equipment, silverware,
                                   is going to happen within that          He drinks alcohol, beds a                     Otto Klar oil sold for R22 000
 the Opera, Black Tie En-
                                   time frame.                           young woman and drives a car                                                             watches, clocks, vintage
 semble celebrates Mario
                                     He can duck a speeding bullet,      without a licence. He has an over-                                                         clothing, sculptures,
 Lanza, on June 1 and 3. (012)
                                   something he is frequently called     bearing mother (Laura Linney)
 322-7944.                                                                                                                                                 dinner services, tea services, crystal,
                                   upon to do here, and knows            which accounts for his state of
                                   exactly when a slot machine will      mind. But over-bearing Evie                                                            Royal Doulton, Royal Albert,
 UJ Arts Centre, Auckland
                                   pay out.                              changes all that in a series of                                                           Murano, Moorcraft, etc
 Park: In the theatre, Ian von
                                     Inspired by a Philip K Dick         crass and often comic incidents
 Memerty’s “The Heart is
                                   story, Next starts out with seri-     that help extend Ben’s narrow
 Round”, until June 3. In the
                                   ous intent, but soon degenerates      boundaries.
 gallery, Sue Pam-Grant’s
 solo exhibition, entitled
                                   into mild farce under Lee               The pace is laboured at times             Cnr Garden and Allan Rds, Bordeaux, Randburg
                                   Tamahori’s direction. The rules       and the characters forced, but it
 “Inner Lining”, June 6-27.                                                                                               t (011) 789-7422 f (011) 789-7609
                                   keep changing and one feels hor-      offers some isolated moments of
 (011) 489-2556.                                                                                                          c 083 675 8468  e
                                   ribly cheated at the end.             comic relief.
12   SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                                   01 June - 08 June 2007

                                                                                            LETTERS                                   The Editor, Suite 175, Postnet X10039, Randburg, 2125 email:

 Disclaimer                                                                                          Guidelines for letters
 The letters page is intended to provide opportunity for a range of views on any given topic to      Letters up to 400 words will get preference. Please provide your full first name and surname,
 be expressed. Opinions articulated in the letters are those of the writers and do not necessarily   place of residence, and a daytime contact number. We do not publish letters under noms de
 reflect the views of the editor, staff or directors of the Jewish Report                            plume. Letters should preferably be e-mailed. Letters may be edited or shortened.

         Beth Din doesn’t set kosher prices                                                                Don’t ‘personalise’ defence of Israel
ALBERT GLASS, in his letter (Jewish                 in small part to the final cost to the con-      ON MAY 29 Ronnie Kasrils was a guest                 to ignore him, however galling it might
Report May 25 on kosher prices) writes that         sumer, can in no way be said to be the only      on Radio 702/567 Cape Talk late night                be, rather than give him more ammuni-
“it would not be out of place for those who         factors which account for the excess price       show. To the credit of the presenter he              tion to continue his vendetta.
decide on prices, both at the Beth Din and          over similar non-kosher products.                was more challenging than we are used                  The SAJBD is able to judge whether
the suppliers, to ‘come clean’ with the pric-         And there is no secrecy either. I was          to from other talk show hosts.                       his actions are anathema vis-à-vis local
ing structures”.                                    recently contacted by a reporter from the          Three Jewish callers who were either               Jewish interests and the political arena,
   There is a great misperception that the          Jewish Report and I gave her full disclo-        members or pro-Not in My Name, were                  and to act accordingly, as it does.
Beth Din is involved in the setting of              sure, not only of what we charge, but also       suitably articulate. However, the pro-                 However, over the next few months we
prices. This is simply not the case.                details of what these funds are applied to,      Israel response was discouraging to say              all need to be prepared for an overheat-
   The Beth Din, which is administered by           as well as other trends and statistics. It is    the least.                                           ing of anti-Israel noise over the media
the UOS, is not a business, it is a regulato-       not necessary to repeat them here, as I am         I would urge advocates for Israel                  and elsewhere, in line with a worldwide
ry body. What the Beth Din does set, how-           sure they will be disclosed in her article.      not to personalise their remarks as it               initiative called the 60/40 Campaign
ever, are the standards of kashrut which,             The kashrut division of the UOS is a           gives guests such as Kasrils the perfect             which encompasses the Palestinian
when adhered to, understandably will add            world class service provider; our mission        opportunity to accuse all of his Jewish              Nakba (catastrophe), 60 years since the
to the cost of the final product.                   is simple: to ensure that our community          critics of this, and for him always to be            founding of the state of Israel and 40
   While the UOS is a non-profit organisa-          have the greatest possible selection of          branded as a traitorous self-hating Jew,             years since the Six Day War.
tion, it is also a non-loss organisation, and       kosher products and services, at the high-       and non-Jews of always being anti-                     Zionism will be even more under siege.
charges for the services which it provides          est standards of kashrut. We are not the         Semitic.                                             This is a propaganda war.
to our community, whether a shechita fee            enemy.                                             Attacking Kasrils personally is not an               Palestinians are suffering and Israelis
for the slaughter of oxen and chickens, or a                                                         intelligent response to the demonising of            are painted in black and white terms to
licence fee for the certification of kosher           Darren Sevitz                                  Israel. Both sides have their own “truth”            be the oppressors and occupiers and sole
establishments.                                       Executive Director                             and this is to be expected. So many igno-            agents for Palestinian suffering.
   These fees, while no doubt contributing            Union of Orthodox Synagogues                   rant accusations grossly misrepresent-                 Our personal responses over the radio
                                                                                                     ing the conflict are made that anyone                and in the electronic and print media, to
                                                                                                     with a modicum of knowledge is able to               be effective, should reflect, as do the pro-

             On the subject of George Soros                                                          refute and focus on facts, to properly
                                                                                                     challenge the hypocrisy and double
                                                                                                                                                          ponents for Palestinians, not only our
                                                                                                                                                          passion and rightness we hold for our
                                                                                                     standards, and should not produce emo-               cause, but also informed, well-reasoned
I WASN’T convinced by Mr Justice Dennis             tenor of his argument, and as a result, was a
                                                                                                     tional outbursts over the radio.                     and logical exposure of the fallacies and
Davis’s reply to my letter about George             blatant manipulation of a quotation.
                                                                                                       This is self-defeating as it allows the            myths perpetrated against Israel.
                                                                                                     guest to avoid the real issues. The influ-
  Davis chose to leave out Soros’s words, “I          Anthony Posner
                                                                                                     ence of Kasrils is minuscule in terms of                Stephen Paul
am not a Zionist”, because it did not suit the        Johannesburg
                                                                                                     the Israeli government and people, so,                  Three Anchor Bay
                                                                                                     unless you are well-equipped it is better               Cape Town

