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                                            TOWN OF GOLDEN

                                COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE AGENDA

                                   Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 1:15 pm
                    in the Council Chambers, Town Hall, 810 S. 9th Avenue, Golden, BC
       1.      CALL TO ORDER

               LATE ITEMS

       3.      ADOPTION OF MINUTES

3-11   3.A.   Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting held March 9, 2010 for adoption
              THAT the Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting held March 9, 
              2010  be adopted.


       5.      DELEGATIONS

       5.A.   Larry Sparks will be speaking about the future Whitewater Kayak Park concept.


       9.      STAFF REPORTS

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        Committee of the Whole Agenda for March 30, 2010

12-14   9.A.a) Rates for bed & breakfast & billing policy
               That the Committee receive Phil Taylor's report on water/ sewer /garbage 
               rates for discussion and determine if a recommendation needs to go 
               forward to council for any further action.


15-20   9.B.a) GSS Bursary and Policy Proposal
               THAT Committee recommend that Council adopt the Town of Golden 
               Bursary Policy as submitted by staff this March 30th, 2o10.


        13.     NEW BUSINESS

        14.     ADJOURNMENT

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                                         TOWN OF GOLDEN

                               Committee of the Whole Minutes

                    Minutes of a Committee of the Whole Meeting
                     held Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 1:15 pm
          in the Council Chambers,Town Hall, 810 S 9th Avenue, Golden, BC

     Present:        Chair Councillor Magnusson
                     Councillor Fitzgerald
                     Councillor Hambruch
                     Councillor Jaswal
                     Councillor Pecora

     Absent:         Mayor Benty
                     Councillor Moss

     In Attendance: Mr. Taylor, Chief Administrative Officer
                      Mr. Allen, Co-Chief Administrative Officer
                      Mr. Wilsgard, Manager of Corporate Administration
                      Ms Corbett, Manager of Development Services/Planner
                      Mr. Cochran, Manager of Operations
                      Ms Thoss, Council Clerk

                      Mr. Love, LGMA Management Intern

     1.        CALL TO ORDER
               Chair, Councillor Magnusson called the Committee of the Whole Meeting to order at 
               1:15 p.m.

     3.        ADOPTION OF MINUTES

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Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting held                                 Page 3 of 20
March 9, 2010 for adoption
     Minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting held March 9, 2010
      3.A.     Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting held February 23, 2010 for adoption
               Moved by Councillor Fitzgerald, Seconded by Councillor Hambruch
               THAT the Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting held 
               February 23, 2010 BE ADOPTED.
     5.      DELEGATIONS

      5.A.     Ms Katherine Hamilton, Community Liaison, Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) will be making a
               presentation on CBT's recent undertakings and current programs.
               Ms Hamilton is going on maternity leave and compiled a binder with Columbia Basin 
               Trust (CBT) major publications, outlining CBT's major areas as well as the contacts 
               for each specific area. The binder contains information on the history of the 
               Columbia River Treaty, which becomes important as treaty discussions could begin 
               as early as 2014. The binder is intended for Mayor and Council and to be shared 
               with other organizations. 
               Moved by Councillor Pecora, Seconded by Councillor Fitzgerald
               THAT Committee RECEIVE the presentation by Katherine Hamilton, 
               Columbia Basin Trust for information.

      5.B.     Sgt. Troy Durand, RCMP will be presenting the Mayor's report, giving an update on the
               status of policing in Golden, and answering any of Committee's questions.
               Sgt. Durand gave an update on the activities of the Golden RCMP Detachment. The 
               detachment consists of one Sgt., three Corporals, and eight Constables. The traffic 
               services consists of one Sgt., one Corporal, and three Constables. The Integrated 
               Road Safety Unit consists of one Constable. Sgt. Durand stated that the success of 
               the Golden Detachment is the volunteer community partner groups involved. They 
               are Citizens on Patrol, Police Base Victim Assistance Program, Aux. Cst. Program, 
               Alternative Justice Program, GSS Party Group, Speed Watch, Golden Search and 
               Rescue, Guard and Matron Staff and Youth Education and Safety. The community 
               priorities have been identified as 1) Drug and alcohol abuse ­ The Detachment is 
               committed to dealing with this priority through active enforcement and education 
               such as identifying and targeting street level traffickers, identifying and targeting 
               Marihuana grow operations, providing courses and education to their members, 
               having their members complete the IIM Source Course and by providing education 
               to the community. 2) Road safety ­ This is being addressed by enforcing the 2010 
               Traffic Initiative (Seatbelt, aggressive driving, intersection offences, and impaired 
               driving), providing courses and tools for the members, speed watch program, and 
               counter attack road checks. Sgt. Durand will now be presenting the Mayor's Report 
               quarterly to Mayor and Council. Sgt. Durand provided the Committee with statistics 
               of offences for the past two years. The main concentration of the Golden 
               detachment is 1) drugs and alcohol 2) vandalism 3) traffic safety. They are 
               continuing education on drugs and alcohol and still using the DARE program. The 
               detachment continues its commitment to the 2010 project by increasing school 
               patrols during pick up and drop off times. General duty works with Traffic Services 
               on operations where time permits. Members conduct Counter Attack check stops 
               randomly on night shifts in high visibility areas in an effort to discourage impaired 
               driving. The speed watch Program is also active during the week, targeting school 
               zones and high traffic locations.
               Moved by Councillor Pecora, Seconded by Councillor Jaswal
               THAT Committee RECEIVE the presentation by Sgt. Troy Durand, 
               Golden RCMP Detachment for information.

