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Wednesday Night Ministries: Will resume on Wednesday, January 7 @ 7 pm.

Ladies’ Coffee Break: Will resume Tuesday, January 13 with a “Pot-Luck Brunch”
in the Fellowship Hall from 9 - 11 am. Cost is $2. Childcare is available ($2 per child -
maximum $5).

Senior’s Ministry: Wednesday, January 28 from 11:30 am to 2 pm in the Fellowship
Hall. Our guest speaker will be David Querengesser and he will be giving his
testimony. A catered meal for $8 will be served.

Mission Emphasis: Gord & Deb White and family. Their goal is to reach the
unreached people of Oaxaca, Mexico with the gospel. They would like to see a church
planting movement in the Upper Mixteco region.

Single or Alone Mom’s Bible Study: Starting Tuesday, January 13 @ 6
to 7:30 pm at 12 Caswell Close. We will be studying “A Women’s Heart”,
God’s Dwelling Place by Beth Moore. Childcare provided. For more
information, contact Sherri Turpin @ 403.343.0351 or Madeleine Lowery                                          Passion for God, Compassion for People.
@ 403.342.5263.

                        Fun Night for Single or Alone Mom’s & Children: Potluck
                        and games night on January 31 @ 6 pm in the Fellowship Hall.
                        Bring your children, your favorite dish, and a game. For more
                        information, contact Laura Brownell @ 403.309.2538. The last
                        Saturday of each month will be our get together for a fun night.

         KICK-OFF for Wednesday Night Ministries
          Wednesday, January 7 - 7 to 8:15 p.m. — Something for Everyone                                                                            January 2009
                                    Adult Ministries
 “Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life” (Jan. 7 - May 13) - Pastor Paul
 Vallee. Held in the Chapel area.
 “Receive Healing” (Jan. 21 to May 6) - Led by Karen Hamilton in Room 5.
 For more info on these classes, please check out the brochure at the Info Desk.                                      Sunday Morning Services: 9:00 & 11:00 am
 “Connecting: Healing for Ourselves and Our Relationships” (Jan. 21 - Mar. 11)                                            Sunday Prayer & Testimony: 6:30 pm
 Facilitated Video Series by Dr. Larry Crabb in Room 7.
 Living Stones Gospel Choir: (meets in the Sanctuary). For more information,
 contact Andrew McKay at 403.352.7788.
                                 Children’s Ministries
 “Kids for the Kingdom” (Ages 5 - 11 in Room 2) Drop in registration.
                                                                                            Senior Pastor: Paul Vallee
 “Kids for the Kingdom” (Ages 3 & 4 in Room 6) Must pre-register.                           Minister of Pastoral Care: Mark Stevenson
                  All Student Ministries Are From 7 to 8:30 p.m.                            Minister of High School Students & Young Adults: Tomas Belchior
 Middle School Students (grades 6 - 8) Fellowship Hall                                      Minister of Middle School Students: Nate Parlee
 High School Students (grades 9 - 12) Located in the Warehouse
                                                                                            Music & Fine Arts Pastor: Tom Cameron

        Church Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.
                                                                                                          2020-40 Avenue, Red Deer, Alberta,T4N 5E3
   The Church Office will be closed Thursday, December 25 through                                         Telephone: 403.347.7311 Fax: 403.347.4959
      to Friday, January 2 inclusive for the Christmas Holidays.                                 Email: info@livingstones.ab.ca Web Site: www.livingstones.ab.ca
                                                                                                              Sympathy is extended to Sherry Watson at the passing of her father.

              A Message From                                                                                  Sympathy is extended to Shane & Andrea Samson at the passing of Shane’s

                                                                                                              Healing: Twila Milgate, Lloyd Brownell Sr., Bob Studer, Rayma Reid, Tom Cameron,

                the Pastor                                                                                    Howard, Georgie and Mikayla Nelson, Carol Golden, Barry Weins, Valerie Schellenberg,
                                                                                                              and Allan Berg.

