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Current Catalogue - McClelland _ Stewart Fall 2010 Rights List


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									McClelland & Stewart
Fall 2010 Rights List
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                                  Future Babble

                                                                                                                                                MCCLELLAND & STEWART
                                  Why Expert Predictions Fail — and Why We
                                  Believe Them Anyway

                                  From the internationally bestselling author of Risk—sold into twelve
                                  countries—comes a witty look at what makes so many experts wrong
                                  so very often and why our brains are wired to believe them anyway

                                                Category: Psychology/social science
                                              Page Extent: 320 pages (finished book)
                                                   Publication: october 2010 (hc)
                                                          rights held: World
                                        rights sold: ANZ (scribe); UK (Virgin); UsA (Dutton)
    option Publishers: Brazil (odisseia); China (Citic Press); Denmark (Nyt Nordisk Forlag); French Canada (Editions logiques);
                    Japan (hayakawa); Korea (KPi); Taiwan (Goodness Publishing); Vietnam (Thaiha Books)

In 2008, experts predicted gas would hit $20 a gallon; it peaked at $4.10. In 1967, experts predicted that the USSR would be among
the world’s fastest-growing economy by 2000; by 2000, the USSR no longer existed. In 1911, it was pronounced that there would be
no more wars in Europe; we all know how that turned out. Face it, experts are about as accurate as dart-throwing monkeys. And yet
every day we ask them to predict the future — everything from the weather to the likelihood of a catastrophic terrorist attack. Future
Babble is the first book to examine this phenomenon, showing why our brains yearn for certainty about the future, why we are
attracted to those who predict it confidently, and why it’s so easy for us to ignore the trail of outrageously wrong forecasts.

In this fast-paced, example-packed, sometimes darkly hilarious book, journalist Dan Gardner shows how seminal research by UC
Berkeley professor Philip Tetlock proved that pundits who are more famous are less accurate — and the average expert is no more
accurate than a flipped coin. Gardner also draws on current research in cognitive psychology, political science, and behavioral
economics to discover something quite reassuring: The future is always uncertain, but the end is not always near.


“Future Babble is genuinely arresting...required reading for journalists, politicians, academics and anyone who listens to them.”
—Steven Pinker, Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, and author of How the Mind Works and The Stuff of Thought


“Terrific ... exceptionally good—has the clarity of Malcolm Gladwell.” —Evening Standard

“Gardner elegantly weaves academic research and everyday experience, exposing the secrets of emotion and reason, and the
essential roles they play in our lives. An excellent book.”—Dan Ariely, author of the New York Times bestseller Predictably Irrational

“An excellent work…his take on terrorism in the book’s penultimate chapter is refreshing ... a cheery corrective to modern paranoia.”
—The Economist

                    DAN GARDNER is a columnist and senior writer for Canada’s Ottawa Citizen, specializing in criminal justice and other investiga-
                    tive issues. With degrees in history and law, Gardner worked as a senior government policy adviser before turning to journal-
                    ism in 1997. His writing has received numerous awards, including the National Newspaper Award and Amnesty International’s
                    Media Award. He lives in Ottawa with his wife and children.

                                                               Rights represented by The Cooke Agency International
                                        647.788.4010 | rights@cookeinternational.com | www.cookeinternational.com
                                  Why Catholics Are Right

                                                                                                                                             MCCLELLAND & STEWART
                                  Michael Coren
                                  A bestselling author and prominent Catholic defends his faith

                                                           Category: Religion
                                                        Page extent: 240 pages
                                                      Publication: March 2011 (hc)
                                               Rights Held: World excluding USA (export)

Columnist, television host, author, and practicing Catholic Michael Coren examines four main aspects of Catholicism as they are
encountered, understood, and more importantly, misunderstood, today. For some Catholicism is the only permanent, absolute body
of truth, while for others it is the last permanent, absolute body that has to be opposed and stopped. Why Catholics Are Right opens
with a discussion of the abuse scandal and the reality of what happened.

Coren then traces Catholic history, with a discussion of the Crusades, Inquisition, Holocaust, and Galileo. He looks at Catholics and
theology, explaining what and why Catholics believe what they do—Papal infallibility, immaculate conception, the Church rather than
Bible alone. Finally, Coren outlines the pro-life position and why it is so important to Catholicism. In this challenging, provocative, and
personal book, Michael Coren draws on history, politics, and theology to present the arguments for the truth of Roman Catholicism.


“Coren writes with verve. He is never less than brisk and readable.” —Sunday Telegraph (U.K.)