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Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting held                                    Page 4 of 20
March 9, 2010 for adoption
     Minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting held March 9, 2010

      5.C.     Mr. Darcy Mooney, Columbia Shuswap Regional District will be making a presentation on
               Solid Waste Management Plan regarding curbside recycling in Golden including details
               on implementation as discussed with Town of Golden staff.
               Mr. Mooney informed the Committee that the CSRD completed their Solid Waste 
               Management Plan (SWMP), which was adopted by the Province in March 2009. The 
               development of this Plan included public and stakeholder participation from the 
               citizens of the Regional District. A multi­stakeholder Advisory Committee was 
               formed including representation from members of each Municipality. Through that 
               process the Committee reviewed input from staff and consultants to develop 
               recommended programs and policies to reduce waste, minimize environmental 
               footprint and maximize cost efficiencies. Through that two year process initially 
               over 100 programs and policies were thrown on the table, filtered through a triple 
               bottom line analysis through Community, Environmental and Economic analysis 
               and filtered through the adopted vision statement and guide principles of the 
               SWMP. From that about 50 short listed programs became outlined in the 
               implementation component of the SWMP. The vision statement of the SWMP is that 
               all economic activities in the CSRD will be consistent with a "Zero Waste" 
               community. Zero Waste maximizes recycling, minimizes waste, reduces 
               consumption, and ensures that products are made to be reused, repaired, or 
               recycled back into nature or the marketplace. Zero Waste views all Wastes as 
               Resources and recognizes that the entire lifecycle of a product must be considered 
               when deciding its value. The SWMP is a plan of partnerships, where all initiatives are 
               done in partnership with all sectors of the community, including higher levels of 
               government, individual citizens and businesses, both locally and outside the CSRD. 
               Mr. Mooney stated that the point of this presentation is to focus on one element of 
               the SWMP, which is moving forward with the curbside recycling. The community of 
               Golden already has a residential garbage collection program, the CSRD SWMP 
               speaks to that and really speaks to trying to minimize the amount of garbage 
               collected at the curb and maximize the amount of recyclables collected at the curb. 
               Currently the recycling element is through self haul to a recycling Depot shared 
               with the local Bottle Depot as well as recycling opportunities up at the land fill. 
               Currently that's the process to move recyclables out of Golden and into the system. 
               The curbside recycling initiative was supported through public consultation in the 
               planning stage of the SWMP and it was recommended to be provided through bi­
               weekly collection of unlimited recyclables in either blue or clear bags. Mr. Mooney 
               stated that 73% of the people who responded to their survey during the public 
               consultation process support the curbside recycling program within the Town of 
               Golden at $9.00 per single family dwelling per month. The CSRD will work with 
               members of the municipalities to develop curbside clutching programs to reduce 
               residential transportation costs for disposal and recycling, green house gas 
               emissions, the amount of traffic driving to transfer stations, landfills and recycling 
               depots. Mr. Mooney had several meetings with staff to look at the Bylaw and how 
               the program itself would be developed and implemented if supported by Council. 
               The curbside recycling program will be based on unlimited recyclables placed at the 
               curb, collected twice a month including the collection of mixed plastics, food cans, 
               newspaper, mixed paper, and cardboard. Glass containers cannot be collected at 
               the curb for safety reasons. The CSRD feels that the next steps are to build a joint 
               request for proposals and to release those for submission over the next couple of 
               months, review the proposals and report back to Council and the Board with the 
               recommended service and cost implications around June 2010. At that time, if 
               Council feels that there is a favorable proposal, then that would give the particular 
               contractor about 6 months to get prepared for starting in January 2011.

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Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting held                                   Page 5 of 20
March 9, 2010 for adoption
     Minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting held March 9, 2010
                Moved by Councillor Jaswal, Seconded by Councillor Pecora
                THAT Committee RECEIVE the presentation by Darcy Mooney, 
                Columbia Shuswap Regional District for information and REFER to a 
                future Committee of Whole Meeting.

