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									                                   RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT 2005
                           INFORMATION MANUAL - 2010 WARANGAL DISTRICT
                              IN RESPECT OF AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT


1. 1. Introduction:

      This information manual, 2010 of the department of Agriculture is published to
enable the Citizen secure access to information on different functions, activities and
programs of all the operational wings of the Agriculture Department.

       The information pertaining to the functioning of the Agriculture Department in
Warangal District. The Government of Andhra Pradesh is available to the public through
several means. However this compilation brings together all the relevant information in a
coherent and organized manner so that the reader of this manual gets an understanding
about the Department, its activities and relevance of its contribution to the promotion of
framing sector of Warangal District.

1.2. Section 4 of the information act stipulates every public authority to up-date at regular
intervals all the information that is being transacted and generated by it. It is also the
obligation of the Government Organization to provide all the information to any Citizen
or citizen groups who are interested in knowing any aspect of the organizations

1.3 Information access to public (Section 4 (1) b (xv) Right to information act, 05)

        The Agriculture Department publishes an yearly information manual that contains
information pertaining to the activities and functions of the department. This publication
is intended to provide organized information to the Citizens. Citizens can have free
access to this manual in any of the office of Agriculture Department and the periodical
up-dates are published in the website of the department i.e. www.agriwgl@ap.nic.in and
also in the Government of A.P. website www.apic.ap.gov.in

        Citizens can visit any of the offices of Agriculture Department at district and
divisional levels and have access to verify, inspect, take notes, take extracts or certified
copies of documents, records and other such information being processed and held under
the control of these offices. Citizen can also have access to such information, which is not
readily available in a published form. These are in the form of process notes, internal note
files etc. In this case Citizens can ask for specific information in writing prescribed
application form, which is available in any of the offices in the Department. The required
information will be compiled and given to the citizen as required by him/her / them with
in the time period which will be communicated to the information requesting person (s).
Public information officer and Asst. Public information officer have been appointed to
cater to the information requirements of the Citizens approaching the officers of the
Agriculture Department at District and Division levels.

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The cost of duplicating / copying the information.

       For providing information the department doesn’t charge any user fee. However the
cost incurred towards duplicating, photo copying or copying the information in print or
electronic form and posted if any needs to be born by the individual actual cost will be
intimated to the individuals requesting the information. The activity of the processing/
compiling the required information will only start after the fee is paid to the appropriate

Organization of the contents of the manual

       The department of Agriculture in the district implements various schemes and
programmes with an intention to help the forming community. Each of these, schemes and
programmes are independently categorized and dealt in a manner to clear information to the
public impartment sections of the act.

                                                                         SECTION - 5

1.     Every Public Authority shall, with in 100 days of the enactment of this act designate
as many officers as the Central Public Information Officers or State Public Information
Officers, as the case may be in all administrative units under it as may be necessary to
provide information to persons requesting for information under this act.

2.     With out prejudice to the provisions of sub section (1), every public authority shall
designate an officer with in 100 days of the enactment of this act, at each sub divisional level
or other sub district level as central assistant PIO or a State APIO, as the case may be, to
receive the application for information or appeals under this act for forwarding the same
forthwith to the Central Public Information or appeals Officer or the State Public Information
Officer or Senior Officer specified as per sub section (1) of section 19 or the Central
information commission or the State Information Commission as the case may be.

3.     Provided that where an application for information or appeal is given to a Central
APIO or a State APIO, as the case may be a period of 5 days shall be added in computing the
period for response specified under sub section(1) of section 7.

4.      Every CPIO or SPIO as the case may be shall deal with request from persons seeking
such information.

5.      The CPIO or SPIO, as the case may be seek the assistance of the any other officer as
he or she consider it necessary for the proper discharge his./her duties.

6.      Any officer whose assistance has been sought under sub section (4), shall render all
assistance to the CPIO or SPIO, as the case may be seeking his or her assistance and for the
purposes of any contravention of the provision of this act. Such other officer shall be treated
as CPIO or SPIO as the case may be.

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1. Not with standing anything contained in this act, there shall be no obligation to give
   any citizen

      a) Information disclosure of which would be prejudicially affect the sovereignty and
          integrity of India, security, strategic, scientific or economic interests of the state,
          relation with foreign state or leads to incitement of an offence.

      b) Information which has been forbidden to be published by any court of law or
         tribunal is the disclosure of which may constitute contempt of court.

      c)      Information, the disclosure of which would cause a breach of privilege of
             Parliament or the State Legislature.

      d) Information including commercial confidence, trade secrets or intellectual
         property, the disclosure of which would harm the competitive position of a third
         party, unless the competent authority is satisfied that larger public interest
         warrants the disclosure of such information

      e)      Information available to a person in this fiduciary relationship, unless the
             competent authority is satisfied that the larger public interest warrants the
             disclosure of such information.

      f) Information received in confidence from foreign Government.

      g) Information the disclosure of which would endanger the life or physical safety of
         any person or identity the source of information or assistance given in confidence
         for law enforcement or security purpose.

      h) Information which would impede the process of investigation or apprehension of
          prosecution of offenders.

      i) Cabinet papers including records of deliberations of the Council of Ministers
         secretaries and other officers. Provided that the decisions of Council of Ministers,
         the reasons thereof, and the material on the basis of which the decision were taken
         shall be made public after the decision has been taken, and the matter is complete,
         or over.

            Provided further that those matters, which come under the exemptions specified in
            this section, shall not be disclosed.

 j)          Information which relates to personal information the disclosure of which has no
             relationship to any public activity or interest, or which would cause unwarranted invasion
             of the privacy of the individual unless the Central Public authority, State public Authority
             as the case may be, is satisfied that the larger public interest justifies the disclosure of
             such information. Provided that the information, which cannot be denied to the
             Parliament or a State Legislature, shall not be denied any person.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 3.

    2)     Notwithstanding anything in the Official secrets Act, 1923 nor any of the
          exemptions permissible in accordance with sub-section (1), a public authority may
          allow access to information, if public interest in disclosure outweighs the harm to
          the protected interests.

    3) Subject to the provisions of clauses (a), (c) and (i) of sub section (1), any
       information relating to any occurrence, event or matter which has taken place,
       occurred or happened twenty years before the date on which any request is made
       under section 6 shall be provided to any person making a request under that section.
       Provided that where any question arises as to the date from which the said period of
       twenty years has to be computed, the decision of the Central Government shall be
       final, subject to the usual appeals provided for in this Act.



      The department of Agriculture has been created mainly to provide Agriculture
Extension Services to farmer and to transfer the latest technical knowledge, introduction
of high yielding varieties by laying demonstrations, imparting training to farmers to
improve skills and knowledge to boost up the Agriculture production and productivity.

       The department is also performing the statutory functions under various acts and
regulations to ensure supply of quality seeds fertilizers and pesticides to farmers. It is also
carry out other facilitating functions such as 1. Soil, 2) Soil and Water Conservation 3).
Credit arrangements, 4). Trainings to farmer, 5) P.P. Campaigns, 6) Monitoring and
Evaluation, 7) Disaster management, 8) Farm Mechanization, 9) Extending Technical
Assistance to various agencies.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 4.


