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					               February 6, 2011                          ST. PATRICK’S COOP NURSERY: Do you have a
          Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time                  child not ready to begin participating in Mass but
                                                         you want them close by playing and learning in a
       MASS INTENTIONS FOR THE WEEK                      safe environment with other parish children? The
Monday       6:30 Billy Eddins                           St. Patrick’s nursery offers exactly that to parents
             9:10 Frank Caruso                           of children under 5 each Sunday at the 9:30 Mass.
Tuesday      6:30 Souls in Purgatory                     Children have an opportunity to learn about the
             9:10 Eve Klinger                            liturgical seasons via coloring pages and stories.
Wednesday 6:30 Michael McKain                            We also play games and read books. Feel free to
             9:10 Clara Hobbs                            try and see if it is right for your family. We are
Thursday     6:30 Joseph Serignese                       always looking for more families to join. Contact
             9:10 Catherine Aydinian                     Tricia Young at for more
Friday       6:30 Kathy Longworth (L)                    information.
             9:10 Marta Dastin
Saturday     9:10 Mary C. Crivella
                                                          RELIGIOUS EDUCATION:
             5:30 Bruce Perry (L)
Sunday       7:00 Bernie Sekely
                                                                           JOIN US for our monthly
             8:00 Russo Family
                                                                           Children’s Mass next Sunday,
             9:30 Betty Rogers
                                                                           February 13. Plan to attend the
            11:00 Maria DeLeyva
                                                                           doughnut sale in the Parish
            12:30 Rosalind Sellerbaum (L)
                                                          Center following the Children’s Mass.
                                                                      Calling adult volunteers – Camp
                                                                      Shamrock 2011 needs your help. Set
Lawrence Alessi, Joe Amato, Donna Bartley, Amy
                                                                         aside the week of July 11-15 for
Calderone, Lisa Carroll, Jessica & Robert Caruso,
                                                                        this fun-filled camp of children
Roger Chelberg, Honorato Vega Claros, James
                                                          entering Kindergarten through 5th grade. Adult
Cook, Wyatt Cooper, Donna d’Almeida, Irene
                                                          volunteers must be in place before we can open
D’Ambrosio, Margaret D’Ambrosio, Carol Dirolf,
                                                          registration for campers. Adults are needed to
Anna Domingues, Anna Emond, Brad Fellows,
                                                          teach, co-teach, prepare snacks, and assist in
Karen Fisher, Cecile Gragan, David Grubner, Frank
                                                          the nursery. There will be a nursery available for
Irons, Sonya Kearney, Joann Langston, Sherry
                                                          camp staff whose children are younger than
Leung, Dennis Lewis, Maryann Libricz, Chris
                                                          Kindergarten age. If you are interested in
Littleton, Tim Marriott, Antonia Menjivar, Bernadette
                                                          sharing your Catholic faith with the young
Minor, Aloysius Mlot, Marlene Oravec, Joan Parr,
                                                          members of our parish, please call Sara Blauvelt
Gerald Parshall, Patsy Pierce, Mikey Pinera-Davis,
                                                          at the Religious Education Office, 301-929-9314.
Pam Redmond, Allison Richards, Onda and
                                                          Registration for campers will not take place until
Michael Selmer, Dorothy Seleski, Bruno S’Farra,
                                                          we have enough volunteers to staff the camp.
Dorsey Shouse, Kate Stanton, Diane Stolle, Luca
                                                          We will accept teen volunteers at a later date.
Thomas, Eloise Werlin and John Wilson.
                                                          Consider volunteering in this joyful parish
POOR BOX: Our Poor Box donations next week
will benefit Upper Montgomery Assistance
Network (UMAN). UMAN provides emergency                  PROTECT MARRIAGE IN MARYLAND –
financial assistance to families at risk of              CONTACT            YOUR       STATE       SENATOR
homelessness or utility disconnection. The               IMMEDIATELY: A Senate hearing will be held this
organization serves families and individuals living in   TUESDAY, February 8 in the Maryland General
Germantown, Gaithersburg and Derwood. They               Assembly on a bill (SB 116) that would drastically
also provide referral services for food, clothing,       alter the definition of marriage in Maryland. Contact
prescriptions, furniture and medical/dental care.        your senator immediately urging opposition to SB
                                                         116. Visit the Maryland Catholic Conference
LEGION OF MARY will meet on Saturday,                    website ( for a quick and easy
February 12 at 10:00 a.m. in the rectory. All are        way to email your state senator.
