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                              OPENING OCTOBER 2010

                                                                                               Contact NICO DEKKER (CEO)
                                      Tel: +27 (0)21 462 1838 Email:

                              In Cannes contact Nico Dekker, South African Pavilion, International Village

South Africa’s first custom-built, fully equipped (plug and play), world-class film studio complex with state-of-the-art support services.
                           17 000m2 or 183 000ft2 of sound stages, studio support, production offices, art departments, set-building,
                                                                              props, make-up, manufacturing, post-production and more.
MONTHLy NEWS ON BROADCAST, FILM, COMMERCIAL, NEW MEDIA & TECHNOLOGy                                            VOL 22 – JuLy 2010 R32.00

Industry left devasted
Industry representatives from     without the long anticipated        of concern on the “local
the Independent Producers         SABC’s requests for proposals       content crisis” with an
Organisation (IPO) and            (RFPs) materialising.               announcement on 16 June that
SASFED met with the SABC             Because of the ongoing           it had issued an “interim book”
board in March this year and      financial crisis at the SABC        calling for local content
were given an undertaking         and the lack of commissions         proposals in specific TV
that the public broadcaster       for the past two years, an          content genres and that
would issue commissioning         estimated 35 000 jobs have          November 2010 was the new
briefs no later than 31 May       been lost and many companies        date set for commissioning.
2010. The date came and went      have closed their doors,               According to an award-
                                  according to the Television         winning producer who
                                  Industry Emergency Coalition        accessed the interim book, it

  Bumper                          (TVIEC). The last time the
                                  SABC issued RFPs was in
                                                                      contains new proposals but
                                                                      also recycled briefs that date
  entries for                     September 2008 but only 50%
                                  of the briefs were actually
                                                                      back to 2005. Another
                                                                      producer complained that the         HEAVENLY VIEW: Archbishop Desmond Tutu presents a new documentary
  Encounters                      produced.
                                     The lack of any commissions
                                                                      SABC’s commissioning
                                                                      department had requested she
                                                                                                           series on South Africa. See page 5

  A record number of              and the probability of months       resend previous briefs that she
  entries were received for
  this year’s Encounters
                                  without work has left the
                                  television production industry
                                                                      had submitted. “I suspect that
                                                                      they have mislaid briefs and         Double whammy
  South African
  Documentary Festival,
                                  devastated and wondering if
                                  they should hold on or look for
                                  alternative employment.
                                                                      with audits about to happen,
                                                                      they are trying to rake records
                                                                                                           for Mappp-Seta
  which runs in Cape Town            The SABC responded to               Also in question is whether
  from 12 to 29 August.           the TVIEC’s public expression                             – to page 51   South Africa’s Media                 Arts & Culture will be
  The 788 entries came                                                                                     Advertising Publishing               amalgamated into the
  from Europe, US,                                                                                         Printing Packaging-Sector            Culture, Sport, Tourism and
  Canada, Brazil,
  Columbia, China, India,
  Tibet, Korea and Africa
                                  3D wildlife feature                                                      Education Training Authority
                                                                                                           (Mappp-Seta) faces the
                                                                                                           possibility of being put under
                                                                                                                                                Hospitality Seta;
                                                                                                                                                Broadcasting into the
                                                                                                                                                Information and
  to name but a few.              Cape Town-based NHU                 that it was the film’s subject       administration by Minister           Communication Technology
     Festival director            AFRICA (the National                matter of man and crocodiles         Blade Nzimande of the                Seta; and Advertising &
  Mandisa Zitha is                History Unit of Africa) is          in underwater papyrus lairs in       Department of Higher                 Media into the Services Seta.
  delighted to report that        commissioning its first ever        the Okavango Delta that              Education and Training               The sub-sectors of Printing,
  she received numerous           stereoscopic 3D wildlife            prompted the idea of it being        (DHET).                              Packaging and Publishing
  South African entries.          feature, Dragon’s Feast.            produced in 3D. “We felt that          The Mappp-Seta may also,           will be part of a newly
  “We were quite worried          Currently being shot and            the story would benefit so           as per a prior proposal              established Manufacturing
  about local output              directed by acclaimed               much more from being told in         submitted to the Minister by         Seta. This begs the questions
  because public                  filmmakers Craig and Damon          3D rather than 2D. The               the National Skills Authority        of where film will slot in as it’s
  broadcaster SABC has            Foster (My Hunter’s Heart, The      underwater environment in            (NSA), be dissolved with its         both a medium and an art
  not commissioned as             Great Dance, Cosmic Africa),        the Okavango Delta is                eight sub-sectors split and          form.
  many programmes as in           this is the third in a trilogy of   extremely suited to this             amalgamated into other Setas,          Says Mappp-Seta CEO
  2008. So we’re very happy       films that shows the                format. Our film will be very        a move which could have              Bheki Zulu: “The Minister is
  to have received a lot of       relationship between humans         immersive, with incredible           serious consequences for             considering putting us under
  independent South               and the natural world in a          depth of field and images            constituents.                        administration because
  African productions.            unique way.                         moving forwards into the               According to the Minister’s        amongst a few perceived non-
                   – to page 49      NHU AFRICA executive             audience.”                           proposed new Seta landscape          compliances we did not
                                  producer Sophie Vartan notes                             – to page 51    [announced on 29 April],                                 – to page 51
             FROM THE EDITOR