                                                                    Sec. 4 (i) (b) (ii) )


       He is the District head of the department in respect of all the service and accounts
matters. He should provide leadership as well as exercise administrative, financial control
over district extension staff. Attend all meetings at District level convenes review
meetings of AOS/ADAS/DDAs conduct technical meeting with the support of Research
Staff. Monitoring and Distribution of quality inputs like Seeds, Ferts and Pets conduct of
on Farm trials with new varieties and demonstrations. Organization of seed village,
supervision of SSF Palampet, Soil conservation works, monitoring and distribution of
quality agriculture inputs, supervision of grounding of all central/ State sponsored
schemes affectivity, preparation and submission of Budget estimates, appointments,
regularization of services, maintenance of seniority list in respect of all categories of
posts of Jr. Asst and below. Attend audit and inspection reports, shall dispose of all
disciplinary cases entrusted by the C&DA within the time schedule fixed. He shall
maintain strict discipline in the Department at all levels functionaries, Exercise statutory
functions under seed Act, FCO insecticide and A.P. Dangerous machines (regulation) Act
and other orders issued thereon. Organize Agriculture Exhibitions, Kisan meals, Charcha
Gostts, interaction sessions to enrich and enhance technical know how of the farmers,
arrange relief measures under Natural Calamities. He is responsible for increasing of
Agriculture production and productivity and effective functioning of the Department.

DDA (Agronomy) in the O/o J.D.A, Warangal.

       He is the subject matter specialists and assist the district J.D.A in implementation
of schemes on Farm trails and extend guidance to all extension staff in effective
implementation of the schemes. He is declared as ferts. Inspector under FCO 85 and he
shall exercise powers as ferts inspector in the area of operation assigned by the J.D.A
conduct office inspection as entrusted by the J.D.A, Warangal.

 DDA (PP):-

He is the subject matter specialist and assists the Joint Director of Agriculture in
implementation of schemes pertaining to his discipline. He will assist J.D.A in maintaining
of all P.P Schemes including save grain. Ensure supply of quality pesticides. He shall extend
guidance to extension staff. He is declared as Insecticides Inspector under I.A. 1968, Ferts
Inspector under FCO 1985 and seed Inspector under seed Act 1960 and shall exercise powers
as inspector under the above statutory Acts and rules in the area of operation assigned by the
J.D.A, Wgl.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 5.
A.D.A (Trg):-

He is incharge of all training programmes in the district at various levels and other items of
work entrusted by the J.D.A Warangal including office inspections of Subordinate Office and
seed Farms. He is declared as ferts. Inceptor under FCO 85 and shall exercise in the area of
operation allotted by the Joint Director of Agriculture. He shall assist the Joint Director of
Agriculture in his respective disciplines.

ADA (R):

        He is declared as Head of Office and responsible for all technical administrative and
accounts matters in his jurisdiction. He is the DDO. He shall maintain all registers and
records as laid down in rules and codes. He is responsible for training, implementation of all
schemes, departmental programmes, including seed farms, on Farm Organization of Mini
kits importing training to all extension staff/interaction with farmers and dealer of Fertilizer,
pests, seeds. He shall monitor the distribution of quality inputs. He is the licensing authority
under FCO 1985. He is the Fertilizer Inspector, Insecticides Inspector and seed Inspector.
He shall work under the guidance of District Joint Director of Agriculture and organize
training programmes / Rythu Sadasssu/ Kisan Melas/ trainings to farmers visit all villages in
his jurisdiction according to visit schedules. He shall maintain strict, discipline among the
staff of his jurisdiction for effective functioning of the Department.


        The MAO shall be responsible for the technical guidance to the Farmers with the
support AEOs in his jurisdiction effective functioning of the Department. He shall be
responsible for grounding of the departmental programmes effectively in his jurisdiction. He
shall visit fields and cover all the villager tour diaries shall maintained inviolably. He shall
be responsible for organization of on Farm / Mini kits / trainings/Polam Badi monitor and
supply of quality inputs. Attend MPP meetings and Grama Sabhas for appraisal of
Department activities. Exercise effective supervision over AEOs. He is the Ferts./ Seeds/
Insecticides Inspector in his jurisdiction. He shall work under the administrative and
technical guidance of ADA (R ) concerned.


        He is the basic worker in the Department at field level. He is responsible for
passing on technical messages and relevant recommended practices to Farmers, teaching
and demonstrating related skills to farmers, motivating Farmers to adopt recommended
practices and brining farmer’s production problems to the notice of Supervisory Officers.
He should visit farmer’s field’s regularly as per fixed visit schedule. His entire duty is at
field level and responsible for grounding Department Programmes as per the instructions
of his superiors. He shall work under direct supervision of MAO and maintain all
registers and records. He shall attend crop cutting experiments entrusted to him and
assist MAO in all aspects for effective implementation of the programmes in his

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 6.
Administrative Officer in the O/o. J.D.A, Warangal.

       He is the drawing and disbursing officer in the O/o J.D.A Warangal. He shall be
responsible for proper functioning of the office and shall arrange to maintain all registrars
and records, as per rules/codes in the office. He shall assist in all service, accounts
matters quick disposal of files. He is responsible for strict discipline in office. In the
absence of J.D.A, he shall attend all calls/ visitors on behalf of Joint Director of
Agriculture, Warangal.

Agricultural Officers (Tech. Asst) in the O/o. J.D.A, Wgl:

       He shall assist the J.D.A/DDAs/Assistant Director of Agriculture in quick disposal
of Technical Files/ matters. He is the over all supervisor to all the Technical wing staff in
the O/o Joint Director of Agriculture, Warangal.


       He/she is responsible for proper executions of water shed development
programmes in his/her jurisdictions as well as Deputy Project Officer for implementation
of ATMA and NFSM. He/she has declared as Head of Office and DDO. He/she is
hearing the supervision officer there districts i.e., local. ICMM and ICRMN.


       He is responsible of proper implementation of the various water shed development
works in his jurisdiction. He should guide and supervise the preparation of plans and
estimates by the AOS. He should watch expenditure and ensure the expenditure on
works which does not exceed the sanctions. He should verify the agreement bonds,
before the estimate and sanctioned make entry in the agreement bond and preserve the
bonds in safe custody.

  Agriculture Officer in the O/o. D.D.A (SC), Warangal.

             He shall assist D.D.A (SC) in all technical matters and others.

 A.E.O (SC)

       He shall assist the A.O (SC) in execution of soil conservation works and collection
of agreement bounds.

 Duties of the Drafts man;-

      Checking of all plans and estimates received from the A.Os on various SC works.
Preparation of rates on per with P.W.D. Schedule of rates, preparation of catchments
maps and other maps relating to district. Maintenance of registers and records (Technical)
plans Maintenance of village wise statistics with in the jurisdiction.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 7.
Duties of Tracers:-
      Tracing of completed plans and work executed and blue prints of completed plans.

 A.D.A (PTL) Warangal:-
        Pesticides Testing Laboratory is a statutory lab under Insecticide Act 1968. He/she was
declared as head of Office and darning and disbursement officer. He/she is analyst under
insecticides Act. He/she shall be incharge of PTL for proper analysis of pesticides samples
received and communication of results promptly.

