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Market Research
For specific frequently asked business questions and recommended sources try our database Business Brain via the
Portal. Still stuck? Email libresearch@london.edu and we will do our best to help.
See the alphabetic list of sources for further information on individual databases and web resources.
At the end of the document there is an appendix which indexes market research databases by industry/market

Full Text Market Research Reports - UK


Full Text Market research Reports – International (including the UK)

Business Insight
      Frost and Sullivan
      G.M.I.D. (Global Market Intelligence Database) by Euromonitor
      MarketLine (Datamonitor Research)

Reports with Specialised Industry Coverage (see appendix.)

       Business Insights - Consumer Goods, Drugs Discovery, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Technology &
       Global Insight - Telecoms, Energy, Automotive, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals - Global Insight

       Forrester - New Information Technologies

Industry Analysis - of international quoted companies
       Investext Plus
       Factiva (includes some Investext reports see note in alphabetic section.)

Market Statistics

       G.M.I.D (Euromonitor’s Global Market Intelligence Database)
       Marketing Pocket Books (print/various)

Trade & Specialist Journals

       Article Finder
       Business Source Complete

Or Try 360 Search which covers many of our journal, magazine and trade press literature through one
search interface.

Electronic sources are available on and off campus via Portal unless otherwise indicated.

Business Insights
The Business Insights market research service provides reports covering these major sectors world-wide: Consumer
Goods (mostly food and drink), Drugs Discovery, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Technology. It also includes
Verdict Reports on Retailing.

Business Source Complete
Business Source Complete (BSC) provides full text articles for some 11,200 academic and business journals covering
management, economics, finance, accounting, international business and specific trades and industries. It includes over
17,500 industry reports. Market data will also be included in certain articles. Use the Filters: market research, Industry or
SWOT Analysis filters to screen for industry data.
N.B. It contains concise Datamonitor industry profiles, company profiles, market research and SWOT analysis.
It also includes shorter Datamonitor news items under the MarketWatch name.

Factiva comprises some 8,000 sources in 22 languages from 118 countries. It includes key newspapers, journals and trade
press. Us the Intelligence indexing option to limit to market research. (Choose the Corporate/Industrial News heading, and
then pick the sub-headings Marketing Research and Market Search (‘or’ these together.)
To access the limited selection of Investext reports available on Factiva go to the Companies/Markets tab and pick
industry reports.

Forrester research analyses technology change and its impact on business, consumers, and society.
N.B. You need to register for an individual password for this service.
You do this through Portal>Library>A-Z List of Databases>Forrester Registration Request.

Frost and Sullivan
Full text market research conducted by F & S research teams. Coverage is global and dates from 1999. We subscribe to
reports in the following markets:
         Aerospace and defence                          Electronics
         Chemicals, materials and food                  Environment and energy
         Communication and IT                           Healthcare
         Consumer products                              Industrial automation
Global Insight
Covers country risk, economic, and market forecasting as well as providing detailed coverage of the automotive,
telecoms, energy and healthcare markets

G.M.I.D. provides international statistics and also full market reports form Euromonitor. The statistics provide background
data (demographics, cultural and economic indicators key economic indicators) and also specific consumer product data
such as volume and value data (actual and forecast). The Market Reports provide market studies covering both consumer
and industrial markets for a wide range of countries. The reports are produced by Euromonitor.

Useful for quoted companies, this database of analysts’ reports provides a slightly different source of commentary on how
a company is performing compared to its market. In the lengthier reports one can often find detailed analysis of a particular
aspect of a company’s operations and data on the market in which they operate. You can choose to search for industry or
company reports.

The Key Note reports database contains over 250 Keynote and Market Assessment Report titles covering major UK
consumer markets, and a small range of B2B and industrial markets.
Article Finder
Trade and specialist journals can be a primary source of industry and market data.
Article Finder is a meta-index of our print and electronic journal holdings. You can type the full journal name, or simply a
possible title keyword and if we have electronic access it will link through to the relevant database. (It also indicates if the
library has print coverage.)

Marketing Pocket Books                                                           Shelved together at 7 BD…
Despite their small size these books contain a wealth of useful marketing and market data.
UK pocket books cover topics such as Food, Drink, Financial Marketing & Retail.
European pocket books exist on Marketing and Media. They are updated on an irregular basis.

It delivers Datamonitor research data on companies, industries and countries.
Industry reports contain industry profiles as well as information on related financial deals. Look for "Value consumer
markets" or "Consumer markets" on the right hand side of the two main tabbed screens.
Country data includes fundamental figures and political and macroeconomic analysis and comparison. Related company,
industry and deal data is also presented in a country' view. Look for "Understanding country dynamics" or "Base drivers"
on the right hand side of the two main tabbed screens.

Verdict Reports
Verdict produce report on Retailing - these can be found in the Business Insights Database.

Covers all areas of marketing communication and spans over 25,000 articles, case studies, research reports and
summaries, augmented with best practice papers, practical guides, news and statistical data. These include WARC’s own
publications such as Admap as well those of its partners, which include The Advertising Research Foundation, ESOMAR,
and the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.

Other sources

BestofBizGold has a guide to Market Research.
Go to Portal>Library>A-Z list of Databases>BestofBiz>Research Tools> Research Guides>Market Research

Identifying Market Research
To find out if any research reports have been produced on a topic try:http://www.marketresearch.com/
This offers more than 110,000 market research reports from over 550 leading global publishers.
NB Reports have to be purchased. Some may be obtained by the chapter if the whole is not wanted.

London Business School Students may use the library subscribed electronic database for personal educational research
purposes only, and must comply at all times with the database copyright holders’ terms and conditions. Use for any other
purposes, such as commercial activity, consultancy or resale is strictly prohibited.

Specialised Market Research Database Coverage

                Auto   Aerospace   Chemic     Consumer       Financial    Energy    Electronic   Environment      Healthcare    ICT &          Industrial   Transport
                       & Defence   al         goods          services                                             & Pharma      Technology     automation
Business                                      Food and                                                            Pharma
Insight                                       drink
(Part of


Frost &


GMID                          Global company, country, and industry reports (and statistical time series) for consumer, industrial and service markets.

Keynote                                   UK reports encompassing 30 industry sectors – consumer, industrial and business to business.

MarketLine                                          Global Datamonitor research data on companies, industries and countries.
                                                                          Good for industrial markets.

Verdict in                                                     Retailing reports covering: UK, Europe & some global.


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