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					3rd UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference
Language, mind and reality
University of Hertfordshire
6-8 July 2010
6th July
                                                                                      Registration (Atrium)
                                                                                    Opening Address (N002)
                                                                                        Plenary 1 (N002)
                                                                            Bill Croft – Grammar and verbalization

                  Room R014                    Room R020                    Room R047                    Room R034               Room R026                Room R022

                                                                                                                                                       THEME SESSION 1:
             GENERAL SESSION              GENERAL SESSION               GENERAL SESSION             GENERAL SESSION          GENERAL SESSION

                   Latkowska                     Szwedek                       Schmid                      Surcouf                 van Veen             Jager and Cleland
  11.45-                                                                                                                   The influence of parental
                                                                      Separating and integrating
  12.15    Cross-linguistic conceptual   The ultimate experiential                                                         input on the development
                                                                     the cognitive and the socio-      Perceiving aspect                               Polysemy advantage
                     transfer             basis (source domain)                                                            of the German connective
                   Yongheng                 Shinohara and Kawahara               Glebkin               Davidse and Vandelanotte              Siebenborn                 Mazaleyrat and Rudel
12.15-    Testing the intermediate gap
                                                                         Dynamic view on the                                           Schematization and
12.45    effect with Chinese learners of     Sound symbolism and                                                                                                       Conceptual modelling of
                                                                         sociocultural theory of       Tense in reported speech       generalization in novel
         English of different proficiency        embodiment                                                                                                              multi-facets items
                      levels                                                   metaphor                                              construction learning (L1)

             Lange-Kuettner and
                                                Johansson Falck                 Twardzisz                        Broccias                       Kania                            Sing
12.45-                                                                                                                                The roles of non-canonical
            Drill works better for
13.15                                         From perception to        Indirectness in language                                    input and discourse function in        The construal of
              building a word                                                                           A puzzle for the present
                                             metaphorical meaning      and international (ir)reality                                   L1-acquisition of question       polysemous adjectives
         representation some times                                                                                                          constructions
         Athanasopoulos and Bylund                   Sinha                       Mukhina                        Feinstein                    Sevcikova                     Silvestre López
14.30-                                                                                                                                                                The semantic configuration
                                                                                                                                     Categorical perception of
15.00    Motion events in language,                                     Transformation of ental        Language impairments in                                                of “into”
                                            Meaning and materiality                                                                  handling handshapes in
          memory and cognition                                         spaces in modified idioms              autism
                                                                                                                                      British Sign Language

               Engemann et al.                      Gontier                    Hajialikhani                  César C. R. Mira        Sutton-Spence and West                    Alarcon
                                             The units, levels and        A Dual-representation         The dynamics of aphasic
15.30    Expressing caused motion                                                                                                   Personification in creative         Polysemic senses of
                                            mechanisms of language     approach to English idioms in     subjects conversational
           in English and French                                               L1 and L2
                                                                                                                                         sign language                weight in Chilean Spanish
                                                  evolution                                                       turns

             Brown and Gullberg                      Lock              Antovic and Stamenkovic              de Oliveira Cazelato               Sharma                         Mazaleyrat
15.30-                                                                                                 Metaphorical and discoursive
16.00     Clausal packaging of                Elaborating symbolic         Vision, space, and             mapping in interpreting   Handedness discrepancies
                                                                                                                                                                        The French noun table
         motion event descriptions               communication                embodiment               proverbs by aphasics and non in deaf signers with stroke