A.Os (PTL);-
        He is an analyst in PTL. Analysis the pesticide samples allotted by the A.D.A (PTL) and
furnish results to A.D.A (PTL).

Laboratory Assts (PTL):-
       He shall assist in up keeping the analytical equipment, chemicals and necessary
glassware, ready for analysis of samples by A.O.

 A.D.A (BCL) Warangal:-
       He is in charges of Laboratory. He was declared as Head of office. He shall work under
the supervision of D.D.A (FTC) Warangal. He shall be responsible for proper functioning of the
Lab. The lab develops biological agents and supply to the farmers as well as department.

       He is an assist the A.D.A in day to day functions and activity of the Lab. To supervise
proper Temperature and humidity in the Lab and feeding to Larva for NPV production.
Supervision of centrifuging of NPV and other Lab work.

Lab Assistant (BCL):-
       He will assist AOs and A.D.A in proper functioning of Laboratory and duties assigned by
Ministerial Staff:-
       To attend to all desk functions of clerical nature.

        He will type the material steno will take dictation from officer and typed material will be
put up to the office. Both will do fair copying work.

Record Assistant:-
      Proper maintenance and up keep of record and record room.

Class IV:-

             To assist the staff and watchman. To have watch and wards of office/ Fans/ tubs.

Dy. Statistical Officer O/o J.D.A, Warangal.:-

       He will attend to all statistical work of the district. He will assist the J.D.A/
D.D.A/A.D.A in preparation of District Agriculture action plans and other data of the

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 8.

        He will attend to the ME-I and ME-II survey work of the samples allotted to him
for each season and submit filled in schedules in the time prescribed and to all other work
in stoical branch, maintain rain fall/crop coverage / mandal plans and other data of the

D.D.A (FTC) Warangal:

        He was declared as head of office and D.D.A and to organize all training
programmes of farmers in the district organize exhibitions, farmers views exchange
programmes, film shows, slide shows etc to educate farmers. Impart training at A.M.C
level, Rythu Sadassulu, Kisan Melas etc, sending of Radio, TV messages to farmers,
printing of literature and distribution to farmers and extension functionaries.

A.D.A Training/Women/AIO/FMS:

       They will assist the D.D.A (FTC) in organizing all training programmes to farmers
in the district in their respective disciplines conducting of institutional training courses
for conveners of charcha mandals, training cum demonstrations, camps, Radio/
Doordashan Broadcasts etc.

A.O Male/Female:-

             To assist the officers in imparting the trainings to farmers.

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                                                  Procedure followed in Decision making process

Sl                                                                                             Decision    Designation of
           Activity                                                  Description               making      final decision
No                                                                                             process    making authority

1    Goal setting and                  1.      Formation of schemes for development of Department         Depart of
     planning                                 Agriculture sector and its evaluation.   of Agril.          Agriculture

                                      2.       quality control of inputs

                                      3.       Increasing crop production and reducing the
                                              cost of cultivation.

                                              The above item of works is taken up in the
                                              district with the setup as shown below.

                                      Divisional Level setup:

                                      In the divisions the department is having (4 to 6)

                                      They are the Administrative and technical head of
                                      entire Mandal and will be supervising the work of
                                      AEOs. He is answerable to the ADA, (R). He
                                      should attend General Body meeting of Mandal

2    Budgeting                        All Dept Budget and funds released from CAO %          Department   Depart of
                                      C & DA.& JDA Wgl.                                      of Agril.    Agriculture

3    Formation of                     Agricultural Department                                Department   Depart of
     schemes and                                                                             of Agril.    Agriculture

4    Recruitment                      Appointment of Technical and Non-Technical             Department   Depart of
                                      categories will be took place at directorate level     of Agril.    Agriculture
                                      except Jr. Asst. to IV Class employees by JDA,

5    Monitoring &                     Progress of activities taken up in the Departments.    Department   Depart of
     Evaluation                                                                              of Agril.    Agriculture

       D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 10.

                                                                           J.D.A. Wgl.

A.D.A.(Trg)                 DDA(Agro)                           DDA(PP)          DDA(FTC)   D.D.A.(SC)   A.D.As®

                                                                                  A.D.As    A.D.A.(SC)   M.A.Os.

                                                                                   A.Os       A.Os       A.E.Os

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                               NORMS SET FOR THE DISCHARGE OF FUNCTIONS
                                            Section 4 (1) (b) (iv)

Citizen’s Charter:-

1.            By imparting training at all levels
2.            By mass contact thorough literature and media
3.            By making available quality inputs
4.            By organizing adoptive trials and demonstration at village level.

Aim of the Department:-

1. Soil Testing: - Collecting of soil samples analyzing and issuing of soil health cards for
    applying balanced fertilizers to get more yields and also to maintain the soil structure
    & Texture.

2. Inputs: - Facilitate arrangement and monitoring of quality inputs viz, seeds, Ferts &
    Pests in required quantities.

3. Farm machinery:- Department to facilitate providing of latest useful farm equipment
    on subsidy to the farmers.

4. Technology Transfer: - Dissemination of latest technology in increasing unit yields,
   improving the quality standards, reducing cost production, IPM, INM through
   trainings of farmers at AMC and organizing OFED Plots.

5. Exposure Visits: - Organizing exposure visits to the interested farmers in AP and

6. Availability of information :- Department is implementing ISOPOM maize, pulses,
   and oil seeds, ICDP cotton, and scheme under work plan and schemes under
   Agriculture Development fund.

   Farmers can obtain the information on the above schemes and programmes in
technical aspects, subsidies available etc., from the Divisional Assistant Director of
Agricultures in the District. Application form for manufacturing and sale of seeds, Ferts
& Pests can be obtained from the licensing authority concerned.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 12.
                                   DISCHARGING FUNCTIONS

                                                                         [Sec. 4(1)(b) (V)]

Sl.No                                                                     Description
              Rules & Regulations
1             Seed Act 1966 Govt of India
2             Seed Rules 1968 Govt of India
3             Seed (Control) Order 1983 Govt of India
4             Insecticides Act 1968 Govt of India
5             Insecticides Rules 1971 Govt of India
6             Insecticides (Price stock) display and submission of reports) Order 1986`
7             FCO 1985
8             AP Bio Ferts (Monitoring & Quality (Control) Act 2005
9             Ferts. (Distribution & Sale by dealers) order 1973
10            AP Ferts (Distribution and sale by dealers) Order 1978
11            Dangerous machines (Regulation) Act 1983 GOI
12            Dangerous machines (Regulation) Act 1991 GOI
13            Dangerous machines (Regulation) Act Bill 1983 GOI
14            AP Agriculture Service rules Govt. of India
15            A.P. Agriculture subordinate service rules , Govt. of India
16            APMS rules Govt. of India
17            AP General subordinate rules , Govt. of India
18            AP LGs rules, Govt. of India
19            Essential commodity Act Govt. of India
              Manuals :
1             Departmental Manuals
2             Functionary Manuals

    D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 13.
                             PUBLIC AUTHORITY OR UNDER ITS CONTROL

                                                                         (Sec 4 (1) (b) (VI)

                                                                                                Designation and address of
           Category                                 Title of the document                      the custodian (Held by under
                                                                                                    the control of whom
1         Tenders                 1. Supplying seeds on subsidy                                Nodal Agency- APSSDC
                                  2. Farm Implements                                           Nodal Agency APAGROS
                                  3. Bio Agents, pulverizes                                    Polambadi Cell % C &DA
                                  4. Zinc sulphate & Gypsum on subsidy                         Markfed & Agros.
                                  5.� Printing
                                  6. NPV production units & IPM kits                           JDA, Warangal.