      A library membership drive needed                                                                            More ‘intelligence’ is needed
SHELLEY ELK’S fine article “Fate of the          advise us to whom a cheque for R120 should
Beyachad Library in the balance” in the          be made, and to which address it should be          I FEEL obliged to reply to the recent state-       force retaliated with strikes targeted at
latest Jewish Report, refers.                    sent.                                               ment of our Minister of Intelligence               Qassam launching sites and Hamas terror
  We don’t need a consultant to advise us:         Let us act positively and decisively to keep      Ronnie Kasrils.                                    operatives.
we need a membership drive!                      this important and wonderful national                  As minister of intelligence, he should be          5) Instead of saying: “It is a disgrace for a
  We suggest Jewish Report spearheads            Jewish treasure and heritage open, and              aware of basic information about Israel -          government calling itself democratic to
just that, under the stewardship/patronage       available to all.                                   this he either sadly lacks or alternatively,       behave in this way,” Kasrils should apprise
of Mr Gerald Leissner, chairman of                                                                   towards which he is turning a wilful blind         himself of the facts.
Beyachad.                                          Rose and Leslie Herring                           eye.                                                  6) Kasrils ignores the internecine fighting
  We wish to become members. Kindly                Port Elizabeth                                       Let me apprise him of the following             between Hamas and Fatah; more Palestinians
                                                                                                     facts:                                             have been killed by Palestinians this month,
                                                                                                        1) In a search for peace Israel voluntari-      than Palestinian terror operatives killed by
                                                                                                     ly, and using force, evacuated ALL the             Israelis.
     Once again, the ubiquitous Ronnie...                                                            Israeli settlers from the Gaza area. This
                                                                                                     split the nation - but the settlements no
                                                                                                                                                           7) Last Tuesday alone 24 rockets hit Israel;
                                                                                                                                                        the killed and wounded exceeded 30.
WE SHOULD move beyond the debate as to               Semitism while promoting a view of the          longer exist.                                         8) If Kasrils is really interested in peace
whether (Intelligence Minister) Ronnie               conflict at odds with officially espoused          I must admit that I was in favour of this       between Israel and Palestine, he should help,
Kasrils is an anti-Semite, to observe merely         government policy but closer to the real        evacuation at the time.                            not hinder current negotiations between
that his actions and words are indistinguish-        views of those in power.                           Instead of making use of thriving agri-         Ehud Olmert, the Israeli prime minister and
able from that of a clever anti-Semite.                 No other community is subject to such a      cultural areas, which could have both              Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president.
  He always attributes the very worst                constant torrent of abuse from a Cabinet        helped feed, and provide employment to                9) If Kasrils, instead of lounging comfort-
motives to Jews, and exculpates or denies the        minister who is given total leeway to           Palestinians, the farms were allowed to rot        ably at home, and being a large armchair crit-
most outrageous acts of the enemies of the           speak outside his portfolio and evade the       away.                                              ic, really wanted to inform himself of the true
Jews.                                                principle of collective Cabinet responsi-          The Hamas-led Palestinian government            situation, I would suggest that he spends two
  The torrent of explicit genocidal threats          bility.                                         commenced firing Qassam rockets into               months of real intelligence gathering - one
from Hamas and Iran, leave him totally                  Why does Kasrils feel stirred to contra-     Israel.                                            week with his friends in the Palestinian areas
unmoved, but he is quick to taint Israel with        dict government policy on the Middle East          2) Since Israel withdrew from Gaza in           and one month visiting Israel.
Nazi analogies.                                      but not speak out against human rights          2005, over 1 500 rockets have been fired into         I feel sure that his sister would be happy for
  His many historical errors all follow the          abuses in Zimbabwe, Darfur, Syria or            Israel, causing death, injury and damage.          him to live in her home there (even if he
same trend: He dismisses the Nazi collaborat-        Iran?                                              3) For some time Israel resisted the call       wears his keffiya).
ing Mufti of Jerusalem as an “obscure                   The Jewish communal leadership               for a military incursion to put an end to
Palestinian”, which is like writing out DF           response to Kasrils has been abysmal.           these deadly rockets.                                 Sydney Chaskalson
Malan from the history of apartheid.                 Government needs to be told very firmly            4) Only very recently, has the Israeli air         Johannesburg
  He paints Jews as the aggressors in 1948           that we object to his deployment as a bat-
when Jamal Husseini of the Arab Higher               tering ram against us.
Committee told the UN Security Council in
April that year that: “We have never con-
                                                        He should be made to stick to his portfo-
                                                     lio, or else we must draw the conclusion
                                                                                                               SA Jewish Report was welcomed
cealed the fact that we began the fighting.”         that we do not have equal status with other THE HEADLINE to the article in last                      welcoming.
  As Jews in South Africa we should be very          communities in South Africa because week’s issue (“Not warmest welcome for                             However, Schneider feels that this did not
concerned that Kasrils has said that his entry       everything he does has official approval.    SAJR”) on page 16 by Moira Schneider, in                reflect her experience in which, aside from
into the Israel debate was “on the instruc-                                                       which she reported on the Palestinian con-              one individual, the general attitude
tions” of his party. He clearly serves the pur-         Jack Bloom                                ference in Cape Town, may have given the                towards her on the part of the organisers
pose of deflecting accusations of anti-                 Johannesburg                              impression that the organisers were not                 and others was welcoming.

