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  Laurence FLEURY 1, Jean-Luc BOICHARD 1, Guillaume BRISSEBRAT 1, Sophie
  CLOCHE 2, Laurence EYMARD 3, Brahima KONE 4, Laurence MASTRORILLO 3,
                  Oumarou MOULAYE 4, Karim RAMAGE 2

                      OMP, Toulouse, France, 2 IPSL, Palaiseau, France, 3LOCEAN,
                            Paris, France, 4 AGRHYMET, Niamey, Niger

The AMMA database aims at storing and distributing any data produced or used by the
project scientific community. It contains around 125 past and recent local geophysical
observation datasets, 60 satellite products, 10 model output datasets, as well as results from
human sciences field survey and value-added products. For example, more than 12000
radiosonde high resolution profiles over the West African area, precipitation estimations
combining several data sources and ECMWF AMMA SOP 2006 re-analysis outputs are
available. In order to be usable by researchers from any discipline, the data are converted into
standard formats and documented. The database total volume is now 12 terabytes and the user
community is as large as 390 persons.

The AMMA database and the associated online tools have been fully developed and are
managed by two teams in France (IPSL Database Centre, Paris and OMP, Toulouse). The
complete system has been mirrored at AGHRYMET Regional Centre in Niamey and is
operational there since January 2009. Users can now access metadata and request data
through one or the other of two equivalent gateways:

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E-mail address:

OMP, UMS CNES / CNRS / IRD / UPS, 14 Avenue Edouard Belin, 31 400 Toulouse, France

IPSL, CNRS, LMD - Ecole Polytechnique, 91128 Palaiseau Cedex, France

LOCEAN - IPSL, UMR CNRS / IRD / UPMC / MNHN, Boîte 100 - 4, place Jussieu, 75252 Paris
Cedex 05, France

Centre Régional AGRHYMET, BP 11011 Niamey, Niger