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A Roadmap for Interoperability of eHealth Systems in
Support of COM 356 with Special Emphasis on
Semantic Interoperability
RIDE is a roadmap project for interoperability of eHealth systems leading to
recommendations for actions and to preparatory actions at the European level.
This roadmap will prepare the ground for future actions as envisioned in the
action plan of the eHealth Communication COM 356 by coordinating various
efforts on eHealth interoperability in member states and the associated states.

          Objectives of the project                                vision, the emerging trends and opportunities to
                                                                   achieve the vision statement, the required advances in
It is not realistic to expect to have a single universally
                                                                   the state of the art research, technology and standards
accepted clinical data model that will be adhered to all
                                                                   will be identified.
over the Europe and that the clinical practice, termino-
logy systems and EHR systems are all a long way from
such a complete harmonization. Therefore, the RIDE                              Project Description
project will address the interoperability of eHealth sys-
                                                                 RIDE is a roadmap project for research and develop-
tems with special emphasis on semantic interoperabi-
                                                                 ment in interoperability of eHealth systems leading to
                                                                 recommendations for actions and to preparatory
In order to create RIDE Roadmap, first the European              actions at the European level.This roadmap will prepare
best practices in providing semantic interoperabi-                                the ground for future actions as envi-
lity for eHealth domain will be assessed and the “RIDE project,                   sioned in the action plan “eHealth –
quantified requirements to create a valid road- we will address                   Making Healthcare Better for Euro-
map will be identified. Based on these require- interopera b i l i t y            pean Citizens: An Action Plan for a
ments, the goals, and the economical, legal, finan- o f e H e a l t h             European e-Health Area” by coordina-
cial and technological challenges of the industry systems with                    ting various efforts on eHealth inter-
for the 21st century for achieving interoperability s p e c i a l e m p h a s i s operability in member states and the
in eHealth solutions will be elaborated. RIDE will on semantic                    associated states.
also focus on the limitations of the policies and interopera b i l i t y          A number of EHR standards and fra-
strategies currently used in deploying interopera- with the aim of                meworks have been developed to
ble eHealth solutions. Through eight RIDE l a y i n g a ro a d m a p ” assist with the interoperability and
workshops a shared vision for building a Europe-                                  integration of distributed EHR infor-
wide semantically interoperable eHealth infra-                                    mation. Ideally, all EHR systems would
structure will be created. After assessing the gaps bet-         adopt common and systematized hierarchies of com-
ween the “as-is” situation and the “to-be” eHealth               ponent names, use multi-lingual clinical coding systems

  The family doctor, Bob Smith wishes to refer a patient named John Doe to a diabetic specialist named Mary
  Brown in Istanbul Hospital. The referral note of Bob Smith should be available to Mary Brown to continue
  the care process. This has several requirements some of which are presented here: The Patient Identifiers
  used by the document source and document consumer should be matched; the communication protocol
  used by these parties should be fixed; the interoperability of the messaging and EHR standards used by the
  parties should be facilitated.

with perfect cross-mappings and use identical reference models for mea-
surements. However, this has not been realized yet.                             R            I         D             E
It is unrealistic to expect a single universally accepted clinical data model   A Roadmap for
                                                                                Interoperability of eHealth
that will be adhered to by all of these groups. Clinical practice, termino-     Systems in Support of COM
logy systems and EHR systems are all, hence, a long way from such a             356 with Special Emphasis
complete harmonization.Therefore this problem can better be addres-             on Semantic Interoperability
sed at the semantic interoperability level.                                     Intelligent Healthcare
                                                                                Monitoring based on
RIDE project, we will address interoperability of eHealth systems with          Semantic Interoperability
special emphasis on semantic interoperability with the aim of laying a          Platform
roadmap by coordinating various efforts in Europe to prepare the
                                                                                Project co-ordinator :
ground for future actions as envisioned in the eHealth action plan.             Middle East Technical University –
                                                                                Software R&D Center, (TR),
                                                                                Contact person:
                    Achievements & Results                                      Prof. Dr. Asuman Dogac
The following achievements of the RIDE Project are available in the             Tel: +90 312 2105598
project web site (http://www.srdc.metu.edu.tr/webpage/projects/ride/            Fax: +90 312 2101004
modules.php?name=Calendar):                                                     Email: asuman@srdc.metu.edu.tr
                                                                                Website: www.srdc.metu.edu.tr
• European Best practices in providing semantic interoperability in eHealth
  domain have been surveyed, where the Current eHealth Practices in
  European Countries, USA, Australia and Canada have been elaborated.           Par tners:
                                                                                 • Kuratorium Offis E.V., OFFIS, (DE)
• Standardization efforts for providing semantic interoperability in
                                                                                 • Institute for Formal Ontology
  eHealth domain have been surveyed.The challenges on the standards
                                                                                   and Medical Information Science,
  for semantic interoperability, standardization activities on Electronic          IFOMIS, (DE)
  Healthcare Records, content of Patient Summaries, Ontologies,                  • European Institute for Health
  Terminologies and Coding schemes have been summarized.                           Records, EuroRec, (FR)
• The Requirement Analysis of RIDE Roadmap has been finalized and                • National Council of Research,
  reported. In this document, requirements of eHealth Interoperability             Institute for Biomedical
  for a wide range of issues that are important in Europe are provided.            Technology, CNR, (IT)
  Furthermore, in “RIDE Vision”, current and envisioned situation for all        • National Technical University of
                                                                                   Athens, Institute of
  these issues are provided.                                                       Communication and Computer
• The Goals and Challenges of RIDE Roadmap have been finalized and                 Systems, NTUA, ICSS, (GR)
  reported. Nine goals have been identified and described with exem-             • National University of Ireland,
  plary scenarios.The main challenges affecting these goals are also dis-          Digital Enterprise Research
  cussed. Also, the alternative implementation plans for the goals are             Institute, NUIG, DERI, (IL)
  detailed.                                                                      • IHE-D e.V., Integrating the
                                                                                   Healthcare Enterprise –
• The gaps between the “state of the art” research ongoing in the                  Deutschland, IHE-D, (DE)
  eHealth domain and the desired future description identified in the            • OLE Office Line Engineering NV,
  RIDE vision statement for achieving semantic interoperability in                 OLE, (BE)
  eHealth are identified.
                                                                                Timetable: from 01/06 – to 12/07
• Analysis of the current trends and opportunities in health care IT inter-
  operability with special emphasis on those trends and opportunities           Total cost: € 1.223.766
  which affect semantic aspects of interoperability is made.
• RIDE Project has made a proposal to OASIS ebXML Business Process              EC funding: € 1.156.269
  Technical Committee entitled “ebBP Profile for Integrating Healthcare
                                                                                Instrument: CA
  Enterprise (IHE)” to facilitate establishing electronic relationship
  among IHE Actors.                                                             Project Identifier:
• The first and second ver-                                                     IST-2004-027065
  sions of RIDE Roadmap          eHealth networks and architectures,
  have been finalized.           Semantic Interoperability of eHealth
                                 in Europe.


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