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									     Dunbrik Chimney Block           System Guide
     systems for domestic chimneys

domestic flue & chimney systems          Certificate No.FM24104
                                Dunbrik Chimney Block
                                systems for domestic chimneys

                                S YS T E M D E S C R I P T I O N
                                Domestic chimney system for construction in timber frame and traditional built houses.

                                The Dunbrik chimney block system comprises an outer concrete casing block with
                                mortared joints with an inner concrete 200mm id flue liner and an insulation wrap
                                between. The flue liners are jointed using a fire resistant mortar to a tongue and socket
                                detail. A precast chamber with integral gather unit allows a range of appliances to be used
                                along with any domestic fuel.

                                The system has been tested to BSEN 12446 together with structural details to determine
                                stability and windloading. This is achieved using a number of restraint brackets placed at
        Traditional Fireplace   floor and roof level locations along the length of the chimney system.

                                The system is designed for installation in both traditional and timber frame dwellings,
                                however allowances should be made at the design stage of the dwelling at floor and roof
                                junction levels for the fixing of the restraint brackets, and for suitable floor/foundation.

                                Liner Standards
                                British Standard BS EN 1857:2003 established performance standards for concrete flue
                                liners for domestic chimneys. Dunbrik liners have been tested by BSRIA and achieved the
                                highest categories in each class as follows:

                                Dunbrik Type A1 - T600 N1 G D 3

                                Performance data
                                T600    Temperature               nominal operating temperature 600oC
                                N1      Gas tightness             negative pressure test at 40 Pascal
                                G       Sootfire resistance       heat shock tested to 1,000oC for 30 minutes
                                D       Condensate resistance     for dry flue conditions
                                3       Corrosion resistance      for all domestic fuels (new scrub test for durability)

                                Technical Assistance
 Stove with pipe connection
                                Dunbrik Flues is the specialist manufacturer in the UK of concrete flue liner systems and
Courtesy of Dunsley Heating
                                gas flue block systems for domestic dwellings.
                                System details and guidance is available on our website www.dunbrik.co.uk.
                                We can also produce a flue costing based on your requirements, please contact our
                                technical staff for details.

Inglenook with canopy hood          domestic flue & chimney systems
         Courtesy of Potton
Design Features
The Chimney Block System has been specifically designed to make it quick, easy and
cost effective to incorporate a chimney within your house design. Its modular units
are designed to reduce the need for specialist skills.

You purchase the full system from recess units at floor level to chimney pot from
one specialised supplier.

You can install the majority of fires and stoves and can burn any domestic fuel; gas,
wood, solid fuel and oil.

The Chimney Block system is suitable for installation into Timber frame and
Traditional build construction and can also be constructed as a Retro-fit installation.

The system has been tested and complies with BS EN 12446

The Components
Flue Liners    Manufactured and tested to the highest standards and conform
               with BSEN1857
Insulation          Allows for expansion and contraction of the flue liners within
                    the chimney structure and keeps the flue gases at a constant
                    temperature enabling them to flow freely. No need for infill
                    aggregate around the flue liners
Chimney Block       Encases the other components to produce a chimney structure
Brackets            Allows the system to be free standing while still being part of
                    the house structure
General Chimney Design and Regulation Guidance
The following may be of assistance in your chimney design and includes references to information sources.
The chimney system should be built by a competent person with knowledge of regulations and building practices. Detailed requirements
for Ireland are set out in Technical Guidance Document J – Heat Producing Appliances. Guidance on chimney flashings is also given in the
Lead Sheet Association manual.
Chimney Dimensions and Clearances
A chimney height of 4.5mm or over is normally sufficient for flue draught (measured from the underside of the fireplace gather lintel to
the top of the chimney pot). The depth of the chimney foundation should be the same as any adjacent wall foundation.
A minimum 40mm air space should be maintained from the face of the chimney block to combustible material, unless it is a floorboard,
skirting, dado, picture rail, mantelshelf or architrave.
Chimney Lining
Liner joints should be sealed with fire cement and installed with the tongue pointing downward into the socket to contain moisture and
condensate in the flue.
A construction hearth should be made of solid, non-combustible material such as concrete or masonry at least 125mm thick and to the
plan dimensions as showing in diagram 3 in Part J of the Irish Building Regulations. No combustible material should be placed under-
neath a constructional hearth unless there is an air space of 50mm or more or the combustible material is at least 250mm below the top
of the hearth.
Fireplace Recess
The recess units and gather lintel form a solid non-combustible fireplace recess. The opening formed by the three recess units is designed
to accommodate either a 400mm or 450mm standard Milner Fireback or open fireplace not exceeding 500 x 550mm.
Chimney Stack and Outlets
On roof pitches greater than 10o the height of the chimney stack shall not be less than 1m. Where the chimney stack is at the ridge or
within 600mm of it the height of the chimney may be reduced to 600mm. For other roof considerations consult diagram 1 – Part J of
the Irish Building Regulations.
Weather Proofing
To effectively weather-proof the chimney stack a concrete capping with drip throat and metal dpc tray is provided for at the top of the
chimney system. Lead Flashings are needed at the junction with roof tiles and chimney stack to prevent water penetration. On brick-
work stacks a lead saddle dpc tray should be installed across the full plan dimension of the stack at the intersection with the roof and
linked to stepped lead flashings. Details of the lead saddle trays and flashings are available from the Lead Sheet Association – Tel: 01892
822773. Where the stack has a waterproof render finish on all sides the lead saddle dpc tray may not be required at roof breakout point.
Air Supply For Combustion
An appliance needs air supply for combustion and for the efficient operation of the flue. Part J of the Irish Building Regulations sets out
the air supply requirements for solid fuel, gas and oil.
Dunbrik Technical Advice
For further guidance or advice on Dunbrik products contact us on 01924 373694 or fax on 01924 332878
or email at tech@dunbrik.co.uk
Dunbrik CB Flue Liners
systems for domestic chimneys                         COMPONENTS