                        Various types of correspondences in the Agriculture Department

     Correspondence                                                                 Purpose

     Letters                           When the correspondence is proposed to address A Non- Official, An
                                       Official or Non Official association or a society.

     Govt. Orders                      When the disposal on a case contains the orders of the Govt. the
                                       proceedings form is adopted to issued in a form of G.O.

     Memorandum                        When any information or opinion has to be obtained from a sub
                                       ordinate officer by an official reference and papers are not being sent
                                       in original a memorandum is issued in consequence of an order of a
                                       Minster/ Governor that the information or opinion should be called
                                       for any indication that any views or suggestions included in the

     Demi             Official In cases where an officer or a member of the public has to be
     form                      addressed without the formatting of official procedure and with a
                               view of the incharge or communication of opinions or information
                               which should receive the personal attestation of the individual
                               addressed the communication takes the form of a Demi Official.

     Express letter                    Communications which can appropriately be drafted in the form of
                                       telegrams, but which are not of such urgency or which are pro lengthy
                                       to be telegraphed will be communicated through express letter.

     D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 14.
                                THE DISTRICT

Personal Register                     The complete details of any current file/ document./ record
                                      received in each section will be registered in the personal
Indent Register                       All the stationary taken in the sections will be detailed in the
                                      indent Register
Court case Register                   All the details of the cases which are in the courts will be
                                      detailed in the court cases register.
Meeting Register                      All the important meeting dates are mentioned in the meeting
Tappal Register                       All the files which come from various sections and Department
                                      come to the Tappal. The files coming from Tappal to the
                                      concerned section are mentioned in the tappal register of that
                                      particular section
Record Register                       All the files, which are closed, are indexed in the record register
                                      to send them to the record room.
Quality control                           a) Register for granting of license for marketing of Ferts.
                                          b) Registration for granting of license for Ferts
Outward Register                      a) Register for dispatching the letters to other agencies.

           Arrangement for consultation with or re presentation by the members of the public
    in Relation to the formulation of policy or implementation there of (Sec. 4 (1)(b) (VII)
    there are No separate arrangements in this department for consultation with or members
    of public relation for the formulation of its policy However concerned officials have been
    extending their cooperative for consultation in the representation by the members of the
    public relation for the formulation its policy.

    7. Publicity: Literature on different crops can also be had from the FTC, Warangal,
    Farmers can also update their knowledge by reading Padipantals. Published by the
    Department of Agriculture with a subscription of Rs.60/- annually to ADA (Printing)
    SAMETI complex, old Malakpet, Hyderabad 500036.

    8. Complaint Redressal : continuous and helpful service will be extended by all
    department staff at all levels, complaints s on hoarding, black marketing, stocking and
    selling substandard and spurious inputs or un authorized sale of inputs by any individual
    or individuals, dealers etc can also registered with JDA or concerned ADA (R) and
    MAOs in the district.

    D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 15.
                                                                         Issuing                             Period of    will be
S.N                     Type of license                                                     Fees
                                                                        authority                             license      issued
          Grant/ Renewal of Certificate
1                                                                              CA          1000/-             3 years    30 days
          for manufacturing of Fetrs Mix
          Grant/ Renewal certificate for
2         manufacturing of Spl. Mixtures                                       CA           500/-             3 years    30 days
          of Fetts
          Grant/ Renewal of certificate of
          Registration of W/s of                                       JDA Ferts
3                                                                                           2250/             3 years    30 days
          manufacture pool handling                                    % C &DA
          agencies and importers
          Grant / Renewal of certificate                                                   1250/-
4         of registration of w/s. retailer /                                                                  3 years    30 days
          dealer in Ferts                                                                   2250/-
                                                                                     2000/- per pesticide
          Grant/ Renewal of license to                                                 & minimum of
5                                                                        C &DA                                2 years    30 days
          manufacturing of insecticides                                              Rs.20,000/- per any
                                                                                      no.of insecticides
                                                                                    Rs.500/- per pesticide
                                                                                    and maximum or Rs.
                                                                                    7500/- per any No. of
                                                                                        insecticides in
          Grant / Renewal of license to                                                  municipality.
6         sell stock or Exhibit for sale or                                              Rs.100/- per         2 days     30 days
          distribute of insecticides                                                   insecticide and
                                                                                         maximum of
                                                                                      Rs.1500/- for any
                                                                                    No.of insecticides in
                                                                                          other areas
          Grant       &   Renewal      &
          amendment of license in respect
          of seed companies and dealers                                 Addl.DA
7.                                                                                         Rs.50/-            3 years      60 days
          who carry on sale premises and                                (Crops)
          seed godowns in more than one
          Grant      and  renewal    and                                   JDA,
8                                                                                          Rs.50/-            3 years      30 days
          amendment of seed license                                        WGL
          Complaint regarding sale of
9         spurious/ sub standard seed/                                         --             --                --         3 days
          pests/ ferts
          Complaint relating to seed
10                                                                             --             --                --         15 days.

     D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 16.


             There are no separate arrangements in this Department for consultation with or
members of the public relation for the formulation of its policy or implementation
thereof. However, the concerned officers have been extended their cooperation for
consultation with or representation by the members of the public relation for the
formulation of its policy or implementation.


     Board councils, Committees and other bodies constituted as part of public authority.

                                                               [Section 4 (1) (b) VIII]

   Name of
                                                                                                   Whether meeting open
                                                                                                  to public, minutes or its
    council                      Composition                              Powers & functions
                                                                                                   meeting accessible for
 District                   Dist. Collector \,                   1. Finalization of PIA & WS      1 Minutes of its meeting
 level Water                ZP Chairman,                                                          will be communicated
 Shed                       Head krishi Vgyan                    2. Review of overall progress    all the members.
 Committee                  PIA from GO and
                            NGOs President of                    3. Addressing management and 2. Will be made
                            WSA                                  admn. Issues                 available    in     the
                                                                                              committee notice board.
                                                                 4. Identification of policy
                                                                 issues for state WSC

 Mass Media                 District Collector
 Committee                  Chair person
                            J.D.A, J.D.AH,                       To issue the messages to the     Will be made available
                            A.D.AH,                              farming community through        in the committee notice
                            Durdarshan, All                      electronic print media and AIR   board.
                            India Radio, LBM                     from time to time. Review to
                            are the members                      feed back in implementation of
                                                                 the programme

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 17.

                                   Directory of Officers and Employees in Warangal District.