“Coren is, quite simply, one of the most delightful prose stylists in Canadian journalism today.” —Calgary Herald

                    MICHAEL COREN is the bestselling author of twelve books, including biographies of G.K. Chesterton, H.G. Wells, Arthur Conan
                    Doyle, J.R.R. Tolkein, and C.S. Lewis, which have been translated into Polish, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech,
                    German, and Turkish. He is the host of The Michael Coren Show, a nightly television program with an audience of 250,000
                    viewers. He also hosts a daily radio show and writes a syndicated column for ten daily newspapers. Born in the United
                    Kingdom, Coren lives in Toronto, Canada. Please visit his website at www.michaelcoren.com.

                                                               Rights represented by The Cooke Agency International
                                        647.788.4010 | rights@cookeinternational.com | www.cookeinternational.com

                                                                                                                                           MCCLELLAND & STEWART
                                 Why Smart People Do Dumb Things with Their
                                 Money—and What You Can Do About It
                                 Bruce Sellery

                                 This fresh, fun, and accessible guide lays out an easy-to-follow plan
                                 that will inspire people to get a handle on their money so they can live
                                 the life they want

                                                       Category: Personal Finance
                                                         Page extent: 224 pages
                                                    Publication: December 2010 (tpb)
                                                           Rights Held: World

Smart, capable people are doing dumb things with their money. They can teach high school, write a marketing plan, navigate the
Metro in Paris, file their own taxes, brew their own beer, and even raise teenagers. And still, these smart, capable people often do
dumb things when it comes to their money. In Moolala, business journalist and popular speaker Bruce Sellery provides a simple,
essential guide for those who, when it comes to managing their money, could use a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.

With clarity and wit, Sellery helps you determine what you want out of life and then lays out a straightforward plan to help you get
there, while recognizing that we all have our own unique circumstances, dreams, and goals. Through an engaging combination of
personal stories, interactive exercises, and practical advice, the book will take you through five simple and painless steps that will
dramatically improve your financial outlook and well-being.

Not only does Moolala explain the hows of good investing, providing lay investors with an easy-to-follow plan, it also reveals the four
“C Factors” that lead so many people to do dumb things with their money, and includes tips for how you can make the “C Factors”
work for you.

Inspiring, informative, and fun, Moolala will transform the way you think about your money – and your life.

                    BRUCE SELLERY is an experienced business journalist, professional speaker, and one of the founders of CTV’s Business News
                    Network (BNN). He has anchored thousands of hours of live programming from both Toronto and New York, where he spent
                    three years as BNN’s New York Bureau Chief and reported on the U.S. markets from the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square.
                    More recently, he founded Moolala, a personal finance training company. He is a member of the Canadian Association of
                    Professional Speakers, represented by the major speakers’ bureaus and leads both public and private workshops in Canada
                    and the U.S. To watch a video clip of Bruce Sellery putting the Moolala Method in action, visit www.moolala.ca

                                                              Rights represented by The Cooke Agency International
                                       647.788.4010 | rights@cookeinternational.com | www.cookeinternational.com
                                  The Jew Is Not My Enemy

                                                                                                                                                MCCLELLAND & STEWART
                                  Unveiling the Myths That Fuel Muslim Anti-Semitism

                                  Tarek Fatah
                                  A liberal Muslim and critically acclaimed author explores the
                                  historical, political, and theological basis for centuries of Muslim
                                  animosity towards Jews, debunking long-held myths and tracing a
                                  history of hate and its impact today

                                                    Category: political Science/History
                                                         page Extent: 232 pages
                                                      publication: october 2010 (hc)
                                                rights Held: World excluding USA (export)

More than nine years after 9/11 and 60 years after the creation of the state of Israel, the world is no closer to solving, let alone
understanding, the psychological and political divide between Jews and Muslims. While countless books have been written on the
subject of terrorism, political Islam, and jihad, barely a handful address the theological and historical basis of the Jew-Muslim divide.
Following the terrorist attacks on Mumbai in November 2008, in which Pakistani jihadis sought out and murdered the members of a
local Jewish centre, Tarek Fatah began an in-depth investigation of the historical basis for the crime.

In this provocative new book, Fatah uses extensive research to trace how literature from as early as the seventh century has fueled
the hatred of Jews by Muslims. Fatah debunks the anti-Jewish writings of the Hadith literature, takes apart the Arab supremacist
doctrines that lend fuel to the fire, and reinterprets supposed anti-Jewish passages in the Quran. In doing so he argues that hating
Jews is against the essence of the Islamic spirit and suggests what needs to be done to eliminate the agonizing friction between the
two communities.