             Ochsenbauer et al.                    Krawczak                 Mulli and Zeebe                  Barbosa Hebling                  Johnston                    de Araujo Oliveira
16.00-                                                                     Lexical variation and
          Universal and language-           Meaning construction and                                    Interactive and cognitive                                      Cognitive relations in the
17.00                                                                     prototypical body-part                                      Lexicalization in signed
          specific determinants in           the individuated shared                                       aspects of speech                                            semantic of Brazilian-
                                                                        idioms and metaphors in                                             languages
              child language                           mind                                               correction processes                                        Portuguese preposition em
                                         Ferreira and Vera Fraga
                     Basilio                                                   Rundblad                        Paulin                  Cristofaro                      Glynn
  17.30-                                                                                                                                                      Corpus-driven methods
                                                                        Children and adolescents‟   Categorization of mammals  Linguistic evidence and
  18.00       Metonymy in word-          Metaphorical gestures in                                                                                             and cognitive semantics
                                                                       understanding of metaphors     in the hunter-gathering mental representation - the
                  formation               classroom discourse                 and metonyms          Baka community of Gabon    case of semantic maps

                      Park                    Romero-Muñoz                      Nikolic                       Sauciuc               Schmidtke-Bode
             Metonymy in Korean          Investigating the interface                                                             Avertive constructions:
  18.30                                                                  Metonymy in hearing           What makes a best
               multiple subject             between theory and                                                                      Cross-linguistic
                                                                          impaired children                exemplar
                constructions                     practice                                                                            convergence

                                                                                   Break and Poster Setting Up
                                                                        Wine Reception and Poster Session* (The Street)

7th July
                                                                                      Announcements (N002)
                                                                                          Plenary 2 (N002)
                                                              Eva Dabrowska - From linguists’ grammar to speakers’ grammars

                  Room R014                     Room R020                    Room R047                     Room R034                  Room R026                     Room R022

             THEME SESSION 2:              THEME SESSION 3:                                                                       THEME SESSION 4:
                                                                         GENERAL SESSION              GENERAL SESSION                                          GENERAL SESSION
           Cognitive Linguistics in           Structure and                                                                    Evaluation and Appraisal in
             Political Domains                Constructions                                                                       Linguistic Cognition

                      Hart                         Hsiao                      Blumenthal                     Onnis et al.             Kravchenko                     Rudanko
  10.15-                                                                 Usage frequency and                                                                   On the Profiles of 'To'
           Moving beyond metaphor        On converb construction                                  Perceptual simulations of
  10.45                                                                      morphological                                        Appraising linguistic        Infinitives and 'To -ing
           in the Cognitive Linguistic     [VP1-zhe VP2 ] in                                       prepositions in first and
                                                                       entrenchment in the minds                                       cognition             Complements at a Time of
                approach to CDA                Mandarin                                          second language speakers
                                                                              of speakers                                                                     Grammatical Variation
                 Kopytowska                           Kaleta                       Bierwiaczonek              Burholt Kristensen et al.             Boldyrev                     Nanbakhsh
                                                                                                                                            Two types of categories      Evolution of address forms
11.15         Mediating human                English non-finite                Metonymy meets brain          The processing of fronted
                                                                                                                                            which deal with appraisal        and politeness in
                experience                complementation revisited                  studies                     objects in Danish
                                                                                                                                                 and evaluation            contemporary Persian

               Sheng-hsiu Chiu                      Lorenzetti                        Sokolova                         Ohashi                        Fours                          Stvan
                                                                                                                                              Adverbs with grading
12.15        Uncovering STATE                 The Kind of / Kinda               Constructions and                Concessivity and
                                                                                                                                             function as a means of            Catching cold
                metaphors                        construction                 metaphorical extensions           intersubjectification

                     Skirl                       Levshina et al.                        Huang                 Kokorniak and Krawczak                 Cowley                        Mignot
                                            A multifactorial usage-                                           Subjective construal of
12.45     The conceptualisation of                                            Reading and interpreting
                                             based construction                                               THINK and BELIEVE in         Agreement in judgements       The designation of humans
               TERRORISM                                                            metaphor
                                                  grammar                                                             Polish

