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									                                      2005                        13 x 1/2 Hour Television Series
              reel girls

                 The Ser

                        investigate crime with crime professionals

BOOKED is an interactive documentary television series that exploits the runaway popularity
of forensic crime in popular culture. The series follows real “CCSIs” - Canadian Crime Scene
Investigators - as they read hot new crime fiction with their trained and experienced eyes, and
debate just how accurately the crime and forensic-related aspects are depicted.

The BOOKED experts don’t always agree and discussions are heated, humourous, and entertaining.
Join host and self-confessed murder mystery addict Fred Yackman as he leads a team of crime
experts through an in-depth dissection of a crime fiction novel in each episode. BOOKED also
ventures into the field with working forensic experts to get a deeper look into the intriguing world
of crime investigation.

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                      winner of the 2006 Rosie for BEST NEW MEDIA
                                For information on this program, please contact:
                                    Ava Karvonen or Jennifer Snyder, Producers
                                                Reel Girls Media Inc.
                                                 9860A 33rd Avenue
                                           Edmonton, Alberta T6N 1C6
                                               Phone: 780.488.0440
                                                 Fax: 780.452.4980

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              The Epis

                                         BOOKED Investigates Jeff Lindsay’s DARKLY DREAMING DEXTER
              What makes a psychopath? BOOKED experts dissect this question as they deconstruct the
              unusual story of Dexter Morgan – a serial killer with a conscience who only kills those that
              “deserve” to die.

              Episodic experts: Book Reviewer, Paul Bergen; Member of the Law Enforcement Review Board,
              Kathy Grieve; Crime Writer, Janice MacDonald; Police Officer, Constable Curtis Rind; Blood
              Spatter Analyst, Constable Joe Slemko; Psychiatrist, Dr. Judy Ustina

                                        BOOKED Investigates Val McDermid’s THE TORMENT OF OTHERS
BOOKED experts join the fictional team of Detective Carol Jordan and Profiler Tony Hill as they
face their toughest case yet – a killer is targeting prostitutes in a series of brutal murders. The
murder of prostitutes is a timely and all too familiar story for BOOKED experts.

Episodic experts: Crime Writer, Janice MacDonald; Member of the Law Enforcement Review
Board, Kathy Grieve; Police Detective, John McNeilly; Court Counsellor for prostitutes, JoAnn

                                                BOOKED Investigates Peter Robinson’s STRANGE AFFAIR
              BOOKED experts engage in a heated and humorous discussion as they share opposing views
              on what size of gun sends a stronger message. Criminal stereotypes and police investigation
              techniques are dissected in the latest installment in the Inspector Banks series.

              Episodic experts: Intelligence Officer, Roger Adkin; Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Jonathan
              Alston; Book Reviewer, Paul Bergen; Police Officer, Constable Curtis Rind

                                                                BOOKED Investigates Natsuo Kirino’s OUT
This book had Japanese men fearing for their lives as in this novel a group of unlikely
coworkers dismember their friend’s husband in an effort to cover up his murder. BOOKED
experts discuss the increasing role of women in violent crime as they dissect the story of four
women drawn by a gruesome act into the underbelly of Japanese society.

Episodic experts: Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Jonathan Alston; Journalist and Novelist, Rita
Feutl; Literature Instructor, Melissa Jacques; Cultural Anthropologist, Mark Watson

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                reel girls
              The Epis

                                                          BOOKED Investigates Jon Evans’ DARK PLACES
              In a story where human evil flourishes in the cyber world, BOOKED experts examine a deadly
              Internet game in this hunt for a killer stalking backpackers in some of the most remote parts
              of the globe.

              Episodic experts: Intelligence Officer, Roger Adkin; Crown Prosecutor, Technology and Internet
              Crime, Steven Bilodeau; Journalist and Novelist, Rita Feutl; Hacker and Computer Programmer,

                                                BOOKED Investigates Michael Connelly’s THE CLOSERS
Detective Harry Bosch is back on the job and BOOKED experts deconstruct his cold case
investigation into the politically charged 17 year old murder of a racially mixed teenager in LA.
Experts also reveal how DNA evidence can be used to solve crimes.

