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					  Vacation tourer

                               r e a d y                               f o r                     t h e

   VacaTion’s Tourer includes all The righT Things To geT you going.

        here aren’t many options available on      All of the important stuff is already here,   and there for all the little things you really
        the Vacation Campers Tourer, because       which means there aren’t any hidden costs     wanted in a camper in the first place.
        it already comes with everything you       just to make it useable.                         “We are both of the old school,” he
        need to hit the road rolling. That           Theo Snyder, who runs Vacation with         says, “and take a great deal of pride in
  doesn’t mean you can’t improve on things         his wife Pauline, says he hates it when       what we manufacture and we believe that
  by adding a tropical roof (as pictured) or an    salespeople quote a price just to get you     is evidenced in the high quality of our
  A-frame toolbox, but those aren’t necessities.   interested, then start adding costs on here   products.”


Please note: design and pricing quoted in this magazine article
may have changed since the time of publication.
                                                                  Words and pics Carlisle Rogers

      BOTTOMS UP                                        auto weather seals to keep the dust out. Up
      For $11,990, you wouldn’t expect bells            front is a PVC pole locker and spare wheel.
      and whistles under the chassis, but the              There’s one jerry holder and one 4.5kg
      Tourer seems to live up to its label as a light   gas cylinder, so you aren’t going to tackle
      offroader. This is evidenced immediately by       the Tanami in this, but that’s plenty for
      the Hyland coupling, which means you can          most family trips. On the nearside there’s
      use your existing 50mm coupling and still         a battery box wired to an Anderson
      get all the articulation you’ll ever need.        plug so you can charge it on the go
         Then you notice the A-frame, which             with your tow vehicle. LED tail lamps
      curves out elegantly from the coupling            are becoming the norm on good campers,
      and jockey wheel, rather than at the usual        and Vacation includes them standard.
      straight angles that kink as they become
      parallel.                                         THE GREAT OUTDOORS
         “We don’t like the way other campers           Starting with the full annexe that comes off
      utilise a crushed, bent chassis rail system,”     the back of this side-fold camper, enclosing
      Theo says. “We cold-roll our chassis, which       the kitchen and almost 11m2 of floor space,
      costs a little more, but provides great           you get wrap-around flyscreen walls for
      strength and efficiency. We end-cap the           free. That includes a canvas wall behind
      chassis too, so you’ll never have an issue        the kitchen with a window. On top of the
      with corrosion.”                                  enclosable annexe, there is a further ‘porch’
         The chassis is galvanised to further           that extends out 2m from the annexe on
      protect it from corrosion in the long term.       two sides to keep things dry while you relax
      The trailer body is Zincanneal steel. New         behind the flyscreens.
      tyres are provided too, including the spare –        All up, that’s a lot of canvas included
      a small but important feature I always look       in this package. Our review model also
      for. Designed to tour the country, this trailer   had the optional ($440) thermal fly. Using
      should be able to handle even heavy beach
      work. “We designed our Tourer using a high
      quality leaf suspension,” Theo explains,
      “which means that corrugations will not           Right and below: The side-fold
      bother it.”                                       Tourer offers a generous amount
         The storage compartment, like most box         of living space, and apart from the
      trailers, is large and easy to access. On the     tropical roof and two-burner stove
      Tourer, it is carpeted with automotive carpet     with grill, everything is included in
      which is attached via press studs so you can      the price.
      remove it to clean – another small thing
      that makes life a little easier.
         The tailgate is lockable, and sealed with


    Please note: design and pricing quoted in this magazine article
    may have changed since the time of publication.
   Vacation tourer

                                                                                                             Above: The galvanised, cold-rolled
                                                                                                           chassis and Zincanneal body should
                                                                                                          stand up well to abuse, along with the
                                                                                                          decent tyres (including a spare), solid
                                                                                                          leaf suspension and Hyland coupling.

                                                       “the tourer is a little
                                                      over-engineered to be
                                                     a simple on-roader, but
                                                     light enough that most
                                                    soft-roaders can pull it”
   fibreglass bows, this tropical roof requires a
   couple more poles, but is worth the trouble      with plug. The sink sits under a hand pump
   on a hot day. There’s also the option to fit a   plumbed to the 85L water tank. Storage in
   second bedroom on the front side of the tent,    the kitchen box is sufficient for your stove
   with a zippered door already in place.           and a couple of pans.
      The main tent keeps the queen-size bed          I already mentioned the wall behind
   and an additional 2.2x2.7m floor dry. Five       the kitchen, which keeps the cook dry, but
   windows, two doors and a vent in the floor       there’s also a draft skirt to keep the wind
   all help keep things cooler.                     (and the bugs!) out. Without it, the mozzies
                                                    and flies will eventually find their way into
   EASY LIVING                                      your sanctuary.
   The kitchen is simple but functional –
   about all you can ask for. There’s the main      SUMMING UP
   aluminium box with a stainless bench,            The Tourer delivers great value for the
   a longer fold-out stainless bench, and in        right buyer. It is a little over-engineered to
   between, a place for a nifty plastic sink        be a simple on-roader, but light enough (at      498kg Tare, with a 750kg ATM) that most
                                                                                                     soft-roaders can pull it. The ball weight is
                                                                                                     only 35kg.
                                                                                                       Starting at $11,990, our review model
                                                                                                     featured the optional thermal fly and, at
                                                                                                     $295, the Lido two-burner stove with grill.

                                                                                                     Vacation Campers, 23 Lisgar Street,
                                                                                                     Virginia, Qld 4014, 1300 652 261.
                                                                                                       For more information, visit

Please note: design and pricing quoted in this magazine article
may have changed since the time of publication.

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