                                                                                                                                   Important Reminder
                                                                                Paul & Patty Vallee
                                                                                                                            Regarding Receipts for 2008 Giving
                                                                                                               Revenue Canada has established very strict rules regarding dates of receipts for year-
    We are living in uncertain times. People who are describing the economy are stat-                          end donations. Please remember that the Church Office is now closed until Monday,
ing that most of us have never seen a time like this. References to the Great Depres-                          January 5. If the donation is mailed, the envelope must be postmarked by December
sion of the 1930's are being tossed around. Each month new updates on just how bad                             31, 2008.
things are getting is revealed, mixed with hopeful antidotes. These, however, are just
stop gap measures of false hope. What may be more disconcerting is the response of
people to the times. This past month we have had a political crisis that still has not
been fully resolved.
  To say we are living in challenging times is an understatement. While the world                                                        Huge Baby Shower
around us is shaking, for some even their personal lives are in incredible upheaval.                                                        Attention All Ladies
Medical, relational, and financial pressures are causing a deeper reflection on the
meaning of life. Yet the most pressing issue is our response to these things. Are                                                                    Join us for an evening of celebration, as we
these challenges undermining our confidence and trust in God?                                                                                      host a HUGE baby shower for the Central Alberta
                                                                                                                                                   Pregnancy Care Centre!
  When people lose hope, despair sets in. The question is asked, in light of the out-                                                                On Monday, January 19 @ 7 pm we’ll gather
ward circumstances and realities of life, “Is God really in control?” Or is this world out                                                         together in the LSC Fellowship Hall for food, fun,
of control, and we are finding ourselves hanging on for dear life wondering how long it                                                            fellowship, and help stock the storeroom at the
will take before we fall off or fall apart.                                                                                                        Centre.
  Casmire Dabrowski, who once taught at the University of Alberta, wrote a number of                                                                 Please bring NEW up-to-date gifts of diapers,
books around a concept he called, ‘positive disintegration’. As Ron Rolheiser points                                                               baby wipes, baby lotions, diaper rash cream,
out:                                                                                                                                               baby bottles and/or bottle liners, baby toys,
                                                                                                                                                   baby food or infant formula (with expiry dates
           “Isn’t that an oxymoron? Isn’t disintegration the opposite of growth                                                                    at least 6 months away), or NEW up-to-date
           and happiness? It would seem not … human experience tells us that                                                                       maternity clothes. Cash donations are also
           we usually grow by falling apart.”                                                                                                     appreciated to help towards a storage solution
    While that may be true for some; for others, it buries them into addictions and                                                                project and other needs of the Centre.
  In times of perplexity, confusion, despair, and a sense of hopelessness, we must fix
our gaze on Jesus. Having just celebrated the Christmas season, let’s remember that
with God there is always hope. God’s great step into our world was to address the
human problem. As Paul wrote to the Colossians, it’s in Christ that all things hold                                                           Small Groups???
together (cf. Col. 1:17). It’s not through human ingenuity and self reliance that we                          Are you interested in leading, joining, hosting or learning to lead a small
make it. It’s by humble acknowledgment of our need and our dependency on God that                             group? Contact Jon Epp at the Church Office (Mondays & Tuesdays) for
we not only survive, but thrive in the process.                                                               more information.
  When we gain an understanding as to our identity in Christ, we have the resources
to live through life’s greatest challenges. As we trust Him, we will find strength, cour-
age, and hope that will sustain us in these times.                                                              Hospital Visitation: Please inform us when you are aware of anyone from LSC who
                                                                                                                 is convalescing. Flowers are sent on behalf of the Church and visits are arranged.
Your servant in Christ,

Paul Vallee                                                                                                             URGENT PRAYER REQUESTS may be called to our Prayer Chain.
                                                                                                                   Contact Marlene Cabelka (403.748.2516), Bea Mearns (403.342.1249) or call
 Ronald Rolheiser, “Let the pain take you where you need to go,” Western Catholic Reporter, December 2006.
                                                                                                                                      Sandy Bodwell at the Church Office.
Children’s Ministries at Living Stones...                                                  Learning And Growing
Winter Age Level & Classroom Assignments
           5 to 23 months: Nursery #1                                         Discovery Series: Helping you connect to the body of Christ
          24 to 36 months: Nursery #2
              Ages 3 & 4: Room #4                                              Do you like the adventure of discovery? Would you like to learn more about
                                                                                  Living Stones Church, your personal faith, and how God has uniquely
              Ages 5 & 6: Room #6                                                 shaped you for ministry? The Discovery Series is designed to help
              Ages 7 to 11: Room #2                                                 you connect to Living Stones Church, to grow in your Christian
                                                                                       faith, and to find a place of meaningful service. Check out
       Please note that all rooms are open at
                                                                                                  the brochure at the Information Desk.
   8:45 am & 10:45 am, respectively, to sign
 your child/ren in for Kids’ Church. You may collect
 your child/ren’s name tag and join in the worship                      Small Groups Provide a Safe Place where you can connect, share, and grow
           portion of the Sunday Services.                              with others in an environment of acceptance and care. Experience fellowship,
                                                                        encouragement, and support. A new brochure with information regarding groups
                                                                        being offered throughout the winter will be available in the near future.
       Minimal Time Commitment = Extraordinary Results
    The Children's Ministry Prayer Team is looking for those who        Stephen Ministry is a complete system that equips members
    are concerned about our children and youth and who believe          of our church to provide one-on-one care for individuals
                                                                        experiencing all kinds of life’s needs, crises, and circumstances.
                       in the power of prayer.                          Contact Don Lindoff @ 403-342-0614 or Roxanne Paquette
     We pray Sunday morning from 10:40 to 11 am in Room 8 .             @ 403.347.7899, if you or someone you know would be
                                                                        interested in receiving this support.
                All are welcome to join us in prayer.
For more information, please contact Marcia Martin @ 403.342.4819.
                                                                        Stephen Ministry Supervision Group meeting: Sun., Jan. 11 and 25 @ 5:30 pm.