The yellow Card
The 2010 Fifa World Cup has provided a welcome diversion over a period
of four weeks. By the time you receive this issue of Screen Africa, the last
team standing will have been crowned the new soccer champs of the world
(at the time of writing we were not privy to this information).
   There is an interesting comparison to be drawn from the way teams
fared in this World Cup. Of the so-called Developed World countries
participating, only Germany, Netherlands and Spain made it through to
the quarter finals while the ‘emerging’ nations of Africa were represented
by Ghana and South America by soccer teams from Brazil, Argentina,
Paraguay and Uruguay. South Africa also played its part on behalf of the
continent by hosting the event with professionalism and enthusiasm, and
by constructing impressive stadia in wonderful locations, which revealed
the beauty of the country to billions of people watching the games on
   With the World Cup done, it is now time to take stock of the state of
our industry. Not all is at it should be. In soccer, when a yellow card is held
up it cautions a player for ‘dangerous’ behaviour. Here Screen Africa holds
up a yellow card for the Minister of Communications Siphiwe Nyanda. In
April he dissolved the Digital Dzonga, which had done good work in
advising on South Africa’s digital switch-over. He has yet to reconstitute a
new Digital Dzonga as he undertook to do.
   A month later the Minister surprised stakeholders by throwing his
weight behind a Japanese standard, ISDB-T, which only Brazil has
adopted. This is against a background in which stakeholders and
government had already approved of the widely used DVB-T (digital video
broadcasting-terrestrial) standard. If the Minister introduces the new
standard it will cost billions of additional rands and delay the digital
transition even further.
   SABC board chairman Dr Ben Ngubane is next in line for a yellow
card. His unilateral decision to appoint Phil Molefe as the new Head of
News circumvented the SABC’s own internal processes, contravened good                                                                                                              21
corporate practices and undermined the board. After much pressure on Dr
Ngubane by the media and the board, Molefe’s appointment was annulled,
but this cannot wipe out the harm that has been done. The board has
consequently been called upon to take disciplinary action against SABC
GCEO Solly Mokoetle, who implemented Dr Ngubane’s illegal decision.
We cannot afford to revert back to a situation where the public and
industry cannot trust SABC management and the board to act in the true                                                                                                                                                         12
spirit of a public broadcaster and with integrity.
   A cautionary yellow card must also be handed to Minister Blade
Nzimande of the Department of Higher Education and Training
(DHET) who wants to place the Media Advertising Publishing Printing                                  10
Packaging-Sector Education Training Authority (Mappp-Seta) under
administration once again (see story on front page). Under a new CEO and
board appointed in 2008, it appears that solid improvements have been
made in the area of Discretionary Grants to employer organisations and
training projects.
   The Minister’s proposed splitting of the Mappp-Seta’s sub-sectors into
other Setas (film appears not to slot in anywhere) will delay grant funding
for skills development, which is key to growth in our industry.
   We have an interesting mix of articles in this issue, which range from
the programme for the inaugural Durban FilmMart and annual Durban                                    SPECIAL FEATURES                             Prime Minister’s wife doc 3                  Pilat Media ........................ 18
International Film Festival, developments in broadcast systems
integration, and an in-depth animation workshop report, to film
                                                                                                     DURBAN INTERNATIONAL                         Making a difference;                         Astonishing World Cup
developments in Africa. And, as always, there’s plenty of production news.                           FILM MARKET                                  Something to consider ..... 4                3D screenings .................. 20
   Angela van Schalkwyk                                                                              Going strong after 31                        The ‘Arch’ presents ........... 5            Behind the
                                                                                                     years; Cinephile’s delight 23                4Play is good play; Shooting                 Kick-Off Concert ............ 21
                                                                                                     Main film feature ............. 25           to the sound .................... 10
 SCREENAFRICA                                                                                        Documentaries to                             Tokolosh creeping around;                    TELEVISION
                                                                                                     the fore.............................. 26    Be happy ............................ 28     Community TV –
  EDITOR-IN-CHIEF:                                ADVERTISEMENT SALES:                                                                            New media marketing; Fast                    Where is it heading ..36-37
  Angela van Schalkwyk:   Marianne Schafer:        DURBAN FILMMART                              food chain ......................... 40
  DEpuTy EDITOR:                                  Hermione Ballinger:
                                                                                                     Inaugural DFM ................. 28                                                        ANIMATION
  Joanna Sterkowicz:      Antonio Diogo:
  CONTRIBuTORS:                                   NIGERIA SALES & SuBSCRIpTIONS:                     Producers Forum ............ 29              FILM                                         Animation skills get a
  Andy Stead, Karen van Schalkwyk,                Taiwo O Taiwo:                                                         Overcoming lighting                          lift-off; Pixar comes
  Martin Chemhere, Mike Aldridge                                                                     SYSTEMS INTEGRATION                          challenges ............................. 6   to town .......................38-39
  SuB-EDITOR: Mandy Collins                       ACCOuNTS:
                                                  Marietjie Esterhuizen:   In all-digital world skilled                 To pay or not to pay ......... 8
  RATINGS: Enid Venter                                                                               integrators key................. 30                                                       AFRICA                       FRONT OFFICE:
                                                                                                     Systems Integration                          TRACKING TECHNOLOGY                          Kenya – I presume?...42-43
                                                  Delight Ngwenya:
  HEAD OF DESIGN:                                                                                    streamlines                                  Litepanels – valuable                        Ghana film industry ........ 44
  Trevor Ou Tim:          puBLISHER:                                         operations......................... 32       lighting tool; M-Net
                                                  Simon Robinson:
                                                                                                                                                  expands Omneon                               REGULARS
  Anusha Dayal:             Sun Circle Publishers (Pty) Ltd                    NEWS                                         installation; Portable ITB                   Adcetera .....................12-13
                                                  Tel: 011 719-4380     Fax: 011 719-4392            Industry left devasted;                      drives; Riedel hits                          Director Speak ................ 14
  SuBSCRIpTIONS:                                  Physical address: Block D2 Sasani Studios,
                                                                                                     Double whammy for                            high note ........................... 16     Tracking Technology
  Anusha Dayal:             2 Johannesburg Road, Highlands North Ext 6,
                                                  Johannesburg                                       Mappp-Seta; Bumper                           Lawo sound for World                         Products ......................16-17
                                                  Postal address: PO Box 89271 Lyndhurst 2106        entries for Encounters;                      Cup; Grass Valley provides                   Defining Success .............. 46
                                                                                                     3D wildlife feature ............. 1          royal HD treat; Dynamic                      Production Update ...47-49
                                                                                                     New Afrikaans movie;                         new SuperSport hub; SABC                     Audience Ratings............. 50
                                                                                                     Alternative film model; Zim                  takes on World Cup with                      Close Up ........................... 52
              SCREENAFRICA – July 2010

New Afrikaans movie                                                                                                                    Doc on
                                                                                         Story of an African Farm. She was really
                                                                                         ideal for this part. The cast is great with
                                                                                         Anna-Mart van der Merwe and Gys de
                                                                                         Villiers to name a few. The
                                                                                         performances are exceptional and I
                                                                                         think it is one of the great films
                                                                                                                                       wife of
                                                                                         performance wise. I let the actors do
                                                                                         their thing and we would have our
                                                                                         meetings in the combi on the way to

                                                                                         set. On the whole I believe in letting
                                                                                         actors do what they have to do.”
                                                                                            It is a low budget film and was shot

                                                                                         on the Canon D7 camera. “Tom Meyer
                                                                                         did a fantastic job as our DOP and the
                                                                                         thing about the D7 is that you can
MAGIC WORLD – Regardt van den Bergh
                                                                                         place brilliant lenses on the camera and
                                                                                         it has great depth of field. We also
KykNET and Spookasem Productions           would be an exceptional film. It tells        played with different types of lighting       Rising film editor and director
have produced an Afrikaans feature         the story of Hanna, a girl of 14 going        as the story lent itself to that.”            Tongai Furusa has directed and
film, Die Ongelooflike Avonture van        on 15, and her amazing imaginative               Van den Bergh says that he has never       produced a short film based on
Hanna Hoekom, for cinematic release in     world, with all these incredible people       worked with such a young crew. “They          the life of Susan, the late wife of
August via Nu Metro and it will also be    in her life. It is a wonderful journey and    were fantastic, enthusiastic and really       Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister,
broadcast on kykNET. The film is an        it really is a unique coming of age           hard working. I was the oldest on the         Morgan Tsvangirai. Produced
adaptation of a novel by Marita van der    story.”                                       set.                                          for Johannesburg based 14 10th
Vyver and is a prescribed setwork book.       The film is a family movie which              “Some of the challenges related to         Productions, the 15-minute
Gustav Kuhn was the producer and           will appeal to people in all walks of life,   the short production schedule – 20            film was unveiled on 14 May in
screenwriter with Regardt van den          says Van den Bergh. “I am sure that the       days. We shot in and around Knysna            Harare, to mark the launch of
Bergh as director (Faith Like Potatoes,    film will do well at festival circuits and    and the last two days it rained but we        the Susan Nyaradzo Tsvangirai
Tornado and the Kalahari Horse             will have crossover appeal with people        were lucky that it was the last two days      (SNT) Foundation.
Whisperer, Hansie).                        internationally. Even though it is not        otherwise that would have messed                 “This is just a condensed
   Van den Bergh says that when he was     plot driven, the attraction is that there     things up a bit. However this is one of       version for purposes of
approached by Marinda Swanepoel of         is so much charm and authenticity in          the most pleasurable shooting                 launching the foundation. We
kykNET to direct the film, he was          the story. I think one can compare this       experiences I have had.”                      will soon embark on pre-
immediately interested. “This was an       type of film to Amelie or Juno. It has           Regarding the local film industry,         production of a full feature
opportunity to direct an Afrikaans         that feel of magic realism.”                  Ven den Bergh comments: “I am so              length doccie,” says Nelisa
movie for the first time in 18 years. I       Van den Bergh says the film is an          excited, things are taking off and there      Furusa of 14 10th Productions.
also heard that Gustav Kuhn was the        ensemble piece. “However, it is Hanna’s       are a lot of young filmmakers just doing         Explaining the purpose of the
producer and screenwriter and I just       story and she is very much the                their thing. We are also exploring genre      project, she states: “The film is
knew I had to get involved.                protagonist. I cast Anneke Weidemann          movies, which we did not really do in         partly a tribute to the life of
   “When I read the book and the           in the role as I had worked with her          the past. I think the local industry is       Susan Nyaradzo Tsvangirai as
screenplay I just had a feeling that it    before and knew her work in films like        poised for great things.”                     well as highlighting and
                                                                                                                                       launching the foundation’s
                                                                                                                                       pledge to a community in rural
                                           to Mpumalanga. Beyond screenings,             they need some form of umbrella body          Zimbabwe (Buhera). It

