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Start at USC 2010


									Start at USC 2010
English Language Programs
University of the Sunshine Coast

                                          Welcome                 to the University
                                          of the Sunshine Coast English Language
                                                                                                Important contact details
                                          Program. I hope you enjoy learning
                                                                                                USC International
                                          English in our friendly and supportive
                                                                                                        Tel: from outside Australia
                                          There will be many challenges as you                          dial +61 7 5430 2843
                                          seek to develop confidence and fluency                        from within Australia, but outside Queensland dial 07 5430 2843
                                          in Australian English, but there will also                    from anywhere within Queensland, Australia dial 5430 2843
                                          be many rewards.                                      Postal address:
                                                                                                        USC International, ML17
                              You will study with other international                                   University of the Sunshine Coast
students also keen to immerse themselves in Australian culture and                                      Maroochydore DC Qld 4558
make the most of their cross-cultural experience.                                                       Australia
                                                                                                Street address
The Sunshine Coast is one of the most beautiful regions in Australia,
                                                                                                        USC International
just over one hour by road or rail from Queensland’s capital city,
                                                                                                        University of the Sunshine Coast
                                                                                                        Sippy Downs Drive
Please take time out to discover our vibrant coastal communities,                                       Sippy Downs Qld 4556, Australia
beautiful beaches, lush hinterland and national parks. You’ll love our                          USC website:

I hope you have fun, both inside and outside the classroom, and I wish                          Accommodation questions
you every success in your studies.                                                                     Tel: +61 7 5459 4404
                                                                                                       Fax: +61 7 5430 2836
Kathy Solomon
Director of Studies
USC English Language Programs
                                                                                                Visa questions
                                                                                                       Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)

    Contents                                                                                    Your diplomatic office in Australia
                                                                                                   Students are encouraged to know the contact details of their home
    Steps to study......................................................................... 1      diplomatic office in Australia. Contact details for all diplomatic
    Preparing to travel to Australia ............................................ 3                offices in Australia are available from the Department of Foreign
    Arranging accommodation .................................................... 4                 Affairs and Trade

    Living on the Sunshine Coast................................................ 6                 You can record the contact details of your home diplomatic office
                                                                                                   in Australia here.
    Campus services...................................................................... 9
    Important Information......................................................... 11
    Campus map ................................................ Inside back cover                  Telephone:_____________________________________________

                                                                                                   Address: ______________________________________________


                                                                                                   Email: ________________________________________________

    Published by University of the Sunshine Coast October 2009.
    All information contained in this publication is correct at the time of going to
    press, however USC reserves the right to alter any course, procedure or fee.
    Prospective students should check for any amendments before submitting an
    application. For up-to-date information, visit
    University of the Sunshine Coast is registered on the Commonwealth Register
    of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students.
    CRICOS Provider Number: 01595D
Steps to study
Congratulations on receiving your offer to study at USC.
If you have any questions, or need more information, please contact us.

 Steps to study                                                                                        Accepting your offer
 1.    Accept your offer                                                                               •	 Sign	and	return	your	‘Response	to	offer’	
 Complete and return your ‘Response to Offer’ form to USC. (If your are from a DIAC Assessment            form to accept your offer to study in an
 Level 3 or 4 country and applying for a Pre-Visa Assessment (PVA), also send a copy of your PVA)         English language program
 2.    Pay your tuition fee in full                                                                    •	 Pay	the	total	amount	shown	on	the	Fees	
 3.    USC will issue your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) if you will be studying on a Student Visa      Notification in your offer letter.
 4.    Use the CoE to apply for your Student Visa                                                      •	 Your	place	is	confirmed	when	your	formal	
 5.    Book your flight to Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast and finalise your accommodation and             acceptance of offer and full payment of fees
       airport transfer arrangements                                                                      has been received.
                                                                                                       •	 Once	your	place	is	confirmed,	arrange	your	
 Day 1—Orientation
                                                                                                          visa, flights and accommodation.
 1.    Attend Orientation on your first day
 You will receive an Orientation package containing campus and city maps, bus timetables,              Acceptances and payments can be faxed or
 medical insurance information and other useful details. USC’s English Language Program                emailed to:
 department will supply you with all course materials                                                     USC International fax number:
 2.    Bring your passport, pens, pencil and eraser for your English level test                           +61 7 5430 2836
                                                                                                          USC International Admissions email:
 3.    Arrive at the USC ELP Reception Desk before 8.30am
 USC ELP Reception—First floor, Information and Communications Technology Centre (ICT),
 Building J. Refer to the campus map on the inside back cover of this guide
          8.30am      Meet USC ELP staff
                                                                                                       Deferring your start date
                                                                                                       •	 If	you	cannot	start	on	the	date	stated	
          8.40am      Do your English level test
                                                                                                          in your offer letter and confirmation of
         10.30am      Have your photo taken for your Student ID card. Present your passport and
                                                                                                          enrolment (for Student visa applicants), USC
                      visa notification or other valid documentation showing your visa type and visa
                      expiry date. Your Student Identification (ID) card cannot be issued until your      will allow you to defer.
                      passport and visa have been sighted                                              •	 If	you	want	to	defer,	you	will	need	to	advise	
            11am      Take a guided tour of USC with International Student Services staff                 USC International Admissions staff by
         11.30am      Enjoy a morning tea break                                                           email
                                                                                                          or fax +61 7 5430 2836.
          12noon      Explore USC or return home to get ready for your first day of classes
                                                                                                       •	 You	will	need	to	tell	the	Admissions	staff	
 Day 2—Classes commence                                                                                   when you would like to start.
 1.    Start study today                                                                               •	 When	your	deferral	is	approved,	you	will	
          8.30am      Return to USC ELP Reception area and check the whiteboard for your                  receive a new letter of offer.
                      classroom location                                                               •	 You	should	request	deferment	as	soon	
          8.40am      Start your first class                                                              possible. Deferments received after the
                                                                                                          start date may only be possible under
                                                                                                          limited circumstances and may attract
                                                                                                          financial penalty in accordance with USC’s
                                                                                                          refund policy.

CRICOS Provider Number: 01595D                                                                                                     |1
     University of the Sunshine Coast