     9.        STAFF REPORTS


      9.D.a)    Development Variance Application - Kardash History
                A Development Variance Application was submitted February 5th, 2010 to vary 
                the interior side parcel line setback requirements in the Town of Golden Bylaw 911, 
                1993 on the property legally described as LOT 2 SECTION 13 TOWNSHIP 27 RANGE 
                IDENTIFIER: 025­0 7 0 ­827 (805 9th St North). A discussion took place about 
                previous variances on the property and Council wanted more information before 
                proceeding. The following resolution was passed on February 16, 2010. "THAT 
                Council RECEIVE the Staff Report Development Variance ­ Application Peter 
                Kardash for information; AND THAT Council REFER to staff for further investigation 
                on file history, and bring to a future Committee of Whole Meeting." Staff have 
                investigated the three previous variance permit applications on the subject 
                property. Setback Variance Application and Approval 2002 A report went to 
                Council in October of 2002 and described the permit as follows: "The owners have 
                requested a variance from the Zoning Bylaw in order to construct a 7.92m X 
                16.46m (26 ft X 54 ft) storage building 3.0 metres from the rear property line. The 
                Zoning Bylaw requires a 6.0 m setback for a principal building. Information 
                submitted with the application indicates that the owner wishes to construct a 
                storefront in the future, but would like to start by moving some of his plumbing 
                supplies presently stored at his residence to a storage building. Since the property 
                is vacant, the storage building will be the principal building and the 6.0 m setback 
                applies. Once the storefront building is constructed, the building presently 
                proposed will function as an accessory building to the storefront and will meet 
                setback requirements for an accessory building." This application was approved at 
                the November 19, 2002 Council meeting and Development Variance Permit 05­02 
                was issued. The Building Permit for this development, the existing building on the 
                property, was issued in April of 2003. The height of the building was kept at 6 
                metres so that it would comply with accessory building requirements when the 
                front of the property was developed. After review of the file, the last piece of 
                correspondence refers to needing a Schedule C­B letter for "Assurance of 
                Professional Field Review and Compliance". It appears the existing building did not 
                receive an occupancy permit. Staff will discuss this with the applicant and it should 
                be dealt with prior to issuing another building permit. Variance Application from 
                Parking dimension requirements October ­ December 2005 Reports went to Council 
                at the end of 2005 for the development of a store front building on the subject 
                property and a variance to the parking dimension standards in the zoning bylaw. 
                The original proposal had a 7100 sq ft building and proposed 90 degree parking in 
                front of the building without the required 2 meter aisle between the parking and the 
                road right of way. The application was to exempt this development from requiring 
                the 2 meter aisle to maintain the development design and size and to maintain 
                vehicle turning radiuses at the rear of the building between the existing storage 

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Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting held                                   Page 6 of 20
March 9, 2010 for adoption
     Minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting held March 9, 2010
               building and the new development. Staff recommended against the request for the 
               safety reasons and considerations for future upgrades to the street that would be 
               hindered by the proposed parking design. It was acknowledged that this is the 
               existing situation with a number of buildings on the street but that nevertheless was 
               a concern. After a representation from the applicant was made, Council directed 
               staff to work with the applicant on a solution. Subsequently, the development 
               proposal was changed and the building size was reduced to 6060 sq ft to 
               accommodate the parking dimension requirements and maintain room at the rear 
               of the new development. No variance was now required. While this application was 
               in progress, an OCP amendment was adopted making this area a Development 
               Permit Area and landscaping  requirements were adopted into the Zoning Bylaw. 
               Landscaping Exemption Request ­ January 2006 The design of the proposal could 
               not accommodate the landscaping requirements along the frontage of the property 
               as required by the new guidelines. A request came forward for Council to exempt 
               the development that was in process from the new landscaping requirements. 
               Council approved Variance Permit 05­05 on February 21, 2006. This Variance 
               Permit has now expired because the proposal was not started within 2 years of the 
               approval. The owner never proceeded with this development proposal. Current 
               Variance Request ­ February 2010 The Variance Application is to vary the interior 
               side parcel line setback requirements in the C­4 (Service Commercial) zone from 
               3.0m to 0.2m. The applicant wants to build a 1022 sq ft (95 sq m) addition on the 
               property's existing 3000 sq ft (279sq m) building for additional space. The proposal 
               requires a variance on the western interior side parcel line because of the size and 
               location of the existing building. In the proposal, the addition appears higher than 
               the existing development but there are no heights shown on the plans. If this is the 
               case, the building would not meet accessory building requirements should the 
               property be developed further with another building. This will be explored further 
               as well should the application proceed. This also begs the question that this building 
               has been used as the principal building on the property and will continue to be until 
               another development takes place. Should it be fulfilling the requirements of a 
               principal building and would approving the variance application increase the ability 
               for the tenant to keep operating a business out of what is supposed to be the 
               accessory building on the property. Because the development has a projected value 
               of less than $75,000 it is exempt from requiring a Development Permit; however, 
               OCP guidelines still apply. Landscaping and "cleaning up" of the existing yard have 
               been discussed with the applicant. He indicated he would be willing to plant three 
               trees at the front of the property but was resistant to doing too much at this time as 
               it may be compromised by future development on the front of the property. Peter 
               Kardash stated that he operated Kardash Plumbing out of his residence (904 ­ 14th 
               Street South) for a number of years. He received several citations from the Town 
               Bylaw Officer for storage of products, vehicular storage and traffic. To comply and 
               serve future growth, in June of 2001 Mr. Kardash purchased a commercial property 
               in C4 present location, 805 ­ 9th Street North. He explained that the decision not to 
               go ahead with Development Variance Permit #2 was made due to the economic 
               downturn. Mr. Kardash stated that currently many business owners rent as opposed 
               to purchasing for the simple fact that they are able to have low rental rates due to 
               economic times. He feels that this will not provide permanent re­assurance to the 
               Town as to the longevity of the business. In his view businesses with ownership of 
               building and land need to be supported as they are in it for the long term both as tax 
               payers and as investors in the Town itself. He pointed out that Golden has extremely 
               low commercial rental compared to other places. Mr. Kardash requested that his 
               current Development Variance Permit application be reviewed without previous 
               judgement based on business decisions taken during economic times that did not 
               allow for expansion.