                                                                      [sec. 4 (10) (b) (ix) 7]

       Name of the
                                                                                        Telephone & fax,
         office                         Name, designation & address of
S.N                                                                                         office Tel,           Email
      administrative                         officer/ employees
                                                                                        Residence Tel, Fax
1.    O/o. J.D.A,                 Sri. M. Sudershan Reddy J.D.A.                        2577479              agriwgl@ap.nic
      Wgl                         Wgl                                                   9505518382
                                                                                        Fax: 2570186
2                                 V. Rathnakar Rao Dy.Director of                       2577479              agriwgl@ap.nic
                                  Agriculture,(PP)                                      9505518383
3.                                P. Venkat Mohan Rao,I/c D.D.A.                                             agriwgl@ap.nic
4.                                R. Muralidhar Rao, A.D.A (Trg)    2577479                                  agriwgl@ap.nic
                                  V. Bhaskar A.O (Tech)             2577479                                  agriwgl@ap.nic
5.                                Sri. K. Damoder Reddy A.O. (Tech) 2577479                                  agriwgl@ap.nic
6.                                P. Venkat Mohan Rao, D.D.A.                                                agriwgl@ap.nic
7                                 Smt.U. Umamaheswaramma, DDA,                                               agriwgl@ap.nic
8                                 Md.Sammad Khan, A.D.A, (SC)       9849253953                               agriwgl@ap.nic
9                                 Prathap Reddy, A.D.A (FCO)                                                 agriwgl@ap.nic
10                                Anuradha, A.D.A (PTL)                                                      agriwgl@ap.nic
11                                Narender Goud I/c, A.D.A (STL)                                             agriwgl@ap.nic
12                                Narsimha das A.D.A, Warangal      9505518386                               agriwgl@ap.nic
13                                D. Usha, A.D.A, Ghanpur (Stn)     9505518387                               agriwgl@ap.nic
14                                MA. Khayyum, A.D.A, Jangoan       9505518388                               agriwgl@ap.nic
15                                P.Koteshwar Rao, A.D.A,                                                    agriwgl@ap.nic
16                                J.Satyanarayana, A.D.A, Maripeda  9866026971                               agriwgl@ap.nic
17                                G. Rajendram,A.D.A, Narsampet     9505518389                               agriwgl@ap.nic
18                                Gopal Kishan Rao, A.D.A, Mulug    9505518392                               agriwgl@ap.nic
19                                V. Mallaiah,A.D.A, Eturnagaram                                             agriwgl@ap.nic
20                                B. Gangaram, A.D.A, Parakal       9505518391                               agriwgl@ap.nic
21                                Sri. G.Krishna Rao Administrative 2577479,                                 agriwgl@ap.nic
                                  Officer O/o J.D.A.Wgl             9885552948
22                                Md. Sadiq, Supdt.                 2577479                                  agriwgl@ap.nic
23                                Md. Yusuf, Supdt.                 2577479                                  agriwgl@ap.nic
24                                Madhusudan, Supdt.                2577479

      D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 18.


                                                                    [Sec. 4(1) (b) (x)]

         S.No                                      Designation                             Pay Scales

            1             J.D.A,                                                          27000 – 51760

           2.             D.D.A                                                           23650 - 49360

            3.            Assistant Director of Agriculture                               19050 - 45850

            4.            Agriculture Officer                                             16150 - 42590

            5.            Administrative Officer                                          16150 - 42590

            6.            Superintendent                                                  14860 - 39540

            7.            Asst. Statis.                                                   14860 - 39450

            8.            Sr. Asst                                                        10900 - 31550

            9.            Computers                                                       11530 - 33200

           10.            Jr. Asst. Typist, Store Keeper                                  8440 - 24950

           11.            Record Asst.                                                    7520 - 22430

           12.            Agriculture Extension Officer                                   16150 - 42590

           13.            Driver                                                          7960 - 23650

           14.            Attender, Watchman                                              6700 – 20110

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 19.

                            {sec. 4(1) (B) (xi)}

      Provide information on the budget allocation for different activities under different
programmes/ schemes/ projects etc in the given format.

                                                                                  Amount released   Amount
                     Programes/schemes/ project/activity
Agency                                                                            during the year   spent year so
                     purpose for which budget is allocated
                                                                                  (in Lakhs)        far (in lakhs)
Dept of              Seed village programme                                       171.00            40.00
                     ISOPOM Maize                                                 21.372            0
                     Farm Mechanization                                           547.50            305.04
                     ISOPOM- Oil seed                                             83.79             25.00
                     ICDP (Cotton)                                                30.78             20.36
                     Work plan on MM basis                                        10.02             00
                     Organic farming                                              2.70              0.89
                     Adarsha Rythu                                                64.44             00
                     Natural calamities
                     Rythu Sadassu                                                11.942            11.942
                     Supply of seeds on 50% subsidy                               00                00
                     Rythu Chaitanya Yatras                                       8.90              8.60
                     Runa vimukthi melas                                          12.75             12.75
                     National food security mission
                     Agril.Technology mission agency
                     Polam Badi                                                                     10.64
                     RKVY                                                         430.75            20.00
                     Pavala Vaddi Scheme                                          100.00            86.00
                     Cost of 20 Kgs. Pure earth worms
                                                                                  4000              4000
                     @Rs.125/- per Kg. with 50 kg. filler
                     material to be supplied at no extra cost.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 20.

         In order to optimize the soil productivity, soil testing is most important.
         The Department has a net work of soil testing Laboratories at District level and also at the
soil testing programme is supervised by Assistant Director of Agriculture, STL Warangal district
level and by ADA (R ) Jangaon at Kesamudram by ADA (R )M-bad and at Eturnagaram by
ADA (R ) at Division Levels.
         During the year 2009-2010 it is planned to collect soil samples and analyze for macro
nutrient and samples for micro nutrient and water samples in the District.


Kharif, 2010 :
      The normal area of Kharif is hectares, as against the normal area an area of
Hectares is planned to be covered during Kharif 2010 The total Seed requirement for
planned area is (24796) Quintals.

Rabi 2009-2010 :
      It is planned to be covered an area of hectors as against the normal area hectares of
Rabi 2009 - 2010 and assessed for the supply of (15341) quintals of seed in District.


        This programme ensures supply of quality certified seed of high yielding notified
varieties to the farmers in time besides quick multiplication of new seed at shorter time
based on the crop situation. The foundation/certified seed at 50% cost will be supplied to
the already identified farmers. The necessary training is being imparted at 3 stages to the


      Trainings will be given at 3 stages on seed production and seed technology
farmers of the seed crops in the seed villages.

1 Stage: - The training will be given on farmers at the time of sowing of seed. During
this training seed production technique, isolation distance, sowing practices, other
Agronomic practices to be followed for the given crop will be taught to the farmers.

2 Stage: - This training will be organized during flower initiations stage of the seed crop.

3 Stage :- This training will be organized after harvest and at the time seed processing to
impart knowledge on seed cleaning, grading, treating, storage, packaging how to draw
the representative sample, send the seed sample for seed testing to assess the seed

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 21.


      Ensuring of quality seed is one of the basic objectives of the department. In this
process, seed samples drawn and tested. It is programmed to draw (900) Nos of seed
samples in the District during 2010-2011.