  Thank you to all our faithful volunteers that come each                                               Small Group Leaders Training
 month to teach the word of God to our children. You are                                             Sunday mornings at 9 am. Starts February 8.
                                                                                                       Leaders: Pastor Mark & Karen Stevenson
truly loved by the kids and by us. What a blessing you are!                                          This is a 14 week course and the cost is $50
                                                                                                     Upon completion of the course, the $50 cost
                                                                                                                  will be reimbursed.

      Bring a Friend Challenge 2009                                     Living Stones is committed to train and equip leaders with the tools they need to
                                                                        confidently and effectively lead a small group. You will be given the opportunity to
                 Ages 3-11
                      3-                                                learn how to facilitate spiritual growth and group discussion, but also how to handle
                                                                        challenging situations and dynamics which may arise.

           Our new contest “Invite a Friend“ begins.
         Consider bringing a friend to church with you.                                           Men’s Ministry
     Your friend may not know Jesus and this could be an
         opportunity for them to hear the word of God.                  Men, we invite you to join us as we grow and seek to do God’s will as the men of
 Each friend will receive a little gift and a prize will be given out   Living Stones Church. Feel free to contact me, Pastor Mark, at the Church Office or
                                                                        email me at pastoralcare@livingstones.ab.ca.
                    at the end of each month.
                                                                        Men’s Breakfast: Tuesdays @ 6:30 am at the Warehouse. Please note that
                                                                        Men’s Breakfast will resume on January 6.
        “Excited for God, Caring for People!”
                 Student Ministries Grades 6 – 12
                                                                                                Two Groups for Young Adults
                Middle School Students (Grades 6, 7, 8)
                       Wednesdays 7 – 8:30 pm                                                      Relationships for Life
                            In Room #2

                                                                                                               Young Adults (18-25yrs.)
                              The theme is “Heroes”

We will be looking at and all about “Heroes”. What is a hero? Why do we like them?                             Tuesdays @ 7 pm at the Warehouse.
We will also be looking at what God considers to be a hero.
     January 7 - David (Warrior hero). What makes a hero different than a bully?       “If you are between the ages of 18-25, we would love to have you join us in our
     January 14 - Special Guest Speaker                                                 Young Adult’s Ministry. Check our Young Adult’s page on our church website.”
     January 21 - Samuel (Judge hero). Who does a hero have to listen to?
     January 28 - Michener Hill Tobogganing Night (dress very warmly)                                                        ~ Tomas Belchior

                Sunday School on January 4, 11, and 18 (begins after the worship
part of the 9 am Sunday Service and is located in the Warehouse). On January 25                                  Young Adults (26yrs+)
there will be no Sunday School, as we will be joining the 9 am Sunday Service.
January 4 - The 10 Lepers and Thankfulness
                                                                                     Mondays @ 7:30 pm at the Warehouse. Led by Pat & Rosalyn Brown, 403.886.5802.
January 11 - The prodigal son’s brother and demanding your rights.
January 18 - Moses’ mom and trusting God.

              High School Students (Grades 9, 10, 11, 12)
                     Wednesdays 7 – 8:30 pm                                          “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be
                      Meets at the Warehouse                                          pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.“
                                                                                                               Psalm 19:14
      January   7 - Misconception 1 - What you must be. . .
      January   14 - Misconception 2 - What you must do. . .
      January   21 - Ice Skating - Details to come.
      January   28 - Misconception 3 - Who you must follow. . .

                                  Special Dates
Sunday School: ***Please note that there will be no Sunday School for the
month of January.***
January 7: Winter Kick-Off for Wednesday Nights.
February 20-22: “Escape” Winter Retreat (forms will be available soon).
March 7: Ski and Snowboard Day.

                    For more details on events, check out the
         Student Ministry on our web page at www.livingstones.ab.ca

                                                                                                     Check the Web, www.livingstones.ab.ca, for more information on what
    If you want to know more about High School Student Ministries here at Living                      is happening with the Young Adults Ministry at Living Stones Church.
    Stones Church, contact Pastor Tomas @ 403.347.7311 for more information.

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