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Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting held                                   Page 7 of 20
March 9, 2010 for adoption
     Minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting held March 9, 2010
                Moved by Councillor Pecora, Seconded by Councillor Fitzgerald
                THAT Committee RECOMMEND Council DIRECT staff to proceed with 
                the review and notification process for the new proposed variance.
               PUBLIC SERVICES

     9.        STAFF REPORTS


      9.C.a)    Receipt of Information from the Mount 7 Rec/Plex Association
                As per the terms of the contract between the Mount 7 Rec/Plex Association (the 
                Agent) and the Town of Golden, the Agent is required to provide to the Town, on an 
                annual basis, an annual report which provides: 1) The Agent's vision and operating 
                procedures for the Facility, 2) A listing of engaged rental agreements for the 
                previous 12 months, 3) A financial statement description of Facility activity for the 
                previous 12 months, and 4) A listing of capital and operational recommendations 
                for the next 12 to 60 months. The financial statement information and list of 
                engaged rental agreements was provided to the Town in 2009 and is on file. 
                Moved by Councillor Fitzgerald, Seconded by Councillor Pecora
                THAT the Committee RECOMMEND to Council that the following 
                correspondence delivered to the Town by the Mount 7 Rec/Plex 
                Association be received for information: Capital Expenditures Update 
                and 5 Year Forecasted Spending Plan, 2010 Rates Schedule, Meeting 
                Minutes of February 3, 2010;  
                AND THAT the Committee RECOMMEND to Council that the 5 Year 
                Forecasted Spending Plan be referred to staff for information and 
                consideration during the ongoing budget deliberations.  
      9.C.b)    Mount 7 Rec/Plex Association – Additional Equipment Storage
                The Mount 7 Rec/Plex Association (the Agent) is under contract with the Town of 
                Golden to operate and maintain the Mount 7 Rec/Plex Facility. Annually, the Agent 
                is expected to provide the Town with a proposed 5 year Capital Improvement Plan. 
                The "nature and condition" of the items recommended by the Agent are to be 
                reviewed by Town staff and, if deemed worthwhile, are to be recommended to 
                Council. Current contract language defines Capital Improvements as "structural and 
                aesthetic applications and changes to the Facility determined by Council and the 
                Town..." The Agent has recognized a need for additional storage at the Facility for 
                safe keeping of large mats and other large equipment otherwise commonly stored 
                either on the gymnasium floor or on the stage. Much if not all of the equipment to be 
                stored is owned by the Kicking Horse Gymnastics Club. The Agent is proposing that 
                they be permitted to explore the feasibility (I.e. determine costs, appropriate size, 
                and possible time line) of constructing a storage room by expanding the building 
                northwards towards 9th St South, to the east of the existing kitchen and washrooms. 
                It is proposed that a storage addition would make use of existing exterior north and 
                east wall faces where possible. Further, the Agent is seeking Council's permission to 
                apply for appropriate grants for this initiative. Grant funds would be aimed at 
                reducing the overall capital reserve fund requirement associated with the design 
                and construction of the storage room. As a sidebar, the Giving Tree Childcare 
                Society is presently undertaking a Feasibility Study to address the ongoing lack of 
                child care space available in Golden. Council gave permission to the Society in 2009 

