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Mobrey GWR
guided wave
level and interface
                                                     The new 2-wire guided wave radar
                                                     from Mobrey

                                                     For reliable and accurate level       level and interface measurement
                                                     measurement in process tanks,         data from the same transmitter.
                                                     guided wave radar technology
                                                     provides the perfect solution.        The two-wire connection ensures
                                                     The new Mobrey GWR 3300 Series        simple and inexpensive installation.
                                                     is the perfect choice among guided    Configuration is easy with a
                                                     wave radar level transmitters.        handheld HART communicator or
                                                                                           PC setup software with advanced
                                                     It has been developed to provide      tools, including tank diagram and
                                                     reliable and cost-effective           dielectric constant determination.
                                                     measurement in a number of            In short, the Mobrey GWR 3300
                                                     applications where other types        guided wave radar level and
                                                     of loop-powered transmitters          interface transmitter is built to
                                                     cannot be used. GWR technology        ensure the productivity and safety
                                                     combined with advanced signal         of your manufacturing process.
                                                     processing and sensitivity ensures
                                                     that the 3300 Series delivers both

                                                     The two-wire connection ensures
                                                     simple and inexpensive installation.
                                                     Configuration is easy with a handheld
                                                     HART communicator or PC.

Features                                             Benefits
n No mechanical moving parts requiring               n Easy to install
  maintenance                                        n Low cabling costs
n Unaffected by changes in dielectric, density,      n Existing cabling may be used
  temperature, pressure and pH
                                                     n Easy replacement of non-radar gauges
n Probe versions available to handle obstructions,
                                                     n Reliable measurement in demanding applications
  turbulence, foam, coatings and aggressive media
n Loop powered                                       Suitable for a wide variety of industries
n Advanced signal processing
                                                     n Chemical & petrochemical industry
n Digital sampling
                                                     n Pharmaceutical plants
n Interface measurement
                                                     n Pulp and paper industry
                                                     n Oil and gas industry
                                                     n Water and sewage treatment
                                                     n Hydroelectric dams and power plants
                                                     n Food and beverage industry
A loop-powered radar transmitter
for both level and interface gauging

High-capacity, power efficient           Robust modular design
micro controller                         The dual compartment transmitter
Highly efficient digital sampling        head separates cable connections
with advanced signal processing          and electronics.
allows simultaneous interface            The detachable head allows
and level measurement, higher            replacement of electronics without
resolution and more reliability.         breaching the tank atmosphere.           Loop powered,
Multivariable™ process output
                                         360° Rotation of the head is also
                                                                                  intrinsically safe
The transmitter measures level,
                                         Guided wave probes
                                                                                  and explosion
interface level, volume, distance
to level, distance to interface and      Several probes are available to          proof
thickness of upper layer. This results   handle virtually all applications.
in a reduced number of process           Works in difficult tank geometries
penetrations and reduces costs for       with interfering obstacles, long
installation and wiring.                 nozzles and small fittings/flanges.
                                         Virtually unaffected by dust,
High temperature high pressure           turbulence and vapour. Probes can
option                                   easily be cut to fit individual tanks.
The Mobrey GWR with its robust           Hastelloy, Monel or PTFE covered
high pressure and temperature            probes are available for aggressive
process option manages pressures         media.
up to 5000 psig (345 bar) and
temperatures up to 752°F (400°C)
Built for demanding process conditions

Radar level measurement is becoming the most popular
gauging method for many applications.

Mobrey 3300 transmitters are
based on the TDR (Time Domain
Reflectometry) technology.

The level is measured by low-power      Level gauging in bridles
nano-second microwave pulses            Guided wave radar is the best
that are guided down a probe            choice for bridle measuring.
suspended in the process media.         The Mobrey GWR 3300 Series
                                        transmitters work in bridles with
When a radar pulse reaches media        pipe inlets, varying diameters and
with a different dielectric constant,   other configurations. As both level
part of the energy is reflected         and interface can be measured
back to the transmitter. The time       with the same probe, just one
difference between the transmitted      bridle is required for dual level
(reference) and the reflected           measurement.
pulse is converted into a distance
value from which the total level or     Measurement in tanks with
interface level is calculated.          obstacles, turbulence or vapour
                                        The 3300 Series delivers reliable
Radar pulses are virtually unaffected
                                        level data where other radar
by the tank content and tank
                                        transmitters fail. The high signal/
atmosphere, temperature or
                                        noise ratio in the transmitter and
pressure. For this reason radar level
                                        the radar pulse focused along
measurement is becoming the
                                        the probe helps eliminate echo
most popular gauging method for
                                        interference problems. Thus, the
many applications.
                                        3300 Series transmitter with a
                                        suitable probe will provide reliable
                                        measurement in process vessels
                                        containing baffles and heating coils.
                                        Turbulent liquids and vapours will
                                        not affect the level data.
Interface level measurement            Level gauging in LPG/LNG and
The Mobrey GWR can deliver             ammonia tanks
multi-level measurement.               Liquid gas and other pressurised
Thanks to its advanced signal          applications demand maintenance-
processing, including Dynamic          free instrumentation. Since the
Gain Optimization™ it measures         transmitter head can be serviced
both top surface and interface         without breaching the tank
level in tanks containing different    atmosphere, the 3300 Series is
liquids, such as oil and water. A      perfect for pressurised and volatile
single transmitter will serve both     applications where the tank
applications, which decreases          opening must be minimised; and
the number of tank penetrations        since it operates with a DC pulse
required. This is a valuable feature   with minimum signal attenuation
in certain applications such as        in heavy vapours, the 3300 Series is
pressurised tanks, separators and      the best choice for measurement of
underground tanks with limited         liquid ammonia.
space for penetrations.
                                       Measurement of solids in silos
High temperature high pressure         The Mobrey GWR, although
applications                           designed for liquids, may be
The Mobrey GWR with its robust         used in many solids applications.
high pressure and temperature          However, measurement ranges,
process option manages pressures       product dielectric and
up to 5000 psig (345 bar) and          tensile loads should be
temperatures up to 752°F (400°C)       taken into account.
on applications such as reactor        Please contact your
vessels, separators, flash drum,       Mobrey Measurement
heaters/heat exchangers and steam      distributor with details
drums.                                 of your application for
                                       advice on the suitability
                                       of the Mobrey GWR.
Probes to suit any application