     Steps to study
     Fees information                                               Your visa                                               You may only complete a maximum of 12
     Application fee                                                The Department of Immigration and Citizenship           weeks study if you hold a tourist visa, or a
     •	 You	must	pay	a	A$150*	application	fee	                      (DIAC) requires each person who comes to                maximum of four months study if you hold
        when you submit your application.                           Australia to study, to hold a valid visa.               a working holiday visa. Working holiday
     * approved for 2010, fee is reviewed annually and is subject   •	 If	you	intend	studying	for	more	than	                visas are only available to citizens of
     to change                                                         four months you will need to apply for a             selected countries.
                                                                       student visa.                                        For more information, visit
     Calculation of tuition fees
                                                                    •	 To	be	eligible	for	a	student	visa	you	must	   
     •	 Tuition	fees	are	charged	for	each	course	and	
        fees may vary in each year of enrolment.                       be enrolled as a full-time student for the
                                                                       duration of your English studies.
     •	 Tuition	fees	are	reviewed	within	an	agreed	                                                                       Address notification
        review period.                                              •	 USC	will	issue	you	with	a	Confirmation	of	
                                                                       Enrolment (CoE) after you have accepted            •	 You	are	required	to	provide	USC	with	an	
     For more information contact                                      your offer and paid your tuition fees.                Australian address and telephone number
                                                                                                                             within seven days of your arrival.
         USC International +61 7 5430 2843;                         •	 You	use	the	CoE	to	apply	for	your	student	
                                                                       visa through DIAC.                                 •	 If	you	change	your	address	or	telephone	
                                                                                                                             number, you must notify USC of your new
                                                                    •	 You	can	lodge	your	application	online	using	
     Payment of fees                                                   the E-Visa service (for eligible students), or
                                                                                                                             details within seven days.
     •	 You	must	accept	your	offer	before	paying	                      by lodging a Form 157A—Application for
        your tuition fees.                                                                                                Enrolment information
                                                                       a student visa—at your nearest Australian
     •	 Once	you	have	accepted	your	offer,	you	                                                                           •	 Under	the	Education	Services	for	Overseas	
        must pay your tuition fees in full.                                                                                  Students (ESOS) Act, USC is required to
                                                                    •	 Form	157A	can	be	downloaded	from	the	                 advise relevant government departments of
     Consequences of not paying fees                                   DIAC website                          your enrolment details.
     •	 A	student	with	an	overdue	debt	cannot	                      •	 As	an	international	student	with	a	student	        •	 Under	law,	any	changes	to	your	enrolment	
        attend classes or receive a certificate of                     visa, you are also required to have Overseas          or any breach of the visa conditions relating
        attainment.                                                    Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the                   to attendance must be reported.
                                                                       duration of your study in Australia. This
     •	 A	student	whose	enrolment	is	cancelled	
                                                                       is a condition of your visa, but it is also        For more information, visit:
        for non-payment of fees remains liable for
                                                                       important for ensuring access to medical    
        those fees. The student will not be able to
                                                                       services at a reduced cost.
        enrol again unless the debt is paid.
                                                                                                                          Change of program provider
                                                                    Packaged program students—Your visa                   •	 You	must	remain	enrolled	at	USC	for	the	
     Student Fees and Charges Policy and
                                                                    When applying for your student visa you should           first six months of your program or for the
     Procedures—Refund Policy
                                                                    indicate your intention to study each of the             duration of your program if it is less than
     •	 The	USC	Student	Fees	and	Charges	Policy	
        and Procedures (in relation to the refund of                programs in your package, otherwise a ‘no                six months.
        program monies) can be found at:                            further stay’ condition may be placed on              •	 If	you	request	a	letter	of	release	in	writing,                                  your visa.                                               USC will automatically give you one, if you
        abouttheuniversity/governance/policies/                                                                              provide a valid unconditional letter of offer
                                                                    In order to apply for a student visa to cover            from another registered education provider.
                                                                    the duration of your entire study package eg
     •	 The	Student	Fees	and	Charges	Procedures	
        outline refunds payable in the case of both
                                                                    English language and degree/Study Abroad              Age requirement
        student and provider default, amounts                       programs, you will need a Confirmation of
                                                                                                                          •	 You	must	be	aged	at	least	18	years	and	one	
        that may or may not be repaid, and the                      Enrolment (CoE) for each program.                        week before you commence study at USC.
        processes for claiming a refund.                            For packages culminating in a USC                     •	 The	minimum	student	age	for	enrolment	in	
     •	 All	international	students	who	wish	to	                     undergraduate program you should apply for a             USC programs is 18 years of age.
        study at USC should ensure they read and                    student visa under the higher education sector
        understand the Student Fees and Charges
                                                                    subclass 573 for award programs or Non-Award
        Policy and Procedures before accepting
                                                                    subclass 575 for Study Abroad programs.
        their offer.
                                                                    For packages culminating in a USC
                                                                    postgraduate research program you should
                                                                    apply for a student visa under the postgraduate
                                                                    research sector subclass 574
                                                                    •	 If	you	are	from	an	Assessment	Level	1	or	2	
                                                                       country, you will need to obtain a CoE from
                                                                       the University before applying for your visa.
                                                                    •	 If	you	are	from	an	Assessment	Level	3,	4	or	
                                                                       5 country and require a Pre-Visa Assessment
                                                                       (PVA), you should use your offer letter from
                                                                       the University for the PVA. You should wait
                                                                       for advice from the Australian diplomatic
                                                                       office about the outcome of your Pre-Visa
                                                                       Assessment before obtaining your CoE.

2|   Start at USC 2010 | English Language Programs                                       CRICOS Provider Number: 01595D
                                                Preparing to travel to Australia
                                                Before you leave home                                Prescription medication
                                                •	 Have	a	medical	and	dental	check-up.               Pre-existing conditions and OSHC
                                                •	 Make	two	photocopies	of	your	passport,	visa	
                                                   and other important documents. Leave one          •	 Overseas	Student	Health	Cover	(OSHC)	
                                                   set of copies at home and put another set            provides limited cover for prescription
                                                   in your luggage.                                     medication and will generally not cover the
                                                •	 If	you	would	like	a	transfer	from	Brisbane	          cost of prescription medication for a pre-
                                                                                                        existing condition.
Overseas Student Health                            or Maroochydore airports to your
                                                   accommodation, indicate your preference on        •	 There	is	usually	a	12-month	waiting	period	
Cover (OSHC)                                       your application form.                               before prescription medication and medical
•	 The	Australian	Government	requires	          •	 If	you	would	like	to	use	a	credit	card	in	           treatment can be covered for a pre-existing
   all holders of a student visa to have           Australia, you should open a credit card             condition (check with your OSHC provider
   approved health cover for the duration          account. Credit cards are not usually issued         for details).
   of their visa.                                  to overseas students in Australia.                •	 If	you	need	medication	for	a	pre-existing	
•	 If	you	are	a	Norwegian	or	Swedish	           •	 Enquire	about	schooling	or	childcare	for	            condition, you should bring the medication
   student, you are exempt from this               your children.                                       to Australia with you.
   requirement if you have health cover         •	 Check	that	you	have	paid	your	fees.
   provided by the Swedish or Norwegian                                                              Bringing prescription medication into
   National Health Insurance Scheme.            What you should bring                                Australia
                                                •	 your	valid	passport
                                                                                                     •	 When	travelling	with	prescription	
Health cover and travel                         •	 your	student	visa	and	entry	permit	(if	you	
                                                                                                        medication you must carry a letter from
                                                   have one)
insurance for non-student                       •	 if	you	have	applied	online	and	obtained	an	
                                                                                                        your doctor describing who and what the
visa holders                                       E-Visa, bring a hard copy of the visa grant-
                                                                                                        medication is for, and confirming it is
                                                                                                        for your personal use or the use of your
If you are not a student visa holder, you are      notification email, which states the visa
                                                   expiry date                                          travelling companion(s).
not eligible for OSHC. Ask a travel agent or                                                         •	 The	medication	must	be	left	in	its	original	
                                                •	 your	letter	of	offer	from	USC
search online to find health and/or travel                                                              packaging and the packaging should show
                                                •	 a	copy	of	your	Confirmation	of	Enrolment	
insurance to meet your personal needs.             (CoE)                                                the ingredients.
                                                •	 your	tuition	payment	receipt                      •	 Before	travelling	with	prescription	
Education for school-aged                       •	 some	form	of	identification	(ID)	such	as	            medication of any quantity, always check
                                                                                                        with the embassy of the country you are
children                                           a driver’s licence, a certified copy of your
                                                   birth certificate or an ID card                      travelling to, as to the legality of carrying
If you have school-aged children, the                                                                   medications into that country.
Sunshine Coast has a wide choice of             Quarantine matters—what you cannot
pre-school, primary and secondary               bring into Australia                                 What currency should you bring
education providers.                            To protect Australia’s unique environment            to Australia?
                                                and important agriculture industries, strict         It is a good idea to arrive with a small amount
For more information, visit:
                                                quarantine laws are in place at all Australian
   Public schools                                                                                    of Australian dollars. You may need to buy
                                                international airports and mail centres.                                                            things in places that do not offer foreign
   Private schools                              On the aircraft, before your arrival in Australia,   currency exchange or accept travellers’ cheques.                          you will be given an Incoming Passenger Card
                                                to fill in. This is a legal document and you must    Travellers’ cheques are the safest way to carry
Fees apply at private and government                                                                 money when you are travelling. Use a money
                                                tick YES to declare if you are carrying any food,
schools.                                                                                             belt or similar document holder that can be
                                                plant material or animal products.
                                                                                                     worn under your clothing to carry your money.
                                                                                                     This makes you less at risk of theft.
                                                   TIP: If you are unsure about any items
                                                   you are carrying—declare them.                    If you have a credit or debit card with the Cirrus
                                                                                                     or Visa logo on it, you can withdraw Australian
                                                                                                     Dollars from most Automatic Teller Machines
                                                In many cases, items will be returned to you         (ATMs) in Australia. Your bank may charge fees
                                                after inspection. However, any items that have a     each time you withdraw money, so it may be
                                                pest or disease risk will be withheld.               cheaper to open an Australian account (see
                                                Depending on the quarantine risk, some items         ‘Banking’ on page 7 for more information).
                                                can be treated to make them safe (this will
                                                incur a fee). Other quarantine risk items may
                                                need to be seized and destroyed.