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Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting held                                    Page 8 of 20
March 9, 2010 for adoption
     Minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting held March 9, 2010
               to investigate municipal properties for potential day care use during the study. The 
               status of the feasibility study, jointly funded by Golden Community Resources 
               Society and the CSRD, is unknown at this time. The Mount 7 Rec/Plex Facility may 
               come to be identified by the consultant as a preferred location for the day care and, 
               if so, additional storage might serve that group as well.
               Moved by Councillor Hambruch, Seconded by Councillor Pecora
               THAT the Committee RECOMMEND to Council that the Mount 7 
               Rec/Plex Association be given authorization to explore the feasibility of 
               constructing additional equipment storage on the exterior of the 
               existing facility; 
               AND THAT the Committee RECOMMEND to Council that the 
               Association be given authorization to apply for appropriate Grant 
               Funding in support of the initiative.
      9.C.c)   12th Street South – Phase 1 Tendering
               The Town of Golden was notified in January that we were unsuccessful in our 
               application for a Build Canada Grant application. The grant was applied for in the 
               hopes that it would aid in financing a 2/3rd share of the capital funds necessary for 
               the complete reconstruction of 12th Street South. The Town, in anticipation of 
               receiving a grant, borrowed the 1/3rd share of the estimated necessary capital 
               funds from the Municipal Finance Authority (MFA) and is now holding those funds 
               in reserve. The original budget for the entire rebuild was $3,977,071. 12th Street 
               South is a collector road identified in the Town's 2006 Road Condition Assessment 
               and Upgrade Plan as a high priority for reconstruction. As grant funding will not be 
               available in 2010 for this important civil infrastructure upgrade project, staff 
               recommend that the project commence on a phased basis, with tendering 
               commencing as soon as possible. Presently, the design drawings and tender 
               documents are very near completion with only minor drafting and document 
               preparation work required to prepare the package for tendering. It is recommended 
               that the entire project be divided into a minimum of three phases as follows: Phase 
               1: From 10th Avenue to the east side of the 8th Avenue intersection. This phase 
               may include provisional sanitary infrastructure upgrading required in both the 500 
               and 600 blocks of 12th Street as well. Due to potential spring high ground water 
               conditions, deep underground utility work should be completed prior to the month 
               of June to hopefully avoid the need for costly dewatering. Phase 2: From 8th 
               Avenue to 7th Avenue. Phase 3: From 7th Avenue to the west end of 12th Street 
               South. The Old Town Works Yard property servicing could be tied into the Phase 2 
               project if the timing of the second phase coincided with development plans for the 
               property. Servicing from the 12th Street frontage would be contingent on the 
               ultimate requirements of any planned development which as of this writing are 
               unknown. Timing for future phases will be dependent on available capital funds and 
               ongoing priorities within the community. The entire roadway is due for 
               reconstruction as soon as practicable. Ultimately, the best scenario would be to 
               carry out subsequent phases in 2011 and 2012. Doing so would shorten the overall 
               window of disruption within the neighborhood due to construction activities. 
               Subsequent year phasing could also result in the gravel stockpile being utilized from 
               the Old Town Works Yard property, thereby freeing up the site for development 
               opportunity within the confines of the timeline imposed by the Ministry of 
               Environment Approval­in­Principle for the site. The complete 12th Street South 
               project is presently estimated to cost approximately $4,150,000, if fully 
               constructed over the next few years as follows: Phase 1 ­ $1,600,000; Phase 2 ­ 
               $850,000 (excluding servicing for works yard); Phase 3 ­ $1,700,000. Of the 
               $1,200,000 borrowed in 2009 for the entire project, $144,000 has been spent 

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Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting held                                   Page 9 of 20
March 9, 2010 for adoption
     Minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting held March 9, 2010
                todate on engineering services leaving $1,056,000 in reserve. Presently there is a 
                total available reserve balance of $2,089,388 divided amongst the public works, 
                water and sewer accounts. There are some options associated with this initiative as 
                follows: 1) Proceed with Phase 1 project tendering as recommended by staff; if 
                project is awarded, finance capital shortfall through internal short term borrowing, 
                2)Pursue redirect of Local Motion Grant Award to cover costs associated with 
                sidewalk work in first phase (to reduce required internal borrowing amount, 3) 
                Defer sanitary infrastructure upgrade work until next phase (identified in tender as 
                optional work and physically located west of first phase road works), and 4) Defer 
                Phase 1 work until other grant funding becomes available.
                Moved by Councillor Fitzgerald, Seconded by Councillor Pecora
                THAT the Committee RECOMMEND to Council that staff be directed to 
                proceed with Option 1 and 2, tendering for Phase 1 of the multi­phase 
                reconstruction of 12th Street South as identified in the draft 2010 