Episodic experts: Police Sergeant, Kevin Galvin; Member of the Law Enforcement Review Board,
Kathy Grieve; Book Reviewer, Barry Hammond; Forensic DNA Specialist, Richard Jobin PhD

                                                  BOOKED Investigates Giles Blunt’s BLACK FLY SEASON

              Join BOOKED experts as they enter the world of the drug trade, biker gangs, ritualistic murder
              and entomology in Giles Blunt’s Blackfly Season.

              Episodic experts: Book Reviewer, Barry Hammond; Neurologist, Dr. Wendy Johnston;
              Entomologist, Felix Sperling PhD; Police Detective, Jack Stewart

                                                        BOOKED Investigates Greg Iles’ BLOOD MEMORY

BOOKED experts discuss Forensic Odontologist Cat Ferry’s investigation of a serial killer and
examine how the field of odontology can be used to help solve crimes and identify victims.

Episodic experts: Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Jonathan Alston; Book Reviewer, Paul Bergen;
Forensic Odontologist, Dr. Ron Haines; Psychiatrist, Dr. Judy Ustina

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                reel girls
              The Epis

                                       BOOKED Investigates Dashiell Hammett’s THE MALTESE FALCON
              Published over 75 years ago, The Maltese Falcon is still considered one of the best crime
              fiction novels. How does it hold up under modern-day scrutiny? BOOKED experts delve into
              the world of the hard-boiled Sam Spade and meet a working private investigator.

              Episodic experts: Book Reviewer, Barry Hammond; Crime Writer, Janice MacDonald; Private
              Investigator, Mike Straiton; Writer and former Lawyer, Geo Takach

                                                  BOOKED Investigates Howard Engel’s MEMORY BOOK
Bashed on the head and left for dead in a dumpster, Benny Cooperman isn’t the only one in a
conundrum. BOOKED experts piece together this mysterious case and meet Benny’s true life
alter ego, author Howard Engel.

Episodic experts: Author, Howard Engel; Neurologist, Dr. Wendy Johnston; Crime Writer, Janice
MacDonald; Police Detective, Jack Stewart

                                                    BOOKED Investigates James O. Born’s SHOCK WAVE
            BOOKED experts discuss terrorism and bomb threats as they follow Agent Bill Tasker as he tries
            to stop a terrorist from bombing Miami.

            Episodic experts: Book Reviewer, Paul Bergen; Emergency Response and Terrorism Specialist,
            Ryna Brideau-Thombs; Explosive Technician, Grant Jongejan; Police Detective, John McNeilly

                                                     BOOKED Investigates Kathy Reich’s CROSS BONES
BOOKED experts delve into biblical conspiracies and forensic anthropology in Dr. Temperance
Brennan’s investigation into the death of an orthodox Jew.

Episodic experts: Physical Anthropologist, Michael Billinger; Rabbi David Kunin; Religious Scholar,
David Goa; Writer, Scot Morison

                                        BOOKED Investigates Karin Fossum’s HE WHO FEARS THE WOLF
            BOOKED experts discuss the role of mental illness in crime as they look inside the minds of
            Fossum’s unusual characters and deconstruct Inspector Sejer’s murder investigation.

            Episodic experts: Book Reviewer, Paul Bergen; Writer, Scot Morison; Homicide Detective, Cathy
            Oakden; Psychiatrist, Dr. Judy Ustina

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        Expert Quo

                                                                          Intelligence Officer, ROGER ADKIN
    “In Peter Robinson’s Strange Affair, the thing I thought was funny about these
   criminals was, and it has to do with one of the murder weapons because it was a
 small caliber gun, I thought, small gun, small crime poop. You know big criminals,
        big gun - right? It didn’t match the persona of the characters, of the criminal
  organization. If you’re going to kill them, use a big gun, splatter their brains. You
                                         want to send a message, don’t mess with us.”