      Total fertilizers requirement of the District has been estimated and necessary
arrangements were made for distribution at village level.

QUALITY CONTROL: - It is programme to draw (500) fertilizers samples from the
Dealers/Manufactures/Distributors premises in the District during 2010-11.

FCO LAB WARANGAL: - The samples which were sent from the coding centre will be
analyzed and furnish the results.

ORGANIC FARMING: The increased awareness and care of farmers towards the
health in the recent years creating a good demand for the organic food products.


        During 2010-2011, it is proposed to promote usage of new species of Bio-
fertilizers like Rhizobium culture (4080) pockets @ 200gms each by supply on 50%
subsidy in the District.

Promotion of Organic Manures:

Vermi Compost: Vermi Compost is one organic manure which is proved to be highly
effective in balanced and integrated nutrient management. It is proposed to organize 48
Nos, vermi compost units during 2010-2011.

 Operational Guidelines of the Scheme:

             1. A total of 1 Units will be organized in each mandal.

             2. One unit to be organized in Polambadi village.

             3. One unit to be organized in the village where SVP is being organized.

             4. Remaining units are to be organized in other villages.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 22.
Subsidy Pattern:

                         Particulars                                      Amount          Subsidy       Non-Subsidy
  1.                   2.                                                   3.               4               5
           Cost of 64 Kgs. Pure
           earth worms @ Rs.125/-
  1.       per Kg. with 50Kg. filler                                       8000            4000            4000
           material to be supplied at
           no extra cost.
  2.       Construction of pits(600)                                       10000           5000            5000
           Construction of Pucca
  3.                                                                       22000           11000           11000
           shed(1100 sqft) roof.

Vermi Hatchery Units:

       During 2010-11 the allocation made to the District is Units. The total cost of the
unit with production capacity of 500 kgs., of vermi per year estimated to Rs.2.25 Lakhs
and subsidy is provided up to 75% on capital cost limited to Rs. 75,000/- per unit.

Green Manure:

       It is programmed to distribute Green manure seed on 50% in Kharif, 2010 and
Rabi, 2010-2011 through APSSDC Limited. The details are as follows.

                                                                                 Qtly distributed in Qtls.,
Sl.No.                           Crop
                                                                          Kharif           Rabi             Total
1.              Daincha                                                   1621.50            0             1621.50
2.              Sun hemp                                                     0               0                0
3.              Pilli Pesara                                                 0               0                0
                Total                                                     1621.50            0             1621.50


       In order to ensure quality of pesticides, the conditions under provisions of IA
1968, IR.1971 IO, 1986 are being strictly enforced in the division

      Pesticide testing Laboratory is functioning in this District. The samples which
were sent by the decoding centre will be analyses and furnish the results.

      To improve the quality of drawl and to concentrate on sub-standard and spurious
products, a target of analyzing 315 samples is fixed during 2009-10 in the District.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 23.
FFS (Polambadi):

       To mitigate the problems like death due to pesticides poisoning, health hazards
due to pesticides residues, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has launched a programme
namely Polambadi (FFS) in which emphasis has been given for use of eco-friendly
measures (bio-agents and bio-pests) for control of crop pests which in turn reduce cost of
cultivation and improve the quality of produce, resulting high market price and good

Constraints of Production:

             The major constraints for production are:

             1. Declining soil productivity and in-appropriate/imbalanced nutrient use.

             2. Macro and Micro nutrient deficiency problems intensively cultivated areas.

             3. Increasing severity of pest and diseases.

             4.     Poor water management resulting in low water use efficiency and soil
                   salinity/alkalinity problems.

Yield Gap:

             The following factors are resulting in the yield gap

1. Biophysical: Management, Weather, Soil Water pestincidence, weeds etc.,

2. Technical/Management: Tillage, Variety/Seed Section, Water Nutrients, Weeds,
Pests and post harvest managements.

3. Technology Transfer and Linkages: Competence and resources of extension staff
RD & E integration, farmers cognitive blocks, knowledge and skills linkage, among
public private and NGO extension staff.

        Important step to minimize the knowledge gap between researchers, extension
staff and farmers by developing and using viable mechanisms to transfer new knowledge
and techniques from researchers to farmers and collect feed back to re-orient research on
issues critical to farmers.

       An integrated crop management is vital to maximize the productivity and
profitability of farmers. All technologies and practices should half farmers to increase or
maintain gain yields there by improving the quality of produce and enhance farmers

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 24.
The (4) Principles of Polambadi :

             1. Grow a health crop.

             2. Conserve natural enemies.

             3. Conduct regular field observations.

             4. Farmers should become ICM experts.


       The main object of the Polambadi is to reduce the cost of cultivation and increase
the productivity.

       Integrated Crop Management is an approach to farming which aims to balance
production with economic and environmental consideration by means of combination of
measures including crop rotation, Cultivation, appropriate crop varieties and careful use
of inputs

             ICM=INM+IPM+Agronomic practices including Farm Mechanization.

      The Polambadi is being done from seed to seed, so that to participants can observe
and analyze the dynamics of crop ecology across the season.

Size of Polambadi-10 Hect. No of farmers-30

       During 2010 (1012) Nos. of Polambadi demonstrations with various crops are
being organized in the District as against the target.

      The following additional training components will be provided for each OFED
and will be met from ADF

*(5) IPM Kits @ Rs.150/- per each OFED

* Working tea/refreshment for 20+5 members @ Rs.7-50 for 7 times during OFED

*supply Vyasaya Panchangams for (20) farmers i.e., Rs.1300/-

Total amount is Rs.3363/-.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 25.
System of Rice intensification (SRI) Technology:-

       SRI technology was developed for intensification of rice production by reducing
the water use and enhancing the productivity.

      The mechanism and processes like early transplanting, careful transplanting, wide
spacing, weeding and aeration, water management and compost are involved in SRI

       During 2010 it is planned to organize 405 demonstration of 1 acre each with a unit
cost of Rs. 1250/- per acre for supply of rotating how, market for space planting and
raising of nursery under raised bed.


       In order to maintain seed chain sufficient quantity of breeder seed is planned to lift
for further seed multiplication in to certified seed. It is planned to supply Groundnut,
Soyabean and Castor seed of improved and high yielding verities on subsidy. To
increase oil contents in Groundnut crop, it is proposed to supply gypsum on 75% subsidy.

        It is also planned to supply sprinklers, pipes, P.P. Equipments and Farm
Implementation 50% subsidy to cover more area with existing water resources. Priority
is also given for organizing FFS to propagate various crop production technologies.


        Even though the production is high to the estimated figures, the productivity can
further the increased by adopting certain practices like supply of quality seed of improved
varieties and hybrids, correction of micronutrient deficiencies, effective utilization
methods etc., besides component of IPM.


       Cotton is mainly cultivated under rained irrigation conditions. In Warangal
District the cropped area is being increased by 1-2 % against its normal area since last 12

       FFS-To impart training to the farmers in production and protection technologies
there by making them experts in taking right crop management decisions, this programme
component is being organized through Polambadi.

