Seismic Waves Worksheet by hcj


									                           Seismic Waves Worksheet
                                Physical Science

  1. What are seismic waves?
     Waves that cause earthquakes

  2. What are the 3 types of seismic waves?
     P-waves, S-waves, Surface waves

  3. What is the difference between P- and S-waves?
     P-waves can cause more damage and can travel through solids & liquids

  4. Why are surface waves slower than P- and S-waves?
     Because the P- and S-waves lose energy before becoming surface waves

  5. Which type of waves can travel through water?

  6. Draw the movement of the 3 types of seismic waves

P-waves                      S-waves                         Surface Waves
compression &          up & down, or side to side            rippling, ocean
exapansion                                                          waves

  7. What magnitude of waves can cause severe damage to the Earth’s crust?

     Greater than 6

  8. What’s the difference between the Richter Scale and Mercalli Scale?
     Richter scale measures the size of seismic waves;
     Mercalli scale measures the amount of damage done

  9. How would you locate the epicenter of an earthquake?
     Measure the distance between the arrival of P-waves and S-waves

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