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         How to Survive…..
                 Studying in a new place
New at UWA and in Perth?                                       •    Transperth at
Studying in a new place can seem quite daunting at
first, but can also end up being the experience of a       CISWA (Council for International Students WA)
lifetime. Here are some tips to make your uni              organizes social activities and visits to places of
experience the best experience you’ve had:                 interest for international and local students. Check out:
    1)   Get to know Perth & surrounds
    2)   Get to know the uni                               2) Get to know the uni
    3)   Find a place to live close by                     There’s also a lot you can do in and around the uni
    4)   Look after your health, $ and time                itself, from strolling along the river, to listening to a
    5)   Get involved and make friends                     concert, to visiting one of the on-campus museums,
    6)   Counter culture shock                             libraries,    theatres      or    the     art      gallery.
    7)   Ask questions and speak up               links you to info
                                                           on and maps of the campus.
1) Get to know Perth and surrounds
Perth is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia.    If you want updates on what’s happening at the uni,
Getting to know your way around Perth will help you        check       out     the    UWA-Events    List    –
feel much more ‘at home.’                        
For some ideas on things to do and places to visit in
and around Perth, check out:                               And don’t forget that Student Services also has great
     • Tourism WA at                                       info and workshops for students:     
    •    Perth Tourist Centre Online at             3) Find a place to live close by
    •    The City of Perth at                              Living close to the uni in a college residence or
    •    Perth Tourism at                                  in the community, will save you a lot of time and                   make it easier to get involved in uni life. Housing info
                                                           is                    available                    from
    •    CitySearch Perth at

Finding your way around is easy with maps from:            4) Look after your health, $ and time
    • Whereis at            You need to eat, sleep and play well in order to study
                                                           well, so:
And public transport is a breeze with:

                                                                                                   SS 1.3
    •     Eat regular meals and snacks, and drink lots    
          of water                                                  You can benefit from this either from being a Mentee,
                                                                    or if you are in a later year, from being a Uni Mentor.
    •     Get lots of sleep and engage in regular
          physical activity.                                        Postgraduate students wanting to meet and make
                                                                    friends from diverse cultures can join Language and
Exercise means there is more blood pumping from                     Cultural             Exchange              (L.A.C.E.)
your heart to your brain, so activate your brain cells    
through                  UWA                   Sports or by taking a                  6) Counter culture shock
dip      in      the     pool       with     Uniswim                       One of the things that you may not be expecting when
                                                                    you arrive at UWA is culture shock. Culture has to do
Managing scarce finances during uni study can be                    with the often unwritten rules and expectations of a
challenging,    but    help    is   at    hand      at              group.
You can also get help with money matters by speaking                To counter this, find out as much as you can about
to        a        Financial       Aid        Officer:              UWA by talking to others, getting involved and                    speaking with staff. LL&RS runs workshops to help
                                                                    you get settled and to explain ‘the way we do things
Planning your time is just as important as planning                 around here.’
your budget. To learn to study smarter, not harder,
check out LL&RS at                     7) Ask questions and speak up
There’s a great Survival Guide on ‘Time and Task
Management’ in the Resource Area on this website.                   Being an effective learner at UWA involves asking
                                                                    questions and speaking up. Active learners get more
5) Get involved and make friends                                    out of their uni studies and have more opportunities to
                                                                    do things because people know who they are. If you
One of the most important aspects of uni is the                     want to improve your speaking skills, attend some
opportunity to get involved and make friends. Most                  public speaking and conversation workshops run by
faculties      have     Guild     student      societies            LL&RS and get talking! The
guild also has a PSA (Postgraduate Student                
Association) and ISS
(International            Students              Service) - so get out there and
get involved!

UWA Student Services also has a fantastic Uni
Mentor programme for first year students

        Other Resources
        Other Survival Guides – ‘How to Survive UWA ‘lingo’ – definitions’ and ‘How to Survive
        Aussie slang and lingo.’
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