     9.        STAFF REPORTS


      9.A.a)    Corporate and Community Carbon Emissions Baseline Reports
                Golden is a signatory to the BC Climate Action Charter. As such we receive a refund 
                of all annual carbon taxes paid (2009 = $5,162.77) from our operations and we are 
                committed to being carbon neutral in corporate operations by 2012. Beginning 
                then, for every tonne of carbon emissions from corporate operations, we will be 
                required to purchase carbon off­sets in an equal amount. Presently our net 
                emissions are 527 tonnes which, were we required to purchase off­sets now, would 
                equate to a cost of $13,600. Led and funded by the Columbia Basin Trust, The Town 
                has joined a network of Basin communities that have undertaken a group approach 
                to this matter. The agreed sequence of events is that 2009 was the 'problem 
                definition year; 2010 will be the 'mitigation action planning' year; 2011 will be the 
                'plan implementation year; and 2012 the 'carbon neutral' year. The outcome from 
                our first year of activities is that the Town now has a"Corporate Operations Energy 
                and Greenhouse Gas Inventory' (see first page attached) which provides us a 
                baseline for mitigation action planning during 2010. By May 15, 2010 the Town 
                must amend our OCP to include community­wide carbon emissions reduction 
                targets. We have been working with the BC Ministry of Environment, Environmental 
                Protection Branch and their contractor Hyla Environmental Services Ltd to refine 
                our"Community Energy & Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory (2007)' (CEEI­see 
                second page attached). Similar to our Corporate Inventory, the CEEI is the baseline 
                from which we may plan for community­wide reductions in the long term. The 
                provincial government commitment set forth in the Greenhouse Gas Reduction 
                Targets Act is to reduce province­wide emissions by 33% by 2020 and by 8o% by 
                2050. These targets are those commonly being adopted in OCPs by other 
                communities. Staff will soon present a draft OCP amendment to council for its 
                consideration and onward to public hearing in due course.
                Moved by Councillor Pecora, Seconded by Councillor Jaswal
                THAT the Committee RECEIVE the staff report "Corporate and 
                Community Carbon Emissions Baseline Reports" for information.

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Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting held                                   Page 10 of 20
March 9, 2010 for adoption
     Minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting held March 9, 2010
     14.     ADJOURNMENT

               Moved by Councillor Fitzgerald, Seconded by Councillor Jaswal
               THAT there being no further business of the Committee of the Whole 
               Meeting, it BE ADJOURNED.


               CERTIFIED CORRECT

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Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting held                             Page 11 of 20
March 9, 2010 for adoption
                                        Staff Report
                                         CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER

       To:       Committee of the Whole                   File: 3900-20-water & sewer rate bylaw
       From:     Phil Taylor, CAO                         Date: March 24, 2010
       Subject: Rates for bed & breakfast & billing policy
       RECOMMENDATION : That the Committee receive Phil Taylor’s report on water/
                       sewer /garbage rates for discussion and determine if a recommendation
                       needs to go forward to council for any further action.

       BACKGROUND AND DISCUSSION: In the summer of 2009 I received a call from
       the proprietor of Bed & Breakfast with basically three complaints. 1. Due t the Town of
       Golden stockpiling gravel on the former works yard on 12th street she felt she was losing
       business. 2. Because her business was down so much she wanted relief from her annual
       water, sewer and garbage bill. 3. She wanted us to cancel her 2009 water, sewer and
       garbage bill for another property as that property was vacant for 2009. Through a series
       of “poor” communications on both sides (somewhat my fault) nothing was done about
       this until, at the end of the year a notice was sent to her advising the status of her utility
       accounts. I have discussed the issues with her several times and felt that I should share
       what she wants with council, what I think council /the towns position should be and
       steps to move forward.
           1. We stock piled the gravel on our former works yard to have it available for the 12th
               street south project. If the Town of Golden had been successful in our
               Community Adjustment Fund applications and could have done the work in 2009
               the gravel would have been gone. That didn’t happen, but Council in March of
               2010 authorized staff to go to tender on a phase project that should make use of
               the gravel. Two reasons to stock pile the gravel at the former works yard was one
               that it is close to where it will be finally used and should save the town money on
               the 12th street project; and two there were limited land use issues by storing
               “clean’ gravel on the former works yard.
           2. The Proprietor of the Bed & Breakfast claims that she was not advised that she
               had to fill out ‘paperwork” in 2009 if she was not running her Bed & Breakfast by
               the front office staff. But, she did not renew or pay her 2009 Business license
               ($80.00 which still remains as a payable to the town). This could have been
               resolved in early 2009 when the business license renewals were sent out, but by
               advising staff she wasn’t going to run the business, and then the process to reduce
               the fee for water, sewer & garbage could have also been reduced. Anyway as per
               our bylaw a Bed & Breakfast pays the single family rate for water, sewer, garbage
               plus a portion based on the number of rooms for the B& B. In 2009 this was
               $530.64 for the residence and $693.84 for the B & B for a total of $1,224.48. I
               am not sure if basically around $300 per room is an appropriate number to
               charge a bed & breakfast for the extra water, sewer and garbage they use but until
               we move into metering this type of “business” that is what the bylaw indicates. In
               regards to advising the Town that the she was not longer running a Bed &
               Breakfast the Proprietor had an opportunity when the utility bills were mailed out
               in January of 2009, she had another opportunity in March when the 2009
               Business Licenses were mailed out (note on the business license renewal, it
               specifically states that if you are no longer in business please contact us). This
               was not done and the Business License, as of March 25th, 2010 the business

