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					Palmieri                            AP Language and Composition
                                A Long Way Gone Inspired Position Paper
                                    & Synthesis Question*
1. Choose a controversial issue currently in the news involving gangs (in the US, in
   Africa,or??). Using a minimum of 6 sources (maximum of 8) for support, write a
   paper taking a stand on the issue. Analyze the situation thoroughly in the paper:
   include a refutation. The topic must be researchable—in other words, it must not be
   too general (gangs today), too obscure (the quilting habits of the female gang
   members in Manhattan’s barrio), or to unimportant to discuss (Is Paris Hilton a
   member of a gang?).
           a. Paper is 3-5 pages typed (double spaced)
           b. Cited sources in the body of the paper MLA format
           c. All three persuasive appeals included: logos, ethos, pathos
           d. Vocabulary elevated; grammar & usage correct.
           e. Viewpoint clear and well supported.
           f. Analysis of your topic organized within your argument logically and
               clearly. ( See Classical Rhetoric Outline for Argument)
2. You will use the same researched material to develop a Synthesis Question (AP
   Language’s DBQ). It must contain 6 documents. (You should submit only the
   relevant portion of the document, again see sample Synthesis Question.)
   Acceptable sources would be:
                  1. Current newspapers
                  2. Current news magazines such as The Week, Newsweek, Times, Us
                  News & World Report
                      *Many of these sources may be accessed on-line for free.
                  3. Your documents must include one painting, political cartoon, graph,
                  chart or photograph.
3. Your Synthesis Question must include: Introduction, (the thesis statement in your
   paper should directly address the questions posed here) and Assignment (see sample
   Synthesis Questions). The entire piece should be typed and checked for spelling and
   grammar errors.
4. The author, title and date of the work must identify each document.
5. The Synthesis Question must include an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY, including
   the source for each document. This should follow the MLA writing guide. The
   annotations must explain why the document was chosen for the Synthesis Question. .
6. Plagiarized material will result in an immediate “zero” for the project, detention, and
   a plagiarism report to your councilor. It will also be placed in your permanent record.
*Borrowed freely from Steve Rosenberg
Time line:
Topic (no duplications)_________________ R/D Synthesis______________________
Documents (no duplications)____________ Final draft paper______________________
R/D paper___________________________ Synthesis Question____________________

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