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					Drawing with                  Brush or ‘Bristle-Bots’ are fantastically simple robots that use

  Brush                      vibration to move. Because they can bounce off objects they can seem
                             quite intelligent. This activity is suitable for 7 years+. To make one you
                             will need; a nail brush, rigid cardboard or similar cut to the size of

   Bots                      the nail brush, garden wire, a pen, elastic bands and sticky-tack, AA
                             batteries, and battery case, 1.5v motor, and a weight to off set the

                                    1....the same size 25 the of wire, the remaining wirerectanglean
                                           Take roughly
                                                                        bend it to make a
                                      arm for the pen. Bend or coil the end to attach the pen to

                                                2       Stick the wire rectangle
                                                    to the brush with sticky-
                                                    tack then take something
                                                    rigid, like wood, or thick
                                                    cardboard, cut it to the
                                                    same size as the top of the
                                                    brush, and stick it on top to
                                                    sandwich it together...
3     Now stick the motor and
 battery case firmly on top with
 plenty of sticky-tack or elastic

                                                                   4     Connect the battery case
                                                                     wires to the motor terminals,
                                                                     bend back to hold in place.
                                                                     Check your motor is spinning...

                   5       Attach a pen firmly to the
                       wire arm using an elastic band
                                                            6    Finally choose an ‘offset’, that is
                       or tape. You might need to make        anything you can stick on the end of
                       some fine adjustments to get the       the motor axle, to make it wobble,
                       pen just right...                      vibrate and move! The more ‘offset’,
                                                              or ‘off-center’ the weight, the more it
                                                              vibrates. You can try different offsets
                                                              to fine tune the Brush-Bot.
                                                                 Take it further
                                      by adding extra pens or ‘antennae’. See
                                      how clever your Brush-Bot is by creating
                                      mazes and obstacle courses, make two
                                      that interact with each other, or race them.