CB1        Fireplace Recess Unit                     CB2         Fireplace Gather Lintel                         CB10       Raft Lintel for Stove Connection
Weight 50kg                                          Weight 87kg                                                 Weight 95kg
Overall dimensions 800 x 450 x 215                   Overall dimensions 800 x 450 x 220                          Overall dimensions 1200 x 450 x 150
Three required for each flue to create a fireplace   This is a structural lintel to span the fireplace recess,   To span the fireplace recess and provide a
recess of internal dimensions - 600 wide, 350 deep   gather into the flue and support the flue liners above.     stove connection
and 675 high

                     200L600                                                  200L150 Flue Liners                                         CB4
                     Flue Liners                                              150mm tall                                                  Flue Installation Wrap
                     600mm tall                                               Weight 5kg                                                  Weight 1.6kg
                                                                              Diameter                                                    Dimensions
                     Weight 20.4kg                                            200mm internal                                              40mm wall thickness,
                     Diameter                                                 260mm external                                              600mm tall Insulation
                     200mm internal                                           200L230 Flue Liners
                     260mm external                                                                                                       This wraps around the liners
                                                                              230mm tall                                                  to retain heat in
                                                                              Weight 7.4kg
                                                                                                                                          the chimney
                                                                              200mm internal
                                                                              260mm external

CB3        Chimney Block                              Dunseal Fire Resistant Mortar                              CB16       Floor Joist Restraint Bracket
Weight 37kg                                           Ready mixed mortar paste in 310ml cartridge for            Weight 0.3kg
Overall dimensions 450 x 450 x 215                    jointing flue liners                                       Overall dimensions 100 x 117 x 75
To enclose the liners and form the outer                                                                         To restrain chimney by bracing to joists at each floor
chimney casing                                                                                                   level.

CB17       Rafter Restraint Bracket                  CB18        Chimney Tray                                    CB5        Chimney Capping
Weight 0.2kg                                         Weight 2.6kg                                                Weight 27kg
Overall dimensions 100 x 100 x 30                    Overall dimensions 488 x 488 x 26.5                         Overall dimensions 588 x 588 x 60
To restrain chimney by bracing at truss              Horizontal dpc tray to prevent damp
rafter level.                                        penetration below the capping

                                                                           Roll Top Chimney in                                            TG260
                                                                           Red or Buff                                                    Topguard steel cowl -
                                                                           External diameter                                              Red or Buff
                                                                           Base 250mm / Top 280mm                                         Weight 1.6kg
                                                                           Internal diameter                                              Overall 260mm tall
                                                                           Base 210mm / Top 210mm
                                                                                                                                          225mm internal diameter
CB13       Corbel Unit                                                                 Height      Weight
Weight 54kg                                                                Roll300     300          9kg
Overall dimensions 777 x 555 x 150                                         Roll450     450         14kg
To support brickwork Chimney Stack                                         Roll600     600         18kg
•   A chimney adds appeal to a house
•   A real fire turns a house into a home
•   A natural draught flue promotes a
    healthier atmosphere

•   Full system from the specialist
•   Detailed flue estimates prepared
•   Systems designed for better flue flow
•   Products designed for easier installation
•   Liners meet latest, highest standards
•   Expert technical backup

•   Modular system for ease of installation
•   Can be fitted into any type of house
    construction and design
• Can be constructed as a
    Retro-fit installation
•   For domestic stoves and fires
•   Can use all domestic fuel:
    coal, wood, oil & gas
•   Flue liners tested to highest
    European standards

•   Flue estimating service
•   Installation guides available on the web
    or by post

Dunbrik (Yorks) Ltd
172 Ferry Lane,
West Yorkshire.
Telephone: 01924 373694
Fax: 01924 332878

email: tech@dunbrik.co.uk
web: www.dunbrik.co.uk

March 2008

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