                                        MEN'S WINTER                           LARGE FLEECE
      BIEDERLACK                        WEIGHT GOWNS                             BLANKETS                         EMBROIDED
         BLANKETS                            WAS R350                               WAS R99                        QUILT SETS
        LESS 50%                                                                                                    LESS 50%
                                            NOW R125                               NOW R39
01 June - 08 June 2007                                                                                                                                                                 SA JEWISH REPORT        13

                            COMMUNITY COLUMNS                                                                          CROSSWORD No 27
                                                                                                                                                  LEAH SIMON
                   ABOVE                        Planning on business                                   ACROSS:
                                                                                                       1. Dismiss the bright spark! (4)
                                                                                                                                                              18. Pen is correct, we hear (5)
                                                                                                                                                              19. —— Redding, 1960s American soul
                   BOARD                          lines for survival
                                                                                                       3. Garment for a period when horses are
                                                                                                          trained in poise (8)
                                                                                                                                                                  singer (4)

                   Michael Bagraim,                                                                    8. The place is something to behold, we hear (4)       SOLUTION TO CROSSWORD NO 26
                   National Chairman                tion is the Distributions committee. Com-          9. Not quite muttering, but still saying some-         ACROSS: 1. Wipe; 3. Remanded; 8. Ling;
                                                    prising leading accountants, this body exam-          thing (8)                                           9. Epidural; 11. Writer’s block; 13. Shears;
  A column of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies       ines the budgets submitted by all beneficiary      11. Make a twit of oneself on a date! (5, 2, 5)        14. Esther; 17. The mad hatter; 20.
                                                    bodies of the United Jewish Campaign               13. Arranges for instructions (6)                      Thickest; 21. Site; 22. Mistreat; 23. Felt.
A WELCOME development in Jewish com-                (including the SAJBD) to assess how they           14. Give thanks to Italians (6)                        DOWN: 1. Wild West; 2. Pensive; 4.
munal life over the past decade has been the        have been running, whether fiscal discipline       17. Shall we call it a day? (6, 1, 5)                  Expose; 5. Andalusian; 6. Doric; 7. Dull;
recognition that in order to function proper-       has been maintained, what their future             20. Craved water in third set (8)                      10. Merrymaker; 12. Prurient; 15. Hittite;
ly and, as importantly, ensure their continu-       prospects are and how they might cut costs.        21. Behold - set out for company symbol! (4)           16. Odessa; 18. Hails; 19. Stem.
ity, Jewish organisations need to be run               By and large, Jewish organisations in Cape      22. One young leader lasted, somehow - and
according to strict business principles.            Town have co-operated whole-heartedly with             consistently (8)                  1         2                 3   4         5          6       7
   Indeed, anyone working for a non-profit          the above bodies, thereby helping ensure their     23. Yearn to lose a point - and find
organisation should be careful not to adopt a       own smooth running and providing the neces-            him (4)
laissez faire attitude towards their financial      sary assurance to donors that their contribu-                                             8                          9
management on the grounds that their budg-          tions are being put to optimum use.                DOWN:
ets come from donations and because they               Given the greater size and diversity of the     1. Runny eggs? (4, 4)                                        10
are not required to show a positive balance         Jewish community in Johannesburg, estab-           2. Slept it off after stopping work
sheet at the end of the financial year. The         lishing a Priorities Board or Distributions           (7)                                 11
fact that an organisation’s funds are donated       committee along Cape Town lines might not          4. Confirm, if a try is ordered (6)
rather than self-generated, should be an            be feasible. Nevertheless, the principle of fis-   5. What one pays at a mountain
added spur for those entrusted with them to         cal discipline is also being taken very serious-      lodge? (5, 5)                       13                                  14              15
ensure that they are properly utilised.             ly by the city’s leading Jewish organisations.     6. I get bail, having an excuse (5)
   The Priorities Board in Cape Town pro-              Most of the main welfare organisations now      7. Thus ogre is confused in Rome                                      16

vides an excellent vehicle through which            fall under the Chevrah Kadisha’s umbrella,            (4)
                                                                                                                                                   17   18
this principle can be put into practice. This       and the latter’s fine reputation when it comes     10. I tried less, somehow, being
body oversees all major financial transac-          to the responsible discharge of its multifac-          germ-free (10)                     19
tions by Jewish organisations, with the latter      eted obligations, is well deserved. We also see    12. Lower one’s spine - and stop
being expected to approach it with a motiva-        how our day schools, after so many years of            arguing (8)                        20                                             21

