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					                 SOUTHERN DOWNS ATHLETICS

Student Name                Event/s
Ammenhauser Madison         sprint, high jump, long jump, 800m, 200m
Bilbrough Carter            sprint, 800m, 200m
Breen Shaun                 shotput
Bridgeman Cody              high jump, long jump, 800 metres, 200 metres
Burrill Simeon              sprint, long jump, discus, 800m
Byron Sam                   high jump
Collins Bronte              sprint, 800m, 200m
Crispin Olivia              200 metres
Crofts Brock                800m
Cullen Danielle             high jump, discus, 200 metres
Cullen Thomas               200 metres
Day David                   sprint, 800m, 200m
Dean Luke                   sprint
Dillon Codee                800m
Dittman Shanae              high jump
Earl Samanth                sprint, high jump, long jump
Eyre Madeleine              sprint, shot put
Ezzy Connor                 sprint,high jump
Fidge Jaiden                sprint
Follett Sophie              800m
Gray Summerr                shotput
Gray Triston                high jump
Gross Ben                   shot put, discus
Guy Hannah                  200 metres
Hamilton Luke               sprint, long jump, 200m
Hawks Jacinta               discus
Hay Kate                    800 metres, 200 metres
Higgins Bree                sprint, 800m, 200m
Higgins Jai                 sprint, high jump, long jump
Hoffman Brendan             high jump, 800 metres
Hogan Niamh                 800m
Hoger Kelsey                shotput
Hohn Olivia                 200 metres
Holyoak Ebony               high jump
King Daniel                 sprint, 200m
Kiria Georgia               high jump
Kiria Noah                  sprint, high jump, 800m
Kraak Rachel                sprint, high jump, long jump
Lee Treymaine               200 metres
Lyons Mitchell              800m
McGahan Ashton              800m
McLauchlan Grace            sprint, long jump, 800m, 200m
McMahon Jackson             shotput
Morrish Bradley             high jump, 800 metres
Mountain Isabella           sprint, high jump, long jump, 200m
Mullaly Megan               discus
Naumann Georgia             sprint, high jump, 200m
O'Leary Matthew             sprint, discus, 800m, 200m
O'Mara Reilly               sprint, 200m
O'Neill Chris               long jump, discus, 200 metres
Platt Alanna                800 metres, 200 metres
Polzin Gareth               high jump, long jump
Polzin Jacob                long jump, 800m
Powell Cameron              high jump, 200 metres
Powell Melanie              high jump
           Raymond Shannan                    Sprint
           Reimer Ben                         shotput
           Richmond Kaillum                   sprint, long jump
           Richmond-Clay Jacqui               high jump, long jump, 200 metres
           Rigney Kodi                        discus
           Riley Brendan                      800m
           Rogers Justyn                      sprint, high jump, long jump, 200m
           Ruhle Jesse                        high jump
           Schultz Bridget                    sprint, 800m, 200m
           Shelley Joshua                     sprint
           Simon Jesse                        800 metres, 200 metres
           Sutton Taylor                      high jump, long jump
           Thomas Olivia                      discus
           Walker Allira                      high jump
           Wall Zac                           high jump
           Washbourne Justine                 sprint, 800m, 200m
           Webb Natalia                       sprint, discus, 800m
           Wise Emily                         sprint, high jump, long jump, shotput, discus, 200m
           Wyllie Jacob                       800m
           Wyllie Serena                      sprint, 800m

                             SHINING STARS FOR THE MONTH OF JULY
1F        Imogene Davidson          Imogene is always cheerful and well mannered. She is a delight to teach.
1JB       George Richmond-Clay      George has been working extremely well since the holidays. He is concentrating in class and
                                    finishing all his work. Great work George!
1MB       Georgia Tickle            Georgia is a good listener, she works very neatly and is always well behaved.
2WG       Nicholas Crispin          Nicholas partipates in all class activities and discussions with enthusiasm.
2W        Ben Lyons                 Ben always tries his hardest, does very neat work and is always actively involved
                                    in what is happening in the class.
2B        Charlize Wolff            Charli’s cheerful nature and excellent work ethic make her a valuable member
                                    of our class.
2/3OK     Chloe Fuller              Chloe is well mannered, hard working and delightful to teach.
3G        Daniel Chandler           Daniel is a thoughtful and considerate class member. He works hard, is always
                                    polite and helps others wherever and whenever he can.
3M        Jacob Gross               Jacob continues to approach his English learning most positively. I admire his
                                    Determination to succeed academically.
SEU       Jack Tratt                Jack has used great listening skills while attending parade.
4D        Luke Hamilton             For all round excellence in whatever you do. Luke is always enthusiastic, co-operative
                                    and achieving at a high level. Congratulations.
4M        Sophie Follett            For excellence in all areas of schoolwork. She is particularly conscientious with her
                                    Homework and completing set tasks on time and to the best of her ability.
                                    Well done Sophie!
4/5SV     Jackson McMahon           For being an allrounder. Jackson is hard working, co-operative and a high achiever
                                    in all areas. Well done Jackson!
5B        Cole Thompson             For applying himself in all areas of his work.
5M        Kristen Dean              For working hard in mathematics.
5W        Dion Firth                For making choices that demonstrate you understanding of the SHINE values.
6R        Amber Galloway            Amber is always on task. She helps in class discussions and provides thoughtful answers.
6G        Connor Ryan               For his hard work and dedication in competing in the Reader’s Cup Challenge.
6C        Emily Follett             For creating a fantastic picture book, preparing and participating in the Reader’s Cup
                                    assisting with the athletics.
7D        Patrick Gainey            For always caring for others, working hard to achieve his goals and for being such an
                                    Enthusiastic and thoughtful participant in lessons.
7B        Daniel King               For his conscientious attitude towards all his educational experiences.
7HC       Chris Wall                For continuing to be an active participant in classroom discussions. He strives to
                                    Understand new and challenging concepts.
Library   Mitchell Condon           For his pleasant helpful manner.
ICIs      Brendan Riley             Brendan is always helpful and co-operative and enjoys learning.
Music     Seth Brennan              Seth is always ready to help and is a great listener. He sets an excellent example to his
                                    Classmates. He is always enthusiastic in music lessons.
HPE       Zachary Caterson          For always doing his best and having an excellent attitude towards schoolwork.
Special   Bradley Morrish           For recognition of his organisation, enthusiasm and assistance during the Athletics Carnival
                                    And training (from all the Year 4-7 teachers)

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