ST. PAT’S LOOKING TO DEVELOP A NEW                       of working parts to making this program happen. I
WOMEN’S GROUP: E.N.D.O.W. (Educating on the              can assure you, though, as I have witnessed it first
Nature and Dignity of Women) – ENDOW educates            hand, this program has been hugely successful in
and inspires women through small study groups            those parishes that have implemented it, because it
and engages the intellect of the ―woman in the           is designed to help men gain confidence as
pew.‖ By providing knowledge and fellowship in an        Christian leaders and as men, while facilitating
intimate group setting, ENDOW also fosters a             friendships with other men in the parish, and
sense of belonging and gives women an                    inspiring men to parish community service and/or
opportunity to deeply understand and personalize         holy orders. Please call the Parish Office or email
the faith that draws us together and the fellowship      Adult Faith Formation Coordinator Matt Halbach, if
that keeps us together. Both faith and fellowship        you would be interested in learning more about this
are integral to our formation as women. ENDOW            program ( I would
attracts women from all walks of life and helps          like to hold an informal meeting in late February
women realize that, no matter what they ―do‖ in life,    with those who would be interested in helping to co-
they all share a common desire for love and              facilitate this program. There are many ways to be
respect. Although society places a high priority on a    involved. More info to come.
person’s skill, appearance and usefulness,
ENDOW teaches women that their dignity                   ADULT FAITH FORMATION is hosting a Father-
originates from their personhood. The Adult Faith        Daughter Fun Night (ages 8-11) here in the Parish
Formation office would like to host an information       Center from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., Sunday, March 6.
session in early March to gauge interest, familiarize    The evening will include games, a lasagna dinner
women with this program, and to identify any             and dessert, refreshments and a talk given by
women interested in becoming facilitators. The goal      Father Rogers on the religious significance of this
is to have our first formal meeting in later March. In   relationship. The attire will be business casual. The
the meantime, if you are interested in ENDOW and         fee is $35 for each pair. Fathers, come spend an
would like to know more about it, please contact         evening with your daughters here at St. Patrick’s. It
Matthew Halbach in the AFF office and visit              will be a fun, filling and informative evening. To                    RSVP        please      email      Matt     Halbach,
                                                by March 3.
LEVEL: Men of St. Patrick: Due to the recent             ADULT FAITH FORMATION is hosting another
success of our Men’s Conference there has been a         men’s prayer breakfast on Fat Tuesday, March 8 at
consensus that a follow-up event is needed, and/or       6:00 a.m.! Yes, that time is correct. Father Joe will
the creation of a men’s group that meets regularly.      be present, offering Mass at 6:00 a.m. that morning
The good news is that both of these initiatives are      with breakfast and a reflection (by Father Joe) in
possible and can be achieved simultaneously in:          the Parish Center. Why so early? This would be an
―That Man is You: Becoming a Man After God’s             excellent opportunity to get our minds and bodies in
Own Heart.‖ This program (championed by many of          the ―Lenten mode‖ by sacrificing our time and
our bishops) combines the solidarity and                 getting up early for Mass, fellowship, and food. We
companionship of a men’s group with a simple,            will need some men to help cook breakfast and a
organized, and inspirational format for each group       few others to help serve. This format, by the way, is
meeting, one that centers on becoming Catholic           the format that we will use for our ―That Man is
leaders in the home, work, neighborhood, and             You‖ men’s group which we hope to get underway
parish. This program is designed so that men meet        in early spring. Please email Matt Halbach if you
once-a-week (usually early in the morning before         are interested in: 1) attending the men’s prayer
work), eat breakfast together, which is provided by      breakfast; 2) helping to cook and/or serve the
other group members, and participate in a topical        breakfast; 3) more information about the men’s
discussion, which is prepared and facilitated by         group at
members of the group. So, you can see, there is
both a fellowship and an educational component,          ALTAR SERVER TRAINING will be held on May 5
not to mention the call to various leadership            at 3:15 p.m. and May 10 at 7:00 p.m. Candidates,
opportunities that is present. The good news is, this    who must be currently in the 4th grade or above,
program would provide structure and content to our       can attend either session. Mark your calendars now
meetings, so one should never feel like a meeting        and watch for more information in bulletins in April.