Alternative                                accredited agents will sell Sollywood
                                           DVDs on street corners.
                                              While Ingxoxo, directed by Tiro
                                                                                         that can help to accommodate their
                                                                                         material in a distribution channel.”
                                                                                            He stresses that Sollywood films
                                                                                                                                       promotes the upliftment of
                                                                                                                                       women and children.”
                                                                                                                                          Some of the key figures in the

film model                                 Venter, was produced in-house by
                                           Sollywood, the movement plans to
                                                                                         must send a positive message about
                                                                                         Africa. “We are not going to put
                                                                                                                                       doccie are Susan Tsvangirai’s
                                                                                                                                       son, Edwin, who runs the

for SA
                                           have many filmmakers who will make            forward films that continue to paint the      Harare-based foundation,
                                           films available for distribution.             negative image without the solutions          Prime Minister Morgan
                                           Sollywood creator Linda Khumalo               that are being implemented in the             Tsvangirai, as well as President
                                           (executive producer of Ingxoxo) is in         continent. Granted we have challenges         Robert Mugabe. Almost all of
                                           negotiations with five filmmakers and         in the continent, but it is not as bad as     the material in the film is
Positioned as a cross between              will announce the titles in July.             we ourselves have been portraying to          interview based. There are a few
Hollywood and Nollywood, the                  Meanwhile, Ingxoxo will roll out in        the world.”                                   minutes of archival material
Sollywood Film Movement, launched          Africa from July to September this year.         The Sollywood management is based          from Susan Tsvangirai’s funeral
with the recent release of the feature     Khumalo is also in discussion with            in Midrand but they now have partners         and some of her rallies in
film Ingxoxo: The Negotiation, aims to     M-Net and SABC regarding possible             in the provinces and are signing up           Zimbabwe leading up to the
distribute films that send a positive      broadcast sales.                              more partners. They have also secured         2008 elections.
message about Africa through informal         Khumalo explains how Sollywood             partnerships in Zimbabwe and are in              Furusa says that the launch
platforms.                                 came about. “South African townships          negotiations for partnerships in Zambia       response was “fantastic and
   An element within the movement is       and communities do not have cinemas           and Botswana. Khumalo and his team            everyone is very keen on the full
Sollywood Bioscopes, where Sollywood       and we do not have enough local               have extensive experience in the film         length documentary”. She says
releases can be shown in schools and       content that talks to our people. More        industry and are working with the             that the film is a human rights
community halls. Sollywood will            importantly, there are many stories that      Gauteng Film Commission (GFC).                film, given the circumstances of
provide screens, DVD projectors and        have not been told that would help the           “Regarding Ingxoxo’s roll-out, we are      the subject matter.
sound equipment to screening partners,     world to understand more about                still looking for more distribution              “Susan believed in this cause
who are asked for an initial investment    Africans. It is also true that with the       partners as our target is to have this        and never wanted to see any of
of R15 000. All residuals and ticket       right formula, the film business is           movie viewed by one to two million            her communities living in
sales are retained by the screening        profitable and therefore will attract         people by the end of August,” says            poverty.”
partner. Ingxoxo has already screened at   more investments. There are many              Khumalo. “From then on we will be
a school in Midrand and is now going       start-up companies trying to do this but      releasing new titles.”

                                                                                                                                                 July 2010 – SCREENAFRICA    

Making a difference
The winner of this year’s top prize at the CNN                                              The documentary deals with muti             shyly when we met. Their resilience
MultiChoice African Journalist of the Year Awards,                                       murder. Rogers explains: “In November          was humbling. It was a deeply
                                                                                         2008 we travelled to Tanzania after            emotional time for the entire crew, but
Sam Rogers, is inspired to tell stories that make a                                      deciding to investigate the murder of          we were never tempted to give up. My
difference.                                                                              people with Albinism for muti                  job is to give a voice to the voiceless, to
                                                                                         purposes. We had researched                    use the platform I have to raise
                                                                                         extensively and learned that at least 40       awareness. This was a story that just
                                            The groundbreaking story, Curse of the       people had been murdered, dragged              had to be told.”
                                            Nobody People, produced by Sam               from their beds or kidnapped from                 Rogers maintains that freedom of
                                            Rogers, was chosen among 2 074               schools or homes. Most of them were            speech is critical to journalism. “I
                                            entries from 40 nations, as the best         defenceless children.”                         remember the days of censorship and
                                            programme in the Television Features            Rogers continues: “A strange myth           police raids on newsrooms throughout
                                            Award category.                              had been circulating that by using             South Africa. But as we now enjoy
                                               Rogers’ journalism career spans           albino body parts, namely bones and            media freedom, journalists in many
                                            almost two decades and she has worked        hair, people would gain great wealth. If       other African countries do not. An
                                            in radio, print and television. The          miners and fisherman ground the bone           event like the CNN Awards celebrates
                                            documentary forms part of’s             to a fine powder and smeared it on their       those brave journalists who battle daily
                                            Factual-Crime and Investigation Unit         faces or used the hair for fishing nets,       with censorship, violence and
                                            and Rogers was executive producer.           they would be prosperous.” Rogers              oppression of their craft. Investigative
                                            The CNN MultiChoice competition is           explains that since filming the story,         journalism is very restricted in Africa –
                                            now in its 15th year.                        “which we did undercover with                  few governments encourage open
                                               Rogers says that she was thrilled to      a spy cam, 57 people have been                 criticism, making it virtually
                                            receive the award. “What a fantastic         murdered. The scourge does not stop            impossible for investigative reporters
                                            feeling. I never dreamed I would win         and has spread into Uganda and                 to do their job.”
                                            this time and it’s indeed a great honour.    Burundi.”                                         Rogers concludes: “Journalists in
                                            It is always good to be recognised by           Filming undercover was a challenge.         Africa are recognised by their stories of
                                            your peers. I was surrounded by              “Meeting people who were part of the           international standard at the CNN
                                            excellence – the finalists in these          syndicate and part of the terror was           Awards. The prestige and recognition
                                            awards presented brilliant work. I           frightening and unnerving. What if             by one’s peers is a huge incentive. It’s
                                            believe journalism in Africa is on the       they caught us?” But the hardest part of       great to know African stories hold their
                                            up and has become extremely                  the story was meeting the children.            own and stand out against other works
                                            competitive. There are incredible            “Some had lost a leg or lost a sibling.        elsewhere. I am inspired to tell stories. I
                                            stories to be told on this continent and     They were terribly traumatised and the         am currently working on a few
                                            who better to tell them than                 ordeal had left at least one child mute. I     documentaries that will hopefully make
                                            Africa’s finest.”                            found it incredible that they still smiled     a difference.”

Something to consider
The Hope Channel is an international        world to see that
network and the flagship station of         Africans also have a
Adventist Television Network (ATN)          voice. “We have things to
which is broadcast 24-hour via satellite    say and it is about time
and cable networks around the world.        we hear what’s pressing
   Recently the Hope Channel                on the hearts of South
commissioned a South African                African and African
production company, Counteract              youth on issues that hold
Media, to do a 13-part series called        true regardless of their
Consider This, to be broadcast in           specific hereditary
October on the Hope Channel and             culture, but also in the
Hope Channel Africa.                        context of world culture
   Nethan Lewis, first time producer        and social ethics.”
and director says that the show aims to        One of the main aims
address youth issues. “It is aimed at a     of the show was to
broad range of youth, ranging from          provide an alternative to      GREAT MESSAGES TO THE YOUTH – The studio for Consider This
high school through to the 20s to early     secular media. “We have
30s. It’s not what you would consider a     realised that there is a
normal Christian talk show, because         massive need for programmes, films        Sweden when SIDmedia Studios and                  Channel can also be viewed with a
our main aim was not to expound one         and TV that is aimed at a younger         the Hope Channel had given an open                DStv decoder and in addition will form
way of thinking but to ask deep             generation, and which carries great       invitation to producers to pitch                  part of Top TV’s offering.
philosophical questions. We want to         messages.”                                programme proposals for their                       Consider This will air internationally
convey positive messages to the youth.         The programme has been designed        upcoming recording marathon called                via The Hope Channel in North
   “It is presenter led and various         in such a way that the youth’s opinions   Project Hope. This was the second                 America as well as Hope Channel
subjects are discussed from a young         lead the way. “What is it that they       Project Hope to be hosted in Africa. I            Portuguese.
person’s point of view. Topics include      think about and why? We are trying to     drew up a proposal and we got in.”                  Lewis says that marketing the show
things like relationships, how far is too   look at important issues in a holistic      Hope Channel is carried on                      has been a priority. “We are trying to
far, sex, does it really matter who you     way.”                                     Sentech’s Free to Air bouquet of                  get to schools and have actively
listen to, etc.”                               Lewis explains how they got to work    channels broadcasting to small dish               marketed the show in magazines, TV
   Lewis believes that it is time for the   with the Hope Channel. “I was in          systems in southern Africa. The Hope              ads, etc.”

