Girls Level 3 2010 by bestt571


Inverted on the human body is a rebellious posture. Inverted when the body joints, organs, the pressure to weaken or eliminate, certain parts of the muscle relaxation, while the blood rushed to speed up the head. Standing can cause a variety of illnesses due to play a preventive role, and improve blood circulation, strengthen the internal organs function, play a relaxation effect of body fitness.

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									                                    WESTSIDE DANCE & GYMNASTICS ACADEMY PROGRESS REPORT - GIRLS LEVEL 3
                 NAME:                                                      CLASS:
                TEACHER:                                                    DATES:

                                                             Required Skills for Level 4
Floor:                                 Bars:                                Beam:                           Vault:
Handstand hold 2 seconds               Pullover straight legs               3/4 Handstand high beam         Handstand Poppers
Straight arm roll on cheese            1 cast back hip cirlce               Side handstand dismount         Handstand block to 8"mat
Back bend Kickover                     Single leg shoot through             Baby leap
Front limber on cheese                 Mill circle w/spot
Run round off rebound                  Cast sole circle dismount
Back handspring on cheese
                                                                   Skills to Know
             DANCE                               BEAM                                      BARS                      FLEXIBILITY
Side Chasse's with arms                  Low/medium/high (l,m,h)            Pull ups                        Bridge
Alternating Chasse's                   Basic Walks and jumps                Leg lifts                       Straddle splits - sitting up
1/2 turn                               Passe walks in releve                Inverted Hang                   Straddle splits - pancake
Cat Leaps                              Developpe Walks                      L-Hold                          Right leg splits
Hitch Kick                             Grapevine                            Tuck hold (knees to chest)      Left leg splits
Split leap                             Waltz step                           Chin hold                       Lummi stick hold lift (10 inches)
                                       Runs                                 Hollow hold                     Mermaid (touching head)
             FLOOR                     Level 4 mount sequence               Arch hold                       Pike sit (heels against block)
Back roll strt. Arms to frt. Spt.      Pivot turns                          Front support hold
Back roll to frt. Spt. (cheese)        Arabesque                            Tuck opens                          CONDITIONING/VAULT
Press up to headstand                  Partial cross handstand              Jump pull over                  Plance hold
Handstand w/ levers                    C/wheel to h/stand to flat fall      Pull up Pull over               Pike hold
Handstand fwd. Roll                    C/wheel to handstand dismount        Cast to horizontal              Straddle hold
Front limber on cheese                 C/wheel to h/stand 1/4 turn          1 cast Back Hip Circle          Hollow hold
Roundoff                                                                    Single leg cut fwd.             Rope Climb
Roundoff rebound                                                            Single leg cut bwd.             Candlestick stretch jump (10)
Back walkover                                                               Forward stride circle           Pike handstand on block
Back handspring (tramp/tt)                                                  Squat on                        Handstand against wall
Back handspring (cheese)                                                    Straddle Sole circle dismount   Runs
Back handspring (floor)                                                     Pike Sole circle dismount       Basic Jumps off board
                                                                            Single leg shoot though         Hanstand block to 4" mat
                                                                            Front hip circles               Run fwd roll to waist height mat
                                                                                                            Handstand Poppers
                                                                                                            Handstand block to flat back

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