was a waste of time, or that this group is purely
social in nature. As you can guess, there are a lot
KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS: Please mark your                     feature a variety of workshops as well as a Mass
calendars. On Saturday, February 26, the Father           celebrated by Cardinal Wuerl (Sign-language
Peter Paul Maher Council of the KOC along with            interpreted, wheelchair accessible). For more
the Lions Club of Olney will again sponsor their          information, contact Peg Kolm at the Archdiocesan
Annual Pancake and Sausage Day. This will be the          Office of Ministry for Persons with Disabilities, 301-
35th year for this event, showing how good it really      835-4560 or
is. The usual ―all you can eat‖ breakfast will be at
St. John Episcopal Church Hall in Olney and will                      TWO OUT OF TEN pages were covered
run from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Bring your                         at our last discussion of KAIROS,
appetite and come and join us for another great                       PALESTINE, a document written by
meal while helping to support our College                             Palestinian Christians for the world. So,
Scholarship Program. Any fellow Knights willing to                    we’ll be gathering again! Check it out at
volunteer should contact Don Hemke, 301-774-     “The suffering continues
7511 or email Business              while the international community silently looks
or Patron Ads are also available for purchase via         on…Our world is a cry of hope, with love, prayer
Me. Hemke.                                                and faith in God. We address it first of all to
                                                          ourselves and then to all the churches and
THE LEGION OF MARY is sponsoring a Parish                 Christians in the world.” ALL parishioners are
Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary. Father          welcome together in prayer and fellowship for this
Rogers will give an introductory talk on Tuesday,         2nd reflection on Wednesday, February 16 at 7:15
February 15 at 7:15 p.m. in the Rectory basement.         p.m. in the faculty room of our school. For more
Please consider making this complete and perfect          information and a copy of the document, please
consecration to Our Lady.                                 contact our office of Parish Social Ministry.

BEREAVEMENT GROUP: Losing a loved one can                             FAIR TRADE CHOLOCATE FOR
be one of the hardest things that we experience in                    YOUR VALENTINE: When you buy Fair
our lives, and each person grieves differently. To                    Trade chocolate for your Valentines,
help support each other during these difficult times,                 they will enjoy delicious chocolate,
a bereavement support group has begun at St.                          and you’ll enjoy knowing that you’re
Patrick’s. A support group is a safe haven where          helping fight poverty overseas. By purchasing
we can pray, talk, cry, share our anger, guilt, and       Fair Trade chocolate through Catholic Relief
fears with those that understand and care. Grief is       Services’ partners, you know that farmers are
like a wound; it takes time to heal. A support group      guaranteed a fair price for their cocoa and that no
is to the grieving like a healing salve is to a wound;    exploitative child labor is involved. Visit
it soothes and comforts us while we heal. The next
meeting will take place on Saturday, February 26,
(please note the date change) in the Parish Center                   LOBBY NIGHT: St. Patrick’s will join
10:00 a.m., after the 9:10 Mass and will last                        with Maryland’s bishops and hundreds of
approximately one hour. For more information,                        fellow Catholics on President’s Day,
please call the rectory, 301-924-2284                                Monday, February 21 from 3:00 to 8:00
                                                                     p.m. for the 27th Annual Catholic Lobby
           ST. PATRICK’S DISABILITY MINISTRY                         Night in Annapolis to make our voice
           UPCOMING EVENTS: February 11 and               heard and tell our legislators that we all have a duty
           13 – St. Patrick’s invites individuals with    to serve the poor and vulnerable, build up the
           disabilities, their families, friends, loved   common good, and respect human life and dignity.
