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                   Searching For an Apartment in New York

East coast living has been a dream of mine for a lifetime. However, the cost of living is steadily
increasing and in order to afford an apartment on my own in New York City, I needed to find
the cheapest way to find the perfect one from 650 miles away. As a young adult, moving costs
are not easy to accommodate.

When beginning my search for an apartment, I used the help of the World Wide Web to find an
effective website to help in my search process. Because of the living expenses, I wanted to
find a service that could help me find the best place for the least amount of money. This
included finding a website that didn’t include a broker fee to add to my already soaring moving
costs. The accessibility of a website with this feature was very effective for my needs.

As a new renter, I needed to seek out a resource that helped me to quickly and cost-effectively
rent my apartment. In a city as large as New York, I needed a simple way to organize myself in
finding a place. A website that made the search simple helped to make the hunt for a place
less stressful. It was also helpful that new listings were sent directly to my email and all
postings had photos, maps and even directions when I decided to take a look at the place for

As a native Midwesterner, it was also helpful that detailed neighborhood information was
given, seeing as I had no NYC experience within my decision-making process. This
unfamiliarity discouraged the process because of my unawareness of the cost of living. A
website that effectively described the value within the apartments listed helped me to organize
what each place could give me compared to the others in surrounding areas. Variety is also
important; a website that offered a range of types of living areas was more encouraging to me
because the website had taken the time to present a range for their users.

The importance of direct correspondence when moving long-distance is vital. This website
allowed me to get detailed, personal attention with answers to my questions about
neighborhoods, how to deal with landlords, etc. The site effectively helped my difficult move
much more of a pleasant experience. With their help, I found the best place I could from out of
state and received answers to all the questions I had in order to feel that I had made the best
decision with my long-distance move.

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