tion for any proposed sale or purchase in           existing on the brink, are now at last running     15. Study for those feeling a bit
excess of R10 000. Obviously, no organisation       on a firm financial basis, as are the various          cagey? (7)
can be legally compelled to approach the            organisations within the Beyachad structure.       16. Will confused Al ever expose it?   22                                             23
Priorities Board, but those that do not will be        The smaller Jewish communities around           (6)
regarded as having breached communal dis-           the country - Durban, Pretoria, Port Eliza-
cipline and this will seriously impact on           beth, East London and Bloemfontein - have all
their ability to fundraise.
   It is in any case in the organisations’ inter-
                                                    adapted sensibly to their respective situations,
                                                    rationalising where necessary and increasing
                                                                                                        THE BRIDGE LOUNGE by Jeff Sapire
ests to consult with the Priorities Board           co-operation with one another.
before proceeding with their respective pro-           It is encouraging so see that many religious
                                                                                                        Column 23                                            East dealer, NS vul
jects. The board’s members comprise some            congregations in numerical decline have had
of the city’s leading businessmen who in            the foresight to relocate to smaller premises
                                                                                                        THE SOUTH African Championships are                                  QJ1092
addition have extensive experience in Jewish        rather than remaining in their original build-
                                                                                                        taking place this week at the Links in                               A94
communal affairs. They are well placed to           ings to the bitter end. The Benoni, Kru-
                                                                                                        Johannesburg.                                                        J7
assess the long-term viability of the propos-       gersdorp, Port Elizabeth, Klerksdorp and
                                                                                                           Here's a most unusual hand from the                               J64
als put before them as well as to identify          Emmarentia congregations are among those
ways in which they can be better and/or             who have given themselves an extended lease         Teams event.
                                                                                                           Nine card suits are not easy to deal with.        WEST                              EAST
more cost-effective ways to implement them.         of life through making additional funds avail-
                                                                                                        Firstly, most of us have not had much expe-            K7                              5
   Another important Cape Town organisa-            able to ensure their future continuity.
                                                                                                        rience with them, and one is never quite               K876532                         -
                                                                                                        sure how to even start the bidding.                    10                              AKQ965432
                                                                                                           One option that comes to mind is 5D of              A83                             K109
                                                      The UN African                                    course. A 9 card suit can always do that, but
                                                                                                        the question is whether the hand is a bit too                             SOUTH
                                                    Meeting on Palestine                                strong. Partner will never know that the
                                                                                                        hand is quite this good.                                                  QJ10
                   FED FOCUS                            All the delegates who spoke - and it was
                                                     mainly the African and Arab/Islamic ones -
                                                                                                           One top player opened 6D! Some bid! She
                                                                                                        reckoned that on a good day it might make,                                Q752
                   Avrom Krengel                     called only on Israel to work towards peace
                                                                                                        and if not, perhaps the opponents had a big
                                                                                                        contract on, so perhaps it would shut them           West        North     East        South
                   Chairman                          through the medium of land for peace.                                                                                         2D          Pass
                                                        It was Israel who was exhorted to return                                                             2H          Pass       4D         Pass
A column of the South African Zionist Federation                                                           Another expert opened 4NT, which is a
                                                     to the 1967 borders and to adhere to the con-                                                           4H          Pass       4S         Pass
                                                                                                        variation of Blackwood which asks for SPE-
                                                     ditions set by the 2002 Saudi Arabia peace                                                              5C          Pass       6D        All pass
THE THREE-DAY UN African Meeting on                                                                     CIFIC aces. The replies are 5C = no ace, and
                                                     plan. It was demanded of Israel that she                                                                                              Opening lead: SA
the Question of Palestine held recently in                                                              bidding 5D/5H/5S shows that ace. 6C shows
                                                     allow the Palestinians self-determination,
Pretoria (and held in Cape Town in 2004 as                                                              the ace of clubs, and 5NT shows 2 aces.
                                                     independence and sovereignty and that she
“The UN Committee on the Exercise of the                                                                   The problem with this choice is that a              This partnership was playing that they
                                                     stop attacking civilians in the Palestinian
Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian                                                                   response of 5H, showing the HA, puts you in          cue bid 1st or 2nd round controls, so West
People”) once again focused exclusively and                                                             slam off 2 cashing aces by the opponents.            showed something in hearts, and East a
                                                        And it was Israel who was accused of hav-
only on the “inalienable rights” of the                                                                    I like the sequence above. 2D was strong,         control in spades. West continued by show-
                                                     ing destroyed the Palestinian areas and of
Palestinian people. Israelis, it seems, have no                                                         and 2H was a natural positive. East now              ing a club control, and East decided that it
                                                     instituting state terrorism.
rights.                                                                                                 made the key bid of jumping to 4D, to show           was time to just blast 6D.
                                                        This was an astonishing and incredibly
   If we had any illusions about there being a                                                          a solid suit and asking partner to cue bid.            When you have voids and singletons it's
                                                     one-sided litany of accusations against
softening of attitude towards Israel from the                                                           The idea is that when there is a forcing auc-        impossible to know exactly who has what,
                                                     Israel in a conflict in which the Palestinians
African Union and the Arab and Islamic                                                                  tion, after 2D-2H, jumps must show solid             so East gave up on a possible grand slam
                                                     and the terrorist Hamas government had
countries, this conference certainly dis-                                                               suits.                                               and settled for the practical small slam.
                                                     seemingly no role to play other than to be
pelled them in no uncertain manner.                  unwitting victims beaten into submission by
   Ambassadors and/or high commissioners             the IDF.
from 60 countries, primarily African and                Although only a few media representa-
Islamic, were represented, together with a           tives were there, some of them evinced sur-
smattering of Western nations - the UK,              prise at the fact that a UN conference could
France, Belgium, Poland and Austria. The             be as blatantly and openly biased as this one
US, Australia, Italy, Spain, Canada Germany          was.
and New Zealand, were not represented, and              The Palestinians were lauded for being
neither, surprisingly, were Russia or Iran.          “peace-loving”, “willing to negotiate”, “vic-
   Locally Cosatu sent representation, as did        tims” with no recourse to their rights. The
the Media Review Network and the Palestine           rocket attacks launched from Gaza and the
Solidarity Committee.                                Hezbollah enclaves were ignored or referred
   I have not yet heard of a UN African              to as legitimate self-defence and while the
Meeting on the Question of Darfur, or the            suffering of the ordinary Palestinians was
Congo, or Rwanda, or Zimbabwe, but with              stridently proclaimed, that of the hundreds
great enthusiasm and in the strongest terms,         of thousands of Israelis living in daily fear
one after another of the African delegates           for their lives was alluded to only once, and
condemned Israel’s “human rights abuses”,            in passing, by the speaker who delivered the
her erection of the “apartheid wall”, and her        message from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-
obligation to allow the right of return to the       moon.
four million or so Palestinian refugees who             The conference was chilling, an eye-open-
live in the West Bank and Gaza (now its own          er (although only one) among many such,
self-governing state) and in refugee camps in        combining the very worst elements of anti-
Jordan and Lebanon where, by the way, they           Semitism and anti-Zionism in a tirade of
live in appalling, even disgusting conditions        unconcealed hatred towards Israel and her
imposed by the Arab governments.                     people. There’s a long road ahead to travel.
14   SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                            01 June - 08 June 2007

                                 YOUTH TALK                                                                                              WHAT’S ON
                                                       Lara Greenberg                                                                      Lara Greenberg

