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                            Dominion                                         2011

  T O DAY M AT T E R S                                      BY DR. HARDUS PRETORIUS

We as believers tend to exag-     You place in my pathway to            Today matters! Let us live every
gerate yesterday, overestimate    fulfill my destiny. I don’t want      day to its maximum potential. If
tomorrow and underestimate        to enter tomorrow and realise I       we want to run with the horses
today. (Dr John C Maxwell).       had a building block yesterday.       this year, we need to become fit;
When listening to discussions     Taking this into consideration        not just in the spirit, but body,
we will hear how people refer     places a greater responsibility       soul and spirit. For too long we
to the good old days and how      on the shoulders of us as lead-       have been focusing on just the
wonderful things were. Yet,       ers. We need to be aware of the       spirit and neglecting the impor-
their experience of the day       destinies of those who we lead,       tance of a healthy body, effective
they are living is negative and   of the sons and the daughters         functioning mind. The Word
sometimes without hope. As        the Lord has entrusted unto us        tells us that we should renew our        We are
Dr Maxwell’s quote states         as the spiritual parents of the       minds daily. We have to subdue         placed on
that people on the other hand     Household of Faith. We need to        and rule our minds, emotions
tend to overestimate tomor-       bring each son and daughter           and will first before we can even     this earth to
row. They believe that every-     into a face-to-face encounter         think of ruling and subduing the     rule and sub-
thing will be alright and the                                           dominion the Lord commanded
                                  with Jesus Christ; through the                                                due this
greatness of the future.          spiritual, relational, experiential   us to do. The biggest battlefield
                                  and instructional dynamics of         is the battlefield of emotions,      earth, having
                                  life. If we don’t do it their lives   will and minds.
What we tend to forget is that                                                                                 dominion
our tomorrow is directly          will never be influenced, im-
                                  pacted and transformed.                                                      over every
linked to my today. The way I                                           We can only become effective in
prepare myself and what I do                                            this battlefield if our spirit and    facet of the
in my present day will di-        We are placed on this earth to        soul is filled with the Word of          earth.
rectly influence and impact       rule and subdue this earth, hav-      God. We can’t have dominion
my tomorrow. It is right have     ing dominion over every aspect        over the flesh in the flesh. We
dreams and plans and aspira-      of the earth (Genesis 1). Our         can only rule the flesh in the
tions for the future, but if I    lives must be Christ-centered,        spirit.
don’t do something about it       Christ-focused and Christ-
today; everything will remain     absorbed. We should be sold
a dream! Whatever we miss                                               Every day is a gift from God –
                                  out for Christ if we want to see      let us lift according to our do-
out on today is gone forever.     His Kingdom established in our
Our prayer should be every                                              minion in it with excellence!
                                  lives. I must die gracefully and
day: “Help me today to iden-                                            Be blessed. Dr. H
                                  live a life of total surrender.
tify every opportunity that
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BUILD IT RIGHT-                                  Accurately                    by Shaun Blignaut
Matt.7:24-27. What is the difference be-         always someone else’s fault; takes no          not always refers to the whole group, but
tween the “rock” and the “sand” “hearer”?        personal responsibility. It                    a portion of the group.
Both heard the Word. Only one heard it           means, “to act” or “to play the part on        Historically, when a calling went out into
and did it!                                      stage while wearing a                          the military – a call for a specific unit for a
To be a wise man, I hear with a heart to do,   mask” In your speech and in your action        special battle!
and then, do it. This is building on the         you imitate the character                      This word was used to bring together out of
rock. The house is built on hearing and
                                                 you are representing!                          the Church those who could make right-
                                                                                                eous judgments in matters that pertained
Storms reveal the foundation and structure     There is pretending in the pew because       to the city – a judicial branch.
of the house.                                    there is pretending in the pulpit.
                                                                                                God has ordained that the church not loose
Hearing = the prophetic, doing = the apos-     The world has seen a Church that believes    its mark on society, but to rule and reign
tolic.                                           on e thing technically, but believes some-     and to make righteous judgments.
                                                 thing else practically.
Matt.16:15-18. Jesus is building His                                                            Characteristics of God’s building projects:
Church on the revelation of Who He Is!           Hypocrites believe one thing in theory and
                                                                                                Must be built according to God’s pattern:
                                                 another thing in practice.
* We don’t build movements.                                                                     If God calls something to be built, He
                                                 “I will build My Church”
* All new revelations should be built on                                                        always gives the blueprints. He is Holy
top of the last ones to fully reveal Christ.     “Build” is the Greek word okiodomeo          about this process of building.
                                                 and it means, “To edify” Jesus said that       We are not the Architect, we are only the
“Revealed” is the Greek word, Apo-             He would build a Church that would rise
kalupto.                                                                                        builders
                                                 and flourish. We get this same word in: 1
* “Revealed” means, “to remove a veil, or        Cor.14:5, 12, and 26.                          Fear of the Lord must override fear of
covering”, “exposing to open view what                                                          man or social and religious traditions.
                                                 We must understand that God is a builder.
was before hidden”. “To make manifest                                                           Must bear His Name:
                                                 He always uses a pattern, a blueprint for