           ones, and anyone interested in learning        Lobby Night is an advocacy event that gives
more about including individuals with disabilities in     Catholic voters the opportunity to speak in person
parish life to attend one of two metings: Friday,         with their elected officials about issues including
February 11 at 7:30 p.m. OR Sunday, February 13           abortion clinic regulations, support for pregnant
after the 9:30 Mass. For more information contact         women, poverty, immigration, Catholic schools, the
Teresa Perez, or Richard            death penalty and marriage. For more information
DeBona, 301-924-2284, ext. 26. March 19 – The             and to sign up to attend, please contact Don
Archdiocese of Washington’s Third Annual                  Erickson,                              301-962-5229,
Conference on Faith, Deafness, and Disabilities will Richard DeBona,
be held at the Shrine of the Most Blessed                 301-924-2284, ext. 26;
Sacrament, Washington, DC. The conference will
           February is that the family is respected
           by all in its identity and that its
           irreplaceable contribution to all of society
           be recognized. Interested in this issue?                      YOUTH MINISTRY
Please join us for LOBBY NIGHT!                            EDGE: Ski Trip – Monday, February 21: All
                                                           middle schoolers are invited for a day of skiing
           LENT IS A MONTH AWAY! Interested                and snowboarding at WhiteTail slopes. RSVP by
           in a Lenten course on nonviolence?              February 14 to save a spot. Pricing differs on
           Parishioners will be co-leading a course        certain packages. Contact Mike for more details.
           of study using such authors as Thomas
           Merton, Dorothy Day, Gandhi, Martin             YG: l+l+l=1 – Monday, February 14: All high
Luther King. Jr., and Tolstoy. If you are interested       school teens are invited for our regular Monday
in attending or co-leading, please contact our Office      night Youth Group focusing on the Trinitarian
of Parish Social Ministry.                                 nature of God, and encountering God as Father,
                                                           Son and Holy Spirit. Teens will encounter the
WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR YOUR                                different persons of the Trinity and learn more
MARRIAGE TODAY? The U.S. Conference of                     about each of the unique natures of each
Catholic Bishops has developed a website to assist         person, while learning more of the unity between
married couples and those considering marriage.            all 3. Dinner provided and all newcomers
Visit to strengthen your           welcome. 7-9 p.m. in the Parish Center.
marriage today throughout daily marriage tips,             Both And – Monday, February 28: All high
recourses: ―Grade your Marriage,‖ ―Bumps in the            school teens are invited for a Youth Group
Road,‖ recommended books, Church teaching on               focusing on the hypostatic union and how Christ
marriage and much more.                                    was both fully human and fully divine. Dinner
                                                           provided and all newcomers are welcome. 7-9
MEN’S VOCATION RETREAT: If you feel Jesus                  p.m. in the Parish Center.
may be calling you, why not give Him a weekend?            Spring Retreat – April 8-10: Set aside the date
Cardinal Wuerl is sponsoring a retreat for men in          for our high school spring retreat, April 8-10.
their 20’s-40’s at Theological College (401
Michigan Ave., NE) who are considering a call to           YG/EDGE: Adopt-A-Grandparent – Sunday,
the priesthood beginning Friday evening, February          February 6: All high school and middle school
4 and ending on Sunday, February 6 at noon. The            teens, come join us for an afternoon of visiting
retreat will allow men time away from the daily grind      with the elderly at Friends Nursing Home in
and provide an opportunity for prayer and reflection       Sandy Spring. We meet at 2:00 p.m. at the
to examine God’s call. It will cost you nothing more       Parish and return around 4:00 p.m. Service
than your time. Please contact Msgr. Rob Panke,            hours offered. Contact Mike McHugh for more
Director of Priest Vocations, 301-853-4580 or              information and a permission slip. for more information or to
register.                                                  Any parents who would like to be added to the
                                                           Youth Ministry Email Listserve for updates on
PRINCIPAL OPPORTUNITY AT ST. JUDE                          Youth Group and EDGE, please email Mike at
REGIONAL CATHOLIC SCHOOL: St. Jude               
Regional Catholic School is seeking a Principal to
provide visionary leadership to advance its Catholic
Identity, academic excellence, and bright view of         REV. KENNETH BRIGHENTI, Director of Pastoral
the future. For more information, visit the               Field Education at Mount Saint Mary Seminary,
employment page at or the Principal           Emmitsburg, co-author of Catholicism for Dummies
                                                          and co-host of Crash Course in Catholicism on
Search page at
                                                          EWTN will be sponsoring a trip to Adriatic, Italy,
                                                          May 16-17. If you are interested in this trip, please
                                                          contact him for a brochure, 301-447-5209, write
accepting applications for the 2011-2012 2½ hour
                                                          him at 16300 Old Emmitsburg Rd., Emmitsburg,
sessions for Three and Four Year Olds; 3 hour
                                                          MD       21727      or       email       him       at
sessions for Pre-K. For more information, call 301-