Bikkurim for the Jewish needy                                                                  NOTE: Deadline for all entries is 12:00 on the Friday
                                                                                               prior to publication.
                                                                                                                                                        speaking on “The dirty work of democracy -
                                                                                                                                                        policing in South Africa: stories from the sto-
                                                                                                                                                        ries” at 09:30.
                                                                                                Key to organisations, venues, contact details
                                                                                                                  and cost:                            • Caje is hosting: 19:45 TO 20:30 - Kabbalah of
                                                                                                                                                         the Alef Bet by Rabbi Yossy Goldman; or, The
                                                                                               • The Jewish National Fund (JNF) Choir,                   Living Torah by Rabbi Sholem Bacher. 20:30 -
                                                                                                 Beyachad, 2 Elray St, Raedene. Contact Crystal          The     Great    Debate:   Chabad-Lubavitch:
                                                                                                 Kaplan. 083-376-5999.                                   Chassidism by Rabbi Levy Wineberg and Rabbi
                                                                                               • The Jewish Women’s Benevolent Society                   Michael Katz. At Sydenham-Highlands North
                                                                                                 (JWBS) - Sandringham Gardens, 85 George                 Shul. Contact (011) 640-5021.
                                                                                                 Avenue Sandringham 2192. Contact Carolyn
                                                                                                 Sabbagh. (011) 485-5232.                                            Tuesday (June 5)
                                                                                               • The Jewish Outlook Team. Contact Ryan Cane,
                                                                                                 Support line: 27 76 215 8600; e-mail info@jew-        • WIZO Women Inspired are hosting Gayle
                                                                                       ; website http://www.jew-              Landau, dietician at the Donald Gordon Hospital,
                                                                                                                              to speak on “Healthy eating” at 09:30. For
                                                                                               • Nechama Bereavement Counselling Centre -                details phone Joceline 082-441-4375 or Isarae
                                                                                                 Room A304, 3rd Floor, hospital wing,                    083-375-1212.
                                                                                                 Sandringham Gardens, 85 George Avenue,
                                                                                                 Sandringham, 2192. Contact (011) 640-1322.            • RCHCC in association with The Viktor
                                                                                               • New Friendship Ladies Group - A group for sin-          Frankl Institute of SA presents a series of
                                                                                                 gle women - contact Lucille (011) 719 5226              talks by a variety of experts in the field of
                                                                                                 (H) or 082-927-5786.                                    logotherapy and existential analysis: “What is
                                                                                               • ORT South Africa - 44 Central Street, Cnr 10th          life expecting of us?” They will be hosting Dr
                                                                                                 Ave, Houghton. Contact (011) 728-7154.                  Teria Shantall speaking on “Logotherapy: a case
                                                                                               • Partners for Life - Discreet Jewish introduc-           for personal, national and global healing” and Dr
                                                                                                 tions. Contact (011) 887-2073.                          Kanda speaking on “Personal journey to finding
                                                                                               • Rabbi Cyril Harris Community Centre (RCHCC)             meaning and the role of Logotherapy in work” at
                                                                                                 and Great Park Shul, Johannesburg. Contact              07:30. Cost R130 and R95 for students and pen-
                                                                                                 Hazel, (011) 728-8088 or Rene Sidley (011)              sioners.
                                                                                                 728-8378. Cost usually R50, including refresh-
                                                                                                 ments.                                                            Wednesday (June 6)
                                                                                               • Second Innings, Johannesburg - Jewish
                                                                                                 Community Services - Donald Gordon Centre,            • SFCC is hosting a visit to Ngwenya Glass
                                                                                                 85 George Avenue Sandringham. Contact                   Village. Transport cost R35.
                                                                                                 Grecia Gabriel, (011) 532-9616.
                                                                                               • The Simcha Friendship and Cultural Circle             • RCHCC in association with The Viktor Frankl
                                                                                                 (SFCC), Johannesburg - Sandton Shul. Contact           Institute of SA presents a series of talks by a
                                                                                                 Sylvia Shull, (011) 783-5600.                          variety of experts in the field of logotherapy and
                                                                                               • The United Sisterhood, 38 Oxford Road                  existential analysis, “What is life expecting of
                                                                                                 Parktown. Contact Helen (011) 646-2409.                us?” From 19:30. Cost R130 and R95 for stu-
                                                                                               • South African Zionist Federation (SAZF),               dents and pensioners.
The Grade R children at Yeshiva Pre-School, in Johannesburg on May 22, during
                                                                                                 Johannesburg - Beyachad, 2 Elray Street,
Shavuot celebrations, bring their Bikkurim in a procession to Yerushalayim, with an ox           Raedene. Contact Froma, (011) 645-2505.               • UJW Johannesburg is hosting Digby Ricci
leading the way. They give their Bikkurim to the Kohanim. The food the children                • South African Jewish Board of Deputies (Jhb) -          speaking on “Stardom - past and present”.
brought, will be given to Yad Aharon, an organisation that helps the needy in the com-           Beyachad, 2 Elray Street, Raedene. Contact
munity. In the picture: Back row: Benhamin Eidelman, Teegan Gottlieb, Avadya Moritz.             (011) 645-2500.                                                      Friday (June 8)
Front: Ben Marks, Alon Benbenishti (Photo: llan Ossendryver)                                   • United Zionist Luncheon Club (UZLC),
                                                                                                 Johannesburg - Our Parents Home. Contact              • UZLC is hosting Wendy Kahn, national director,
                                                                                                 Gloria, (011) 485-4851 or 072-127-9421.                 SAJBD, speaking on “Boardwalk”.
                                                                                               • Union of Jewish Women (UJW), Johannesburg

       SAUJS very active on                                                                      - 1 Oak Street Houghton. Contact (011) 648-
                                                                                                 1053. Cost R10 for the Friendship Luncheon
                                                                                               • WIZO Johannesburg - Beyachad, 2 Elray Street
                                                                                                                                                                     Sunday (June 10)
                                                                                                                                                       • Second Innings is hosting Rabbi Gidon Fox at
                                                                                                                                                         the Gerald Horwitz Lounge Golden Acres speak-

          Wits campus                                                                            Raedene. Contact Joyce Chodos (011) 645-
                                                                                                 2548 or Sandy Kramer (011) 645-2515.
                                                                                               • Bikkur Cholim - Jewish Society for Visiting the
                                                                                                 Sick, 7A Chester Road, Greenside East,
                                                                                                                                                         ing on “Live and let die - euthanasia active and
                                                                                                                                                         passive” from 10:00.