“This is fascinating, thorough and, sadly, often deeply disturbing reading. Fatah knows and writes the truth and has managed to
convey its complexities and nuances in a highly readable and compelling manner. Should become an essential work for anybody
interested in the contemporary political and religious situation.” —Michael Coren, author, Why Catholics Are Right

“As a Muslim in Denmark and a member of the Danish parliament, I am aware of the role of Islamism in whipping up anti-Semitism
and hatred towards Europe and the West. Tarek Fatah has run the gauntlet of hate and come out victorious as he does a brilliant
exposé of the myths that sustain Jew hatred in the Muslim World. By shedding the shackles of tradition, he has ventured on a bold
and honest path of discovery where he critiques the Quran and the Hadith on one hand and the excesses of Israel on the other. He
admits he has difficulties with some Islamic texts, but without attacking his faith, he exposes myths that he rightfully says are based
on hearsay, not evidence. This book is a must-read for any Jew and Muslim who wishes to honour the memory of Averroes and
Maimonides.” —Naser Khader, Member of Parliament (Folketinget), Denmark

“Tarek Fatah confronts and vanquishes one of the most unpleasant topics of contemporary Muslim life in this remarkable book. A
brave, learned, and original thinker, Fatah analyses every aspect of the antisemitic phenomenon, from the Koran to Israeli policies.
The resulting study challenges Muslims primarily but also Jews.” —Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum and visiting fellow
at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University

                    Journalist and political advocate TAREK FATAH is the founder of the liberal Muslim organization the Muslim Canadian Con-
                    gress. He is a regular contributor and guest host on the morning show on Newstalk 1010. His first book, Chasing a Mirage:
                    The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State, was a finalist for the Donner Prize.

                                                               Rights represented by The Cooke Agency International
                                        647.788.4010 | rights@cookeinternational.com | www.cookeinternational.com
                                  Eastern Passage

                                                                                                                                               MCCLELLAND & STEWART
                                  Farley Mowat

                                  Astute, moving, and wholly unexpected, Eastern Passage marks the
                                  return of Mowat—one of North America’s most daring activists and

                                                            Category: Memoir
                                                         Page extent: 224 pages
                                                      Publication: October 2010 (hc)
                                                Rights Held: World excluding USA (export)

Eastern Passage is a new and captivating piece of the puzzle of Farley Mowat’s life: the years from his return from the north in the
late 1940s to his discovery of Newfoundland and his love affair with the sea in the 1950s. This was a time in which he wrote his first
books and weathered his first storms of controversy, a time when he was discovering himself through experiences that, as he writes,
“go to the heart of who and what I was” during his formative years as a writer and activist.

In the 1950s, with his career taking off but his first marriage troubled, Farley Mowat buys a piece of land northwest of Toronto and
attempts to settle down. His accounts of building his home are by turns hilarious and affecting, while the insights into his early work
and his relationship with his publishers offer a rare glimpse into the inner workings of a writer’s career.

But in the end, his restless soul could not be pinned to one place, and when his father offered him a chance to sail down the St.
Lawrence, he jumped at it, not realizing that his journey would bring him face to face with one of Canada’s more shocking secrets –
one most of us still don’t know today. This horrific incident, recalling as it did the lingering aftermath of war, and from which it took
the area decades to recover, would forge the final tempering of Mowat as the activist we know today.

Farley Mowat grows wiser and more courageous with each passing year, and Eastern Passage is a moving book that reveals that
there is yet more to this fascinating and beloved figure than we think we know.


“Farley Mowat . . . is [a] wonderful, evocative writer.”—New York Times

“[Mowat is] one of the most beloved and trusted writers of his generation.”—Globe and Mail

“Farley Mowat [is] that figure honored in both primitive and advanced communities, the master storyteller.”—San Francisco

                    FARLEY MOWAT began writing for a living in 1949. He is the bestselling author of 44 books, including Never Cry Wolf, Owls in
                    the Family, and Bay of Spirits. With sales of nearly 20 million copies in more than 25 countries, he is one of Canada’s most
                    successful writers. He and his wife Claire divide their time between Port Hope, Ontario, and River Bourgeois, Nova Scotia.

                                                               Rights represented by The Cooke Agency International
                                        647.788.4010 | rights@cookeinternational.com | www.cookeinternational.com
                                  On the Proper Use of Stars

                                                                                                                                                  MCCLELLAND & STEWART
                                  Dominique Fortier
                                  Translated by Sheila Fischman

                                  An adventure; a tragedy; a comedy; a mash-up of mathematics,
                                  astronomy, and the domestic arts; a sparkling debut. On the
                                  Proper Use of Stars is all of these and more

                                                   Category: Literary Fiction/Historical
                                                  Page Extent: 288 pages (manuscript)
                                                    Publication: September 2010 (hc)
                                              Rights Held: World excluding French language

In 1845, the Terror and the Erebus set sail under the command of Sir John Franklin, sent to the Arctic to find the mythic Northwest
Passage. 129 men set off; none of them returned. Dominique Fortier has plucked extraordinary characters from one of the sweeping
dramas of the age of great Imperial dreams in a debut that calls to mind the stunningly imaginative works of David Mitchell,
Michael Cunningham, A.S. Byatt, and Annabel Lyon.