 COLLECTION FOR THE CHURCH IN THE                       assistance with bathing, dressing and grooming; no
 DEVELOPING WORLD:                                      longer cooks or drives; and/or needs oversight of
                                                        their medications. A customized service is
 Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,                   developed for each resident based on needs,
   On the weekend of February 12-13, 2011,              preferences and abilities. Each residence is unique
 Catholics in the Archdiocese of Washington are         with custom architecture, design and programs to
 invited to contribute to a second collection for       meet the needs and preferences of the community
 The Church in the Developing World.                    it serves. Currently, three assisted living
   This is a combined collection for what were          communities are in the process of expanding the
 formerly separate collections for the Church in        number of residents by adding more suites. These
 Latin America, the Church in Central and               locations include: Bartholomew House, Bethesda,
 Eastern Europe, and the Church in Africa. We           301-320-6151; Byron House, Potomac, 301-469-
 are combining these collections in the                 9400; and Grace House, Silver Spring, 301-924-
 Archdiocese of Washington in order to help             4424. Please call to schedule a tour or learn more
 reduce the number of second collections each           by visiting
    The new collection for The Church in the            CONSIGNORS WANTED: St. Jude’s in Rockville is
 Developing World is directed to three                  having a Children’s Consignment Sale on Saturday,
 geographic areas where the Church is                   March 12. We will be selling gently used Spring and
 experiencing considerable challenges through           Summer children’s clothing, shoes, toys, baby
 growth, rebuilding, and general need. Bishops          equipment, games, bikes and more. Do you have
 and faithful in all three areas express their          children’s clothing? Toys? You can be a consignor
 gratefulness for the help they receive to support      for our sale! You tag and price your items and bring
 basic ministries and services in catechetics,          them to the sale. If you volunteer at the sale, you
 education, liturgy, and in providing physical          get 70% of the sale price of your items (if not,
 structures for their churches.                         50%). You will be supporting our school fundraiser,
   Your contribution makes a difference to these        ―going green‖ by recycling children’s stuff and
 struggling Catholic faith communities. The             earning money for yourself. It’s so easy! See
 collection for The Church in the Developing   for more details or call the
 World enables all of us to reach out beyond            Sale Coordinator, Liz Welton, 301-879-7563 or
 ourselves to support others in great need,   
 particularly with parish activities we often can
 take for granted in our archdiocese. This one          DO YOU WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE?
 way that Catholics in the archdiocese can stand        Since 1989, Hospice Caring, Inc. has been
 in solidarity with those in need in many parts of      providing practical and emotional support to adults
 the world.                                             and children facing life-limiting illness and grief at
   Especially at this time when we have not yet         no charge. Hospice Caring, Inc. has opportunities
 recovered from the economic downturn, please           for those who would like to facilitate adult or
 join me in supporting our brothers and sisters in      children’s grief groups, or become a caregiver and
 these far-flung areas of the world that face great     share in someone’s end-of-life journey. Our
 challenges even in the best of times. Together         volunteers are committed to providing care that
 we can be a source of help and hope for these          promotes quality of life. They help their patients to
 churches around the world.                             live each day more fully by providing:
   May God bless you and your family.                   Companionship in their time of greatest need;
        Sincerely in Christ,                            Home assistance and transportation; and Support
        Most Reverend Barry C. Knestout                 and advocacy. Join either our Spring or Summer
        Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia        Volunteer Training on March 15, 16 and 17, 8:30
                                                        a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and June 7, 8 and 9, 8:30 a.m. to
ASSISTED LIVING BY VICTORY HOUSING:                     4:30 p.m. For more information, call 301-869-4673.
Victory Housing is a private non-profit formed in
1979 to serve as the housing development arm of         Make sure your life does not contradict your words.
the Archdiocese of Washington. Victory Housing          Sing with your voices, your hearts, your lips and
operates seven assisted living communities in           your lives..If you desire to praise Him, then live
Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. A              what you express. Live good lives and you
typical senior residing at a Victory Housing assisted   yourselves will be his praise.
living residence is 62 years of age or better; needs                                          St. Augustine
             PASTOR’S CORNER                                       Light is no less essential to life. Without
                                                           light, plants will soon whither and die. People
                                                           deprived of light of the sun would quickly lose all
                                                           heat and warmth that makes growing and eating
Salt and Light
                                                           food possible.        People who live in constant
                                                           darkness would, over time, lose their ability to see.