             Đurović and Silaški             Almeida and Ferrari                      Banerjee                  Fabiszak and Hebda                  Besedina                     Gorokhova
12.45-                                    Subjectivity, Inter-subjectivity
13.15    How heavy do I journey on              and epistemic                  Metaphors in concept          Dichotomy between private         Evaluation through        Frequency effects in lexical
                the way                        complementation                       space                      and public experience             morphology                     retrieval
                  Biernacka                          Disney                             Evans                         Ballmer                  Tylén and Fusaroli          Leibbrandt and Powers
14.30-     Metonymy and its interplay
                                           The development of the                                            The acquisition of multiple
15.00    with metaphor in a focus group                                         Temporal frames of                                          The importance of being      Paradigmatic learning from
                                          hearsay use of BE meant                                              functions of German
          discussion about the risk of                                             reference                                                       unsure                  child-directed speech
                   terrorism                         to                                                            prepositions

                    L'Hôte                       Ibbotson et al.                        Piata                    Apse and Skilters                 Kravtsova                       Dunbar
                                                                             Time at the interface of felt                                 The appraisal of a person‟s    A connectionist model of
15.30                                     Prototypical semantics of                                             Constraining spatial
         Myths about Labour of old                                             experience and social                                         intellectual abilities in    the ambiguity-vagueness
                                          the transitive construction                                           semantics of Latvian
                                                                                      rhythms                                                   modern English                   spectrum
                  Petriashvili                      Klavan                     Wallington                       Benom                   Dem’jankov                     Golshaie
16.00-                                                                                                                                                           Computer modeling of
           Cognitive and pragmatic           Synonymous locative
16.30                                                                                                  The force dynamics of      On linguistic typology of   mental spaces using multi-
           perspective on the use of        cases and adpositional        Metaphorical futures
         metaphor in political discourse
                                                                                                          English through                  values             layered extended semantic
                                           constructions in Estonian
                                                                                                          Hidalgo-Downing and
               Shinohara et al.                    Imrényi                  Gutiérrez Pérez                                                                           Lugli et al.
                                                                                                             Núñez-Perucha              Discussion
17.00-      An analysis of visual
                                           Toward a cognitive model                                      Metaphor and identity
17.30        metaphors against                                      The ICM of the heart as the                                                                Interacting with different
                                             of Hungarian clausal                                        change in advertising
            genetically modified                                         seat of emotions                                                                         objects and agents
                                                  structure                                                   discourse

           Knapton and Rundblad                   Dancygier             Parisse and Morgenstern      Luchjenbroers and Aldridge                               Gerasymova and Spranger
18.00      Communication about              Negation and stance-       Constructing "basic" verbal    „Conceptual frames‟ and                                   Embodied cognitive
           drinking water safety            stacking constructions           constructions            „communities of practice‟                               semantics of Aktionsarten

                                                                                            Plenary 3 (N002)
                                                                          Peter Stockwell - From Linguistics to Poetics

                                                                                Conference Dinner at Beales Hotel
8th July
                                                                                       Announcements (N002)
                                                                                           Plenary 4 (N002)
                                                                 John Lucy - Language diversity and the development of mind

                 Room R014                      Room R020                      Room R047                     Room R034                      Room R026                       Room R022

             THEME SESSION 2:              THEME SESSION 3:               GENERAL SESSION               GENERAL SESSION                GENERAL SESSION                 GENERAL SESSION
                                             Structures and
             Diachronic Studies            Constructions contd.
                    Häcker                         Hetland                        Habib                         Laczkó                   Morgenstern et al.                  Strugielska
  10.15-                                                                                                                                                             Towards a corpus-assisted
                                                                                                         Spatial deixis and
  10.45    Cognitive Linguistics and       Still-lives and moving       Ghosts, fairies, elves, and                                                                  constructionist approach to
                                                                                                      demonstrative pronouns in       Constructing the future
           historical sociolinguistics              images                       nymphs                                                                                the concept of fear in