      SCREENAFRICA – July 2010

The ‘Arch’ presents
                                                                                                                                     incredibly well.”
                                                                                                                                        The shoot cost approximately R12m
                                                                                                                                     and lasted about five months, from

new TV series
                                                                                                                                     January to May. Roger described it as a
                                                                                                                                     relatively complex shoot. Due to the
                                                                                                                                     archbishop’s travel schedule, they were
                                                                                                                                     forced to be very creative in getting him
                                                                                       By Martin Chemhere                            from place to place in time. They
                                                                                                                                     deployed production crews on the
                                                                                                                                     ground ahead of him, while the
                                                                                                                                     archbishop saw most of the country

         he South African Story – with                                                                                               from a helicopter. After the archbishop
         Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a                                                                                                  had travelled through a province, a
         new 10-part series by South                                                                                                 mop-up production crew would follow
         African outfit Oryx Media                                                                                                   in his wake, picking up the detail and
Productions, sees Archbishop Emeritus                                                                                                the beauty shots, filling in the gaps, and
Desmond Tutu taking on a new role –                                                                                                  generally making the whole thing hang
that of tour-guide and narrator.                                                                                                     together.
   The series tells the story of South                                                                                                  Also, Friedman said they did their
Africa across nine 30-minute episodes,                                                                                               best to work with the archbishop,
each located largely within the borders                                                                                              considering his age: “We did our best at
of one of the country’s nine provinces.                                                                                              all times to envelop the archbishop in
A tenth 60-minute episode brings the                                                                                                 cotton wool. He is not a youngster, and
provinces together in a single                                                                                                       he is not vigorously healthy, but he has
programme.                                                                                                                           more than enough ‘oomph’ to look after
   The series took Archbishop Tutu                                                                                                   himself. To avoid long car journeys, we
from the banks of the Limpopo River                                                                                                  did a lot of helicopter travel.”
in the far North East, to the Market                                                                                                 Was the choice of Archbishop Tutu a
Theatre in Johannesburg, to the house                                                                                                response to recent calls by locals to cast
where Winnie Madikizela-Mandela                                                                                                      South Africans in major films like this?
was banished in Brandfort in the Free                                                                                                “Not at all. Archbishop Tutu is a South
State, to the top of Table Mountain in                                                                                               African icon. There is no local or
the South West.                                                                                                                      foreign person who could do it better
   Standing on top of Table Mountain,                                                                                                than him.”
at dawn, arms akimbo, Tutu says:            IN GOD’S COUNTRY – Archbishop Desmond Tutu                                                  The South African Story – with
“When God created the earth and all                                                                                                  Archbishop Desmond Tutu will also be
living things, he sat back and admired      Pietermaritzburg Station, where the          Fourthly, we were fortunate to have         depicted in a coffee-table book. It will
his handiwork. Then, I believe, he          young Mahatma Gandhi was thrown              worked on occasion with Archbishop          contain the archbishop’s travels
looked at the southernmost tip of           off a whites-only train and                  Tutu, whom we were able to approach         meticulously documented by Oryx stills
Africa, where the two great oceans          Kirstenbosch Gardens, where the first        to play the role of host. He may not        photographers, and his comments and
meet, and said, ‘Mmmm... I should do        Dutch colonists erected the first            have the travel guide experience of a       observations faithfully recorded.
something special here.’ And he took        physical barrier, a hedge, to separate       David Attenborough, for example, but           The series is set for international
the mountains and the oceans and the        themselves from the local people, as         ‘Arch’ is quite unique and an               release to coincide with the Fifa World
plants and the animals and created a        well as Orania, the whites-only              international icon.”                        Cup and was produced in Cape Town
southern gateway fitting for the most       Afrikaner settlement, for tea and                                                        by veteran journalists Roger Friedman
vibrant, most diverse, most exciting,       koeksusters with the descendants of          International icon                          and Benny Gool, who both cut their
most wonderful continent in all the         apartheid architect HF Verwoerd.                                                         media teeth with anti-apartheid
world.”                                        He also visits Mrs Ples within the        He elaborates that the real message is      publications before taking up senior
   In Mpumalanga, the archbishop goes       Cradle of Humankind, the Valley of a         that South Africans must not get so         editorial positions with mainstream
on safari at Sir Richard Branson’s place,   Thousand Hills to invoke memories of         caught up in the moment, in the things      newspapers. Joining the two journalists
Ulusaba, spends some time at Skukuza        King Shaka, the Nelson Mandela               happening around them, as to lose sight     is former activist and diplomat, now
in the Kruger National Park, stops off      Museum in Qunu and East London               of their progress and their strength as a   businessman, Barend Hendricks, and a
to admire the world from God’s              City Hall, where the Truth and               people and a nation. “South Africa is a     United States financier who has
Window on the edge of the escarpment        Reconciliation Commission began.             very politically conscious society. We      donated his shares in the enterprise to
and visits the site of the airplane crash      Oryx’s Roger Friedman says many           must not let the fact of our                the Desmond Tutu Peace Centre in
that took the life of former                things “conspired to inspire” the South      consciousness get us down. We               Cape Town.
Mozambican President, Samora                African Story, but they started thinking     should take more credit than we
Machel. He then moves to Gauteng,           about some kind of special project with      often allow ourselves. There are many
with its twin cities of Johannesburg and    Archbishop Tutu back in 2008.                things that we have done, and do,
Soweto.                                     “Firstly, there was the Fifa World Cup
                                            that created a natural platform to
Heart of gold                               step back a little and view our
                                            country and the progress
“Gauteng may be the smallest province       we have made.
in South Africa, but is has a heart of      Secondly, South Africa’s
gold that beats at a frenetic pace. It is   democracy is no longer
South Africa’s engine and most              in its infancy. The
cosmopolitan destination, a land of         country is growing up,
opportunity, acceptance and triumph.        and it’s a good time to
Once the bug bites, like many of those      take stock.
who now call it home, you may never            “Thirdly, we realised
want to leave!” says Tutu of his second     that there could be a
home.                                       market for the way we
  While the HD cinematography               have been telling
showcases the natural beauty of the         the South
country, the series is more about the       African story
human factor, the people who live in it.    for the past 20
Thus, the archbishop visits                 years.

                                                                                                                                                   July 2010 – SCREENAFRICA   

e’Lollipop, the poignant
story about the friendship
between a black and a
white boy, which struck
a chord with audiences
across the racial divide, was
released in 1975 during
South Africa’s apartheid
period. Now an intriguing
follow up on the lives of
the two child stars, Muntu
Ndebele and Norman
Knox, has been made into
                                  LIGHT READING – Trevor Brown
the feature, A Million Colours,

