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					Year 8 Religion (Mr Choi’s class)
Yearly Exam 2010 Study Guide.
The Year 8 Yearly Religion Exam for Mr Choi’s class will cover the following chapters:

Ch. 21 The Third Commandment
Ch. 22 The Fourth Commandment
Ch. 23 The Fifth Commandment
Ch. 24 The Sixth and Ninth Commandment
Ch. 25 The Seventh and Tenth Commandment
Ch. 26 The Eighth Commandment

The exam will consist of four parts and go for 1 hour.

Part I:       Multiple Choice (20 marks)
Part II:      Vocabulary, matching definitions (20 marks)
Part III:     True False (20 marks)
Part IV:      Short Answers (20 marks)

For this exam, the following questions will prove handy for your study. Note you will also need to study
beyond these questions in order to do well, by going over the chapters and Study Questions yourself.

    1. Write the Ten Commandments in order.

    2. Sabbath is a Hebrew word meaning what?

    3. What are the primary two reasons why God gave us the Sabbath?

    4. According to the textbook to keep the Sabbath (i.e. get to Mass on Sundays and Holy Days),
       what portion of his waking time in church would he spend during a year?

    5. The Jewish Sabbath was always on a Saturday, but very early on why did the Christians change it
       to Sunday?

    6. What are the benefits of Sunday Mass attendance?

    7. What cultural trends are interfering with Sunday worship?

    8. What can we do to encourage our friends to attend the Eucharistic celebration?

    9. Parenting is a full time job, requiring tremendous energy, patience, and self-sacrifice. Where do
       parents draw strength they need to fulfill their sacred role?

    10. Why is the Holy Family the model for all families?

    11. In the Book of Genesis, what do the stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and humanity
        during the time of Noah and the Flood teach us?

    12. Using the analogy of a human body, the father is the ____________ of the family and its mother
        is its ________________ .

    13. What are the two purposes of matrimony?
14. What obligations do parents have toward children in relation to religious practice?

15. What are two important lessons we should learn at home from our parents?

16. Within the family, what are some of the obligations that brothers and sisters have as siblings to
    one another and to the family?

17. What is the definition of murder?

18. In order for a war to be justified, what conditions must be met? (Just War Doctrine from the
    Catechism of the Catholic Church 2309)

19. What four factors must be considered when contemplating the cessation of ordinary care?

20. List and explain four causes of scandal.

21. Is assisted suicide permitted? Explain your answer.

22. Modesty refuses to unveil what must be covered, it establishes limits as to what should be
    experienced. What are three areas of current culture where modesty is by and large ignored?

23. What are some means for remaining chaste?

24. What does Jesus command in regard to divorce? Write the quote from the Bible.

25. Explain: “Every act of marriage must be open to life.”

26. Is every case of taking or using a person’s belongings a sin against the seventh commandment?

27. What should be some of the goals of business?

28. How does telling the truth give us true freedom?

29. Does everyone have the right to be told the truth? Explain.

30. When are we obliged to keep a secret?

31. In what situations may we reveal a secret?

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