                   DuBartell                   Ponsford et al.            Fontaine and Aldridge               Rybarczyk                   Kirjavainen et al.                   Türker
  10.45-                                                                                                                               Effects of frequency and
                                                                          Insights into electronic                                                                   Corpus-based approach to
  11.15     The Anglo-Saxon 'Sea'         Grammaticalization to and                                                                  phonological neighbour-hood
                                                                           language production          Emphatically referring                                         emotion metaphors in
                  semplate               from 'betting' constructions                                                                density on Finnish children's
                                                                        through keystroke logging                                             past tense                     Korean

              Kay and Alexander                     Kuzar                       Marugina                      Pasamonik                        Hampe                     Liu and Dennison
  11.45-   Conceptual Metaphor and                                                                                                   Non-iconic clause ordering
                                         That-clauses and the-fact-       Generative function of      Availability and persistence                               The effect of prosodic cues
  12.15    Physical Sensibility in the                                                                                               and discourse function of
                                         that-clauses: A cognitive-      conceptual metaphor in       of conceptual metaphors in                                   on embodied language
           Historical Thesaurus of the                                                                                                sentence-initial adverbial
           Oxford English Dictionary        constructionist view            literary discourse           Beaver (Athabascan)                                           understanding
                  Hilpert                       Perek                    Shinohara et al.                Shibasaki                 Engberg-Pedersen                 Polišenská et al.
                                      Reappraising the role of      Conceptual metaphor and                                     The temporal aspect of          The effects of semantics
12.45      How did concessive                                                                    Metaphorical expressions
                                     alternations in construction   interpretation of Japanese                                    topic and focus or             and syntax on memory
          parentheticals emerge?                                                                  in Okinawan dialects
                                               grammar                        manga                                                comment coding                         span

                                                                                                                                 Bretones and Fuentes                  Hollmann
                                                                                                                                 Cultrural motivation of         Word classes and the
                                                                                                                                conceptual domains and           sociology of cognitive
                                                                                                                                   colour activation                   linguistics
                                                Annual Meeting of UK-CLA (N002)
                                                                                                                                          Abelin                      Rusieshvili
13.45                                                                                                                            Sound symbolism and            The universal semantic
                                                                                                                                  lexical productivity            model of a proverb


                  Shank                      Woll et al.                    Fortescue                        Liu                          Simo                 Gamerschlag and Petersen
15.00-                                The impact of language                                                                   The effects of involvement on
             Rethinking „think'                                                                      Chinese translators‟                                          An analysis of the
15.30                                 modality on the linguistic     Modelling context in the                                    the linguistic construal of
                                                                                                    cognitive and English                                      evidential use of German
                                      encoding of perceptual            mental lexicon                                          counterfactual scenarios in
                                                                                                   grammar constructions           chess commentaries              perception verbs

         Georgakopoulos and Piata             Temürcü                    Bertulucci Papi                   Kikuchi                       Ferreira                     Lowenadler
15.30-                                     The perspectival
                                                                       The semantic and
16.00    The meaning of chronos in       configuration of the                                    Conceptual metaphors and                                        Refining the cognitive
                                                                    pragmatic boundaries of                                       Football metaphors
              Ancient Greek           volitional domain and the                                   the process of translation                                   approach to island effects
                                                                       free enrichments.
                                          construal of reality

               Guardamagna                   Lehismets                       Sarazin                    Wiechmann                     Thalhammer                        Pascual
16.00-                                Grammaticalization of the
                                                                     A contextual account of        English and German
16.30     Secondo, seguendo, a       Estonian word käsi („hand‟)                                                                                                  Fictive interaction in
                                                                    selecting elements for the        relative clause             Metaphor in football
               seconda di            and its usage with verbs of                                                                                               languages without writing
                                                                               blend              constructions in contrast
                                                                                                             Plenary 5 (N002)
                                                                                  Gabriella Vigliocco - Toward a theory of meaning representation

                                                                                                       Closing Address (N002)

                                                                                                          *POSTER SESSION

                                 Aleksandrova                        Azkia                       Bolognesi                        Bürki                     Cappellaro                         Choban