                                                                                                                                                       • Chief Rabbi’s weekly address to the community
 BENJI SHULMAN                                being used to teach hatred to children as          Johannesburg. Joy Gafin (011) 447-6689.                 at 20:00 on Radio 2000 (99.7 - 100.2 FM).
 POLITICAL OFFICER SAUJS WITS                 well as highlighting some of the other
                                              hate mongering behaviour of Palestinian            Please note that all contact and venue details        • Bikkur Cholim is hosting its Biennial General
 IT HAS been a busy start to the year for     leaders.                                                     can be found in the key.                      Meeting at the Bikkur Cholim offices - Greenside
 SAUJS, this has been especially so for the      In other events SAUJS in conjunction                                                                    Hebrew Congregation, 7A Chester Road,
 political committee. The most pressing       with the Darfur Awareness Committee                          Today, Friday (June 1)                        Greenside from 11:00. Contact Joy on (011)
 concern has been the continuing vocifer-     hosted an exhibition about the genocide in                                                                 447-6689.
 ousness of the Palestine Solidarity          that country.                                    • UZLC is hosting Michael Sieff, national direc-
 Committee (PSC).                                It also engaged with the PSC at a live          tor, ORT SA, speaking on “Jewish Life in Latin        • Big Band Music Appreciation Society will meet
    They continue to make use of the Wits     debate held at St Johns, where most                America (eg. Cuba and Venezuela).                       to enjoy audio and visual material at St Johns
 campus as a platform for comparisons         agreed the speakers were well prepared                                                                     College in the Jeffrey Auditorium, St David’s Rd,
 between Israel and apartheid and as a        and gave an honest and effective, factually      • Jewish Women’s Benevolent Society is host-              Lower Houghton, 14:15. Contact Dave (011)
 means to spread inflammatory, racist pub-    based view of the Middle East situation.           ing a book sale at Click’s Rosebank from 09:00          885-3525 or Barney (011) 615-3412 for further
 lications.                                   They were ably backed up by a good show-           until 15:00. Contact (011) 485-5232.                    information.
    In response to this SAUJS has success-    ing of SAUJS members who were in atten-
 fully engaged the Wits Management and        dance at the event.                                              Sunday (June 3)                                       Monday (June 11)
 managed to ensure that the inflammatory         The current political committee has put
 Palestinian Times newspaper was              together a number of new initiatives and         • Second Innings is hosting Larry Benjamin at           • UJW Johannesburg is hosting Yossi Torfstein,
 removed and banned from campus. In           will start to implement them as the year           the Gerald Horwitz Lounge, Golden Acres,                deputy head of mission at the Embassy of Israel,
 addition to this SAUJS ran a campaign        progresses. These include an extensive             speaking on “Where is the Middle East going -           speaking on “Current affairs in Israel” at 09:30.
 especially for human rights day, high-       media campaign to encourage South                  Quo Vadis?” from 10:00.
 lighting Israel’s impressive record with     Africans to view Israel in a more positive                                                               • Caje is hosting: 19:45 TO 20:30 - Kabbalah of
 regards to media freedom and religious       light.                                           • Chief Rabbi’s weekly address to the commu-              the Alef Bet by Rabbi Yossy Goldman; or, The
 tolerance.                                      A thank you goes to the Jewish Board of         nity at 20:00 on Radio 2000 (99.7 - 100.2 FM).          Living Torah by Rabbi Sholem Bacher. 20:30 -
    It also made a publication of its own     Deputies which has been enormously                                                                         The Great Debate: Ohr Somayach: Litvish by
 called Truth in the Middle East showing      helpful, we look forward to working with         • Curiosity Collectors market presents Cotlands           Rabbi Larry Shein and Rabbi Shmuel Moffson.
 how characters such as Mickey Mouse are      you in the future.                                 Petticoat Lane fleamarket at Rosebank Mews              At Sydenham-Highlands North Shul. Contact
                                                                                                 from 09:00 until 15:00. Contact Edna or Hylton          (011) 640-5021.
                                                                                                 Segal on 082-572-9701.
                                                                                                                                                                     Tuesday (June 12)
Grandparents’ Shavuot morning at KDVPP                                                         • Jaffa is hosting a morning market from 09:00
                                                                                                 to 12:00 at Jaffa Old Age home, 42 Mackie             • WIZO Fortnightly Forum is hosting Aidel
                                                                                                 Street, Bailey’s Muckleneuk, Pretoria. Contact          Kazilsky on “Kabbala and sexuality” at 09:30.
DENISE SUTTNER                     with beautiful Shavuot songs                                  (012) 346-2006.
                                   and dances.                                                                                                         • Second Innings Men’s Group, “The not-out
A WONDERFUL morning was              They all agreed that this was                                             Monday (June 4)                           club” is hosting Dr Bernard Fanaroff speaking on
enjoyed by grandparents at         the best morning they had had                                                                                         “Heaven’s above - astronomy in South Africa”
King David Pre-Primary School      in a long time.                                             • Israel Philately Society is meeting in the              from 14:30 at Our Parents Home. Ladies wel-
Victory Park when their grand-       Seen here is granny Irene                                   boardroom of Waverley Shul from 19:30 to dis-           come. Contact Lionel on (011) 728-5225.
children gave them a lot of        Salomon with her grandson                                     play the last 12 months’ new issues and a quiz.
naches performing for them         Daniel Fluxman.                                               Contact Selwyn Uria (011) 786-7692.                   • RCHCC is hosting a book launch and lecture at
                                                                                                                                                         19:30 by Professor Charles van Onselen on his
                                                                                               • UJW Johannesburg is hosting Antony Altbeker             latest book, “The Fox and the Flies”. Cost R50.
                                                                                                                                         LIFTS                        MISCELLANEOUS
                                                                                               NOTICES                                                                                                 VACANCIES
                                                                                                                               AIRPORT SHUTTLE                       A O DOMESTICS
                                                                                              CONSECRATIONS                          Johannesburg                 For fully screened domestic                BUSINESS
                                                                                                                                      Door-to-door                 maids. Both permanent or
                                                                                                                                                                             part-time                FINANCIAL MANAGER
                                                                                                                              Reliable & reasonable rates
                                                                                                                                                                 Chantelle (011) 787 8614                       R400K
                                                                                                                                   Contact Arnold
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Major Printing Co. seeking
           AD BOOKINGS (011 886-0162 • Facsimile (011) 886-4202                                                                     082-447-0185