or reveal a thing previously secret, or
                                                 everything He builds. He is an Architect!      Whose Church is it?
                                                 He gives the commandment to build,             We do not have ownership! We are stew-
“Gates” refer to governments, or deci-         and then He gives directions on how to
sion making powers. The gates of hell                                                           ards and managers of God’s mysteries!
are prevailing in the church today:                                                             God’s glory and presence is always vali-
                                                 Look at the models of excellence from        dated and filled the building after it had
1. Church splits
                                                 what He has built in the past:                 been built by design.
2. Church – hopping
                                                 1. Noah’s ark – Gen.6-7                        If we want to behold His glory, we must
3. Doing what is right in our own eyes                                                          build by His design.
                                                 2. Altar – Ex.20
4. No standards in relationship                                                                 Strongholds - they keep us from doing
                                                 3. Tabernacle of Moses – Ex.25
5. Lawlessness                                                                                  the will of the Lord
                                                 4. Tabernacle of David – 2 Sam.7
6. Self-governing                                                                               Ochuroma – fortresses, bastions of resis-
                                                 5. Solomon’s Temple – 2 Chron.28:11-12         tance, fortified dwelling that is a source of
Judgment must begin in the house of                                                             protection, structures of our thinking, an
                                                 6. Jesus Christ – Jn.1:14
God. Our ministry, home, individual life                                                        island or beachhead of thinking.
must get the beam out of our own eye             7. Church – 1 Cor.6:19-20
before we can deal with the speck in the                                                        A people will not walk in freedom until
                                                 What made Noah’s ark to float? He did        their leaders walk in freedom. We must be
Church and the world.
                                                 exactly what the Lord said to do. He built     willing to have our hearts exposed to see
Mk.8:15. Here we have two types of               it by the Lord’s design and it floated and     our own strongholds.
leaven:                                          saved a nation.
                                                                                                Definitions (a) Phronecian
Leaven of Herod:                               The example of Jesus
                                                                                                Mindsets, the house of thinking,
1. Self-indulgent, fleshly lifestyle, lawless-   Jn.1:14 Dwelt” is Tabernacle, Jesus was      thoughts, patterns
ness                                             the dwelling place of God upon the
                                                 earth. He lived according to exact specifi-    (b) Logosmon. Mentalities, ideas, imagi-
Leaven of Pharisees:                                                                            nations, reasoning, temperaments
1. Legalism
                                                 He pleased God in every respect. “In           “Phronecian” is the house; “Logosmon”
Most Churches are either operating in          whom there was no sin”                         are the individual rooms in the house.
one or the other!                                                                               The house got to be torn down. “Pulling
                                                 “And we beheld His glory” God’s dwell-       down strongholds”
A life of faith and obedience keep you out     ing place will always manifest His glory.
of a leavened lifestyle!                                                                        We have two pictures in our soul:
                                                 The example of the Church
Hear and do the Word!                                                                         (a) What we learned we should believe as
                                                 “Ecclesia” means “the called out ones”       truth;
Hypocrisy – Lk.12:1-3                            We are the dwelling place of God upon
                                                 the earth – 1 Cor.6:19-20                      (b) What we actually believe as true
Hypocrisy = hupo + krisis (judgment) It                                                       (Continue next issue.)
never deals with reality,                        “To call” is the Greek word, “kaleo” It
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          KINGDOM ECONOMICS                                                           B Y TA R N F I N C K
 Revelation 11:15 heralds “The               minds us that God, yes, our om-               the wisdom of God’s economics in
kingdoms of this world have be-              nipotent, almighty and all knowing            this new season. God’s word is
come the kingdoms of our Lord                Heavenly Daddy, is fully aware of             clear on the matter…bring your
and of His Christ.” In this season           these issues that trouble us. It is           tithes, first fruits and offerings in
we have learned that alignment               His desire however that we not be             obedience to His word. It is all His
with the Word of God is key to our           concerned with such trivial issues.
                                                                                           in any event! Whilst I have always
relationship with our Father, par-           He wants us to focus on Him and
                                                                                           faithfully tithed and given offer-
ticularly if we consider that we are         building our relationship with Him
co-heirs of His kingdom with Christ          and building His kingdom. That is             ings, it is only very recently that I
Jesus, ……I am a son of God, as He            why obedience to the principles               have understood the significance
(Christ) is, so am I! Every facet of         laid down in God’s word is so im-             of first fruits and after applying the
our lives must be aligned to the             portant. If we apply these truths to          principle of giving my first fruits, I
principles given to us in the word           our lives, we need not worry                  have seen God’s miraculous bless-
of God. This includes our finances.          about where our next meal comes               ings in my life with an anonymous
It is not for nothing that He made           from…….it will automatically be               financial gift paid into my account
it clear that we “cannot serve God           provided for out of the abundance             just before Christmas, something I
and mammon” (Matthew 6:24).                  and favour of our God who will do             had only ever heard happening to
We so often focus our concerns on            so willingly because of His great
our finances… will I cover              love for us.
these expenses? Where will the               He cannot help it! We have been               Praise be to my God!
money come for that need? Be
                                             encouraged and have grown in
encouraged!! Matthew 6:32 re-