Surveillance and Monitoring of pests & diseases:-

       The weekly surveillance and monitoring the situation of insect pests and diseases
will help the extension workers in taking proper decision on crop protection.

       The other components of the scheme are distribution of pheromone traps. Supply
of Bio Agent supply of Hand sprayers, Power sprayers, Tractor mounted Sprayers,
Taiwan sprayers, Sprinklers, FLD on Farm implements, Supply of Bt. cotton detection kit
and supply of Micronutrient.
D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 26.
FLDs on IPM through NGOs:-

      In order to popularize the location specific IPM modules, a total of 22 FLDs on
IPM technology are organize through NGOs (RMGs) with a financial out lay of Rs22.00
Lakhs in the District during 2010-11.


The objectives of the scheme:

             1. Increase production per unit area per unit water.

             2. to respond more/scheme more truly to the micro level realities of agriculture
                across the districts and within tem, a switch over from the limitation of uniform
                prescription of priorities, strategies and intervention of situations specific

             3. Enhanced sustainability of productive natural resource base, while improving
                the effectiveness of Agril. & Rural development expenditure by the
                Government through specific need responsible for productivity gap.

       In order to promote cultivation of hybrid varieties with proven performance, a
strategy has been proposed to cover 1.2 hectares in the district during the current year in
both Kharif & Rabi 2010-2011 seasons with hybrids. It is programmed to supply hybrid
and local seed in order to encourage the farmer to go in hybrid rice. It is targeted to
organize (59) Nos. Subsidy Rs.1250/- per ha., demonstration is provided.

State Land use Board:- The object of slob is to be develop infrastructure on land
resources, conduct studies on land use / land evaluation etc , organize work shop on land
resources conservation and organize awareness campaign on conservation of land
resources among farmers through lectures, Exhibitions etc., Rs. 1700/- were allocated to
this division under this item.

National Water shed Development Programme:-

       The project implementation agency and water shed committee are being given
sufficient training through orientation skills, up gradation, and motivation re organize and
improve upon indigenous technical knowledge addition to tools and techniques of project
management PRA community organization and other administrative and accounting
problems. Livelihood support system for land less families of water shed community
such as dairy sericulture Goat breeding live stock management commercial problems
were taken up in the water shed areas. During the plan 2007-2011 it is to programmed to
organize 5 Water sheds at Valmidi, Shatahpur, Dardepally, Kondapur and Mallampally
Villages in Palakurthy Mandal of Warangal District. So for Rs. 6.0 lakhs were released.

Reclamation of Problematic Soils:- To reclaim alkaline soils it is targeted to supply
1000 Mts , Zypsum @ 5 Mts. Per ha. On 75% subsidy during the year 2010-11 in the

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 27.
GYPSUM Under Oil seeds:- During the 2010-11 Gypsum is targeted 5200 Mts for the
supply on 50% Subsidy in the District.

Supply of Zinc Sulphate:- The deficiency of Zinc is noticed more than the other
micronutrients in the district. To over come the problem of Zinc deficiency and to
increase the productivity it is proposed to distribute 34.37Mts of ZnSo4 under ISOPOM
oil seeds on 50% subsidy during 2009-10 in the District.

RMGs:- To Strength RMGs by providing micro credit through banks for quality input
intervention among the farmers the agriculture investment activities like vermi
composting and NADE composting, manufacturing bio fertilizers and pesticides and
input purchase and marketing credit/ Agri. Business.

Role of RMGs:- Each RMG consist of 15 members which will serve their common
interest regarding technology transfer, access to market information self supporting
finance mechanisms and micro credit requirements there by leading to their sustainable
economic development.

Credit: - In order to facilitate tenant, SF/MF farmers & other farmers in getting the
Agriculture loans from the banks, it is programmed to distribute crop loans to a tune of
Rs. 760 crores during 2010-11 the District.

                                                                  GENDER CELL

        The Department of Agriculture in A.P. has decided to give women farmers a voice
to participate in the process of Agriculture Development.

      The objectives of Gender cell are to increase the understanding and awareness of
gender factors in Agriculture and Rural Development.

       The Gender cell aims to promote the holistic development of marginal women
        farmers and agriculture laborers by exposing them to the relevant technologies and
        entrepreneurial opportunities.

              The provide opportunities for knowledge and techno managerial skills
             improvement for marginal farmwomen and agriculture labor

             To provide value added training in Agri-products and entrepreneurship

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 28.
                                MANNER OF EXECUTION OF SUBSIDY PROGRAMMES
                                             [Sec. 4, (1) (b) ( xii) ]
Name of the
                                                                            Eligibility criteria for   Designation of officer
Programme/                          Nature/ Scale of Subsidy
                                                                            grant of subsidy           to grant subsidy
Seed Village                        50% subsidy on
                                                                            S/F. and M/F               C & D.A.
scheme                              Foundation Seed
Organic Farming
Vermi compost                       50% subsidy                             S/F. and M/F               ADA ( R )
Distribution of
                                    50% subsidy                             SF/MF                      JDA , WGL
green Manure seed
Demonstration of
                                                                                                       JDA, WGL
Farm                                                                        Lrd.to Rs.30,000/- &
mechanization                       50% subsidy                             Rs.45,000/- to power       JDA Wgl
                                                                            tiller & Tractors.
                                    10 hac. One Unit 75%                    SF/MF                      JDA Wgl
Bio Agents
Isopom pulses and
maize Breeder/                      50% subsidy                             SF/MF                      JDA Wgl
Foundation seed
IPM (FFs)                                                                                              JDA,WGL
PP Equipment                        50% subsidy Rs.800/- per
                                                             SF/MF                                     JDA,WGL
                                    Unit manual Rs.2000/-
Pipes for carrying                  50% Limitted to 15000/-
                                                             Maize & Oils growers                      C & DA, Hyd.
water                               per Unit
Sri Demonstration                   50% Rs.3000/ - per1 acre SF/MF Rice Farmers                        JDA,WGL
Hybrid Rice
                                    Rs. 3000/- per 1 Hector                 SF/MF Rice Farmers         JDA,WGL
Isopom Oil seeds
Foundation seed
PP Equipments                       50% subsidy,                            Oil seed growers           JDA, WGl
Distribution of
                                    50% + Transport Charges Oil seed farmers                           C & DA
Water carrying
                                    50% Limited to 15,000/-                 Oil seed growers           C & DA, Hyd
pipes/ sprinklers
Surveillance of
diseases / Pests
Supplies of Bio
agents /
                                    50% subsidy                             SF/MF                      JDA, WGL
pheromone traps /
Supply of Taiwan
sprayers/ tractor
  D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 29.
operator sprayers
Training to                         Rs.15,000 per training of
                                                                            Extension staff        JDA, WGL
extension worker                    30 Officers for 2 days
FLD on farm
                                    50%                                     SF/MF                  C & DA, Hyd
Vermi compost                       50%                                     SF/MF                  JDA, Wgl.
Demonstration on
Improved package
                                    2500/- per Ack                          SF/MF Rice Farm        JDA,Wgl.
of practice (ICDP


            Name of the                                Application              Sanction of      Disbursement
            Programme                                   procedure                procedure         procedure
            Seed village                                                     SF/ MF selected    Seed storage bin
                                                                                  by field
    Farm Mechanization                             Application with              JDA will       Soon after release
                                                    non subsidy in             obtained non      the Subsidy the
                                                      favour of              subsidy from the   equipment will be
                                                   AP.SAIDC Ltd,                   farmer        delivered by the
                                                     Hyd are to be                                    JDA.
  Polambadi                                         Through MAO              Depending on the Bio agents will be
                                                                              pest infestation    provided
  OFEDs / IPM / PP                                         to MAO               JDA, WGl       Through MAO
  equipment/ PP
  Water carrying pipes

  D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 30.
                                                                      CHAPTER 14

   �Particulars of Recipients of concession, permits or authorization granted by the
                                   public authority

                                                                  [sec.4 (1) (b) (xiii)]

       Provide the names and addresses of recipients of benefits under each programme/ scheme
separately in the following format.