Rates for bed & breakfast & billing policy                                          Page 12 of 20
             website is still up for availability for booking. It makes it difficult for staff to look
             at recommending any sort of “refund” or reduction of fees when all we have
             indicates that the business is still open. That being said and moving forward I
             think as we get a better handle on what the utilities cost to deliver to the property
             line and how individual customers receive different amounts of benefit from the
             utilities maybe the rates need to be adjusted. As we have advised council
             consumption is part of the reason that the rates are set the way they are, but as
             the municipality builds the infrastructure for close to maximum use, it is hard to
             base the billings on use only. In other words the capacity built into the system
             needs to spread over to all the customers and this especially relates to bed &
             breakfasts and “tourist’ type accommodation that have made us build the
             infrastructure with more capacity to meet peak season demands.
          3. Cancelling the Water, Sewer & Garbage for the other house for 2009. A couple of
             factors come into play here. First the way to stop your water sewer & garbage bill
             is to have your water turned off. This stops the supply of water, stops the billing
             by our contractor of weekly garbage pick up (we pay on the number of houses on
             the list, not the number of houses they pick up weekly). It is a simple matter of
             coming in applying for this. She may have tried this, but we have not record of
             that. But coincidently, she did claim the homeowner grant for the house which
             indicated to us she was living in it.

       In summary we have a few people that have complained about the way we charge higher
       utilities when a home occupation, or bed & breakfast is run in a single family home. The
       rates we charge have been in place for a long time and do reflect what we think needs to
       be charged so that these businesses do pay more than a single family as there is more
       traffic through the house than a single family, and partially so that the same type of
       businesses in a commercial building aren’t being undercut by home occupation
       businesses due to paying less for utilities. Our system is not perfect, but even by going to
       full metering there would have to be some sort of factor to address the concept that these
       types of home occupations need the capacity at the peak times, even though when they
       are unoccupied the consumption likely is similar to a single family home.

       This is an going issue with some of the Home Occupation businesses in Golden and
       would take a lot of effort to change. The work involved may not solve the problems of the
       few that feel hard done by. It would be up to Council to direct staff if you wish us to
       spend more time on this


       Council Strategic Themes and Objectives

       Official Community Plan

       Corporate Policies/Administrative Procedures

       Annual Departmental Work Plan

       Respectfully Submitted,

       Phil Taylor
       Chief Administrative Officer

Rates for bed & breakfast & billing policy                                            Page 13 of 20
Rates for bed & breakfast & billing policy   Page 14 of 20
                                      Staff Report         CORPORATE SERVICES

      To:        Committee of the Whole            File: 1850-20-GSS Bursary; 1855-20-GIA
      From:      Jon Wilsgard, MCA                 Date: March 30th, 2010
      Subject: GSS Bursary and Policy Proposal
      THAT Committee RECOMMEND that to provide clarity and certainty for both
      administrative and budgetary reasons, Council ADOPT the Town of Golden Bursary
      Policy as submitted by staff this March 30th, 2010.

      For a number of years, Council has annually given money to a qualifying student or
      students at Golden Secondary School (GSS) in the form of the “Town of Golden Bursary”;
      however, a policy to guide this initiative has never been in place and it has therefore been
      subject to variations in applicability and amount throughout the years.

      At its meeting of March 6th, 2007 Council resolved:
      “THAT Council PROVIDE two Town of golden bursaries in the amount of $1,000 each,
      for 2007 only, in recognition of the 50th anniversary of incorporation”.

