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					The Parade, Norwood
maKE THE moST oUT oF YoUr daY!                                             THiNgS YoU NEEd To KNoW…
On Sunday 28 February, The Parade, Norwood,                                Toilet facilities
comes alive for Adelaide’s most popular food and                           male, female and disabled toilets at all participating hotels,
wine event...                                                              restaurants and cafes will be open to the public. You’ll also find
                                                                           temporary toilets at various locations along The Parade. look for
Upon arrival                                                               the toilet symbol on your map.
Purchase your souvenir wine tasting glass for $6 from the glass
sale booths located on the map overleaf or any of your favourite           Choose public transport
participating restaurants, cafés and hotels.                               The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters encourages you to
                                                                           leave the car at home and walk, cycle or catch public transport to
Drink sensibly!                                                            the Festival. adelaide metro Bus routes 123 and 125 leave from
drink sensibly and in moderation throughout the day and don’t              grenfell and Currie Street in the CBd every 30 minutes and stop
forget to drink plenty of water! a voluntary breath testing unit will      within easy walking distance to the festivities.
be located near the Norwood Town Hall.
                                                                           Police & security
Use your map                                                               Your personal safety is important to us. Professional security
                                                                           services and Sa Police will monitor activity at the Festival to ensure
Have a look at the map overleaf to locate all your favourite
                                                                           a safe and secure environment. lost children reports can be made
restaurants, cafés and hotels.
                                                                           at the Event Command Centre located on george Street and
                                                                           shown by the police symbol on your map.
Check out the entertainment program
Check out the entertainment program overleaf for six stages of             The Parade is a ‘GlASS FREE’ zone
fabulous entertainment, including the aNZ main Stage, located on           due to licensing restrictions, no alcoholic drinks will be sold by the
the corner of The Parade and osmond Terrace. Take your pick from           bottle and no alcohol is to be carried onto or from the licensed
a wide range of music, including jazz, blues, soul and cover bands,        area of The Parade. Please take note of the signs at the entry and
plus children’s entertainment, fashion parades and celebrity               exit points to the Festival. any glass bottles, wine glasses from
cooking demonstrations.                                                    home (including last year’s festival glass) and alcohol will be
                                                                           confiscated. This restriction will be enforced by South australia
Fun stuff for kids                                                         Police, the liquor licensing Enforcement Branch and security
The eastern end of The Parade towards Portrush road is                     personnel, who will be conducting bag checks upon entry.
transformed into a ‘Piazza’, full of global cuisine. This family area in
front of our Festival partner, Natuzzi, will allow you to try a range      The Festival is a Green Event
of cultural dishes and boutique wines whilst the kids enjoy free           The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is committed to
face-painting, merry-go-round rides, life. Be in it activities and         sustainable environmental practices. To assist us in our efforts
roving entertainment. and don’t miss out on special performances           to host a green event, please dispose of your rubbish in an
by Kozmiks Funtime and Cool 4 Kids on Stage #1. Check out the              environmentally responsible way. all bins are clearly labelled for
entertainment program for details.                                         recyclable and biodegradable waste.

No dogs please                                                             First Aid
Please leave your dogs at home.
                                                                           The first aid station is located on The Parade between george St
                                                                           and Edward St. look for the first aid symbol overleaf on your map.
                  mENU liSTiNgS                                    7    CHiCKENS ON PARADE
1                                                                  Chargrilled Free Range Chicken Salad marinated chicken
     THE BATH HOTEl Site #2                                        breast with salad
Salt ‘n’ Pepper Squid marinated with szechwan pepper flour         Cold Chicken Salad Platter for Two free range half a barbeque
and served with chips                                              chicken with cos lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum,
                                                                   avocado, cheese, carrots and celery
Wine Partner: Janz, Giesen, Wirra Wirra, Yalumba
                                                                   Mezze for Two assortment of olives, cheese, sundried tomatoes,
2    THE EUROPEAN CAFé                                             salami and crackers
Blue Swimmer Crab & Prawn Cake with tuscan bean salad,             Wine Partner: Last Word Wines
rocket, white balsamic dressing & lime aioli
Fillet Steak Panini with red onion confit, rocket & aioli
                                                                   8    MADAME WU’S NOODlE BAR
                                                                   Panaeng Beef Curry thick red beef curry
Wine Partner: Totino Estate, Serafino Wines, Haselgrove Wines,
Condo Estates, De Bortoli                                          Drunken Noodles egg noodles with minced chicken and hot chilli

