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									                        Finding Journals Online

                        A significant number of academic journals are now available online to AFBI staff. In many
                        cases the library subscribes to both print and online versions of a journal. In some cases,
                        journals are only available online.

AFBI Library            In all cases, online access is only available through AFBI subscriptions. This means that the
                        full text of journal articles needs to be accessed using either the AFBI Library Catalogue or
                        AFBI Library Online

                        Finding journals by title

                        Journals can be accessed by title in the following ways:
                        Using the Library Catalogue
                        Journals can be found by title or keyword using the standard search option. Select ‘AFBI
                        Journals Catalogue’ under ‘Sub-catalogue’ and enter title keywords.

                        Click the ‘Location’ link for any title you wish to access online
Information Services

                        Details of any print holdings are then displayed along with an ‘AFBI Connect’ icon under the
                        ‘Electronic Journal’ heading. Click to locate the online version of the journal.

                        A menu is then displayed. The menu allows you to enter the year, volume, start page etc of
                        a journal article in order to go straight to a particular article. If you do not have a full
                        reference for an article, simply click ‘Go’ to see listings of journal contents. Alternative online
                        sources may be displayed if available.

                        Library Services and Research Support. Finding Journals Online                      08/08 (KL)
Using AFBI Library Online
A-Z listings of journals available online can be found on the Library web site under ‘Online
Resources’ (at ). Select ‘Electronic Journals’ to
view titles either by subject or in a single A-Z list.
Click the title of the journal to access the online source for the journal directly. It is not
possible to enter details of particular journal articles.

Can I access online journals from home?

Yes. All AFBI online subscriptions can be accessed outside the AFBI sites. Access journals
just as you would within AFBI and enter your AFBI Library username and password when
If you have any problems with access, please contact the Library in the first instance.

Can I search the contents of journal articles?

Many online subscriptions are made available through intermediary sources which allow the
full text of a journal to be searched. Searches can also be widened to include all journals
available (under AFBI subscriptions) from that source. Examples of such sources include
IngentaConnect, Swetswise and ScienceDirect.
These sources can be found on the Library web site under ‘Online Resources – Databases’
(at ).

How do I identify journal articles?

Online bibliographic databases allow you to search details of all published journals in a
subject area in order to locate journal articles of potential interest.
The full text of an article is not usually directly available. However, most of these online
databases include ‘AFBI Connect’ icons in their results pages that enable you to check AFBI
holdings of a journal.
For listings of AFBI databases go to the ‘Online Resources’ section of AFBI Library Online.

Help finding journal articles online

If you need assistance locating articles in your subject area, your subject librarians will be
happy to guide you through the available sources and access routes.
 Contact details can be found on AFBI Library Online under ‘Contacts’
( ).

Library Services and Research Support. Finding Journals Online                      08/08 (KL)

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