      As per the funding history shown below, this did not turn out to be the case.

      At its meeting of April 29th, 2008 Council resolved:
      “That the bursary of Golden Secondary students sponsored by the Town BE ONE of
      $2,000 payable at $500 per semester upon proof of registration; leaving it up to staff
      to determine the parameters”.

      Once again, what was resolved was not what actually happened evidenced by the
      dispersal record below.

      Bursary Funding History
      November 30th    $500 Carmen Postnikoff

      January 31st           $500 Carmen Postnikoff
      November 30th          $500 Kelsey Peyto

      January 17th           $500 Kelsey Peyto
      October 22nd           $500 Hardave Birk

      November 25th          $500   Hardave Birk
      February 28th          $500   Hardave Birk
      October 28th           $500   Shera Oszust
      October 28th           $500   Sara Lambert

GSS Bursary and Policy Proposal                                                   Page 15 of 20
      Given that the bursary is sourced from Council’s annual Grant in Aid budget, to which
      Council through its recent policy is trying to create some reliable structure for amounts
      and applicability, staff feels that it may be time for a policy for the bursary to provide
      clarity to both Council and GSS staff in their adjudication and recommendation for

      Moreover, the high school would be grateful to receive clear policy directive from
      Council regarding this bursary, to assist them in recommending the recipients and
      amounts to be awarded.

      Attached is a draft policy for the Town of Golden Secondary Student Bursary for
      Committee perusal.

      Note that adoption of this policy will commit Council to an annual Grant in Aid budget
      item for the perpetuity of the policy of $2,000 per year.


         1. Recommend adoption of policy as presented
         2. Recommend adoption of policy with amendments
         3. Recommend no policy for the Town of Golden Bursary


      Council Strategic Themes and Objectives
      Social and Cultural Sustainability Pillar – support the provision of health care, social
      services, education and daily living requirements.

      Official Community Plan
      As above

      Corporate Policies/Administrative Procedures
      Presents a new policy for development based upon an existing procedure.

      Annual Departmental Work Plan
      Not contemplated; required in order to inform deliberations for Grant in Aid applications.

      Respectfully Submitted,

      Jon Wilsgard
      Manager of Corporate Administration

      Attachment- Draft Town of Golden Bursary Policy

GSS Bursary and Policy Proposal                                                    Page 16 of 20

                                               TOWN OF GOLDEN
                                               CORPORATE POLICY

                                     TOWN OF GOLDEN BURSARY

       Effective Date:                   Authorized By:                     Replaces:
       January 1, 2010                                                      New
                                         Council – Regular Meeting

                                         PURPOSE AND INTENT

       It is the purpose of the Town of Golden Bursary to financially contribute toward the tuition
       costs incurred by a graduate of Golden Secondary School in their continuing education at a
       post-secondary institution.

       It is the intent of the policy to provide direction to Council and pertinent staff of Golden
       Secondary School with respect to the Bursary’s applicability and scope.

       1.   DEFINITIONS

            Bursary      means the Town of Golden Bursary

            GSS          means Golden Secondary School

            Student      means a successful applicant to the Bursary and to which Bursary funds
                         will be dispersed providing that the Student at the time of application
                         and initial award:
                         a. is graduating from Golden Secondary School;
                         b. is registered and accepted by a post secondary institution; and,
                         c. has demonstrated outstanding leadership and citizenship abilities
                            during his/her graduating year.


            The Bursary shall be awarded:
            a. to one GSS Student per year;
            b. In $500 increments per semester, subject to proof of registration and continuing
               attendance at a post secondary institution; and,
            c. Be limited to $2,000 in total disbursements to each Student.

GSS Bursary and Policy Proposal                                                   Page 17 of 20
       Town of Golden Bursary Policy                                                       Page 2

       3.   AWARD PROCESS

            a. Annually, GSS authorities shall determine a Student by applying the following,
               but not limiting, criteria to applicants:
               i. Representation in Leadership Class;
               ii. Leadership within school or community club or groups;
               iii. Leadership within school or community athletic teams; and,
               iv. Personal accomplishments that serve to promote or benefit Golden on a
                    regional, provincial or national basis.

            b. A member of Town Council will present the Bursary to a Student at an award
               ceremony implemented by GSS authorities.

            c. Student’s shall then submit to the Town of Golden thereafter proof of
               registration and attendance at a post secondary institution in oder to receive
               subsequent semester allocations of the Bursary.


            Family members of current Town of Golden Council members are ineligible for
            Student status.

       ________________________                             ________________________
                Mayor                                             Corporate Officer

GSS Bursary and Policy Proposal                                                  Page 18 of 20
GSS Bursary and Policy Proposal   Page 19 of 20
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