with an early assembly
of the film presented to
international buyers at
this year’s Cannes Film
International Festival.
   In adulthood Ndebele
                                  lighting challenges
became a drug addict                          hen I watched e’Lollipop        ambitious script jam-packed into a 42            Although I would have been happy
                                              again after so many years it    day schedule.                                 to shoot on one of the high end HD
but eventually found                          reminded me of the                 With almost half the story taking          cameras like the ARRI D21, Genesis,
redemption. Knox, on                          freedom, joy and innocent
                                  relationship between Muntu Ndebele
                                                                              place at night, and mostly two locations
                                                                              in a day, we certainly had our fair share
                                                                                                                            Sony F35, RED, etc., the texture,
                                                                                                                            resolution, colour depth and solid
the other hand, became            and Norman Knox. As we sit in the           of setbacks; weather, technical issues,       reliability that Kodak consistently
                                  production office of A Million Colours,     etc. With every day, we faced another         produces remains unrivalled – truly ‘a
extremely angry when              Muntu walks in with the same                curve ball.                                   million colours’.
his dream of becoming an          beaming smile that I remember so               Locations ranged from the exquisite           When dealing with the harsh
                                  vividly from the movie. He talks            Rand Club in downtown Johannesburg            contrast of African sun and different
actor dissolved. Here the         candidly about his horrific experience      to the streets of Hillbrow, from the          skin tones, film is that much more
                                  of the Soweto riots on 16 June and          energy of Soweto, Alex and Tembisa to         tolerant and forgiving at this point,
film’s multi-award winning        other disturbing stories during the         the tranquil chief’s village in the rolling   although HD technology is advancing
DOP TREVOR bROWN                  struggle against apartheid.                 hills of KwaZulu-Natal.                       rapidly.
                                     I was dealing with another kind of          With never a dull moment, the script          I find the race between film and
provides his view of              struggle back then – the army. It was an    called for attention to detail in every       digital technology quite exciting. While
shooting A Million Colours        experience that I hated and a place         scene; an ANC camp blown up at                HD cameras continue to surprise and
                                  where I did not belong, so I could relate   night, bar fights, Soweto riots, schools      blow us away with image quality,
on film as opposed to HD.         to Muntu’s experience and the               burning, faction fights and a horrific        instant playback on high res monitors,
                                  destructive effect that it had on his       scene of a woman being ‘necklaced’.           variable frame rates, 35mm size sensors,
                                  young life. So for me being behind the      Surrounded by all this, is a tender love      high speed and other features, Kodak
                                                                              story.                                        responds with the release of two new
                                                                                 Shacks and shebeens of the 1970s           emulsions that just raise the bar to an
                                                                              had no electricity, so my motivation for      even higher level. For a cameraman,
                                                                              a lighting source was only candles and        interesting times indeed. A ‘hair in the
                                                                              paraffin lamps. Another lighting              gate’ is now ‘data corruption’.
                                                                              challenge was creating an exposure               We shot on the Panavised Arricam
                                                                              balance between the ‘moonlight’ and           ST and LT cameras, adapted to fit the
                                                                              the fire and explosions in the scenes of      superb Panavision lenses.
                                                                              the school burning and the ANC camp              The lens package included
                                                                              under attack.                                 primes ranging from 10mm to 135mm,
                                                                                 The camera moved in every scene on         as well as the 17.5-75 and 25-275
                                                                              either a dolly, Steadicam, crane or           zooms.
                                                                              handheld.                                        The Kodak stock matched
                                                                                 The performances of our young cast         seamlessly. For interiors and night
                                  camera, helping tell the story of           were world class. Watching Wandile            exteriors I used Vision 3, 500ASA and
                                  Norman and Muntu was interesting to         Molebatsi (Muntu Ndebele) perform             day exteriors Vision 2, 50D and
                                  say the least.                              with such dramatic intensity was              Vision3, 250D.
                                    A Million Colours was by far one of       astonishing. And I had the support of            A Million Colours is a co-production
                                  the most challenging but rewarding          the most amazing crew.                        with André Pieterse of Ma-Afrika
                                  productions I’ve worked on. With a             There was never a question about           Films (producer of the original
                                  script filled with action, stunts, and      what we were going to originate on.           e'Lollipop) and Michael Mosca from
                                  emotionally sensitive scenes, we            Super 35mm film with a 2.35:1 aspect          Equinoxe Films (distributors of My Big
                                  embarked on the mission to translate        ratio, shooting at 3 perf, saving 25% on      Fat Greek Wedding). Charles Fries is
                                  this wonderful story onto film; an          film stock and lab costs.                     executive producer.

    SCREENAFRICA – July 2010

     To pay or
    not to pay
    A new South African feature film questions the
    credibility of lobola, the traditional Southern African
    custom where a prospective groom pays his
    fiancée’s family for her hand in marriage.

                                                                                                                                 DEbUT FEATURE – Director Tiro Venter (left)
                                             ngxoxo: The Negotiation, directed
                                                                                                                                 sets up a shot
                                             by Tiro Venter and executive
                                             produced by Linda Khumalo, is
                                             the first film to be made and
                                      released under the Sollywood Film
                                      Movement (see page 3).                                                                     remainder. The film’s final budget is
                                         The film was shot over three weeks                                                      not disclosed but Khumalo says
                                      in September last year on high                                                             shooting cost R1.9m.
                                      definition (HD) using the Sony HVR                                                            In terms of casting, Venter held a few
                                      Z7E. Main locations were Gauteng,                                                          casting sessions, one at the Tshwane
                                      Durban and Limpopo. Most of the                                                            State Theatre. “We were looking for
                                      crew comprised final year students                                                         unknown talent. The rest of the cast is
                                      from Afda. Three months of post-             Actors Magic Hlatshwayo and Nomalizo Malefo
                                                                                                                                 made out of actors whom I worked
                                      production took place at Venter’s                                                          with in my acting days.”
                                      company StageFright cc, on Final Cut                                                          Patrick Mofokeng, Safta nominee
                                      Pro.                                                                                       Reshoketswe Sebotsane, Nomalizo
                                         One of the main messages in the              “It’s these cultural practices that are    Malefo, Kid Sithole, Magic
                                      movie is African pride. As per the           designed to cement the community’s            Hlatshwayo and Clementine
                                      Sollywood ethos, the film needed to          bonds and if practised properly,              Mosimane are some of the stars of the
                                       show Africans in a positive light. Says     individuals can benefit greatly. More         film.
                                        Venter: “In the film we never show         important is the message that African            Venter says that the shoot went well,
                                        Africans in distress, ie. no people in     cultural traditions can evolve by taking      considering it was a first time for
                                        the back of a bakkie, no dirty streets,    contemporary challenges into                  everyone involved, from the executive
                                        no African beggars, etc. We wanted         consideration and responding to them.”        producer to the cable basher. “We did,
                                         to accentuate the positive. Although         Khumalo wrote the concept for the          however, learn a lot as we went along
                                          we use lobola as a backdrop it can be    film and Venter “added the meat” to           because we all had additional
                                          relevant to any other African topic.”    the script. This process included             responsibilities other than our main
                                         This is Venter’s feature film debut, as   workshopping the script with the crew         duties. It was in the post-production
                                      he previously worked in industrial           and script advisors. As the movie was         stage where we also saw our
                                      theatre. The film came about when he         shot, the script was constantly               shortcomings.
                                      went to see Khumalo about a business         improvised by the cast as well. Says             “The whole idea we had was not to
                                      proposal for an industrial theatre show.     Venter: “The idea was not to preach,          change the way movies are made and
    PRODUCTION CREW                   “Linda [Khumalo] asked me about the          but rather to create debate, raise            distributed but rather find a way that
    Executive producer:               poor use of the South African movie          questions and get answers.”                   suits us and our audiences. As you can
    Linda Khumalo                     industry. I gave him all the reasons why        In Ingxoxo: The Negotiation a              imagine, there have been a lot of
    Director: Tiro Venter             South Africans struggle to make              well-to-do business strategist for a          doomsayers. The Sollywood Film
    Writers: Linda Khumalo and        movies, he proposed solutions and we         telecommunications company and his            Movement is aimed at being a hybrid
    Tiro Venter                       took it from there. Linda then referred      fiancée are living the ‘modern African        between Nollywood in terms of mass
    Producers : StageFright cc and    to a personal experience whereby his         dream’. The bride to be struggles to          production and at the very least
    Tendani Ralephata                 nephews were questioning lobola. We          keep in line with family and African          Bollywood, with Hollywood the most
    DOP: Lawrence Mkangala            then decided to write a story about          culture and tradition. She clashes with       in terms of quality. We are not there yet
    Sound design: Tebogo Tlaba        lobola negotiations.”                        her future mother-in-law, who believes        but aluta continua. A lot of Africans,
    Key Cast: Patrick Mofokeng;                                                    she is out to get her son’s money. The        and most notably South Africans, have
    Reshoketswe Sebotsane             Inspiration                                  two sets of parents – Zulu on the one         been complaining about Americans
                                                                                   hand and baPedi on the other – end up         and Europeans writing inaccurate
                                      Khumalo continues: “Ingxoxo was              deadlocked in lobola negotiations. And        stories about Africa, stories which are
                                      inspired by a dinner conversation where      yet, the wedding must go on at all            full of errors, misconceptions and false
                                      my nephew asked me if he should pay          costs. The film examines whether true         myths. Our aim is to do the opposite.”
                                      lobola or not. This discussion led to an     love can withstand the dynamics of               Ingxoxo: The Negotiation will be
                                      idea of doing cheap films similar to         culture.                                      released in English, Swahili, French,
                                      Nollywood and the initial idea was to                                                      Spanish and Slovakian subtitles.
                                      do Ingxoxo for R30 000. Our                  Personal funding                                 The music score of the movie is made
                                      inspiration was to tell a story that                                                       up mainly of songs originally composed
                                      entertains but that was aimed at             Ingxoxo was funded mostly by                  for the movie and songs such as
                                      keeping our cultural practices.              Khumalo, with Venter contributing the         Thandanani by Condry Ziqubu.

