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                       Sarasota Real Estate Investing 101

Sarasota is on the Gulf Coast of Florida, overlooking a bay with an abundance of white sandy
beaches. The place is considered a perfect vacation spot, and there is an array of facilities that
cater to a vacationer or a retiree’s needs. Sarasota generally makes it to the list of America's
best places to live, work and raise a family. The city’s clean air, sparkling beaches and sunny
climate have made it world-famous as a center for the good life.

The areas’ vibrant recreational and cultural scene offers activities for every taste and budget.
The city offers a good balance of big-city amenities and small town ease of living. Business
owners and employees enjoy not only the good life but a thriving business climate. Along with
it’s top-rated schools, talented workforce and affordable cost of living, these factors make
Sarasota home to some of the most successful and productive companies in the country.

Sarasota Is a Property Treasure Trove

Sarasota is usually noted a real estate hot spot, where prime real estate is in demand. The
weather is more attractive than almost anywhere else in the Americas, and this fills in
especially for people with a lot leisure time to work on. Currently, the housing market is being
gobbled up by vacationers, retirees, and young families who are making their way to areas like
Sarasota in large numbers. Sarasota, along with its neighbors to the north and south, Manatee
County and Charlotte County, has the 7th largest market in Florida, and it's also Florida's third-
largest growing market.

With over 600,000 people, the Sarasota/Manatee/Charlotte area is one of the largest, most
affluent markets in the state. In the last 5 years, the area has grown 4 times faster than the
national average. The per capita retail sales are almost 20% above the national average. It
has a strong base of retirement age people; however, the fastest-growing segment of the
market is middle-aged adults and their children. It has approximately 1/4 of the population of
the Tampa/St. Petersburg area so there's still a lot of room for development.

At present, the average median price for single-room units is $187,000; 2-bedroom units cost
around $253,000, 3-bedroom homes cost $370,000 and a 4-bedroom house would run from
$405,000 upwards. Currently, there is a lot of movement in buying and selling single-family
homes. The good news for buyers is that there is an abundance of properties to choose from,
home prices are adjusted, and interest rates are still historically low, which makes home-
sellers a more motivated bunch.

For prospective home-seekers, after searching for a lot of houses to purchase, it is time to
choose which type of property suits fits your qualifications, as well as your tastes and comfort
patterns. You could choose from a number of sea-side apartments, mid-town condos and
housing units, or get a large estate. You could choose to buy seaside homes from Longboat
Key to Casey Key, as well as investing in properties in South, Central and Downtown
Sarasota. As soon as you pick out the property you want to purchase, confer with local agents
on what appropriate payment terms are best suited for you.

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