                                                To find out more about what you cannot bring
                                                or mail into Australia, please visit:
                                                CRICOS Provider Number: 01595D                                                    |3
     University of the Sunshine Coast

     Accommodation and Airport Transfers

     When to arrive                                    Homestay                                            How to book
     •	 You	should	aim	to	arrive	at	least	one	or	      Most ELP students stay in Homestay                  To book homestay, complete the
        two days before you start your English         accommodation.                                      accommodation section of your application
        language course.                                                                                   form and return it to USC International at least
                                                       If you choose Homestay, you will:
     •	 It	is	good	to	have	time	to	settle	into	your	                                                       four weeks before your arrival.
        accommodation and become familiar with         •	   live	with	a	local,	Australian	host	family      •	 A	placement	fee	of	A$150*	applies.
        your new surroundings.                         •	   have	your	own	bedroom	and	study	facilities     •	 Homestay	costs	A$225*	per	week	(single	
     •	 It	is	important	to	make	your	                  •	   experience	daily	life	in	English                  room, half board, no transport).
        accommodation arrangements                     •	   learn	more	about	Australian	culture            •	 A	minimum	up-front	payment	of	four	weeks	
        before you arrive.                             •	   receive	breakfast	and	dinner	(weekdays)	and	      rent, or for the length of the study program,
                                                            breakfast, lunch and dinner (weekends)            if less than four weeks, is required.
                                                                                                           •	 This	payment	is	non-refundable	as	per	
                                                                                                              Student Fees, Charges and Refund Policy
                                                                                                              and Procedures
                                                                                                           •	 You	need	to	give	two	weeks	notice	or	two	
                                                                                                              weeks payment in lieu of notice if you wish
                                                                                                              to leave homestay accommodation after the
                                                                                                              initial four-week booking.
                                                                                                           •	 After	the	initial	minimum	4-week	homestay	
                                                                                                              period, unused homestay rent payments will
                                                                                                              be refunded if you cancel in writing at
                                                                                                              least two weeks before the date you
                                                                                                              want to vacate.
                                                                                                           *2010 rates subject to annual review and change.

4|   Start at USC 2010 | English Language Programs                                                                                  CRICOS Provider Number: 01595D
Student Accommodation                               Airport transfers
Modern, privately-owned, resort-style student       •	 Brisbane	International	Airport	is	the	
accommodation is conveniently located next             Sunshine Coast’s closest international airport.
to USC.                                             •	 There	are	frequent	international	flights	
                                                       direct to Brisbane or you can fly into
Both UniCentral and Varsity Apartments provide         Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns or Coolangatta
excellent facilities in a secure environment with      (Gold	Coast)	and	take	a	domestic	flight	to	
on-site managers.                                      Brisbane.
Each 4-bedroom apartment has a fully-               •	 There	are	also	daily	domestic	flights	from	
equipped kitchen, a furnished living area and a        Sydney and Melbourne to Maroochydore
balcony or patio.                                      airport (only 20 minutes drive from USC).
                                                    •	 Airport	transfer	services	are	available	for	
You have your own room with personal                   flights arriving between 5am and 8pm daily:
study area, private ensuite shower and toilet,      	 –	From	Brisbane	Airport	(bus–one	way)	A$80*
telephone and internet connections.                    –	From	Coolangatta	Airport	(bus–one	way)	A$200*
There is a range of sporting and leisure
facilities, including swimming pools, basketball,
                                                    How to book
tennis and beach volleyball courts, games rooms     To book airport transfers, complete the arrival
and a gym.                                          details on your application form and return it
                                                    to USC International at least four weeks before
Facilities vary at UniCentral and Varsity, so       your arrival. (Fees apply)
check their websites for details.
                                                    •	 When	you	have	supplied	your	arrival	details	
The complexes are:                                     you will receive information outlining your
                                                       transfer arrangements.
•	 linked	by	pathways	to	USC	
                                                    •	 Carry	this	information	in	your	hand	luggage	
•	 a	10-minute	drive	or	20-minute	bus	ride	to	
                                                       or money belt/document holder so you can
   the beach
                                                       refer to it on arrival.
•	 within	easy	reach	of	local	shopping	centres
                                                    •	 Overnight	accommodation	may	be	needed	for	
                                                       departures from Coolangatta International
How to book                                            Airport due to flight schedules. (Fees apply)
For bookings, contact the accommodation
                                                    If you have any questions, require further
managers directly:
                                                    information, or to access “USC fee for service”
    Varsity Apartments                              bookings, email
    Tel: +61 7 5450 2000
    Web:               Refunds of accommodation
    Click on ‘reservations’.
                                                    placement fee and airport
    Tel: +61 7 5476 8855
                                                    transfer fees
    Web:                      Accommodation placement and airport transfer
    Click on ‘apply now’.                           fees will be refunded in full if you cancel in
                                                    writing at least two weeks in advance of the
If you would like USC to make your booking,         requested service date.
                                                    For more information, visit
    USC International                               Students/International/Rules/Summary.htm
    Accommodation Services
    Tel: +61 7 5459 4404                            USC accepts no responsibility for
    Email:                 accommodation or airport transfer bookings
                                                    that are not arranged by USC Accommodation
A	placement	fee	of	A$150*	applies.                  Services staff.
*2010 rates subject to annual review and change.

