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                                                       COURSE LAYOUTS

MOTORCYCLE RIDER COURSE - Academy bikes available if you don't have your own | Learners recommended, not required
The MRC Beginner Level introduces you to motorcycle controls, safety, how to balance and control the motorcycle in
preparation for the Intermediate Level. If you've never ridden a Motorcycle before but can at least ride a bicycle, then start
with this Beginner Level before continuing onto the Basic Level.

The MRC Basic Level continues and teaches you in theory and in practice basic riding skills in a controlled environment,
concentrating on motorcycle familiarisation, clutch and throttle control, riding posture and the four basic skills: straight-line
riding, turning, smooth shifting and observing. It also includes a variety of street skills like low-speed manoeuvres, counter
steering, cornering, swerving and braking. The MRC is for those who are still riding in fear and uncertainty, a great starting
point to refresh age old instructions from family or friends. You should also get riding your own bike within a week or two
from doing this Course and consider a Refresher every time you change bikes.

   1. Normal Stop in a Straight Line
   2. Quick Stop in a Straight Line
   3. Weaving: In-line and Off-set
   4. Basic Turns
   5. Incline Starts
   6. Tight Turns
   7. Sharp Turns
   8. Sharp Turn and Stop
   9. Swerving
   10. Normal and Quick Stop on a Curve
   11. Figure 8
   12. Lane Change
   13. Riding over Obstacles

LICENSE RIDER COURSE - Own bike required | Learners required
The LRC is geared for the person wanting to acquire his/her full motorcycle license; presented in a controlled environment
covering everything you need to pass your K53 Motorcycle Riders License Test the first time. Only register for this Course just
prior to your Test Date and only if you have at least 4-6 months riding experience; what's the rush, your Learners only expires
at 18 months.

    1. Pre-trip Inspection
    2. Incline Start
    3. Straight-line Ride and Controlled Stop
    4. Lane Change
    5. Moving off and Turning Left
    6. Turning Speed Judgement
    7. Emergency Swerve
    8. Emergency Stop

                                        - RIDE WITH SKILL AND CONFIDENCE; GET TRAINED -
ADVANCED RIDER COURSE - Own bike required | Learners/License required
The ARC teaches you how to control your motorcycle at speeds of 20 - 120km/h; braking, cornering, swerving, cable failure,
maximum braking and various other real-life manoeuvres. The course is geared for the rider who wants to get better
acquainted with his/her motorcycle and discovers their own abilities in emergency situations. Do the ARC to truly learn your
motorcycle and the things that will help you deal with certain emergency situations. The ARC should be considered once
you've done the MRC to help boost skill and confidence levels or when you have at least 4-6 months riding experience.

A.     Slow Speed and Warm-up Exercises up to 60km/h
       1.      Controlled Stop
       2.      Quick Stop
       3.      Figure 8
       4.      Weave / Counter Steering
       5.      Extended Weave
       6.      Obstacles

B.       Cruise Speed Exercises up to 120km/h
         1.       Weave / Counter Steering
         2.       Channel Riding
         3.       Emergency Stop (Back, Front, Both)
         4.       Stop-n-Go
         5.       Cornering
         6.       Brake in Bend
         7.       Emergency Swerve
         8.       Emergency Swerve and Stop

ROADWISE RIDER COURSE - Own bike required | Learners/License required
The RRC will improve rider skill and confidence in dealing with and reading different traffic and road conditions. This course is
for the new or inexperienced rider who has completed a MRC Basic Level with us or any rider who feels intimidated by riding
on our roads alone. Focus will be placed on reading traffic flow, applying S.E.E. (Search Evaluate Execute), lane positioning,
cornering, overtaking, intersections and various other real-time situations. The benefit of this type of training is that you get
audio instruction while you ride, via wireless communication, before you make mistakes and immediate results as
instructions are applied. Taking it to the next step, the ride will be Video Taped for you to see how you ride, identifying error
and corrective riding techniques for riding days to come. Truly the way to go!

    1. Lane Positioning
    2. Following Distance
    3. Overtaking and being Overtaken
    4. Blind Spots
    5. Observing
    6. Buffering
    7. Intersections
    8. Mental Processing: S.E.E.
    9. Risk Management
    10. Curves
    11. Lane Changes
    12. Highway Ride
    13. Town Ride
    14. De-brief

                                        - RIDE WITH SKILL AND CONFIDENCE; GET TRAINED -
                                                COURSE FEES AND DURATION

Learner Pre-Test           R150              By appointment ONLY                 1 hour
Test Bike Rent             R150              By arrangement ONLY
Passengers                 R150              Only on ARC

MRC                        R750              Beginner and Basic Levels           7 hours
MRC                        R600              Basic Level ONLY                    6 hours
LRC                        R400                                                  4 hours
ARC                        R750                                                  6 hours
RRC                        R400              By appointment ONLY                 2 hours

                                              COURSE TERMS AND CONDITIONS

    1.   Registration Form and Course Fee must be received prior to your Course Date to secure your booking.
    2.   Bike Talk reserves the right to assess and allocate / re-allocate the student to the most appropriate course.
    3.   Refunds will only be made if the cancelled place is filled.
    4.   Parents, husbands etc. may not sit and watch, whilst the course is in progress, it is distracting.
    5.   Bike Talk reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the course in the event of rain or insufficient entries.
    6.   First-Time riders MUST be able to ride a bicycle before attending the MRC Beginner Level.
    7.   An Indemnity Form MUST be signed on the Course day.
    8.   A copy of your Learners/License is required for the License or Road Wise Rider Courses.

                                        - RIDE WITH SKILL AND CONFIDENCE; GET TRAINED -

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