WHAT THIS SEASON MEANS FOR ME                                                              BY ELIZE DE BEER
I believe there was a lot to learn for me      not for you to know the times OR sea-        It was a challenge for me to under-
and my family.                                 sons which the Father has put in his         stand the New Season of Son ship and
                                               own authority”                               Fatherhood, and to understand the
I have heard many sermons on sea-
                                                                                            anointing of the Father, and to realize
sons: seasons on ministry, seasons of          I also realise that every season has a
                                                                                            that the Spiritual works exactly the
life, but I did not know what was really       beginning, and an end, that leads to a
                                                                                            same as the Natural. As Dr Hardus
coming my way, and that is to align            new beginning, and that will chal-
                                                                                            preached in May 2010, Our Battle
myself for the season.                         lenge me to GROW.
                                                                                            Field is our mind. Through difficult
By thinking before talking, to change          I took the 4 pillars from the Household      times don’t turn Back ! – Reach for
my acts, and actually my mindset.              of Faith and used them as a strong           your destiny .
                                               foundation to try and build my life on.
Sometimes it was a challenge of not                                                         Serve a Father and then become a
                                                   Apostolic Doctrine: To live the          Father .
being instant out of season.
                                                       Word and to listen to the
                                                                                            In our heads is knowledge, in our
I believe the out of season times in our               Word of God, listen to the
lives are periods of transition (difficult                                                  hearts is understanding, in our spirit is
                                                                                            wisdom, and for me it means it is not
times) the circumstances that we face              To Fellowship more than before,
while God is moving us from one level                                                       always the right way to use your head
                                                       in this time I have learned to
to the next level. That phase in-                                                           to achieve something.
                                                       listen to people; then it is so
between when I have not yet reached                    much easier to;                      So I learned to Grow Spiritually - even
the destination of the new challenge               Breaking of bread – To care for          if it goes slowly, but to understand the
and therefore, am feeling the pressure                 them, by phone or by visiting        Word.
of being completely out of season (the                 them and the last pillar
                                                                                            The activity of the Spirit can make us a
times I thought I missed it, I’m not go-           Praying: I learned in this season
                                                                                            better human being.
ing to make it, this new season is too                 to pray, to pray accurately, I
difficult for me, this is not for me!!)                have also learned to stop            The season taught me that I can only
                                                       begging, but to be thankful, I       live in one of two ways. One to live as
One thing that I definitely learned this
                                                       learned to pray more for oth-        if nothing is a miracle. The other to live
past season was that God does not
                                                       ers, like Israel and less for me,    as if everything is a miracle.
move in years. God moves in seasons.
                                                       myself, and I.
Ecclesiastes: 3:1 “To everything there
                                               I have also learned to think differently,
is a season” (Good or Bad)
                                               to see things from a different perspec-
Acts: 1: 7 “And he said to them “It is         tive.
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                                                                   Household of Faith Program