3                                                                  Grilled Skewered Prawns marinated with spicy peanut sauce
     THE BATH HOTEl Site #1
                                                                   Wine Partner: Bethany, Johnston Oakbank, Kangarilla Road,
Salt ‘n’ Pepper Squid marinated with szechwan pepper flour
and served with chips                                              Shottesbrooke
Marinated Chicken served with chips                                9    WOK iN A BOx
Wine Partner: Janz, Giesen, Wirra Wirra, Yalumba                   Satay Chicken hokkien noodles, chicken, mixed vegetables in a
                                                                   satay sauce
4    PROViDORE ON PARADE                                           Honey Soy Chicken with Cashews chicken, onion, green beans
King Prawns stuffed with artichoke pesto wrapped in                and cashews in a honey soy sauce
                                                                   Combo Snack Platter salt and pepper squid, prawn twister,
Marinated Haloumi Skewers with chorizo and red onion               spring rolls and dim sims
Wine Partner: Si, Ta_Ku, Hardys                                    Wine Partner: Amadio
5    CHABAAR                                                       10   MAxiMS WiNE BAR
Mixed Entrée pandan chicken, spring rolls and curry puffs          lamb Cutlets with orange, olive and mint salad with an orange
                                                                   and red wine glaze
Sea Stars (three pieces) minced chicken, prawn and squid
dumplings in mild spicy sauce                                      Marinated Beef Kebabs
Seafood Salad with Homemade Dressing prawn and squid               Wine Partner: d’Arenberg Wines and Trentham Estate Wines
salad with homemade dressing
Wine Partner: Montana, Jacobs Creek                                11   CAFFE PRiMO
                                                                   Warm Chilli and Plum Duck Salad chargrilled duck breast
6    PARADE FiSH CAFé 09 ‘Best Plate’Winner                        marinated in chilli, plum and sesame seed dressing served with
Grilled Calamari and Prawn Skewers marinated with lemon            salad
pepper                                                             Chicken Caesar Salad chargrilled chicken, croutons, bacon,
Fresh Shucked Oysters served natural with lemon wedges             shaved parmesan cheese, poached egg and salad greens with
                                                                   a caesar dressing
Baklava filo pastry, almonds, walnuts, honey syrup
                                                                   Wild Mushroom Salad slow roasted mushrooms with bean
Wine Partner: Bird in Hand, Bremerton, St Hallet, Schild Estate,   sprouts, snow peas, carrots, baby cos lettuce and a dijon
Coriole, Pikes                                                     vinaigrette
                                                                   Wine Partner: Rosemount O, T’Gallant, Squealing Pig
12   NORWOOD FiNE FOODS                                            18   RAiN MODERN ASiAN BiSTRO
Barossa Award Winning Grazing Plate chicken, almond                Coconut Basil Chicken chicken, basil leaves, chilli and
& brandy pate, provincial duck terrine, French style salami        coconut milk
and jambon, mt magnificent gouda served with char-grilled
capsicum, olive tapenade and crusty baguette                       Thai Curry Beef beef fillets, masman curry and seasoned
Barossa Gold Medal Sausage Trio italian duck, veal and chicken
sausages, Bavarian brat potatoes, caramelised onion and fresh      Rain Hot lamb stir-fry lamb with seasoned vegetables and
tomato relish                                                      spicy tamarind sauce
Barossa Award Winning Duck and Veal sausage or Cheese              Wine Partner: Skillogalee, Four Sisters
Kransky served with fresh tomato relish and / or caramelised
onion on a crusty baguette                                         19   GUSTO RiSTORANTE
Wine Partner: Dandelion Vineyards                                  Porchetta rolled pork belly slow roasted and served in a fresh
                                                                   ciabatta bread roll with caramelised onions
                                                                   Wagu Beef Sausage served in a fresh ciabatta roll
Teriyaki Chicken Sushi Roll chicken cooked in Japanese soy sauce
                                                                   Wine Partner: Scarpantoni Wines, Tomich Hill
Pumpkin Sushi Roll deep fried pumpkin with avocado
Wine Partner: Chain of Ponds                                       20   DANNY’S THAi BiSTRO
     CAFFE BUONGiORNO                                              Salt ‘n’ Pepper Squid
Penne Calabrese pasta, pepperoni, capsicum, olives, capers in      Thai Style Spring Roll
red napolitana sauce                                               Wine Partner: Redman, Banrock Station, Omni Pink
Spirali Alla Panna pasta in a cream, ham and mushroom sauce
                                                                   21   THE PARADE THAi RESTAURANT
Wine Partner: Stoneleigh, Annies Lane, Penfolds
                                                                   Sizzling Beef stir-fried marinated beef in red wine with snow
15   CAFé BRAVO                                                    peas, carrot and Thai herbs
Mediterranean Chicken Salad                                        Talay Num Prix Phao stir-fried king prawns, squid and mussels
Beef Shashlik served on a base of tuscan rice                      in roasted chilli paste
Wine Partner: Longview Wines and Nepenthe                          Stir-fry Chicken with Panang Curry stir-fried chicken with
                                                                   panang curry paste, coconut cream and wild ginger
                                                                   Muss-sa-mun Beef Thai stewed beef curry – rich in spices but
Squidinc Salt ‘n’ Pepper Calamari served with chips                gentle, mild and sweetened with potato, peanuts and minced
                                                                   Thai herbs
Squidinc Calamari Steak in a Burger Bun calamari steak,
lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, chilli in a soft burger bun           Wine Partner: Woodstock
Squidinc Skewered Garlic Scented, Barbeque Prawn Tails             22   THE NORWOOD HOTEl
served with salad and chips
Wine Partner: Ross Estate Wines                                    Beef and Guinness Pie
                                                                   Fried Spiced Whitebait with citrus aioli
                                                                   Marinated Prawn Salad lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avocado and
Five Spice Chicken Drumsticks flavoured with crushed five
spice, served with lettuce and cucumber salad                      dill mayonnaise
                                                                   Wine Partner: Milhinch Wines, Wines, Rosemount O, Yellowglen,
Butter Chicken boneless chicken cooked in the tandoor and
simmered in a tomato sauce                                         Matua Wines

