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police record check flowcharts


									                                         POLICE RECORD CHECK FLOW CHART

           * Specified position: refers to all positions, prospective or existing, which requires the person as an inherent part of their employment:
                                                 - to deal directly with minors who are 16 years of age or under;
                                                   - To have a financial delegation of more that $100,000; and
         - To deal regularly with significant amounts of cash and the Dean/Divisional Director (or nominee) determines that this position requires the
                                                consideration of any police record before approving appointment.

                                 Ensure following documentation contains notification                    Request candidates that
   Decision made to                 that any offer of paid employment or voluntary                      have been short-listed for
 appoint/promotion an            placement will be subject to a Police Record Check:                    an interview to bring proof
    individual to a                               - job advertisement                                    of identification (includes
  Specified position*                        - written position description                                  drivers licence and
                                                    - application form                                            passport)

                                                                                  Applicants must be advised at the time of the interview:
                                    Candidates must complete a Police             - of the information that may be disclosed in the police records check
                                     Record Consent form. The person              - that the information is being collected to as a requirement to minimise
                                      must nominate the receipt of the            risks associated with specified positions
                                   results. The individual may nominate:          - the information is required to endorse Monash University policy and
                                            i. the organisation; or               standard and that Faculties/Administration Units are required to collect
                                                 ii. themselves                   the information as part if the selection and appointment procedures; and
                                                                                  - that by not providing the information the application will not be
                                                                                  considered for the position

   Individual nominates the organisations                                       Individual nominates themselves
Please note: The organisation cannot forward the                             Please note: The individual is required to
  police certificate to any other organisation or                          forward an origianal copy of the police record
      individual, this includes the applicant.                                      check to Monash University

                                                                                    The individual applies for a            The individual may
   Forward a complete claim form              Corporate Finance                         police record check                approach the faculty/
requesting a cheque for payment of              will forward the                      independently from the               division and request
  police record check to Corporate              cheque to the                        university, therefore the           reimbursement. It would
   Finance. A letter indicating the           Divisional Director,                  administration of the police            be up to the faculty/
 reason for the police record check           Human Resources                           record check is the               division to consider the
 must also be attached to the claim               Division (or                          responsibility of the                   application for
      form (in place of invoice)             authorised delegate)                            individual                        reimbursement

                                                                                    Police Record Check and
Forward covering memo, completed              Divisional Director,                    position description is
 Consent to Check Police Record               Human Resources                      forwarded to the Divisional
  Form, position description and                   Division (or                    Director, Human Resources
 photocopied identification of staff         authorised delegate)                   Division (or nominee) for
 member to the Divisional Director,          will forward required                        consideration
  Human Resources Division (or                 documentation to
       authorised delegate)                   the Victorian Police

                                            Police Record Check is                  Divisional Director, Human
                                           returned to the Divisional                 Resources Division (or
                                          Director, Human Resources                 nominee) will return Police
                                           Division (or nominee) for                Record Check to individual

   Victoria Police aim to process the National police certificates within 10 working days of the receipt of the application however it may take up to
                        3 months for a police record check to be completed. If this is the case, there are two options available:

                                                                                 OPTION 2:
                                OPTION 1:                         Preferred applicant is asked to provide
                        Staff members staff date is                                                                       A short term contract of
                                                                verbal information to the Divisional Director,
                        deferred until police record                                                                    employment may be offered
                                                                 Human Resources Division (or authorised
                          check is returned and                                                                          pending return of police
                                                                nominee) about whether they have a police
                         determined appropriate                                                                               record check.
                                                                                record check

                                                                                                                                         Last updated January 2006

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