        SCREENAFRICA – July 2010

4play is good play                                                                      vision for a project. As such, my first
                                                                                        step with this project was to engage in
                                                                                                                                    producers at Curious knew I was
                                                                                                                                    working towards becoming a director
                                                                                        the text. It was great to work with other   and decided to give me a break.
                                                                                        woman directors and such a great cast       As a first time director I relied
                                                                                        and crew.”                                  a lot on advice from our producers
                                                                                           Aronstam has worked in the film          and the experience of the crew.
                                                                                        and television industry for many years      There is a very specific look and
                                                                                        as script supervisor and independent        feel to the show.”
                                                                                        writer/director and producer. “I was           Lane says the show has been
                                                                                        longing for a chance to work as a           modelled in terms of style and tone on
                                                                                        director in mainstream TV. I                Sex and the City but the narratives and
                                                                                        approached Harriet Gavshon of               characters are specifically South
                                                                                        Curious Pictures and begged for an          African. “The writers have taken care
                                                                                        opportunity and she had the courage to      to craft four women who are products
                                                                                        put her faith in my abilities and give me   of their environments and experiences.
                                                                                        a break. I approached directing some of     It was imperative that we found
                                                                                        the episodes of the show by                 characters that South African women
                                                                                        summoning every ounce of my                 would relate to and believe in.”
                                                                                        knowledge and understanding of                 4Play has resonance with other
                                                                                        filmmaking and storytelling.”               successful TV shows, says Aronstom.
                                                                                           Malete was involved in the first         “However, the challenge is to allow our
WOMEN’S TOUCH – Amanda Lane directing a scene                                           season in the continuity department         culture’s own unique assets to shine
                                                                                        and she was so impressed by the             through.”
                                                                                        storyline that she asked to be involved        Malete believes there will be further
4Play: Sex Tips for Girls has been such a   (JHHESA), an NGO affiliated to the          as a director in the next season. “The      seasons of the show. “It is emotional
success for that a second season was   prestigious US-based Johns Hopkins          great thing about 4Play is that it is       and follows the lives of very interesting
commissioned which started at the end       University, which is active in HIV/Aids     strictly produced, written and directed     and dynamic women.”
of June. The local drama is about love,     research and prevention. The directors      by women. There is a different style to        The show’s popularity stems from its
sex and relationships and is the South      on the second series are four women:        it that can only come from women. The       distinct look, says Cooke. “It’s fresh,
African equivalent of Sex and the City,     Amanda Lane, Catherine Cooke,               biggest challenge for me as a first time    colourful and classy. It also examines
revolving around 30-something women         Robyn Aronstam and Nonny Malete.            director was to direct established actors   important issues without viewers
as they deal with these issues.               Lane was approached by Mariki van         without making a mistake.”                  having to roll their eyes heavenwards at
  The series was written and produced       der Walt of Curious Pictures to be part        Cooke has been an actress for 15         yet another Aids show. The four leads
by Curious Pictures for Johns Hopkins       of the directing team. “I think it’s        years and has worked as an assistant        are also incredibly talented
Health and Education in South Africa        important that a director has a coherent    director for the past seven. “The           and beautiful.”

Shooting                                                                                                                            to hold the audience that long.”
                                                                                                                                       It is well known that music videos are

to the
                                                                                                                                    a great way to hone one’s skills as a
                                                                                                                                    director. Holmes comments: “I think
                                                                                                                                    everything is good practice. But

                                                                                                                                    working with tight budgets and short
                                                                                                                                    shooting periods, solving problems
                                                                                                                                    creatively and being forced to innovate
                                                                                                                                    cost-effectively are definitely skills that
                                                                                                                                    you will need to learn. On the other
                                                                                                                                    side, there is plenty of creative freedom
Tristan Holmes is best remembered for                                                                                               at your disposal (more so with some
having won the Student Oscar for Best                                                                                               bands than with others), so the
Foreign Language film for his short                                                                                                 opportunity to play with ideas and try
film Elalini, however he is making his                                                                                              things that you ordinarily wouldn’t is
mark as one of South Africa’s best                                                                                                  very effective practice for any format of
music video directors.                                                                                                              work.”
   Star Productions, Holmes’s                                                                                                          Holmes says that he is very excited
production company, has recently had                                                                                                about the Millennium music video.
much to be proud of with a number of                                                                                                “The concept of the video is using
music videos gaining recognition.           SEEING THE MUSIC – Tristan Holmes                                                       people and children to illustrate all
Holmes directed The Monroes – Peter                                                                                                 eight of the Millennium development
Pumpkin had a tumour – which made it          Asked what he ascribes his success to,    narrative. I must say that as my videos     goals. This is intercut with the verses,
to Number 1 on the MK top 10 and            Holmes replies: “I am not sure, but an      have progressed, they have become less      sung by artists like Yvonne Chaka
has become a featured video on the          understanding of the artist and the         and less about defined narratives and       Chaka, Baba Maal, Angelique Kidjo,
front page of He directed      song is definitely a place to start. This   more about the look and feel.               HHP, Jimmy Dludlu, Soweto Gospel
the Louise Carver video, Warrior,           provides the groundwork for a strong          “In an age of quick fix television and    Choir, Hugh Masekela, Oliver
which made it to the Top 10 of the          collaboration.                              short attention spans the videos that are   Mtukudzi, Eric Wainaina and Mingis.
World Chart Express Show on MTV               “What makes for a great music video       most alluring and accessible tend to stay   Much of the video functions like We are
Europe. Holmes is currently directing       often depends on the artist. Some           away from in-depth stories. On longer       the World, but instead of only using
the music video for the official United     bands require a more visual                 format songs like our Evermore Can          archive footage we have taken it to a
Nations Millennium Development Goals        arrangement as their song is more about     you hear me video, which is about seven     new level by mixing our own
Music Video which is set for release        feeling and the lyrics themselves are       minutes long, you do need a story           documentary stuff with staged scenes
worldwide through iTunes.                   quite abstract. Other bands need a          though, as a look and feel are not going    illustrating the goals.”

10     SCREENAFRICA – July 2010
To create a masterpiece,
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                                                                                     84 Voortrekker Avenue, Edenvale
               ad cetera Report on the South African commercials industry
                                                                     THE FOOD SIDE OF THE WORLD Cup
 ANIMATED 3D CINEMA                                                                                                                       actor out of Los Angeles, to
 COMMERCIAL                                                                                                                               play our guy,” says Bioscope’s
                                                                                                                                          executive producer Daniel
                                                                                                                                            The commercial makes use
                                                                                                                                          of genuine tourists. “I wanted
                                                                                                                                          to avoid stereotypes, so we cast
                                                                                                                                          for the real thing. Fortunately,
                                                                                                                                          with the number of tourists in
                                                                                                                                                    South Africa at the
                                                                                                 McDonalds                                          time, we had some
                                                                     The 2010 Fifa World                                                            really nice options,”
                                                                     Cup has been good to                                                           says Tannenbaum.
                                                                     director Hylton                                                                   As McDonald’s
                                                                     Tannenbaum. He has                                                             was an official World
                                                                     just completed the                                                             Cup sponsor, their ad
                                                                     latest Steers brand ad                                                         flighted extensively
                                                                     for TBWA Hunt                                                                  throughout the
                                                                     Lascaris, which                                                                period. The
                                                                     flighted over the                                                              commercial features a
                                                                     World Cup and was                                                              group of five friends
                                                                     aimed at both locals                                                           preparing for the big
                                                                     and foreigners. He also                                                        day.
 DStv                                                                directed the                                                                      “I wanted to make
                                                                     McDonald’s ad for                  Five. In order to ensure the                this commercial feel
                                                                     DDB, which also flighted           best possible choice for this     home grown, and distinctly
                                                                     during the World Cup.              heavy lead role, Bioscope         African. We were really lucky
                                                                        The Steers commercial           Films cast all over South         with the light on the day, the
                                                                     depicts a cultural                 Africa, London and Los            sun was very professional and
                                                                     misunderstanding between a         Angeles to find him.              co-operated by placing itself
                                                                     group of foreigners on safari,       “We were extremely              exactly where it needed to be at
                                                                     who believe that one of them       fortunate to get Jason Rogel, a   exactly the right time,” says
                                                                     has actually eaten The Big         very experienced character        Tannenbaum.