                                                        Criminal Intelligence Analyst, JONATHAN ALSTON
                          “The most effective interviewing technique that I’ve seen is for the interviewer to
                          appear to be as familiar with the crime as the offender is. An offender is much
                          more likely to confess or give admissions unwillingly or willingly if they feel that
                          person already knows what they’re talking about.”

                                                                                Book Reviewer, PAUL BERGEN
“The thing about mysteries and about thrillers, they have this nice narrative engine
       that just keep you going and it doesn’t take much to keep you in the game.”

                                  Crown Prosecutor, Technology and Internet Crime, STEVEN BILODEAU
                        “The vast majority of my work, eighty five percent of it, deals with child
                        exploitation. These are things that maybe society has to look at when they see the
                        wonders of the Internet. These can be twisted too.”

                                                                              Police Sergeant, KEVIN GALVIN
  “I think justice is a personal issue. My definition of getting justice or a wrong may
      be completely different than any of yours. And I think it goes into this concept
     of closure. I can’t really tell you how you should feel about how you have been
victimized by that crime. I don’t think there is closure through justice. I don’t think
                                                                                there is.”

                                                                Forensic Odontologist, DR. RONALD HAINES
                         “I was in Thailand along with general practitioners
                         from approximately 32 countries to help on the identification of
                         the Tsunami victims – this was the highlight of my career.”

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        Expert Quot

                                                                   Literature Instructor, MELISSA JACQUES
                          “All good literature is about sex and death at the same time. Natsuo Kirino’s Out
                          is the perfect example of that for me and that’s one of the reasons why I loved it.
                          The way the author deals with those two things is just fantastic.”

                                                                 Forensic DNA Specialist, RICK JOBIN, PhD
       “DNA has received a lot of media attention and I think rightfully so. It has a
 fantastic power of discrimination so when you’ve run a genotype and you compare
       it back to someone, the random match probability of that particular profile is
     usually in the billions or trillions to one. Very strong evidence - much stronger
                                                            than eyewitness testimony.”

                                                                          Crime Writer, JANICE MacDONALD
                          “Most people that read mystery fiction become addicts at it. Part of what they’re
                          dealing with is a great familiarity of the formula inherent in the mystery. They
                          already know what the book is - there will be a crime, there will be a killer, there
                          will be a detective pursuing the killer, there will be an answer to the crime. So what
                          you end up looking for are the details.”

                                                     Court Counsellor for Prostitutes, JOANN McCARTNEY
  “Women that work the street are much more likely to be victims of violence. Part
    of the process of making a deal with the customer is getting in the car with him
   and driving away. So it’s not like he has to go and grab somebody out of a yard.
   It’s an easy target for him to get a woman in a position where he’s alone and he
                                                                       can hurt her.”

                                                                           Police Detective, JOHN McNEILLY
                          “I was disturbed by the method of the murders in Val McDermid’s The Torment
                          Of Others, but I didn’t find it really far fetched from some of the other true crime
                          stuff that you can pick up at the bookstore. There are some pretty horrific things. I
                          wasn’t put off by it or thought ‘nah that couldn’t happen’ that type of thing. …if you
                          want a blueprint for the criminal mind go to the true crime section of your library
                          or bookstore.”

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        Expert Quot

                                                                                     Writer, SCOT MORISON
  “I think a real mystery weenie might have got the clues but I didn’t. I was sucked
                                   in right to the end of He Who Fears the Wolf.”

                                                                  Police Officer, CONSTABLE CURTIS RIND
                          “I think society as a whole is a little disenchanted in North America with the
                          criminal justice system itself. And the premise of Jeff Lindsay’s Darkly Dreaming
                          Dexter is extremely tantalizing and I think that’s why they’re picking up.”