CRICOS Provider Number: 01595D                                                                    |5
     University of the Sunshine Coast

     Living on the Sunshine Coast

                                                                                                                           Living expenses guide
                                                                                                                           The cost of living on the Sunshine Coast is
      General living costs                                                             Cost (A$)*
                                                                                                                           generally lower than in Australian capital cities
      Homestay                                                                         $225	                               You will need to allow more for living expenses
      Private share accommodation                                                      $150–$180	(per	week)                if you have a spouse or dependant child
                                                                                                                           accompanying you.
      Food (most meals included if in Homestay)                                        $60–80	(per	week)
                                                                                                                           You	should	allow	at	least	A$8,000	per	year	for	
      Electricity                                                                      $10	(per	week)                      each child’s schooling.

      Telephone (depending on number and type of calls)                                $10–20	(per	week)
                                                                                                                           Cost of living
      Transport                                                                        $25	(per	week)                      •	 You	are	responsible	for	your	own	tuition	
                                                                                                                              fees and living expenses.
      Stationery, photocopying                                                         $20	(per	week)                      •	 You	should	have	enough	money	to	support	
      Entertainment                                                                    $30	(per	week)                         yourself in Australia.
                                                                                                                           •	 If	you	are	granted	a	visa	with	permission	to	
      Cinema ticket (student rates)                                                    $12.50                                 work, the money you earn should only be
                                                                                                                              relied on to supplement your income, not to
      Postage (within Australia)—standard letter                                       $0.55                                  be your primary income.
      Postage (international)—standard letter                                          $1.40	(minimum)                     •	 USC	is	unable	to	provide	any	employment	
                                                                                                                              for students.
      * Costs are approximate and will vary from person to person. Students living in student accommodation at Varsity     •	 Be	sure	you	can	access	your	funds	easily,	
      Apartments or UniCentral do not pay for electricity. Major expenses such as buying and running a car, purchase of
      a computer, television or stereo, holiday travel, or travel to and from the home country have not been considered.
                                                                                                                              either from an Australian bank account or
      Amounts are in Australian Dollars and are Goods and Services Tax (GST) inclusive.                                       your home bank account. A credit card is a
                                                                                                                              good back up for emergencies.

6|   Start at USC 2010 | English Language Programs                                                                                              CRICOS Provider Number: 01595D
                                             Travelling times on the Sunshine Coast
                                             Bus        Campus to Kawana—15 minutes
Currency                                                Campus to Maroochydore or Nambour—30 minutes
Australia uses a decimal currency                       Campus to Landsborough Railway Station—20 minutes
system with 100 cents to the dollar.                    Maroochydore to Noosa or Caloundra—55 minutes
The currency comprises notes and                        Maroochydore to Brisbane—1 hour, 30 minutes
coins and the basic unit of currency is
the Australian Dollar. Australian notes      Car        Campus to Mooloolaba—10 minutes
are plastic and different values are                    Campus to Kawana—15 minutes
represented in different colours and                    Campus to Maroochydore, Caloundra or Nambour—20 minutes
sizes.                                                  Campus to Noosa—40 minutes
Coins come in the values of 5c, 10c,                    Campus to Brisbane—1 hour
20c,	50c	(c	being	cents),	$1,	and	$2,	and	
                                             Rail       Landsborough to Brisbane—1 hour, 30 minutes
notes	in	the	values	of	$5,	$10,	$20,	$50	
                                                        Nambour to Brisbane—1 hour, 45 minutes
and	$100.	Coins	less	than	$1	in	value	
are silver, the others are gold.             Bicycle Bicycle track between USC and Mooloolaba—30 minutes
Throughout this guide, Australian Dollars
is	denoted	by	A$.                            Shopping and entertainment
Currency converters                          Most shopping and retail stores on the Sunshine     •	 Buses	615,	616	and	617	take	you	directly	to	
Currency conversion can take practice.       Coast are open seven days a week from 9am to           Sunshine Plaza from USC.
Here are two websites that do the hard       5pm weekdays, and from 10am to 4pm on the           •	 Bus	timetables	are	available	from	USC	
work for you:                                weekends.                                              International, Level 1, ICT Centre, Building J or
•                                                                                   Student	Central,	Ground	floor,	Building	C.	
                                             Some stores offer late-night shopping until 9pm
•                                                                 Kawana Shoppingworld is a large shopping centre
                                             on Thursday.
                                                                                                 approximately 20 minutes from USC by bus.
Banking                                      Most stores accept cash, credit cards and debit
                                                                                                 •	 It	offers	over	110	stores	including	banks,	
                                             (savings) cards.
You have a wide choice of banking                                                                   fashion, homeware, hair care, travel services
options on the Sunshine Coast. The           If you live close to USC, there are two shopping       and a department store (Big W).
financial institution you choose will        centres within walking distance.
allow you to operate your bank account                                                           Brisbane has a number of large shopping centres
                                             •	 Chancellor	Park	Shopping	Centre	is	a	small	      including:
from almost anywhere in Australia.
                                                shopping centre with a convenience store,
•	 Most	accounts	are	operated	with	             fruit and vegetable shop, butcher, bakery,       •	 Queen	St	Mall	in	the	heart	of	the	City
   a plastic card, sometimes called             take-away food outlets, medical centre,          •	 Southbank	Plaza,	and
   a ‘keycard’ or ‘handycard’, via              chemist (pharmacy), laundromat, movie            •	 Fortitude	Valley	(Chinatown).	
   Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) or          rental store and hairdresser. The shopping
                                                                                                 Brisbane is an easy train ride from the Sunshine
   Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of        centre is within 10-minutes walk of student
                                                                                                 Coast, and timetables are available from USC
   Sale (EFTPOS).                               accommodation in Chancellor Park, and is
                                                handy for buying small amounts of groceries.     International, Level 1, ICT Centre, Building J or
•	 These	cards	cannot	normally	be	used	
                                                                                                 Student	Central,	Ground	floor,	Building	C.
   for payments over the Internet or         •	 Chancellor	Park	Marketplace	is	about	
   telephone. If you need this service,         20-minutes walk from USC. It has a large
   ask the bank to issue you with               supermarket (Woolworths). Most students          Markets
   a debit card with Visa or Cirrus             do their grocery shopping here. Woolworths       The Sunshine Coast has a large number of local
   network access.                              stocks fresh fruit and vegetables, meat,         markets, mostly on weekends.
•	 Banks	in	Australia	set	charges	for	          poultry, dairy, and a wide range of general
                                                food and household items. In the Marketplace     The world-famous Eumundi Markets offer
   some transactions, have varying
                                                you will also find a medical centre,             handcrafted products, diverse cuisine, fresh
   rules for opening and operating
                                                hairdresser, gift shop, newsagent, banks (Bank   produce and live music.
   accounts, and offer ranging benefits
   in terms of fee structure. Some              of Queensland, Suncorp, Commonwealth Bank
                                                                                                 For more information, ask STA travel—Level 1,
                                                and ANZ), post office, chemist (pharmacy),
   may offer ‘fee free’ accounts on                                                              ICT Centre, Building J.
                                                bakery and other retail stores.
   presentation of your USC ID card.
•	 The	closest	banks	to	USC	are	the	         Shopping centres                                    Cinemas
   Bank of Queensland, Commonwealth          Sunshine Plaza is the largest shopping centre       You can see the latest movies at cinemas in
   Bank, Suncorp and ANZ, all located                                                            Maroochydore, Caloundra and Noosa.
                                             on the Sunshine Coast. It has a wide variety of
   in Chancellor Park.
                                             stores, restaurants and food outlets, cinemas and
•	 These	banks	offer	a	range	of	options,	                                                        For session details, check local newspapers or visit
                                             entertainment venues.
   and it is easy to open an account.                                                  
•	 USC	International	staff	can	help	you	     •	 Sunshine	Plaza	is	open	seven	days	a	week	
                                                (9am to 5pm, and until 9pm on Thursdays).        Show your student ID card for discounted tickets.
   with this.
CRICOS Provider Number: 01595D                                                                                                  |7
     University of the Sunshine Coast

