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					finger print readers
In recent years the need for a quick and secure authentication           ! Standalone or networkable
system has increased. The most convenient answer to this for             ! Different fingers can control different
users can be provided by biometrics devices such as finger print           functions, eg. duress alarm
readers. Finger prints are unique.
                                                                         ! Highly secure biometrics
The CKB range of finger print readers provide the very latest            ! Manage up to 250 readers from one PC
technology in biometric security. High security is guaranteed by         ! Internal & external version
being certain of an individual's presence as biometric data cannot       ! Easy to install and use
be lent or borrowed, it is also impossible to impersonate the data
stored in the system. Unlike conventional access control systems         ! Access Control
such as keypads and card readers, it cannot be mislaid, duplicated       ! Activity log
or passed on to third parties.

The device doesn't store the fingerprint image but some distinctive elements and converts them into a numerical code. In this
way it is impossible for someone to regenerate the fingerprint image in order to circumvent the system.

The CKB9100 reader can store up to 250 users. This requires each user to attend the reader to record the finger print. If a user
needs to be removed from the reader all users must be deleted and then re-recorded. We would therefore recommend that this
stand alone reader is only used where a small number of users are involved and user turnover rate is small. The CKB 9100 has
2 configurable relay outputs that can perform different functions depending on the finger presented to the reader. An external
version CKB6150 is also available.

The CKB 9200 reader can store up to 1000 finger prints and like the CKB9100 has 2 configurable relay outputs that can
perform different functions depending on the finger print presented to the reader. The CKB9200 is a PC managed reader.
Users fingerprints are gathered using a PC with a USB fingerprint reader and then transmitted securely to the reader or
readers via an ethernet network connection. Individual users can be deleted, suspended or even restricted to certain time
periods. The PC software contains a log of all user activity. One PC can control up to 250 readers. An external version
CKB6250 is also available.
When purchasing either PC managed readers, purchase of at least one CKB-1101 and CKB-BIOGATE software is
mandatory. A supply of 12vdc is required at each reader.

Note: These readers do NOT require a PC to be permanently connected

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