                    E-MAIL                                                                        ARTHUR’S SCHLEPPING
                                                                                                                                                                 HOME SERVICES                                Jewish male
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Must have BCom, Articles
                                                                                                                                       SERVICE                            GENERAL                    2 to 5 years exp as Financial
                                                                                                                            We will schlep you where-ever                                                  Manager Accpac
                                                                                                                            you want to go. Supermarkets,
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Contact Elana on
                                                                                                                             hairdressers airport etc. etc.
                                                                                                                             We work very early. We work                                                    0112623535
                                                                                                                            very late. But please don't ask
                                                                                                                               us on a Shabbos date!                                                          GENERAL
                                                                                                                                   011-440-5455                                                        Kosher supervisors
                                                                                            COMMUNITY NOTICE                                                                                                (mashgichim)
                                                                                                                             ZAIDA’S TAXI SERVICE                                                         required for full- and
                                                                                             KASHRUT ALERT                    We specialise in transport,                                              part-time positions, good
                                                                                          McCain Young and Tender            house-to-destination, school                                           hourly rate (R45-R55 per hour)
                                                                                           Broccoli Florets bears an         service, old age homes and                                                    for part-time work.
                                                                                          unauthorised Beth Din logo                 airport trips.                                                    5 day qualifying diploma,
                                                                                         and is NOT kosher. McCain          Call Zaida (011) 646-5265                                                            to enrol
                                                                                         have apologised for the error         or 083-751-4229 or                                                    call Chana 079-592-2028
                                                                                           and have taken corrective               082-921-1090                                                         Applicants must be
                                                                                                    action.                                                                                         Shomer Torah and Mitzvot
                                                                                            To receive regular                      ERIC’S TAXI
                                                                                             kashrut updates,                24 hours. Anytime, any place                                            Recruitment Consultant
                                                                                           email kashrutnotice                    (011) 264-4394
                                                                                                            Cell: 082-684-9805
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Recruitment company in Illovo
                                                                                                                                                                                                    seeking dynamic girl aged 23 –
                                                                                                                                Cape Town Shuttle
                                                                                               SERVICES                         Coming to Cape Town?                                                    30. Deg/Dipl in HR pref +
                                                                                                                                    Affordable rates                                                  experience or keen interest
                                                                                            BEAUTY & HEALTH
                                                                                                                              Airport transfers from R140                                                    in HR/recruiting.
                                                                                         PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP                       Phone Andy                       FOR SALE                       Must have natural sales ability &
    SENIOR IT TECHNICIAN                                                                          ARTIST
                                                                                             • Special occasions
                                                                                                                                                                 COLLECTABLES / ANTIQUES
                                                                                                                                                                                                         be confident & outgoing.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Training provided but attitude
                                                                                          • Weddings • Matric dances              Smile-Lee's Lifts
 Our organisation is looking for a senior IT                                                   *Bar/batmitzvahs                    A reliable lift service.
                                                                                                                                                                   MUIZENBERG L'Chaim                will secure. Basic sal + comm.
                                                                                              CONTACT JODI                                                         Glasses & Swizzle Sticks          Email or
    Technician. Candidates must have a                                                         083 778 1518
                                                                                                                             Specialising in lifts to and from   Available @ Muizenberg Logo             call Hayley on (011)
                                                                                                                            airports,shops,appointments,cas                  Store
 minimum of 5 years working experience.                                                            FOR HIRE                          inos and courier.             Phone 082 429 5539

They must have completed a MMCSE. Linux                                                        CASTLEMANIA
                                                                                                                            Call Charna 083-391-6612
                                                                                                                                                                                                     EMPLOYMENT WANTED
would be an advantage. They must have a                                                    Circus Playstation, Monkey            MISCELLANEOUS                    P RO P E RT Y T O L E T
                                                                                          Tunnel, 2 in 1 Activity, Candy,                                                                            MATURE GENTLEMAN
 valid drivers license. The ideal incumbent                                                Helicopter, Obstacle, Slide,                                            ACCOMMODATION TO                      WITH 25 YEARS
  must be a peoples person and able to                                                              Gladiator.                                                        LET / SHARE                    EXPERIENCE IN STEEL
                                                                                               Weekend deliveries                                                                                   AND TIMBER MANUFAC-
   deliver in a demanding environment.                                                     Elaine (011) 609-1217                                                         Flat for Rent                TURING. COMPUTER
                                                                                                                                                                   2 Bedroom Hazelwood- 1st
                                                                                                                                                                                                      LITERATE, OWN CAR,
  Interested candidates to forward a com-                                                                                                                        Floor Apartment is available for
                                                                                                                                                                     rent. Availabilty August/      OWN CELL PHONE. CALL
 prehensive c.v. to, fax                                                                                                                               September 2007.                   082-721-1500
                                                                                                                                                                 R5 200 per month all inclusive
0866327774 or attention HR Department,                                                                                                                                Call 082-467-1727
    Private Bag X1, Sandringham 2131                                                                                                                                                                    VEHICLES
                                                                                                                                                                   TOWNHOUSE TO LET
                                                                                                                                                                      FAIRMOUNT, JHB                          WANTED
                                                                                                                                                                    R6 500 PER MONTH
      GROUP FACILITATOR                                                                                                                                                3 BEDROOMS
                                                                                                 Deputy Principal                                                    2 1/2 BATHROOMS
                                                                                                                                                                     PARKING 2 CARS
To run a small group of intellectually                                                    School for Jewish Children with                                                CONTACT:
 challenged adults. A mature person                                                         Special Educational Needs                                             JUDITH (011) 728-3702,
                                                                                                                                                                  KALMAN 072-364-2506
with some teaching experience, who                                                           Our organisation is looking for a                                   CAPE TOWN - affordable
  is artistic and creative, is required.                                                  deputy principal to work in our school                                     luxury guesthouse
   Knowledge of the Jewish religion                                                        of children with special educational                                    Fresnaye location- close to
                                                                                               needs. Candidate must have                                         OHR SOMAYACH CHABAD,
         would be an advantage                                                                                                                                     Arthur's Rd shuls and easy
                                                                                          experience and relevant qualifications                                   walking distance to kosher
Interested candidates to forward a                                                        in working with children with special                                   restaurants - Sea Point and
                                                                                           needs as well as good administration                                              ocean.
       comprehensive c.v. to                                                              and management skills. Knowledge of                                       "Two Twenty-Four"
                                                                                                                                                                       (021) 439-8727, fax 0866327774                                                             the Jewish religion would be an                           
  or attention HR Department,                                                                           advantage.
Private Bag X1, Sandringham 2131                                                             Interested candidates to forward a
                                                                                                   comprehensive c.v. to
      Project Supervisor                                                        , fax 0866327774 or
                                                                                          attention HR Department, Private Bag                                      Advertising Sales Rep
    Our organisation requires a Project                                                            X1, Sandringham 2131
   Supervisor. This person must have a                                                                                                                              SA Jewish Report is looking
     good knowledge of the building
                                               Switchboard Operators
  industry, and must be experienced in          Our organisation is looking for expe-
                                                                                                                                                                     for a vibrant, self-motivated,
   general maintenance, plumbing and             rienced switchboard operators who
                                                                                                                                                                    go-getter who will not accept
 electrical work. Attention to detail is a      can handle a large busy switchboard.
     key requirement of this position.          They must be well spoken and fluent                                                                                              no for an answer.
   Only candidates with a minimum of            in English. Computer literacy is a key
 5 years experience need apply for this        requirement. Only candidates with five                                                                             Generous commission paid. To
 position. The incumbent must be com-            years experience need apply for this
 puter literate. Own transport essential.                     position.                                                                                                work on a freelance basis.
                                                 Interested candidates to forward a
Interested candidates to forward a com-                 comprehensive c.v. to
 prehensive c.v. to, fax, fax 0866327774 or                                                                                       Call Roni Lea on
  0866327774 or attention HR Depart-           attention HR Department, Private Bag
ment, Private Bag X1, Sandringham 2131                 X1, Sandringham 2131                                                                                               082-352-4291
16   SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                01 June - 08 June 2007