                           Cognitive perspective in        Polysemy and expressions                                                              Third person pronouns and            The semantic
                                                                                                                      Changing culture, changing
                            the study of semantic          containing words referring      The bilingual lexicon                                 Accessibility in the dialects categorization of metaphor
                                  adaptation               to body organs in Persian                                                                   of southern Italy         in the transfer schema

                                   Diederich                     Dubrovskaya                 Dzeren-Glowacka                     Eddine                     Edwardes                           Fischer
 6th July - 19.00-20.30

                                                                                          Formal and conceptual          Weaknesses in oral                                               An examination of
                          Categorizing the semantics        Frames as tool to reveal         blending in Terry          communication in the         From inner cognition to          metalinguistic awareness in
                                    of taste                 pragmatic knowledge           Pratchett's Discworld            absence of a                 outer speech                   early second language
                                                                                                  series                conversational partner                                         acquisition in Switzerland

                                     Fomin                        Franco et al.             Gomes das Neves                 Gutiérrez Pérez               Haglund et al.                         Iraji

                          Declaring independence in        Implicit causality and folk                                                                                                   Development of
                                                                                                                       Metaphor: Prototypicality
                             partially recognized            psychological beliefs in    Irony cognitive processing                                Different senses of entropy         socialisation in young
                                                                                                                           and polysemy
                              Caucasian states             different domains of verbs                                                                                                         children

                                      Jost                          Kalyuga                       Kam-yiu                       Kerremans                       Kitis                          Kozlova

                            Are generalizations about                                                                                                    A reconsideration of
                                                            Changes in meaning of             Heterogeneous               Subprime loans,
                           language use a passport to                                                                                              Conventional Implicature and      Abstract concept formation
                                                             words for shame-like         conceptualization of the     warrantless surveillance
                          the acquisition of writing and                                                                                           its implications for speech act    in cognitive perspective
                              reading competencies                emotions                  reflexive in English          and little bloglets                    theory
       Kwiatkowska                         Lee                          Marinho                      Ming-Yu                     Paterson               Polyakova and Mishlanova

    A plea for a unified           The ask periphrastic
                                                                    Prompting and its                                                                 Metaphors of health in non-
 cognitive approach to the      construction as a means of                                    The genre of research      Singular they: Polysemy or
                                                                 interactional linguistic                                                                professional medical
  analysis of verbal and       expressing indirect causation                                     grant proposals                homonymy
                                       in Singapore                     function                                                                              discourse

        Potapenko                   Pulquério Vieira                      Qu Li                       Rezai                       Ronga                  Rudanko and Cooper
 President Obama's first
                                                               The cognitive function of                                                                Null objects and sentential
 year in office: Cognitive-    Mood swings in European                                      Tense, Space- builders and    Metaphors and Taste
                                                               the numeral classifiers in                                                              complements, with evidence
rhetorical analysis of BBC           Portuguese                                                     modality                 Synaesthesia                 from the TIME corpus
    on-line headlines

          Ryland                     Sé and Morato              Shih-ping and Chung-ming             Sivonen                      Steele                       Timofeeva
                               Proverb interpretation for
 Difference and deferral: a                                                                                                A Network Theory
                                   elderly carriers of         Metaphor, frequency, and      A frame-based analysis of                                   Cognitive logic of folk
  pragmatic definition of                                                                                                 approach to syntactic
                               Alzheimer disease in initial       pronoun in drama               a national category                                            riddles
         metonymy                                                                                                              categories

          Tomoni                         Vellinga                      Wallington                     Wrede                     Yamaguchi                        Zanned

                                  Rich context/multiple           On the motivation         Why hybrid cars help us to Historical development of a     Reloading the blend: the
 Conceptual metaphors in
                                 representations or rich       underlying idioms and its    understand that Green is temporal nominal ato „after‟      case of the Grim Reaper
   financial discourse
                                context/good prototype?              Edaboration                 the new Black                 in Japanese                political cartoons

 Zhang Yuting and Hou Yan

  The application of CIN
model to the analysis of the
 novel metaphors in The
      Joy Luck Club