     Living on the Sunshine Coast
     Driving in Australia                                 Medical services                                     Postal services
     You must hold a valid driver’s licence to drive in   Medical centres                                      •	 Australia	Post	is	Australia’s	postal	service	
     Australia.                                           If you are unwell you should make an                    operating the mail system both within
     •	 If	you	have	a	current	driver’s	licence	in	your	   appointment	with	a	General	Practitioner	(GP).	          Australia and internationally. Australia
        home country and it is in English, then you                                                               Post branches offer all postal services, bill
        are permitted to drive in Australia.              •	 A	GP	is	a	doctor,	usually	located	in	a	              payment, and retail sales of postal and gift
                                                             medical centre.                                      products. Australia Post also offers a range
     •	 If	your	driver’s	licence	is	in	a	language	
        other than English, you may apply to the          •	 Most	medical	centres	open	8am	to	5pm	                of services online
        Department of Immigration and Citizenship            Monday to Friday, and 8am to 12noon on            •	 The	nearest	branch	of	Australia	Post	is	in	
        (DIAC) to have it translated.                        Saturdays (hours may vary).                          the Chancellor Park Marketplace. Other
     •	 You	must	carry	your	driver’s	licence	(with	       •	 	Some	medical	centres	operate	seven	days	            branches are located at Buderim, Sunshine
        translation if applicable) and passport with         a week and may also offer an after-hours             Plaza at Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, and
        you at all times when driving.                       service (24 hours, seven days). It can be            Kawana.
                                                             expensive if you need a doctor to visit you       •	 For	sending	large	or	heavy	items	from	
     •	 If	you	do	not	hold	a	driver’s	licence	in	your	
                                                             at home.                                             Australia to your home country, a number
        home country, and you are going to stay in
        Australia for more than six months, you           •	 If	you	are	unable	to	see	a	local	doctor	at	a	        of cost-effective options are available,
        can apply for a Queensland driver’s licence.         medical centre, you can visit the Emergency/         including delivery by sea or airmail.
        You will need to take a written and a                Out Patient section of a hospital. You may        •	 Australia	has	strict	regulations	on	the	
        practical test.                                      experience long delays.                              import and export of goods, so it is
                                                          •	 Consultation	fees	vary	between	medical	              important to familiarise yourself with
     For more information, visit                                                                                  the products that cannot be sent to and
                                                             centres and you will usually need to pay at                             the time of treatment.                               from Australia by visiting the Australian
                                                          •	 You	can	then	claim	part	of	this	fee	back	            Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS)
     Weather                                                 from your OSHC or other insurance provider           website
     The Sunshine Coast climate suits the outdoor            (see page 3).
     lifestyle and leisure activities you can enjoy       •	 Some	medical	centres	‘bulk	bill’,	which	          Legal issues
     here. Average temperatures range from 10°C              means you only pay a small fee at                 •	 The	Australian	legal	system	will	be	different	
     (50°F) to 28.7°C (83.7°F).                              consultation and won’t need to claim fees            from that of your home country.
                                                             back from your OSHC provider.                     •	 It	is	important	to	be	aware	that	under	
     While the region generally lives up to its name,
                                                          •	 For	contact	details	of	local	medical	centres,	       Queensland and Australian law the legal
     the Sunshine Coast also has its share of rain                                                                age of adulthood is 18 years of age.
                                                             or to make an appointment with a doctor,
     and the Australian summer months are usually
                                                             collect an information sheet from USC             •	 Legal	advice	is	available	to	international	
     the wettest.                                                                                                 students through Legal Aid. This service is
                                                             International, Level 1, ICT Centre, building J.
     You won’t need to bring lots of winter clothes       •	 You	can	find	telephone	numbers	and	                  free-of-charge but is subject to eligibility
     with you, but you should bring at least one             addresses of medical centres and hospitals           conditions.
     warm set of clothes if you are coming in winter.        in local telephone directories.
                                                                                                               To view Legal Aid services, visit
                                                          •	 If	you	become	unwell	in	Australia	you	
                                                             should visit a medical centre.                    Religion
                                                          •	 If	it	is	an	emergency	situation	or	after	         •	 Australian	law	ensures	freedom	of	religion	
                                                             hours, you should visit the Emergency/               and many religions are practised in
                                                             Out Patient section of a hospital. You may           Australia.
                                                             experience long delays.                           •	 The	Sunshine	Coast	offers	a	range	of	places	
                                                          •	 For	life	threatening	situations,	you	should	         for you to worship.
                                                             telephone an ambulance (dial 000) and you         •	 Service	and	worship	times	may	vary	
                                                             will be taken to the nearest public hospital.        throughout the year, so it is recommended
                                                          •	 Nambour	and	Caloundra	Hospitals	are	                 that you contact the church or organisation
                                                             approximately 20 minutes from USC.                   of your choice for further details.
                                                                                                               •	 You	will	find	service	times	and	contact	
                                                          Dental clinics                                          details for many local churches and places
                                                          Dentists’ fees are not covered by OSHC, so you          of worship in the Sunshine Coast Daily
                                                          will have to pay the full cost of any dental            newspaper each Saturday in the classifieds
                                                          services. Consultation fees are approximately           section under ‘Church Notices’.
                                                          A$150	at	most	dental	clinics.	Individual	dental	
                                                          practices will provide quotes or estimates for
                                                          dental treatment.

8|   Start at USC 2010 | English Language Programs                                                                                   CRICOS Provider Number: 01595D
Campus services
As a USC student, you are encouraged to access the wide range of services available to you on campus.

