Building Permit Information Sheet # 4

Council adopted the City of Parksville Building Bylaw 1387 on December 15, 2003.

The Bylaw came into effect on December 31, 2003.

This will be a new way of doing business in the City and will affect everybody involved in the
building industry.

                                     1. BUILDING PERMITS
Building Bylaw No.1387 outlines the requirements and regulations for the construction of
buildings and structures within the City. The construction of any building requires a building
permit, except accessory buildings less than 10 m2 in area. The bylaw regulates demolition of,
alteration and repairs to a building, the moving of a building, a change of use or occupancy of part
or whole of a building, repairs following fire, flood or earthquake, alteration or addition to heating
(including wood stoves), plumbing or sewer systems and the installation of a mobile home.

When is a Building Permit Required?

A Building Permit is required for all work to building or building demolition. This includes work
such as enclosing carports, or constructing any new interior or exterior walls. Conversions or
alterations may require a building permit and must conform to all applicable Zoning and
Development Bylaw and BC Building Code requirements.

When is a Building Permit Not Required?

A Building Permit is not required for work related to building maintenance, such as painting,
replacing cabinets, or replacing roofing shingles or flooring with similar materials. If you are
unsure, please call the Building Department.

Who can Apply?

Any owner can apply for a building permit. The application must be signed by all registered
owners. Agents are no longer permitted under Bylaw 1387.

When Should a Building Permit be obtained?

A Building Permit must be obtained before beginning any work that requires a permit. It is a
violation of the Building Bylaw to undertake work without a valid permit and the permit fee will be

How Long Does it Take to Obtain a Building Permit?

Typically, complete applications are processed and issued within two to four weeks of

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                                          City of Parksville Building Bylaw 1387 Pamphlet
                                                                               April, 2008
                                                                              KP/Bylaw 1387/Forms/Info-4.
                        Building Permit Information Sheet # 4

                                2. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS
Zoning—Check zoning of the property for the following basic requirements:

    1.   Permitted uses.
    2.   Setbacks from property lines.
    3.   Maximum building and floor areas allowable.
    4.   Maximum building height and lot coverage
    5.   Parking and loading.

Approved Services — An application cannot be processed unless water, storm and sanitary
sewer services are available and approved for the site. Check with the Engineering Department
for location of services at 954-4657 or 248-5412.

Electrical and Gas Permits are obtained from the Provincial Electrical and Gas Safety Branch,
#301 – 155 Skinner Street, Nanaimo. (250) 716-5200.

Engineering — A Geotechnical Engineer’s Report will be required if the site conditions warrant
or if outlined in the BC Building Code. The geotechnical engineer will be required to submit
Letters of Assurance, prior to and after the work is commenced.

House Moving or Demolition Permits are obtained from the Building Department.

Inspections — A list of required inspections will be issued with the Building Permit. At least 24
hours notice for inspection is required. Requests for inspection can be made 24 hours a day by
phoning 954-4668.

Land Title Office has information regarding lot sizes, title searches and copies of registered
documents. 850 Burdett Avenue, Victoria, BC (250) 387-6331.

Plumbing Permits can be obtained from the Building Department (954-4668).

Sign Permits are obtained from the Planning Technician. A Development Permit may also be
required. Call 954-4697.

Subdivisions — The subdivision must be registered at the Land Title Office before an application
can be accepted.

Tree Cutting Permits are obtained from the Planning Department 954-4697.

Copies of Bylaw 1387 are available to purchase at the City Cashier counter or from the City's
website: www.city.parksville.bc.ca.

Please feel free to discuss these requirements with one of the following Staff:

                              Kevin Peters, Senior Building Inspector
                                       Planning Technician

 It is now necessary to post your street address in a visible location during construction.

                                           City of Parksville Building Bylaw 1387 Pamphlet
                                                                                April, 2008
                                                                             KP/Bylaw 1387/Forms/Info-4.

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