                                                                          Blood Stain Analyst, JOE SLEMKO
  “As a blood stain analyst, my job is to go out to crime scenes and try and interpret
the blood stain patterns that may be present on the furniture, the walls, the clothing
 on the assailant and the clothing on the victim. And then we try to reconstruct what
                                                              possibly has happened.”

                                                                        Entomologist, FELIX SPERLING PhD
                         “When I was a professor at Berkley, I got involved in a case where there was a fire
                         in a house. Everything was badly burned and there was a badly-charred body in the
                         basement. Under the body were some maggots that would have taken four or five
                         days to get to the stage they were at. By looking at those maggots it was very easy
                         to determine that that body had been there before the fire was started.”

                                                                             Psychiatrist, DR. JUDY USTINA
         “I think Jeff Lindsay really captured the persona of a psychopath in Darkly
 Dreaming Dexter. He’s got the total narcissism of a psychopath - that emptiness,
 that void, no real emotion, no real empathy and no real relationships with any kind
                                                                        of intimacy.”

                                                                 Cultural Anthropologist, MARK WATSON
                          “I think in Japan some of the reaction to Natsuo Kirino’s Out was one of horror
                          from men thinking that their wives might kill them in their sleep.”

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             tion T
                                                                Producer/Director/Writer, AVA KARVONEN
“I love to read and I’ve always wanted to start my own book club - I just haven’t
found the time. It made perfect sense to combine the popularity of crime books,
book clubs and forensic TV shows with my love of fiction and the idea for the series
BOOKED was born,” says series producer Ava Karvonen. The series was also a
natural fit for the broadcaster and will air on ACCESS, Book Television, CLT, Court
TV and Bravo!.

Karvonen is the president and founder of Reel Girls Media. She grew up surrounded by the industry and
has spent the last 20 years in it. With a strong passion for the business and a love of new technology, she
specializes in producing TV and multi-platform projects that celebrate the arts, examine social issues and
explore our relationship with the natural world. Karvonen’s projects have been recognized internationally
with more than 30 awards and have been selected for screening at over 60 festivals. Her recent credits
include producing the 13 half-hour TV and multi-platform drama series WildFiles.TV, the one hour
arts documentaries for Bravo!, Out of the West and How the Fiddle Flows, the one hour science
documentary for CBC, Return of the Peregrine, the internationally award-winning CD-ROM series
Zoology Zone, the animated series for CTV, Stories From the Seventh Fire, and for ACCESS the TV
pilot, Rock ‘N’ Fossil Road Show and interactive live one hour science special Up Close and Palaeo.

“Not only did I get the opportunity to delve into the real world of crime investigation, I had to read a lot of
books – and the reading part never felt like work,” Karvonen recalls.

In addition to producing BOOKED and it’s companion web site, Karvonen’s upcoming slate includes
producing the new media project Storytellers Interactive and producing documentaries on author Rudy
Wiebe for Bravo! and on preacher’s kids for CBC’s Rough Cuts.

                                                             Producer/Director/Writer, JENNIFER SNYDER
                          “What’s cool about crime fiction is that you can spend a life time reading about the
                          same character. It’s like television – you can really following along their lives and
                          become involved,” says series producer Jennifer Snyder.

Snyder has worked for over ten years in the Canadian film and television production industry in business
affairs and production management on projects that include the 4-part series on Canada’s business
tycoons for Global, Titans, a 1 hour documentary special for CTV on arranged marriages, To Love
Honour and Obey, and the animated series for Teletoon, RoboRoach.

“I loved meeting all the different professionals and experts in this series. They were so inspiring – using
their incredible passion for their field to solve crime and help victims,” Snyder reflects.

As well as working on BOOKED and it’s companion web site, Snyder is also developing a travel and food
series entitled Good to Go and working on developing new documentaries with Reel Girls Media.

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             tion T
“I wanted to be a part of the BOOKED team for one simple reason - I’m a murder
mystery addict!”, confesses series host Fred Yackman.