             Institutional beneficiaries.

             Name of the Programme/ scheme

        The details of beneficiaries of various schemes and programmes are available with ADAs
( R ) and MAOs concerned.


                                            [Sec. 4 (1) x (iv) ]

      Provide the details of information related to the various schemes of the department
which are available in electronic formats.

                                                                                           Designation and
                                                                                           address of the
                Description                                        Contents or title       custodian of
                                                                                           information (held
                                                                                           by whom?)
     CDs                                      1. Cotton crop Management                    ADAs ( R)
                                              2. Paddy crop Management
                                              3. castor management practice
                                              4. Redgram Management practice
                                              5. Black gram Management
                                              6. Greengram Management
                                              7. Soyabeen Management practice
                                              8. Farm mechanichem scheme
                           www.agri.ap.nic.in Department of Agriculture
                                              programme and schemes                        C & DA, AP Hyd.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 31.

              Particulars of Facilities available to citizens for obtaining information

                                                                 (Section 4 (1) (b) xv)

        Describe the particulars of information dissemination mechanism in place.
Facilities available to the public for accessing of information.

                                                                                              Details of
                                   Description (Location of Facility / Name
        Facility                                                                          information made
Notice Board
News Paper                        New related to different Departmental
Reports                           programmes/ weather/ pest and diseases
                                  reports are published in News Papers/
                                  Padipantalu etc


                   Names, Designations other Particulars of Public Information Officers
                                          {Sec. 4 (1) ( xvi) }

        Provide contact information about the public Information officers and Assistant Public
Information Officers designated for various officers/ administrative units and Appellate authority
/ Officer(s) for the public authority in the following format.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 32.
    Name of the                                                                    Telephone &
    office                                                                         fax, office Tel,
    administrative                    Name, designation & address of officer/      Residence Tel,
S.N unit                              employees                                    Fax              Email
1   O/o. J.D.A,                       Sri. M. Sudarshan Reddy, J.D.A. Warangal.    2577479          agriwgl@ap.nic
    Warangal.                         Appellate Authority                          9505518382
                                                                                   Fax: 2570186
2                                     Sri. R. Muralidar Rao, ADA(Trg) PIO          2577479,        agriwgl@ap.nic
3                                     K. Damodar Reddy,A.O. (Tech) APIO            9505505353      agriwgl@ap.nic
4                                     Narsimha Das A.D.A (R) Warangal and PIO      2577285 &
5                                     P.Suresh , A.O.HNK and APIO                  2577285         agriwgl@ap.nic
6                                     D. Usha, A.D.A (R), Ghanpur (Stn) PIO        9505518387      agriwgl@ap.nic
7                                     A. Anuradha, A.O. PIO                        9490598155      agriwgl@ap.nic
8                                     M.A. Quayyum, A.D.A (R), Jangoan             9505518388      agriwgl@ap.nic
9                                     Satyam Babu, AO, PIO                         9505505495      agriwgl@ap.nic
10                                    P.Koteshwar Rao, A.D.A (R) Mah'bad & PIO     9505518390      agriwgl@ap.nic
11                                    B. Ramulu, Sr.Astt. & APIO                   9505505480      agriwgl@ap.nic
12                                    J.Satyanarayana, A.D.A (R), Maripeda & PIO   9866026971      agriwgl@ap.nic
13                                    Rivi Kumar, A.O & APIO                       9505505369      agriwgl@ap.nic
14                                    G. Rajendram A.D.A (R), Narsampet & PIO      9505518389      agriwgl@ap.nic
15                                    B. Yadagiri , A.O. & APIO                    9505505365      agriwgl@ap.nic
16                                    Gopal Kishan Rao, A.D.A (R) Mulug & PIO      9505518392      agriwgl@ap.nic
17                                    Shraya, A.O & APIO                           9505505489      agriwgl@ap.nic
18                                    B. Gangaram, A.D.A (R), Parakal & PIO        9505518391      agriwgl@ap.nic
19                                    G. Narsingam A.O, Parakal & PIO              9505505491      agriwgl@ap.nic
20                                    V. Mallaiah , A.D.A (R), Eturnagaram & PIO   7702876761      agriwgl@ap.nic
21                                    K. Ganga Jamuna,A.O &APIO                    9490598181      agriwgl@ap.nic
22                                    B. Manohar Reddy, A.D.A (FTC)                                agriwgl@ap.nic
                                      Warangal&PIO                                 9866061345
23                                    B. Venkatesham, A.O. & APIO                  9008414988      agriwgl@ap.nic
24                                    U. Umamaheswaramma, D.D.A(Sc) & PIO.         9490598203      agriwgl@ap.nic
25                                    Jyothi, Supdt. & APIO                        9951111544      agriwgl@ap.nic
26                                    K. Prathap Reddy, A.D.A.(FCO) & PIO          9505505391      agriwgl@ap.nic
27                                    M. Venkateswara Rao, APIO                    9030437716      agriwgl@ap.nic
28                                    Md. Mansur Ahammad, A.D.A.(SC), & PIO        9177571005      agriwgl@ap.nic
29                                    J. Badraiah, A.O. & APIO.                    9966095153      agriwgl@ap.nic
30                                    K. Anuradha, A.D.A (PTL) & PIO               9505505397      agriwgl@ap.nic
31                                    S.Krishna Reddy, A.O. & APIO                 9490361761      agriwgl@ap.nic
32                                    K. Damoder Reddy, A.D.A (STL) & PIO          9505505353      agriwgl@ap.nic
33                                    D. Nareder, A.O. & APIO                      9505505393      agriwgl@ap.nic
     D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 33.

                                          OTHER USEFEULL INFORMATION

                                                                   [Sec.4(1) (b) (xvii)]

18.          1.           Please give below any other information or derails of predication which are of
                          relevance or of use for the citizens.

                          1.                        Nil.

                          2.                        Nil.

                                                                            Joint Director of Agriculture,

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 34.
             RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT-2005
             MANNUAL FOR THE YEAR 2010-2011.

                                          AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT
                                             WARANGAL DISTRICT

                                JOINT DIRECTOR OF AGRICULTURE

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ec2d7414-0248-4003-95f1-a0de9eb80cab.docPage 35.

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