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									             [SednaSpace – SOA Suite]

      SednaSpace - SOA Suite
(Offers Process Oriented Computing)

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                 October 12, 2008

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                                    [SednaSpace – SOA Suite]

Who can use SednaSpace SOA Suite and Why:
First and foremost, learning SednaSpace SOA Suite will make developers to become SOA
architects to cater to the IT Industry’s demand.

As the enterprise demands the SOA based BPM solution for the ever-changing needs of today’s
businesses, this product has been brought to IT architects and consultants to offer business
integration and BPM solutions to customers who want to implement business processes for the
existing and new applications.

There are compelling reasons for adapting SednaSpace SOA Suite as it offers complete SOA
solutions for the enterprise and it is affordable for Corporate and SMEs. Also the Time to Market
and ROI advantages the end customers can get using SednaSpace SOA suite is ensured.

Prime Components of SednaSpace SOA Suite:
    1. SednaSpace 2.5 – a rapid applications developer with User Interface designer.
    2. BAM 2.5 – offers Business Activity Monitoring of processes.
    3. BPM & Workflow 2.5 - process flow diagram which ensures the implementation of the
       business processes of enterprise applications.
    4. BP Dashboard 2.5 – which allows specifying functional plug-ins and auto, generates
       them as Web Services of REST standard.
    5. iMobile 2.5 – an Online IDE for mobile where you can build your enterprise mobile
       applications on the web in minutes.
    6. eSecure 2.5 – offers menu driven User and Role based security.

SednaSpace SOA Suite offers end-to-end Service Oriented Architecture implementation for the
enterprise applications on the web with BPM & Workflow, e-Secure, BAM and iMobile

SednaSpace is a complete Online Integrated Development Environment (OIDE) for the enterprise
application development, uses Process Oriented Computing to its complete SOA offerings.

Enterprise SOA enabled applications can be done using Business Process Management (BPM),
which uses Web Services that can drive the enterprise application through a process flow
diagram. iMobile makes the enterprise applications accessible on the mobile.

Above all making things easier and affordable for the users, SednaSpace SOA suite follows the
Process Oriented Computing, which is a new trend in the IT world.

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