Sack does well in SA Iron Man
JACK MILNER                                      tively, Sack has proved that by limiting        cycle on the rolling hills of the area, fin-
                                                 racing and focusing on specific events,         ishing with a 16km run on sandy and
MACCABI GAMES 2005 gold medallist                one can achieve one’s goals.                    stony terrain in the cane fields around
Mark Sack, performed superbly in the                His elder brother, Clive, the Maccabiah      the Sibaya Casino north of Umhlanga.
recent South African Iron Man Triathlon          silver medallist, has been selected for the        In the heat of the day, Marc Price fin-
in Port Elizabeth by finishing 41st overall      first time to represent South Africa at the     ished 18th overall in a time of three
in a field of 1 600 participants.                World Championships in Hamburg,                 hours, four minutes and 26 seconds.
  The event took place in very challeng-         Germany. He earned his place after an              Following his disappointing SA Iron
ing conditions. The 3,8km sea swim off           excellent race at the SA Championships          Man Triathlon where he pulled out of the
Hobie Beach in strong winds, meant the           at Langebaan. At the Ultra Prestige             race after 65km of the cycle event due to a
water was rough with a strong current,           Triathlon - 1,9km swim, 90km cycle and          second puncture in five kilometres, this
followed by a 180km bicycle ride and a           21km run - Clive finished eighth in his age     was some encouragement for Price as he
42,2km run. Sack completed the distance          group.                                          prepares for the World Championships in
in 10 hours 11 min.                                 Mark and 37-year-old Clive are compet-       August.
  Since the Maccabiah, 35-year-old Sack          ing in the same age group this year (35 to         In the same race Schwabsky completed
ran his first Comrades last year in seven        39) with excellent results.                     the course in 3:42,40, finishing 57th over-
hours and four minutes, finishing 225               A newcomer to triathlons, 25-year-old        all. Basil Kletz finished third in the over-
overall out of 12 000 and walking off with       Ian Schwabsky from Pretoria, completed          50 category, completing the course in
a silver medal. He also achieved a per-          his first triathlon, the Prestige Ultra, in a   3:54,53.
sonal best marathon time of two hours,           respectable 23rd position in the 25-to-29          Jonathan and David Boyer, sons of
49 minutes at the Jackie Gibson                  age group. He followed that up with a           Comrades veteran and Wits first rugby
Marathon last year, finishing 10th over-         wonderful Iron Man in Port Elizabeth,           team centre of years gone by, Steven, had
all.                                             completing the course in 12 hours, 52 min-      hopes this season of some triathlon par-
  Sack also raced the Prestige Ultra-            utes. Schwabsky looks like a fine prospect      ticipation. However, an incident early one
Marathon at the Vaal in February, finish-        for the future.                                 morning while cycling when they were hit
ing sixth overall with the third fastest            In the inaugural Sibaya Durban Ultra         by a car, resulting in shoulder surgery for
time on the day. With results of 12th and        Triathlon which took place in Umdloti           David, highlighted the dangers of cycling.      Mark Sack on the cycle ride at the recent
10th overall in the first and third              this weekend, the one-mile swim in rough           They will be out enjoying their first full   South African Iron Man Triathlon in Port
Johannesburg Triathlon Series respec-            seas was off the Umdloti beach, the 60km        triathlon season later this year.               Elizabeth.

     Shaun claims bronze at
        World Cup event

 SOUTH AFRICAN canoeist Shaun
 Rubenstein’s Olympic prospects took a
 giant leap when he won a bronze medal in a
 World Cup event in Szged, Hungary.
    The country’s leading canoeist and cur-
 rent World Marathon champion finished
 third in the 500m K1 race to Canadian
 Adam van Koeverden with Marek
 Twadorski of Poland, last year’s world
 champion, well beaten in fifth position.
                                                 Shaun Rubenstein continued his build-
    “This is the first medal I have had in an
 Olympic discipline sprint event,” said          up to next year’s Olympic Games by win-
 Shaun, whose major focus is to qualify for      ning a bronze medal at the World Cup
 next year’s Beijing Games.                      canoeing event in Szeged, Hungary.
    “Achieving a podium finish is really
 exciting and motivating, but I am delighted     the fastest time ever achieved by a South
 with the way that I have been racing and the    African paddler
 consistency of my performances.                    “That was a really good race. Not only
    “Rami Zur of the US, 500m K1 bronze          was it my fastest time, but I missed out on
 medallist two weeks ago in Croatia, was in      winning a bronze medal by 0,1 seconds from
 the lane next to me and I knew that if I        Tim Brabants, 2006 European champion
 stayed in contact with him and put in a real-   and World Championship silver medallist,”
 ly strong challenge in the last 100m, I would   said the South African.
 be in with a medal chance.”                        Earlier in the month, Shaun participated
    Van Koeverden won easily, in a time of       in another World Cup event at Zagreb in
 one minute, 41,158 seconds with Swede           Croatia. In the 1000m K1 he finished fourth,
 Anders Gustafsson 1,248 seconds further         narrowly missing out on a medal by just
 back. Rubenstein was right on his haunch-       less than half a second from Brabants who
 es, though, completing the course in            finished third. In the 500m K1 Shaun fin-
 1:42,616.                                       ished fifth overall in a very close race.
    The World Cup in Hungary was the                Shaun will next be in action this weekend
 biggest of the European events with 52          at another World Cup tournament in
 countries participating. While Shaun could      France. The World Championships takes
 only manage fourth place in the 1000m K1,       place in Duisberg, Germany, from August 8
 his time of three minutes, 28 seconds was       to 12.

     Young Jaryd strikes gold
                         MICHAEL BAGRAIM                     Thornlea Dam in KwaZulu-
                                                             Natal, recently.
                         A YOUNG learner, Jaryd Cohen           Since starting skiing competi-
                         at Herzlia Middle School, Cape      tively in January this year, he
                         Town, came first in the Dolphin     has also won the Western
                         Boys Section (under-14) at the      Province Championships, the
                         2007 South African Cham-            Mpumalanga Championships,
                         pionships in slalom waterskiing     and the KwaZulu-Natal Cham-
                         (gold medal), which were held at    pionships.

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