“With this uncommonly mature debut novel, Dominique Fortier strikes out for the furthest poles: for heroism, love, and plum
pudding. Inspired by a story we thought we knew, she creates a unique and brilliant tale that navigates skilfully between dread and
dream.” —Nicolas Dickner, author of Nikolski

“Wow! Double wow!” were my first words upon reading On the Proper Use of Stars. And what a great title! Especially when we
understand its meaning, or rather when, all of a sudden, between two pages, it takes on its full significance and goes straight to the
heart of those who allow themselves to be romantics. And to dream. Of love. Of adventure. A film is coming. Epic and Victorian! But
first, to be read for the elegance of the style and the storytelling ability of this young writer, who made me want to sail away and
explore . . . two worlds: one of ice, the other of lace; of tea, and salt water.”—Jean Marc-Vallée, director of The Young Victoria

                   DOMINQUE FORTIER was born in 1972. She obtained a Ph.D. in literature from McGill University, and is a respected editor and
                   literary translator. First published in Quebec in 2008 as Du bon usage des étoiles, On the Proper Use of Stars was shortlisted for
                   the Governor General’s Award for Fiction, a finalist for the Prix des libraires du Québec, the Grand prix littéraire Archambault
                   and the Prix Senghor, and is being adapted for the screen by Jean-Marc Vallée (C.R.A.Z.Y., The Young Victoria). She lives in
                    SHEILA FISCHMAN is the multiple-award winning literary translator of well over 100 works, by such authors as Anne Hebert,
                    Marie-Claire Blais, Monique Proulx, Gaetan Soucy, and Pascale Quiviger. She is a Chevalier de l’ordre nationale du Quebec and
                    Member of the Order of Canada. She lives in Montréal.

                                                               Rights represented by The Cooke Agency International
                                        647.788.4010 | rights@cookeinternational.com | www.cookeinternational.com
The Detective Murdoch Mysteries

                                                                                                                                                MCCLELLAND & STEWART
Maureen Jennings
In this critically acclaimed mystery series set in the late 1800s, readers are immersed in the intriguing world of
William Murdoch, a handsome young detective using radical forensic techniques to solve the city’s most
gruesome murders. Murdoch’s small circle of confidantes includes pathologist Julia Ogden, a staunch ally who
shares the detective’s fascination with forensic science, and Constable George Crabtree, Murdoch’s eager but
inexperienced right-hand man. Though his unconventional approach elicits skepticism from his boss, Inspector
Brackenreid, Murdoch is often the only one who can crack the case.

The novels are the inspiration for the television series The Murdoch Mysteries, airing internationally.

                                               Category: Fiction/Mystery & Detective
                                                     Format: Trade Paperback
                                             Rights Held: World excluding USA (export)
                                Rights Sold: Czech Republic (Jota); Korea (Philos); Poland (Oficynka)

                  MAUREEN JENNINGS was born in Birmingham, England, though she and her mother emigrated to Canada in the 1950s.
                  Maureen has written six Detective Murdoch novels: Except the Dying, shortlisted for both the Anthony and the Arthur Ellis
                  Best First Novel Awards, Under the Dragon’s Tale, Poor Tom Is Cold, and Let Loose the Dogs, shortlisted for the Anthony Best
                  Historical Mystery Award, Night’s Child, shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Award, the Bruce Alexander Historical Mystery Award,
                  the Barry Award, and the Macavity Historical Mystery Award, A Journeyman to Grief, nominated for the Arthur Ellis Award and
                  Vices of My Blood.

                  Three of the novels have been adapted for television, and four seasons of a television series, The Murdoch Mysteries, based
                  on the characters from the novels, have been produced by Shaftesbury Films for CITY TV/Rogers, UKTV in Britain and
                  distributed internationally by ITV/Granada international.