                                                                     Men’s Fellowship, every Saturday morning
              Spearpoint Ministries
                                                                     Every last Sunday evening of the month–
                             TEACHINGS & Fellowship
                                                                     Financial Freedom Forum 26 February 09:00—
              Office: 012 547 0779                                   12:00
             Cell no: 083 235 9685
         ABSA. Cheque 406 108 1734.
               Sinoville Branch                                    Recommended Sermon

                                                                    Kingdom Economics– Nov-Dec 2010
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                                                     rs.       -    Kingdom Economics – 23 January 2011
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                        s ue      u se        T ea
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             le tte m our re Ce proje
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             d rC
      icle nd ou
  Art p a
   s ho

                              S E RVA N T H O O D                          BY     H E N D RY V I V I E R S
To be a servant of God, serving                 Look at what Jesus did John 13:5       Devil’s way of doing things.
in the household of God                         after that, he poured water into a     The scripture in Psalm says when
                                                basin and began to wash his dis-       brothers come together they
The heart of the Lord is to
                                                ciples' feet, drying them with         should come with a word and/or
serve, yet people do not like the
                                                the towel that was wrapped             songs to serve or to encourage
idea of serving, they prefer to be
                                                around him.                            one another. When we as broth-
served, but let us look at the ex-
ample Jesus gave the church                     You can do it if the Lord has a        ers/sisters in Christ get together
builders. In John 15:5 Jesus                    place in your heart. You will not      with what do we get together, to
says "I am the vine; you are the                have a problem in serving the          be served or to serve?
branches. If a man remains in me                body of Christ. It will become part    When we get together we should
and I in him, he will bear much                 and parcel of your lifestyle. Jesus,   focus on the actions of Jesus. He
fruit”                                          as the perfect example.                was always ready to serve, let us
To remain in Him one needs to                   Jesus says “I only do as I see         have the same attitude. If we say
adhere to the word of God, not                  my Father is doing”, can we            we portray the actions of Christ.
only to read it but to live it. It is           use the same phrase? Yes we can        let people see we live the way
easy to do, as a child reacts after             if we, as the body of Christ, serve    Jesus lived, live according to the
seeing a movie of his/her hero                  one another without expecting          word of God.
they can actually tell you the                  something in return. Jesus came        Let us serve our spiritual parents
whole script, even act out some                 to serve and not to be served.         the body of Christ. . .
of the scenes. The word says “be                We want to be served and not to
like little children”                           serve; that my friend, is the

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