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Work performance reviews


Work performance reviews

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									Work performance reviews

These are 11 methods of performance appraisal that include:

1. Critical incident method
2. Weighted checklist
3. Paired comparison analysis
4. Graphic rating scales
5. Essay Evaluation
6. Behaviorally anchored rating scales
7. Performance ranking method
8. Management By Objectives (MBO)
9. 360 degree performance appraisal
10. Forced ranking (forced distribution)
11. BOS

And Group Work Performance is one methods that is nearly same 360 appraisal.

1. Select Criteria to Evaluate

• The group effort contains some factors which can be evaluated by performance
• Select wide-range criteria when evaluating the performance
• Evaluate the criteria of which the improvement may assure the actual economic

2. Evaluate the Result

The evaluation result needs to be meaningful and accurate or, to be useful, and if
necessary, you may concern outside people for evaluation

3. Evaluate employee performance

Evaluating the whole group performance in accordance with the project goal,
schedule and financial status

• Financial status: actual cost, estimated profit?
• Schedule: achievement in accordance with the goal?
• Quality: the accuracy; customer satisfaction?
• Development: the contribution of the group; ability?

4. Leadership

Evaluating the role of the group leaders in assisting and guiding the group.

• Management: reach the goals as planned?
• Evaluation opinion from higher level: meet the group schedule?
• Evaluation opinion from lower level: meet the schedule set for the group?
• Opinions from group members, customers, relevant people, etc.

5. Sub-Group

Evaluating the effectiveness of each sub-group by target norm

• Targets: actual results comparing to targets?
• Quality: inside evaluation opinion?
• Customer: opinions from customers?
• Improvement: intended future result?

6. Group Member

Evaluating member contribution in the whole group achievement.

• Efficiency comparing with the target?
• Evaluation opinion: from higher seniors, co-workers and customers.
• Self-evaluation: comparing to other co-workers.
• Other value: any other contribution? Sense of responsibility? : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms for
performance appraisal.

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