        Dr. David Livingstone spent 30 of the 60
                                                           Light helps us to orient ourselves, and to determine
years of his life as a missionary and philanthropist
                                                           where we are going. It makes possible our awe
in Africa. His discovery of what we now call Victoria
                                                           and wonder at the universe God has created for us.
Falls and his astronomical observations made
                                                           No light, no life; no salt no zest.
headlines throughout the world. When he had not
been heard from in over ten years, and was
                                                                   What does this mean, in concrete terms, to
presumed dead, Henry M. Stanley, a reporter for
                                                           be salt and light? This passage from the Gospel
the New York Herald and avowed atheist, set out in
                                                           comes immediately after Jesus’ enumeration of the
search of him. The famous phrase, ‖Dr.
                                                           Beatitudes that we heard in last Sunday’s Gospel.
Livingstone, I presume,‖ was Stanley’s greeting
                                                           To recognize our dependence on God, to be
when he found him in Tanzania in 1871.
                                                           merciful, to be forgiving, to be compassionate, to
                                                           hunger and thirst for justice and to be willing to
         He was not the frumpy, bible-toting
                                                           suffer for others are only some of the ways in which
preacher that Stanley had expected, but a man with
                                                           we, salt and light, give life to and transform
a zest for life. As Stanley reported after spending
                                                           ourselves and our world.
several months with him, ―Little by little, his
sympathy for and help of others became
                                                                    Today’s reading from Isaiah lists some
contagious…seeing his piety, his gentleness, his
                                                           others: sharing food with the hungry, clothing the
zeal, his earnestness, I was converted by him,
                                                           naked, removing oppression, refraining from false
although he had not tried to do it.‖ By his example
                                                           accusation and malicious speech, and satisfying
and dedication, Livinstone served as the salt and
                                                           the afflicted. Then, as Isaiah proclaims, ―Light shall
light that transformed Stanley.
                                                           rise for you in the darkness, and the gloom shall
                                                           become for you like midday.‖
         In today’s Gospel, Jesus challenges us to
be the salt and light that will transform ourselves,
                                                                   At this time of the year, Cardinal Wuerl
and through us, the world. To be salt and light is
                                                           gives us another opportunity to be salt and light by
the basis for hope in ourselves, in one another, and
                                                           making a generous pledge to the annual Cardinal’s
in the troubled, tired, and terrorized world we live in.
                                                           Appeal which provides direct services to the poor
Jesus uses these images to summarize our
                                                           and needy, financial aid for Catholic school
responsibilities for one another and for the needy of
                                                           children, including our own here at St. Patrick’s,
this world.
                                                           and the education of our 68 seminarians.
        Our human bodies are 60 to 70 percent
                                                                  The images of salt and light challenge us to
water and our body fluids such as blood and saliva
                                                           bring healing in our relationships, preserving the
consist of 9 percent salt.     The word ―saliva‖ is
                                                           values of family life, cauterizing the pains our sins
derived from the Latin word for salt—sal. Salt was
                                                           cause others, using some of our salary for the poor
the primary means of preserving food such as meat
                                                           and needy, for we are the salt of the earth. We are
and fish in a time of no refrigeration. It gives taste
                                                           to become a person and a parish that radiates the
and zest to food, bringing out its hidden flavors. It
                                                           light of Christ, who displays the warmth of
was rubbed on newborn babies to strengthen and
                                                           compassion to those struggling with anxiety and
cleanse them. It was used to cauterize and help to
                                                           depression, and who witness to the Gospel of
heal wounds and infections. Salt was so precious
                                                           Jesus that helps ourselves and others to see and
that Roman soldiers were given it as a portion of
                                                           experience what life is really all about.
their pay, which explains why the money you earn
is called a salary. Every gallon of seawater, the
source from which life on our planet began,
contains four ounces of salt. Salt is an image of life
and all that makes life enjoyable. It is, literally, the
spice of life.

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