Rogan Josh lamb curry, green cardamom and paprika
Wine Partner: Stravedog Lane
        Portrush Road

                                Stage 1

                                Cairns Street
                                                            Restaurants/Cafés         #     P    Police
                                Stage 2                              Glass Sales                 First Aid
                                3                                         Stages                 Piazza on Parade
                                                                          Toilets                Alfresco Dining Area
     Queen Street                                               Free Children’s             T    Taxi Stand
              4                 5                                                           H    Hoyts Norwood
                                                        Abbott’s Village Bakery
                   The Parade

                                                       The Bath Hotel (Site #2)       1     12   Norwood Fine Foods
                                                           The European Cafe          2     13   Cherry Blossom
                                     Margaret Street                                             Sushi Bar
              8                                        The Bath Hotel (Site #1)       3
                                Stage 3                                                     14   Caffe Buongiorno
                                9                         Providore on Parade         4
                                                                                            15   Café Bravo
                                                                        Chabaar       5
                                                                                            16   Ballroom Billiard
              H                                               Parade Fish Café        6          Saloon
                                                                                            17   Charminar
George Street                    Cooking Stage             Chickens on Parade         7
                                                                 Madame Wu’s                18   Rain Mondern Asian
        P     11
                                10                                Noodle Bar          8          Bistro

                                                                   Wok in a Box       9     19   Gusto Ristorante
                                12                                                          20   Danny’s Thai Bistro
                                                             Maxims Wine Bar          10
                                                                    Caffe Primo       11    21   The Parade Thai

                                +                                                           22   The Norwood Hotel


                                                                            Piazza on Parade
    Stage 5                15    Edward Street            located towards Portrush road, enter a world of multi-cultural
                                                          food and boutique wine stalls, showcasing the produce of
                                                          traders from the local area.
                                                          Sit down, relax in the shade and enjoy the range of free
                   The Parade

                                                          children’s activities and stage entertainment.
              18                                          Piazza stalls include:
                                                          > JAG Wines – for tasting or purchase by the glass
              19                     Church Avenue
                                                          > Platia The Restaurant – greek Cuisine
              20                                          > Spice Kitchen – indian curries, wraps and naan breads
                                                          > Sazon - Spanish paella, omelette, empanadas
                                21                          and crème caramel
                                                          > O’Furno - italian wood-fired pizzas, paninis and sweets
              22                ANZ Main Stage            > Sweet & Sour Candy – giant liquorice Candy Cables
                                                          > Entertainment – Free face painting, merry-go-round rides,
    T Osmond Terrace                                      life. Be in it activities and performances on the Piazza Stage
                                                          (see the entertainment program for more details).
         ENTErTaiNmENT Program                                                           ENTErTaiNmENT Program                                       WHaT’S So SPECial aBoUT
                    Stage 1 - Piazza on Parade                                                Stage 5 - DMA Entertainment                            THE ParadE?
             1-1.30pm            Kozmiks Funtime                                                1pm        Triple Score
                                                                                                                                                     The Parade, Norwood is Adelaide’s favourite cosmopolitan strip,
             2-2.30pm            Cool 4 Kids Entertainment                                      2pm        Sonnet                                    situated just five minutes from the CBD.