USC International Student                           Disability services                                 Campus Security
Services                                            USC’s Disability Services Officer provides          Personal safety is a priority at USC. Security
USC International is committed to providing         support and assistance to students with             Officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day,
you with an enriched academic and cultural          disabilities (including temporary and chronic       seven days a week.
experience.                                         medical conditions) to facilitate equitable
                                                                                                        •	 You	should	carry	your	student	ID	card	with	
                                                    academic access.
USC International Student Services is the                                                                  you at all times on campus.
information hub for international students.         Services include notetaking, interpreting,          •	 Security	may	ask	you	to	present	your	ID,	to	
•	 Email,	or	visit	the	    assessment support, physical access, special           prove you are a current student.
    International Student Services staff on Level   exam arrangements and equipment loans.              •	 Officers	are	identified	by	their	uniforms	
    1 or 5 of the ICT Centre in building J.         For more information, visit                            (blue shirts and dark pants), and ID.
•	 We	can	provide	you	with	advice,	              •	 Security	officers	can	escort	you	to	student	
    information and direction for personal,                                                                accommodation (Varsity Apartments or
    academic or administrative issues.
•	 We	provide	information	about	enrolment	
                                                    STA Travel                                             UniCentral), your car or bus stop, if required.
                                                                                                        •	 The	Security	office	is	in	the	Capital	
    procedures and associated visa, health cover    STA Travel is available at USC two days a week
                                                                                                           Programs and Operations (CPO) Building
    and accommodation matters.                      during semester.
                                                                                                           behind building D.
•	 We	are	able	to	help	with	information	            You can book domestic travel packages and           •	 Emergency	Call	Points	(ECPs)	are	located	
    about living on the Sunshine Coast and          access a range of exciting activities offered          around the campus and should only be used
    experiencing the many local attractions.        during university breaks and on weekends.              in emergencies.
•	 You	are	invited	to	join	in	our	exciting	
    optional activities program. The activities     For travel help and advice, visit                   To contact Security, telephone +61 7 5430 1168
    are an inexpensive way for you to make the           STA Travel                                     from an external or mobile phone, or 1168 from
    most of your time in Australia and to make           Level 1, ICT building, building J.             an internal/campus phone.
    new friends.
Check your USC student email account regularly
                                                         STA Travel
                                                                                                        Information Technology
for information from USC International—you
                                                         Sunshine Plaza                                 Services
don’t want to miss important events and news.
                                                         Tel: +61 7 5313 6010                           Information Technology Services provide a
USC Student Services                                     Email:        wide range of computing resources on campus,
Studying in a new country can be challenging,
so Student Services offer programs and services     USC Sport                                           •	 File	and	printing	services,	email,	audiovisual	
                                                    You can choose from a great range of quality            equipment, Internet and Intranet, and
to help you make the most of your experience.
                                                    sporting facilities, for use at discounted rates,       computer laboratories.
International students are encouraged to
use the services, which include professional        including:
                                                                                                        Username and password
counselling and disability services.                •	 An	athletics	track                               •	 To	access	USC	network	services	you	will	
For appointments, contact Student Services          •	 Hard	courts—for	tennis	basketball	and	              need to identify yourself using a username
   Tel: +61 7 5430 1226                                netball                                             and password.
   Email:                •	 Playing	fields—for	rugby	and	football	(soccer)   •	 Your	username	and	password	are	given	to	
                                                    •	 A	gymnasium,	and	a	range	of	fitness	classes	        you during orientation.
Confidential counselling                            •	 A	sports	stadium—for	basketball,	futsal,	
                                                                                                        Email accounts and Internet access
services                                               badminton and volleyball
                                                                                                        •	 You	will	be	given	a	USC	email	account.	You	
USC counselling staff are registered                                                                       should check it regularly for information
psychologists who provide support and                                                                      from USC International.
assistance to students free-of-charge, in a                                                             •	 You	can	access	the	Internet	from	all	campus	
confidential setting.                                                                                      computers.
They can help you with issues including:                                                                •	 Limited	free	Internet	usage	is	available	on	a	
•	 difficulty	in	adjusting	to	a	new	environment                                                            quota basis.
•	 homesickness	and	culture	shock
•	 depression	and	anxiety                                                                               Computer laboratories
•	 interpersonal	conflict                                                                               Some USC computer laboratories are available
•	 stress	management                                                                                    24 hours a day. See the campus map on the
•	 academic	issues                                                                                      inside back cover of this guide for locations.
•	 personal	decision-making
•	 relationship	difficulties

CRICOS Provider Number: 01595D                                                                                                       |9
       University of the Sunshine Coast