For the past 25 years, Yackman has worked as a writer, journalist and broadcaster in radio and television.
His recent credits include creating and writing the one hour documentaries What About Me, Celebrity
Graves and Cemetery Secrets. He has also hosted the CKUA Radio’s literary program Between the
Covers and the Life Network television series The Birdguy. Yackman has served on the National Council
of the Writers Guild of Canada for the last twelve years and is currently Vice-President of the Council.

Yackman recalls, “I loved the opportunity to discuss the books with fellow murder mystery fanatics and
experts associated with murder investigations. As a crime junkie, I take great pleasure in solving the
crime along with the investigators in each book.”

Yackman is also a true crime filmmaker and he recently had to strap on a bullet proof vest while
researching a new documentary in Guatemala.

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          reel gir

                                           Reel Girls Media
 in association with Access – The Education Station, Canadian Learning TV, Book TV and Court
                                      TV and Bravo! proudly presents

                                   Written, Directed Ava Karvonen
                                   and Produced by Jennifer Snyder
                                                Host Fred Yackman
                                              Editor Roley Wight
                                       Guest Experts Roger Adkin           Dr. Wendy Johnston
                                                     Jonathan Alston       Grant Jongejan
                                                     Paul Bergen           Rabbi David Kunin
                                                     Michael Billinger     Janice MacDonald
                                                     Steven Bilodeau       JoAnn McCartney
                                                     Ryna Brideau-Thombs   John McNeilly
                                                     Howard Engel          Scot Morison
                                                     Rita Feutl            Cathy Oakden
                                                     Kevin Galvin          Curtis Rind
                                                     David Goa             Joe Slemko
                                                     Kathy Grieve          Felix Sperling PhD
                                                     Dr. Ron Haines        Jack Stewart
                                                     Barry Hammond         Mike Straiton
                                                     Melissa Jacques       Geo Takach
                                                     Richard Jobin PhD     Dr. Judy Ustina
                                                     “John”                Mark Watson
                                 Production Designer Ray Fowler
                                          Composer Becker
                     Graphic Design and Animation Rat Creek Design
                                 Literary Consultant Scot Morison
                                             Casting Geraldine Carr
                      Post Production Coordinator/ Nicole Auser
                                   Assistant Editor
                             Production Coordinator Cynthia Taylor
                             Additional Photography Daron Donahue
                                                    Trevor Wilson
                                 Access Studio Team Jack Keech             Nelson Klymochko
                                                    Andy Stanton           Prosper Prodaniuk
                                                    Jay Sorenson           Jeremy Sagar
                                                    Leyton Clark           Terry Tamura
                                                    Ben Coxworth           Bruce Wiggins

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          reel gir

             Location and Post-Production Sound Downy Karvonen
                                                Jerry Krepakevich
                                 Production Assistants Kelly Chalifoux       Nathan Marshall
                                                       Norm Drisdelle        Angela Samol
                                                       Amanda Jones          Krystle Schmidt
                                                       Christina Lanteigne   Chester Sit
                                                       Clinton Letendre      Lisa Stewart
                                                       Natalie Lucyk         Christine Weidlich
                                           Transcribing Brigette Blustein
                                 Production Accounting Dianne Goodacre
                                    Stills Photographer Dan Power
            Post Production Facilities Studio Post Studio Post
                                                   Reel Girls Media
                                                  Legal Linda Callaghan
  BOOKED is produced by REEL GIRLS MEDIA with the financial participation of ACCESS the Education
     Station; Book Television; CourtTV Canada; Canadian Learning Television ; Bravo!; Alberta Film
  Development Program of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts; Canadian Film and Video Production Tax
  Credit Program; Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund; CanWest Western Independent Producers Fund
                                         and Rogers Telefund.
                                   Executive Producers Ava Karvonen
                                                       Jill Bonenfant
                 Producer for Access Media Group Kern Goretzky

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