             3-3.30pm            Kozmiks Funtime                                             3.15pm        andy & The rockits Big Band               it’s the place where you can enjoy a gourmet breakfast, lunch or
                                                                                                                                                     dinner at one of the alfresco cafés or restaurants, and browse inside
             4-4.30pm            Cool 4 Kids Entertainment                                   4.20pm        acoustic Juice                            the wide variety of shops, featuring high street fashion, homewares,
                                                                                                                                                     shoes, baby clothes, electrical goods, books, furniture and gifts.
                                                                                             5.50pm        mo Town Connection
                                                                                                                                                     relax as you stroll along the tree-lined street, pop into a bar for a
            Stage 2 - Premiere Entertainment*
                                                                                                                                                     drink or catch the latest blockbuster at Hoyts.
                                                                                                 Stage 6 - ANZ Main Stage
                    1pm          Fig Jam                                                                                                             The Parade features plenty of parking and regular bus services to
                                                                                                 MC: Channel Nine’s Jade Robran                      the adelaide CBd.
               2.30pm            Universal groove
                                                                                          Chief Reporter for the Today Show in Adelaide
                                                                                                                                                               For more information please phone 8366 4555
                    4pm          X men                                                         12pm        Festival begins                                         or visit
               5.30pm            The Sychronicity Police Tribute Show                           1pm        official Festival opening

     *For booking enquiries, call Peter at Premiere Entertainment on 0417 862 660.           1.05pm        Fashion Parades - Parade traders*
                      Thank you to Billy Hyde music adelaide.
                                                                                             1.30pm        los Tonos
                                                                                                2pm        Fashion Parades - Parade traders*
                     Stage 3 - Margaret Street
                                                                                             2.25pm        Sambasi and la Bomba dancers
                    1pm          anna Butterss Trio                                                                                                    50 Year Anniversary celebrations continue at
                                                                                                3pm        Fashion Parades* - 2009 BmW adelaide
                                                                                                                                                       Natuzzi The Parade Food Wine & Music Festival.
                    3pm          The art Therapists                                                        Fashion Festival Best Emerging designer
                                                                                                           award Finalists                             Natuzzi celebrates over 50 years of italian
                    4pm          Cookie Baker & her Special Secret Spells                                                                              made style and comfort.
                                                                                             3.25pm        Southern Cross Tango
               5.30pm            Pulse                                                                                                                 Visit Natuzzi’s The Parade store to see the
                                                                                                4pm        Fashion Parades - Parade traders*           latest in living rooms you can tailor make
                                                                                                                                                       to suit your style. (Check the Festival map
                                                                                             4.25pm        Southern Cross Tango                        for the exact location).
                      Stage 4 - Cooking Stage
                                                                                                5pm        The Shizzle                                 Phone 8332 8000
             1-1.45pm            andre Ursini                                                                                                
                                                                                             7.30pm        Event ceases
             2.15-3pm            Jean-Claude de Toulouse                                        8pm        Festival closes
                3.25pm           Best Plate award Presentation                                        *models by Finesse model agency

        3.30-4.15pm              Poh ling Yeow                                       CElEBriTY CHEFS
        4.45-5.30pm              Jean-Claude de Toulouse

Stage 4 -
Cooking demonstration
                      re-create your experience at Natuzzi The Parade
                      Food Wine and music Festival by presenting this
                      voucher after The Festival and enjoy
                      one complementary meal on us.
    only redeemable after 28 February 2010, one per table, after 5pm.
  Not valid on Fridays and Saturdays. Valid at Charminar Norwood only.
                   Bookings essential on 8431 3444.
                    1/136 The Parade, Norwood

                                  Purchase any large meal and
                                  get a 500ml ice-cream for
                                  only $3.95 (valued at $7.95),
                                  a saving of $4.
      only redeemable after 28 February 2010, one per customer.
       Valid a Wok in a Box Norwood only. Expires 30 april 2010.
                    210d The Parade, Norwood

                        Buy one main meal and get the
                        second main meal (of equal or
                        lesser value) for $9.90.
                        only redeemable after 28 February 2010. Valid
                        at Caffé Primo Norwood only, monday-Thursday.
                        Expires 31 march 2010.
                   13/185 The Parade, Norwood

                        Be cheeky - present this voucher
                        and receive $20 off
                        with every purchase over $100.
                        Valid until march 30 2010.

                    2/200 The Parade, Norwood

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters would like to thank
            our sponsors for their generous support.


                                                     N O R W O O D

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