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    ,,'fiorvri.,                                      PIZZA& PASTA
   iBISTRO                                           FUNCTION MENU
                                      A great idea for birthdays,socialclub eventsor just a casualget-together!
                                        The minimum numberof guestsrequiredfor these optionsis 15 people.

 PTZZA OPTION                                                    PIZZA & PASTA OPTION
  $ p/p                                                      $23.oo p/p
  $12.90p/p (under
                 15-years)                                        $16.90 p/p (under15 years)
All the pizza you can eat on the premises,choosing4 different  ENTREE
varietiesof pizzafrom the traditionalpizzamenu (listed below), Pasta
                                                                          with yourchoice any 3 pastadishes
                                                                                        of                  from the
plus one soft drink p/p.                                       pastamenu.
 . For GourmetPizzas additional
                        an          93.00 p/p shallapply.      Thepastaplatters served
                                                                              are      with garlic& herbfocaccia's.

PASTA OPTION                                                    MAIN
 $18.5op/p                                                      All the pizza caneat, on the premises
                                                                             you                              4
                                                                                                       choosing different
 $13.90p/p (under years)
                15                                              varieties pizza
                                                                          of                       pizzamenu.
                                                                                 fromthe traditional
All the pasta you can eat on the premises,servedon pasta
                                                                 . ForGourmet   Pizzas additional
                                                                                     an           93.00p/p shall
platters, with your choiceof any 3 pasta dishesfrom the pasta
menu (listedbelow),plus one soft drink p/p.

 . The pasta plattersare servedwith garlic & herb focaccia's.

PTZZ.ASELECTION                                                 PASTAS SELECTION
 1. Dom's Special                                               Fettuccini, Spaghetti, Tortellini, Gnocchi,Penneand
Tomato,cheese,     ham, hot salami,prawns,capsicum bacon
                                                   &            Risotto. Chooseany pasta dish with any sauce
2. Seafood
Tomato,cheese,'prawns,    anchovies, smokedmussels garlic
                                                    &           1. Napolitana
3. Capricciosa                                                  Tomatoand fresh basilsauce
Tomato,cheese,     ham, mushrooms,  olives& anchovies           2. Bolognese
4, 4 Corners                                                    Minced    steak in a traditional   homemade  sauce
Please us 4 differentnumbers
         tell                     only                          3. Matriciana
5. Cottage                                                      Bacon,    springonionsand tomato saucewith touch of garlic
Tomato,cheese,     ham & mushrooms                              and chi l l i
6" Bologna                                                      4, Vegetarian
Tomato,cheese spaghetti
                  &          bolognese                          Freshgardenvegetables          tossedwith tomato sauce
7. Napoletana                                                   5. Arrabiata
Tomato,cheese,    olives,anchovies,garlic& oregano              H ot sal ami , i ves, ons,
                                                                              ol      oni                  i
                                                                                                 capsi cumn a chi llit om at osauce
8. Aussie                                                       6. Carbonara
Tomato,cheese,    ham, n.b. egg on request                                                              in
                                                                Springonions,bacon,egg, cheese a creamysauce
9 . M ak edonia                                                 7. P ol l o Funghi
Tomato,cheese,    ham, hot salami,mushrooms,  capsicum,
                                                      hot       Chicken    pieces  and mushrooms,     springonionsin a creamy
c hilli& gar lic                                                sauce
1 O . M ex ic ana                                               8" Paglia Fieno
Tomato,cheese,    ham, hot salami& capsicum                     Tuna,mushroom napoliin a creamysauce
1 1. B or os                                                    9, Pesto
Tomato,cheese,    ham, mushrooms prawns
                                   &                            P i nenut, garl i cand basi li n a creamysauce
12. Chicken Pizza                                               1O.Mari nara
Tomato,cheese,    chicken& pineapple                            Freshassortedseafoodwith a touch of oarlic and tomato
1 3. Hawaiian                                                   sauce
Tomato,cheese,    ham & pineapple                               11. Lasagna Bolognese
14. Vegetarian                                                  Layers pasta,ham, mozzarella
                                                                        of                             cheese and a delicious
Tomato,cheese,    mushrooms,  onions,capsicum olives
                                              &                 bolognese    sauce
1 5. Capr i                                                     12, C annel l oni
Tomato,cheese,    ham, mushrooms onions
                                   &                             Homemade     ricottaand spinach
16. Super Highway
Everything the benchexceptegg
17. Margherita
Tomato,cheese,    oregano

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