                                                             Rights represented by The Cooke Agency International
                                      647.788.4010 | rights@cookeinternational.com | www.cookeinternational.com
                                  By Love Possessed

                                                                                                                                               MCCLELLAnD & sTEWArT
                                  Lorna Goodison

                                  From internationally acclaimed and award-winning poet and
                                  author comes a dazzling collection in the tradition of Michael
                                  Ondaatje’s Running in the Family and Rohinton Mistry’s Tales
                                  from Firozsha Baag

                                                     Category: Fiction—Short Stories
                                                   Page Extent: 288 pages (manuscript)
                                                      Publication: March 2011 (pb)
                                                           Rights Held: World

These beautifully crafted stories will introduce readers to the fiction of one of world literature’s bright lights—Lorna Goodison, the
internationally renowned poet and award-winning author of the memoir From Harvey River.

When a man with humble beginnings returns to his village after years spent abroad, his “big shot ways” are no match for the woman
and child he left behind. The ridicule of the men in the bar he frequents daily upsets the delicate balance between the vain Mr.
Frenchie and his overly indulgent wife, Dottie.

With warm humour, empathy, and an unsentimental and perceptive eye for the foibles of human relationships, Goodison immerses
us in the lives of an unforgettable community of people as they face challenges both intensely private and universally recognizable.


 “Being introduced to the cast of From Harvey River is like sitting down at the family dining table. You’ll stay for the day and then on
into the evening as each new character pulls up a chair. You could not be in better company.” —New York Times Book Review

“Beautiful is the life Goodison evokes from the far distant past.…A window that opens onto a society that most of us will never
know.” —Washington Post

                         LornA GooDIson’s From Harvey River: A Memoir of My Mother and Her People was a finalist for the Charles Taylor
                         Prize for Literary non-Fiction and the Trillium Book Award, and won the prestigious B.C. Award for Canadian non-Fiction.
                         Goodison has received much international recognition for her poetry and prose, including the Musgrave Gold Medal.
                         Born in Jamaica, Goodison now teaches at the University of Michigan. she divides her time between Ann Arbor and

                                                               Rights represented by The Cooke Agency International
                                        647.788.4010 | rights@cookeinternational.com | www.cookeinternational.com
                                   The International

                                                                                                                                                       MCCLELLAND & STEWART
                                   A Novel of Belfast

                                   Glenn Patterson

                                   For fans of Colm Tóibín, Anne Enright and A.L. Kennedy, a brilliantly
                                   observed, funny, and bittersweet evocation of a day in the life of
                                   Belfast in 1967, just before everything changed

                                                              Category: Fiction
                                                          Page extent: 272 pages
                                                     Publication: February 2011 (tpb)
                                           Rights Held: English-language rights in North America

“If I had known history was to be written that Sunday in the International Hotel I might have made an effort to get out of bed before

So declares Danny Hamilton, before he takes us back over three troubled decades to a typical Belfast day in 1967, when his eighteen-
year-old self, pulling pints behind the bar of the International Hotel, had no idea that such days would soon become tragically rare.

Ordinary, but packed with extraordinary characters: second-cousin Clive, who’s a dab hand at a tricky deal, or so he thinks;
mysterious Ingrid with her camera and her pink pill-box hat; No-Neck Jurd; and especially Danny himself, a watchful charmer with a
few secrets of his own. The novel, like the hotel bar, is peopled by drinkers and lovers and big talkers who move through the pages
with tipsy grace. The International is funny and bawdy, beautifully crafted and deeply humane. First published in the UK in 1999, and
republished by Blackstaff Press in 2008, it is a classic novel from one of Northern Ireland’s finest writers.

Includes an essay “On reading The International” by Man Booker Prize–winner Anne Enright


“Glenn Patterson has become the most serious and humane chronicler of Northern Ireland over the past thirty years, as well as one
of the best contemporary Irish novelists.”—Colm Tóibín

“The International is an act of courage. It is the best book about the Troubles ever written.”—Anne Enright

“A funny, moving, politically astute novel rooted in the last three decades of Belfast’s history. Beautifully observed and crafted, I’d
recommend it to anyone who values honest prose.”—A.L. Kennedy

                    GLENN PATTERSON is the author of several acclaimed novels, including his debut, Burning Your Own, which won the Rooney
                    Prize and a Betty Trask First Novel Prize; Fat Lad; The International; and The Third Party. A collection of his journalistic writings,
                    Lapsed Protestant, was published in 2006, and a memoir of his family, Once Upon a Hill: Love in Troubled Times in 2008. He
                    recently co-wrote the screenplay for the film Good Vibrations (about legendary punk impresario Terri Hooley). He teaches in
                    the Master’s Program in Creative Writing at Queen’s University Belfast, was awarded a Lannan Foundation Literary Fellowship
                    in 2009, and is a member of Aosdána.

                                                                Rights represented by The Cooke Agency International
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