       Campus services
       Wireless on-campus                                  Laptops                                             Brasserie
       •	 USC	has	Wireless	Local	Area	Network	             •	 For	Internet	connection	from	your	laptop,	       •	 The	Brasserie—Ground	floor,	building	I—is	
          (WLAN) availability from many different             you will need an ethernet card.                     open Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm,
          points around the campus. These locations        •	 Ethernet	cards	are	standard	features	of	            during semester and 8am to 4pm during
          include the University’s Library, the               newer laptops, but can be purchased and             semester breaks.
          Brasserie, Cafe J, Cafe C, the Health and           connected to older laptops.
          Sport Centre and the second floor of             •	 Laptops	generally	have	wide-ranging	             Café J
          building J.                                         voltage, so will normally operate in Australia   •	 Café	J—Next	to	the	ICT	Centre,	building	J—is	
       •	 For	information	about	wireless	technical	           without a transformer.                              open Monday to Friday from 8am to 3pm
          requirements go to                                                                      during semester.
                                                           •	 You	should	check	your	laptop’s	voltage	
                                                              range for use in the Australian electricity
          ITSupport/Wireless                                                                                   Café C
                                                              system (220–240 volts).
                                                                                                               •	 Café	C—Ground	floor,	building	C—is	open	
       Printing, copying and scanning                                                                             Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm during
       •	 You	can	print,	photocopy	and	scan	at	a	          Library                                                semester.
          minimal cost per page using your USC             USC’s Library offers traditional library
          student ID card.                                 collections including books, videos, DVDs and       Vending machines
       •	 The	Student	Copying	and	Printing	Service	at	     maps. It also provides computer access.             Coin-operated vending machines are located in
          the Library Loans Desk can help you.                                                                 most buildings at USC. They offer a range of hot
                                                           The Library’s Copying and Scanning Centre           and cold drinks and a variety of snack foods.
       Copyright                                           offers scanning, binding, laminating,
       As a student you must comply with Australian        photocopying, transparencies and network            Off-campus
       copyright laws and the USC Copyright Policy.        printing for a minimal cost.                        •	 Chancellor	Park	Shopping	Centre,	only	a	
       Please observe copyright notices at copiers,                                                               short walk from USC, has take-away food
       print stations and in computer laboratories         Your student ID card is also your Library Card         stores including Chinese food, burgers,
       around campus. You will also receive a              and you must present it to borrow items.               pizza, and fish and chips.
       copyright notice when you log into the USC          Many Library services, including access to          •	 Chancellor	Park	Marketplace	(near	
       Network.                                            journals, online tutorials, and electronic             Woolworths) has a Subway store, cafés and
                                                           databases, are available at                            a pizza shop.
       For the USC Copyright Policy, visit
                                                                               •	 Chancellor	Village	Tavern,	is	about	
                                                                                                                  20-minutes walk from USC.
       or the Library FAQ Database
                                                           Co-op Bookshop
                                                           The	Co-op	Bookshop—Ground	floor,	ICT	Building,	
                                                                                                               Art Gallery
                                                           Building J—is open Monday to Friday from 9am        The	USC	Gallery	hosts	a	range	of	exhibitions	
       Student Help Desk
                                                           to 5pm and extended hours during the first two      throughout the year. It displays work by
       If you have IT problems on campus you should
                                                           weeks of semester.                                  nationally and internationally renowned artists,
       contact the Student Help Desk in the Library’s
                                                                                                               local artists and students.
       Information Commons.                                •	 The	Co-op	stocks	textbooks,	fiction	and	
           Tel: +61 7 5459 4455                               non-fiction books, academic software,            The	Gallery	also	presents	talks,	workshops	and	
           Email:                    phone cards, postage stamps, science             public events. It is open Monday to Friday from
                                                              laboratory coats, stationery, accessories, and   10am to 4pm, and Saturday 1pm to 4pm. Entry
       Voltage                                                a range of USC clothing.                         is free.
       Electricity in Australia is 220–240 volts.          •	 Students	can	purchase	lifetime	membership	
                                                                                                               For exhibition details, visit
       •	 You	can	buy	transformers	before	you	arrive,	        for	A$20.	Membership	entitles	students	to	a	
          but you will need to make sure they are for         9 percent discount in any Co-op Bookshop
          the three-pin Australian plug.                      in Australia.
       •	 If	you	can’t	buy	a	transformer	in	your	home	
                                                                                                               Automatic Teller Machine
          country, you can wait until you arrive.
                                                           Food services                                       (ATM)
          Expect	to	pay	approximately	A$70	for	a	          If you bring your own food to USC:
                                                                                                               A Bank of Queensland ATM, which accepts most
          suitable transformer.                            •	 the	Brasserie	has	a	microwave	for	               cards,	is	located	on	the	Ground	floor	of	building	B.
       •	 You	will	also	need	a	powerpoint	converter	          student use
          for the Australian three-pin plug to use an
          electrical appliance you have brought from
                                                           •	 a	student	kitchen	on	Level	1,	ICT	Centre,	       Wildlife on campus
                                                              building J has hot water, a sink and             USC is located on the edge of a national park.
       •	 It	may	be	cheaper	for	you	to	buy	small	                                                              It is home to kangaroos and a variety of other
          electrical appliances when you arrive rather                                                         distinctive Australian flora and fauna.
          than paying for a transformer and converter.     Brasserie and Cafés
                                                                                                               You can photograph the animals, but remember
          Hair dryers and clock radios start from          USC’s brasserie and cafés serve a selection of
          about	A$20.                                                                                          they are wild and must never be approached,
                                                           meals, snacks and refreshments.
       •	 If	you	buy	an	Australian	electrical	appliance	                                                       handled or fed. Domestic animals (dogs and
          you might have trouble using it at home if       The cafés offer relaxed, outdoor settings, while    cats) are not permitted.
          you have a different electrical voltage.         the air-conditioned Brasserie has indoor and
       •	 Adaptors	are	available	at	most	major	            outdoor areas.
10 |   Start at USC 2010 | English Language Programs                                                                                 CRICOS Provider Number: 01595D
Important information
University by-laws and rules                       Formal assessment of your progress takes place      Deferring, suspending or
                                                   during these times. Assessment tasks will cover
•	 All	students	must	abide	by	USC	by-laws	and	
                                                   all four macro skills—Reading, Writing, Speaking    cancelling student enrolment
   rules and are subject to all USC regulations.
   Refer to
                                                   and Listening. However, not every assessment        after study commencement
                                                   task covers all four macro skills at once.          There are limited circumstances in which a
   for details. Familiarise yourself with
   USC policies regarding fees and refunds,        You should talk to your teachers about your         student may defer or temporarily suspend
   grievance handling procedures and               English language study. They can give you           studies. These are outlined in standard 13.2 of
   academic progress.                              advice and help you develop strategies for          the National Code 2007 and include:
•	 Written	notices	are	given	to	students	by	       improving your English.                             •	 compassionate	or	compelling	circumstances,	
   electronic communication.
                                                   Every few weeks, your teacher will talk to you         or
                                                   privately during Self Access time. At this time,    •	 misbehaviour	by	the	student
Academic Progress                                  your teacher will discuss your progress with
English Language Programs (ELP) is required                                                            A deferral or suspension of study may affect
                                                   you. Your teacher may give you feedback on
by the National Code of Practice to check your                                                         your student visa.
                                                   your progress, listen to your concerns, and offer
course progress. This is important, because        advice.                                             In the event USC intends to suspend or cancel
you are in Australia to study and achieve good                                                         a student’s enrolment, where that suspension
results.                                           Contact hours and study                             or cancellation is not initiated by the student,
                                                                                                       USC will notify the student that they have 20
Satisfactory Course Progress                       commitment                                          working days to access USC’s internal appeals
                                                   All students are expected to attend classes
To make satisfactory course progress, you must:                                                        process. If the student accesses the appeals
                                                   regularly and on time. Students who are late to
•	 have	an	attendance	rate	of	80	percent	or	                                                           process the enrolment will not be suspended or
                                                   class will miss important study and interrupt
   above                                                                                               cancelled until the internal appeals process is
                                                   other students.
•	 participate	regularly	in	class	activities                                                           completed.
                                                   Teachers mark the attendance rolls for each of
•	 complete	most	course	assignments	and	tests      the three sessions each day.
•	 demonstrate	that	your	language	skills	are	      Session times are:
                                                                                                       Student Grievance Policy and
   improving                                       •	 8.40–10.40am                                     Procedures
Your teacher will assess your language skills      •	 11am–12noon                                      USC’s	Student	Grievance	Policy	can	be	found	at:	
                                                   •	 1–3pm                                  
during class. You will make progress if you
use English as much as possible, participate       If you are late or leave the classroom for an       governance/policies/studentrelated/grievance
regularly during classes, complete your            extended period, you will be marked absent for      and in the online Student Handbook
homework, assignments, and tests.                  the time you are not in class (eg -15 to show 15
                                                   minutes absent).
Activities monitored for satisfactory course                                                           Students who remain unsatisfied with the
                                                   If you hold a student visa, the Department of
progress include:                                                                                      outcome of USC’s grievance handling procedures
                                                   Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) requires
•	 In-class	participation                                                                              may request referral to an independent
                                                   that you attend a minimum of 80 percent of
•	 Homework	tasks                                                                                      mediation or dispute resolution service. The
                                                   your course. If you do not attend at least 80
•	 Formal	and	informal	class	tests                                                                     availability of complaints and appeals processes
                                                   percent of your course, you may be reported to
•	 Interview	with	a	staff	member                                                                       does not remove your right to take action under
                                                   DIAC, and DIAC may cancel your student visa.
                                                                                                       Australia’s consumer protection laws.
•	 Research	assignments                            You will not receive a course certificate if your
•	 Completion	of	online	language	tasks             attendance rate is less than 80 percent.
Under the National Code 2007, course progress      This applies to all students, regardless of visa
must be assessed “at the end point of every        type. Attendance is calculated every Monday
study period”.                                     afternoon.

For English language Programs, “study period”
is defined as:

Academic English IELTS Preparation
Intermediate and Academic English DEEP
Stage 1
                            Weeks 5, 8, 9 and 10

Academic English IELTS Preparation Upper-
Intermediate and Academic English DEEP
Stage 2
                         Weeks 4, 5, 8, 9 and 10

CRICOS Provider Number: 01595D                                                                                                    | 11
       University of the Sunshine Coast

       Important                                       Summary of refunds policy and procedures
       information                                     You will find a plain English summary of the Refund Policy and Procedures at