                                                                                                                                          WILDLy BuSy
                                                                                                                                          For boutique commercials
                                                                                                                                          production company Picture
                                                                                                                                          Tree, the first few months of
     South Africa’s first fully animated 3D cinema commercial                                                                             this year have been wildly
     began flighting in 3D cinemas nationwide in June. The                                                                                busy, says executive producer
     3D ad for DStv was conceptualised by Ogilvy                                                                                          Gary King.
     Johannesburg.                                                     Steers                                                               Alan Irvin shot some of the
        Creative director Jonathan Beggs says DStv is all about                                                                           FNB How can we help you?
     entertainment, choice and innovation. “With over 80                                                                                  campaign, as well as Game’s
     channels, it offers an endless array of options to satisfy a                                                                         nostalgic 40th birthday piece.
     variety of tastes.” The agency’s objective was to ensure that                                                                        Then he got stuck into
     the commercial highlighted DStv’s range in content                                                                                   crafting the Vodacom Bafana
     delivery.                                                                                                                            Bafana spots and Bokke Behind
        The commercial shows a little girl who visits a balloon                                                                           Bafana ad before putting the
     artist in a park. The artist becomes increasingly more                                                                               finishing touches to a new
     exasperated and desperate as he tries to impress the little                                                                          commercial yet to be
     girl, who doesn’t seem at all interested in his dazzling                                                                             completed.
     array of balloon creations.                                                                                                            Ian Difford is the tabletop
        Using 3D animation enhanced by 3D effects, the ad                                                                                 man behind the Tastic, Steers,
     mirrors the search for great content on TV with the end-                                                                             Debonairs, KFC and Danone
     line: “Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it.”                                                                                   spots. Oscar Strauss worked
        Graham Pfuhl, DStv marketing and sales director, is                                                                               his performance magic on the
     delighted with the advert. “DStv is all about                                                                                        Debonairs “braai pizza”, some
     entertainment and 3D depicts that entertainment in a very                                                                            Steers, and Kellogg’s
     special way.”                                                                                                                        commercials as well as
        The commercial was conceptualised by Dan Parmenter                                                                                Enterprise spots. Mukunda
     and Chantelle dos Santos at Ogilvy and animated by                                                                                   perfected spots for Aldor “pin
     Luma, which specialises in character-driven storytelling.                                                                            pops” and Savlon, and is busy
     The cinema campaign was supported by balloon-themed                                                                                  shooting his first feature film.
     cinema activations with kids capturing the colourful                                                                                 And Gersh Kgamedi also shot
     variety of balloon ‘content’.                                                                                                        two commercials for
                                                                                                                                          Debonairs and Game, and is
                                                                                                                                          busy with some other projects.

1      SCREENAFRICA – July 2010
SEASON                                                                                                                                          NEW,
Moonlighting’s 2009/2010
season was wonderfully diverse                                                                                                                  HIp
– from recreating numerous
European and US ‘backyards’                                                                                                                     DIRECTORS
(including plum orchards with
the real, central Portuguese                                                                                                                    Groundglass has
orchard workers and their local                                                                                                                 introduced a bunch of
mayor) to shooting some                                                                                                                         fresh young directors,
stunning Fifa 2010 World                                                                                                                        says Patricia Wheeler,
Cup-focused commercials.                                                                                                                        Groundglass line
   Spain’s Fandango Films                                                                                                                       producer.
included South Africa in a                                                                                                                         On the stills and
multi-country commercial             Cruzcampo                                                                                                  fashion stills side are
shoot for Cruzcampo beer that                                                                                                                   Sacha Waldman, Justin
followed a guy – and his soccer                                                                                                                 Polkey and Natasja
ball – from Europe down            suburbs. Australia’s Compass                                                                                 Fourie. The art of classic
through Africa to the Cape         Films also came to South                                                                                     and stylised camerawork
Town stadium. Moonlighting         Africa to shoot a six-day Kia     LAuGHTER DEFINES                                                           will be undertaken by
shot in the townships, in the      car commercial – again,                                                                                      Polkey, and Duvan
city and recreated its own         themed around the                 DOCuMENTARy STyLE SHOOT                                                    Durand joins the team
Cape Town stadium in the           World Cup.                                                                                                   with experience as a
                                                                                                                                                director of two
                                                                                                                                                completed hype music
HAMMING IT                                                                                                                                      videos.
                                                                                                                                                   Fourie boasts an eye
up WITH HAMMER                                                                                                                                  for edgy music videos
                                                                                                                                                and stylish photographic
                                                                                                                                                work, and Wheeler
                                                                                                                                                describes 187 (aka
                                                                                                                                                Thomas Ferreira) as
                                                                                                                                                “ultra-cool, uber-current,
                                                                                                                                                clever and slick”. He has
                                                                                                                                                a long list of music
                                                                                                                                                videos and a feature film
                                                                       Virgin Mobile                                                            to his credit.

                                                                     On the most recent project for      opportunities the script
                                                                     Virgin Mobile, BEE Guy,             presented. “It was always a fine
                                                                     agency Openco tapped                line to tread,” says Sidelsky. “I   Johannesburg city centre. “It
                                                                     director Marc Sidelsky of           wanted to shoot the film with       was refreshing to shoot in a
                                                                     Bouffant to direct. The ad          integrity, using bona-fide          place with rugged textures
                                                                     features the fantastical story of   ‘documentary’ techniques, but       again. This was a fascinating
  Castle Lite
                                                                     the remarkable comrade,             still create a piece that was       project. South Africans are so
                                                                     Sandile Dubula, who is a rare       entertaining throughout… not        willing to laugh at the
                                                                     depiction of modern-day             a one-note joke at the              hypocrisies of the climate they
                                                                     saintlihood.                        conclusion.”                        live in, and one has to give a
                                                                       Sidelsky, now based in               The shoot took the crew to       client like Virgin Mobile full
                                                                     Toronto, was ecstatic about the     Alexandra township and              credit for embracing that.”

                                                                     INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR                                                  City and Aqua Minerale
                                                                     JOINS FRESHEyE                                                          Venice, has joined Fresheye
                                                                                                                                                He says he chose Fresheye
                                                                     Internationally renowned            such as Three Ships Whisky          because the production house
                                                                     director Greg Francois, with a      and The Sea, Aqua Minerale          complemented his style for
                                                                     vast showreel including ads         Volleyball, Dunlop Own the          emphasising visual beauty.
                                                                                                                                             Francois, who has just finished
                                                                                                                                             shooting the latest Dunlop ad,
                                                                                                                                             yet to be flighted, says it was a
The iconic 1980s rapper MC Hammer, complete with sparkly                                                                                     rare experience: “The ad is a
jacket and oversized shoulder pads, appears in an offbeat spot for                                                                           series of stunts and the film
Castle Lite created by Ogilvy Cape Town and directed by                                                                                      crew was blown away by the
Velocity’s Greg Gray. DOP is Paul Gilpin.                                                                                                    death defying abilities of these
   Filmed at the Circle Bar in the Rosebank Hotel, the new ad                                                                                remarkable athletes. Post-
expands upon the original “cold” theme established in the                                                                                    production effects have dulled
previous commercial. In an attempt to serve up a Castle Lite, the                                                                            our appreciation of such stunts
barman discovers that the beer is just too cold for him to “touch”                                                                           but to witness a human being
and an elaborate juggling act follows.                                                                                                       like you and me leap from one
   The hysterical, straight-faced performance of the barman                                                                                  building to the next 10 stories
creates a quirky spot that conveys the tongue-in-cheek humour                                                                                up and unassisted is quite
                                                                       Greg Francois
for which Gray is known.                                                                                                                     something.”

                                                                                                                                                  July 2010 – SCREENAFRICA   1
COMMERCIAL    ad cetera
                                                                                                                                    for CREAMCARTEL (reality show on Vuzu).