                                                                                  Several probe versions are used
                                                                                  together with the same transmitter
                                                                                  head: twin, single and coaxial leads.

                                                                                  In order to stabilise the probe against
                                                                                  lateral forces, a weight can be hung
                                                                                  at the probe end or the probe can
                                                                                  be guided to the tank bottom using
                                                                                  suitable anchoring (tie-down).

All probes are delivered with a customer-specified length, but they can, if required, be cut to fit on site.

Coaxial                                 Single lead
The optimal solution for level and      The single lead probes are the
interface measurement in all clean      most tolerant against coating and
liquids such as solvents, alcohols,     deposits.
water-based liquids, LPG and liquid     The single lead is available in
ammonia. The coaxial probe has          stainless steel, Hastelloy, Monel and
the highest signal/noise ratio of all   PTFE covered. It is also available with
probes. Tank height is max 20 ft        high temp high pressure options.
(6 m). Recommended for liquids          Recommended for smaller tanks,
with a low dielectric constant and      less than 10 ft (3m) with viscous
applications with turbulence, high      liquids, slurries, beers/spirits,
flow, foam, liquid or vapour spray      water based liquids and hygienic
near the probe (the coax acts as a      applications within the foodstuffs or
stilling well). Works when in contact   pharmaceutical industries.
with metallic structures. Suitable      The flexible stainless steel or PTFE
for disturbed EMC environments.         covered single lead is especially
Avoid crystallizing/coating liquids     suitable for measuring solids,
and powders. Available in stainless     granulates and powders like grain,
steel, Hastelloy and Monel with         sand, carbon black etc. It also
high temp. high pressure options.       measures viscous products such as
                                        syrup, honey, etc as well as water
Twin lead                               based liquids.
For liquid applications such as oil     Measuring range is 77 ft (23.5m).
products, solvents, water-based
liquids, etc. Also suitable for         Easy installation and
interface measurement. It can           configuration
handle more viscous media than          The transmitter is easily mounted on
the coaxial probe but avoid sticky      a suitable opening at the top of the
media where there is a risk of          tank, vessel or silo. Configuration
product bridging between probes.        can be carried out easily via your
The rigid stainless steel twin lead     choice of the standard options: a
probe is used on tank heights less      handheld HART® communicator or
than10 ft (3m), and the flexible        a choice of PC software packages.
twin lead probe achieves measuring      The transmitter can also be pre-
ranges up to 77 ft (23.5 m).            configured before delivery.
Product information


                                                                                                3 x 4-20 mA

                                                        4-20 mA / HART

                                                         3300 Series                                          Control System


                                                                   MCU900        HART

Inputs/outputs                         Outline specification
The Mobrey GWR transmitter is           Product                    Mobrey GWR 3300 Series level and interface transmitter
loop-powered using the same two                                    Model 3301 for level in liquids and some solids
wires for both power supply and                                    Model 3302 for level and interface in liquids
output signal. This makes it easy to
switch from other measurement           Process connection:        Threaded or flanged
technologies to guided wave radar
                                        Display                    Local display: Integral digital display shows multiple output
because existing cables can be                                     variables
re-used. A level or interface value                                Remote display and configuration with Mobrey MCU900
is transmitted from the gauge as                                   universal control unit (Request datasheet IP2031)
an analogue 4-20 mA signal with a
superimposed digital HART® signal.      Process temperature
A HART® to analogue converter           standard version:   -40 °F to +300 °F (-40 °C to +150 °C)*
can be connected to obtain three        high temp. version: -76 °F to +750 °F (-60 °C to +400 °C)*
additional analogue outputs.            Process pressure
                                        standard version:      Full vacuum to 580 psig (40 bar)*
                                        high pressure version: Full vacuum to 5000 psig (345 bar)*

                                        Configuration              Mobrey Radar Configuration Tools software package (included)
                                                                   Mobrey DDConf PC configuration tool
                                                                   Mobrey HPC401 for Palm PDA
                                                                   Rosemount 375 field communicator
                                                                   Mobrey MCU900 universal control unit

                                        Power supply               Loop-powered (2-wire), 11 - 42 VDC (11-30 Vdc in I.S.
                                                                   16-42 Vdc in explosion-proof / flameproof applications)

                                        Output                     Analogue 4-20 mA, HART®

                                        Reference accuracy         ± 0.2 inch (5 mm) for probes ≤ 16 ft (5 m)
                                                                   ± 0.1 % x measured distance for probes >16 ft (5 m)

                                        Hazardous locations
                                        Certifications:            ATEX, FM, IECEx (I.S. and explosion-proof)

                                        Telecommunication          FCC and R&TTE compliance (unintentional radiators)

                                        * Request datasheet IP2091 for complete technical specification
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