       Change of Address                               1. If the University is unable to deliver your        c) If you, or your agent, give the University
       You must notify USC if you change your             course in full, you will be offered a refund           written notice of your decision to cancel
       address while enrolled in a USC program.           of course moneys you have paid. The                    your application for a program within 27
                                                          refund will be paid within 2 weeks of the              days before the commencement date
                                                          day on which the program ceased being                  of the program, you or your agent, will
       Circumstances in which                             provided. Alternatively, you may be offered            be entitled to a refund of 75 percent
       personal information may                           enrolment in another ELP program at the                of the program fees, with the following
                                                          University at no extra cost to you. You                deductions:
       be shared                                          must inform the University in writing of               (i) the ELP application fee,
       Privacy notice                                     whether you have chosen to accept a full            	 (ii)		up	to	A$250	of	any	deposit	paid	for	
                                                          refund of course moneys, or accept a place                   an articulated program,
       Information is collected on the USC
                                                          in the other program.                                  (iii) the Accommodation Placement
       application form and during your enrolment,
                                                       2. You will not be eligible to receive any                      Fee, unless we have received notice
       in order to meet our obligations under the         refund of program fees after a program has                   of cancellation in writing at least 14
       ESOS Act and the National Code 2007;               commenced, unless:                                           days before your stated arrival
       to ensure student compliance with the              a) The University of the Sunshine Coast                (iv) any rent paid and used, or paid in
       conditions of their visas and obligations              is unable to deliver your program in                     advance but not used, unless we have
       under Australian immigration laws generally.           full (refer to Clause 1), or,                            received notice of cancellation in
       Information collected about you on this            b) You are unable to start on the agreed                     writing at least 14 days before your
       form and during your enrolment can be                  starting date, or you withdraw from                      stated arrival and you have not
       provided without your consent, in certain              the program, because the Australian                      signed a lease with an
                                                          		 Government	refused	to	grant	you	a	                        accommodation provider,
       circumstances authorised or required by law,
                                                              student visa (refer to Clause 4a)                  (v) the Airport Transfer Fee, unless we
       to	the	Australian	Government	and	designated	
                                                       3 You will receive a full refund of your                        have received notice of cancellation
       authorities	approved	by	the	Government.            accommodation placement fees and airport                     in writing at least 14 days before
                                                          transfer charges if the University receives                  your stated arrival,
       Education Services for                             written cancellation of these services at              (vi) the cost of books, equipment, and
                                                          least 14 days before your stated arrival.
       Overseas Students (ESOS)                        4. You, or your agent, will be entitled to a
                                                                                                                       other materials purchased or
                                                                                                                       produced by the University for you to
       The ESOS Act and National Code ensure              refund of program fees in the following                      undertake the program
       international students in Australia get the        situations:                                            (vii) all expenses incurred by the
       education they desire.                             a) If your student visa application is                       University for services provided or
       To access the National Code 2007, or for               refused and you provide the                              arranged for you that cannot be
       a description of the ESOS framework for                University with written evidence of                      recovered by the University.
                                                              this, you or your agent will be             5. If you wish to request a refund of fees and
       students, go to
                                                              entitled to a refund of program fees,          charges, you must make the request in
                                                              with the following deductions:                 writing addressed to:
                                                              i) administration expenses of 5                International Student Fees
                                                                   percent of the total amount of            The Pro Vice-Chancellor (International
                                                                   the program fees (maximum of              and Quality)
                                                            	 	 A$250)                                       University of the Sunshine Coast—ML 17
                                                              ii) non-recoverable expenses                   MAROOCHYDORE DC QLD 4558
                                                                   incurred in organising travel,            AUSTRALIA
                                                                   accommodation or other services
                                                                                                          6. You or your agent will receive an approved
                                                              iii) the cost of books, equipment, and
                                                                                                              refund within 28 days of the University
                                                                   other materials purchased or
                                                                                                              receiving your request.
                                                                   produced by the University for you
                                                                                                          7. You or your agent will receive a statement
                                                                   to undertake the program
                                                                                                              from the University explaining how the
                                                          b) If you, or your agent, give the University
                                                                                                              refund amount was calculated.
                                                              written notice of your decision to cancel
                                                                                                          8. Refunds of fees and charges are made in the
                                                              your application for a program at
                                                                                                              same currency in which the fees and charges
                                                              least 28 days before the program’s
                                                                                                              were paid. The refund is made to the person
                                                              commencement date, you or your agent
                                                                                                              who entered into the written agreement
                                                              will be entitled to a refund of program
                                                                                                              with the University, unless that person
                                                              fees, with the following deductions:
                                                                                                              directs the University otherwise in writing.
                                                              i) the ELP application fee,
                                                                                                          9. If you are seeking a refund of any moneys
                                                              ii) non-recoverable expenses incurred
                                                                                                              paid for Overseas Student Health Cover, you
                                                                   in organising travel, accommodation
                                                                                                              will need to contact the agency or service
                                                                   or other services,
                                                                                                              provider with whom you took out that cover.
                                                              iii) the cost of books, equipment, and
                                                                                                          10. This agreement, and the availability of
                                                                   other materials purchased or
                                                                                                              complaints and appeals processes, does not
                                                                   produced by the University for you
                                                                                                              remove your rights to take action under
                                                                   to undertake the program.
                                                                                                              Australia’s consumer protection laws.

12 |   Start at USC 2010 | English Language Programs                                                                               CRICOS Provider Number: 01595D
 Campus Map


Sports field 3             12a
                                      S                                                                                                                      Lake

                             T                                                                                                             Amphitheatre
                   Health and
                  Sport Centre               Athletics
                  12c                                                              Sports field 2

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pathway to

  Chancellor                                                                                                                                  Alumni Way                                                                          and Varsity

    State                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Apartments
   College                                               Sports field 1                Outdoor
                                                                          UC                                   4a                                                                          11
                                                                                                                                                         H            i

                                                                                                   4                                                     I    LT4
                                                                                                                                                              LT4         LT3
                                                                                       Work shed                              D                                                  i
                                                                     5                                                  i                                                                  10
                                                                                                    CPO                                                               BR                                                         10a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    s On
                                                                          SDm                                                                                          LZ

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Transit Centre
                                                                                                                             C               LIB                                                                                 9

                                                                                                                                                                                                Bus Lane
          Open parking (student and visitor)                                                           3                i             CC                              2                8
                                                                                                                            Student                      CJ                LZ
          Overflow parking (unsealed surface)                                                                               Central                                              i
     MC   Motorcycle parking
                                                                                                                              ATM                  LT6
          Restricted parking (staff)                                                                                                               LT5       LT2
                                                                                                    2                         B                          K                      TAXI
          Bicycle parking                                                                                           i                                                                      6
                                                                                                                                                   2         LT1                i
          Transit Centre/Bus Interchange
          Pedestrian/cycle path
          Cycle path
          Student Central
          (Student Administration and Student Services)

     LT   Lecture Theatre
      2   24 Hour Computer Lab
          (number indicates how many labs in building)                                                                                                                i
          ATM                                                                                              i
          Public payphone
     LZ   Loading Zone (service vehicles only)                                                                                                                                   USC
    TAXI Taxi pick-up

          Emergency Evacuation Assembly Point                                                                                                                                                   1
          Emergency Call Point                                                                                                                                   IC

      i   Wayfinding map

      Security                                       USC is a wildlife reserve

      Enquiries         +61 7 5430 1168 (1168)       Drive slowly: protect our wildlife
      Emergencies +61 7 5430 1122 (1122)             Do not approach the kangaroos
      Video surveillance is used on campus           No domestic animals on campus

      20 km/h limit on University roads              Care for our campus, don’t litter

  CRICOS Provider Number: 01595D
 CRICOS Provider Number: 01595D
                                  USC International
           University of the Sunshine Coast—ML17
                       Maroochydore DC Qld 4558
                              Tel: +61 7 5430 2843
                             Fax: +61 7 5430 2836
                CRICOS Provider Number: 01595D

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