 Director Speak
                                                              WHAT’S THE TRICK                                                      We pushed the van with a Jeep for over five
                                                              TO TELLING A STORY                                                    hours to get there, and were stuck in
                                                              IN 30 SECONDS?                                                        Northam for another two after the festival.
                                                              Keeping it simple. Less is                                            Fun fun!
                                                              more. And in some
                                                              cases less is boring. So                                              DO YOU HAVE AN ICONIC BRAND

 Graeme Swanepoel                                             the trick is finding a
                                                              blend between these
                                                                                                                                    FOR WHICH YOU’D LOVE TO MAKE
                                                                                                                                    A COMMERCIAL? WHAT WOULD
 (New Vision Pictures)
                                                              two.                                                                  BE THE COMMERCIAL BE LIKE?
                                                                                                                                    Skittles or Starburst. Love the
 WHAT IS IT ABOUT DIRECTING THAT                              WHAT’S THE                                                            bizarre humour and colour. Random
 APPEALS TO YOU?                                              CLEVEREST AD                                                          inspires me.
 Working in an industry that allows me to be as               YOU’VE EVER SEEN?
 artistically creative as possible, while dealing with        Guy Ritchie’s Take it to                                              WHERE IS YOUR DREAM
 innovative individuals who are pioneering the industry.      the next level Nike                                                   LOCATION AND WHY?
 Exploring technology within storytelling and inspiring       Football ad.                                                          Somewhere as difficult to shoot as possible.
 people through digitalism.                                                                                                         I love extreme challenges. The possibility of
                                                              WHAT ARE THE                                                          failure is very motivating.
 YOU FOR DIRECTING COMMERCIALS?                               Over complicated concept, bad soundtrack, something        WHO ARE YOUR FAVOURITE FILMMAKERS
 I have a history in graphic design, web design, editing      that doesn’t evoke emotion and poor typography or          (LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL)?
 and animation. So I direct with all these factors in mind.   graphic treatment.                                         Michael Gondry; Terry Richardson’s latest music video
 Telling a story through a well thought out technical and                                                                work; David Lynch; Spike Jonze; and Kevin Smith.
 graphic based thought process, shooting with the final       IS THERE A SECRET TO DEALING WITH
 aesthetic in mind.                                           AGENCY CREATIVES AND CLIENTS?                              WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF 10
                                                              Keep them involved in every step of the process. Let       YEARS FROM NOW CAREER-WISE?
 DO YOU HAVE ANY MENTORS?                                     the client and agency know each decision from              Turning the New Vision Media Group into a global
 There are too many to mention. I take inspiration from       wardrobe to grade. Let them sign off on each step. This    entertainment force. Being at the forefront of
 contemporary artists, photographers, music video             way you could never go wrong. It’s a group effort rather   international new media and television based mediums.
 directors and musicians. Their attitudes and                 than a creative’s individual one.                          Exploring the unexplored in regards to new platforms
 controversial mindsets inspire me.                                                                                      (iPad, tablet based media), and pioneering South Africa
                                                              WHAT HAS BEEN THE MOST BIZARRE                             in combining technology and film. Making sure South
 WHAT HAVE BEEN YOUR CAREER HIGHLIGHTS?                       THING TO HAPPENED ON A SHOOT?                              Africa has original, innovative and cutting edge
 Every day is a highlight.                                    A broken down ice cream van on the way to Oppikoppi        cross-platform entertainment.

1    SCREENAFRICA – July 2010
      SCREENAFRICA – July 2010
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                                                                                                         M-Net expands
                                                                                                         South Africa’s first private TV subscription television service,
                                                                                                         M-Net, is expanding its Omneon installation to include two
                                                                                                         Spectrum media server systems and a MediaGrid active storage
                                                                                                         system. Integrated into M-Net’s Johannesburg facility by
                                                                                                         Omneon’s local partner and systems integrator Inala Broadcast,
                                                                                                         the resulting Omneon media storage and processing platform will
                                                                                                         support playout of M-Net’s short-form content, which is broadcast
                                                                                                         to 3.6 million subscribers in 41 countries across Africa.
                                                                                                            “The highly scalable architecture of Omneon systems has
                                                                                                         allowed us to expand our operations smoothly while improving
                                                                                                         the overall efficiency of our file-based workflow,” said Manny
                                                                                                         Coelho, head of media services at M-Net. “With the Omneon

     Litepanels –                                                                                        platform underpinning our operations, we’re poised to realise even
                                                                                                         greater flexibility in our management and delivery of content to

     valuable lighting tool
                                                                                                         M-Net customers.”
                                                                                                            Content is ingested onto M-Net’s existing Omneon Spectrum
                                                                                                         media server systems and stored onto a 216-TB Omneon
                                                                                                         MediaGrid system, the first such system installed in South
     Johannesburg based lighting and camera             “Litepanels offer a truly revolutionary          Africa. Harris D-Series automation moves content for
     support company, Singer, has acquired           approach to lighting,” says Singer.                 M-Net’s originated channels to the new Spectrum server for
     the Litepanels agency. Litepanels is a          “They are cool to the touch, portable,              playout as required.
     division of the Vitec Group, with whom          self-contained with no cables to tie you               “When M-Net first created its digital archives, the broadcaster
     Singer has dealt for many years. “The           down, and offer infinitely dimmable                 used the Omneon Spectrum media server to enable reliable ingest
     Litepanels product range complements            56000K or 32000K output by simply                   of more than 200 000 hours of content,” said Geoff Stedman,
     our existing camera and lighting supports       turning a knob. They use up to 95% less             senior vice president, marketing and business development at
     and camera protection products,” explains       energy than conventional lights. Lamp               Omneon. “That groundbreaking project represented the largest
     Kevin Singer.                                   life is over 50 000 hours. Power options            such installation in Africa. Now, as M-Net extends its digital
       Singer received the first shipment of         include snap-on batteries, AC adapters,             media workflow to accommodate playout, it has raised the bar
     Litepanels late in June and has already         cigarette lighter adapters and AA                   once again, taking online an Omneon platform that supports the
     had interest from lighting directors,           batteries.”                                         entire broadcast chain.”
     photographers and videographers, who               The Litepanels concept is ideal for
     have heard about their ultra-efficient,         studio work, or on-location anywhere in
     luminous, soft and directional output.          the world.
                                                                                                         Riedel hits a high note
portable bus-powered
1TB drives
The perfect solution for crew
on the move are the new
portable 1TB drives now
available from Visual Impact.
“We’ve all been waiting for
bus-powered drives with 1TB
storage capacity, and now
they’re here,” says Ashleigh
Martyn, consumables manager
at Visual Impact. “We’ve
selected the best professional                                                                           More than 120 million viewers worldwide witnessed an exciting
brands – G-Tech G-Raid Mini         creative studios will appreciate   All-Terrain Hard Drive 1TB is     and entertaining event with the 55th Eurovision song contest that
1TB and the LaCie Rugged            its small compact size and         rugged, portable storage and      took place in the Telenor Arena Oslo on 29 May. Large live
1TB – known for their               tough, all-aluminum enclosure,     therefore ideal for people on     television events such as the Eurovision Song Contest need
durability, performance and         which makes it perfect for         the go. It has a scratch-         special considerations for their event and broadcast installations.
speed.”                             capturing and editing while        protected aluminium shell and     Usually this means several separate systems, lots of cabling and
   The new G-RAID mini              working on location,” says         shock-resistant rubber bumper.    plenty of work.
now features both RAID 0            Martyn.                            “Simply plug it into just about      This year the Norwegian Broadcast Corporation NRK used an
and fail-safe RAID 1                   G-RAID mini is capable of       any computer anywhere for         extensive installation from Riedel Communications to handle this
operation, a high-speed quad        delivering an unprecedented        backup, video storage and large   enormous event. Riedel's MediorNet technology combined and
interface and storage capacities    120+ MB/second transfer rate       data volume exchange,” says       integrated the various parts of the event’s infrastructure such as
up to 1TB. It is the ideal          when connected via eSATA in        Martyn.                           cameras, intercom and lighting into one single communications
portable storage solution for       RAID 0 mode. G-RAID                  It offers the supreme speed     and signal distribution backbone. The system transported a
safe-guarding content               mini is FireWire bus-powered       of FireWire 800 along with        combination of Riedel MediorNet, Artist digital matrix intercom,
downloaded from professional        even when connected via            FireWire 400 and Hi-Speed         Performer digital partyline intercom, as well as the RockNet
tapeless video cameras.             eSATA.                             USB 2.0 interfaces for            digital audio network.
   “Production houses and              The LaCie Rugged                universal connectivity.              Riedel is represented in South Africa by Inala Technologies.

1       SCREENAFRICA – July 2010

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