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									Information of Computer Systems & Accounting
  (Additional sheets may be attached wherever necessary)

                      Assessee Identification

1. Name of the assessee
2. Address (Factory)

   Address (Accounts office)

3. Commissionerate


4. Identification #
   a. ECC (Registration No)
   b. Other – if applicable
5. Contact Person details          Name                   Ph. No.
   a. Systems Person :
   b. Accounts Person
   c. Other contact person
6. Date of filling the form:

                     Hardware and Peripherals

1. Computer Make and Model
2. Computer Type
3. Operating System :
4. Peripherals:                 (name, capacity, no. of units)
   a. Disk – Internal
   b. Disk – External
   c. Tape Drive
   d. CD/DVD recorders
   e. Back-up storage –
   f. Other (list all)
5. Are user manuals available   YesNo
   – if required?
                             Operating System

1. Name and version/release

2. Are user manuals available     YesNo
      – if required?

                            Accounting Software

1. Name and version# and
2. Developer Name and
3. Database System used
   (where not integrated with
   accounting software)
4. Use of Modules (A/R, A/P,
   Inventory, …)
  a. General Ledger                 YesNo
 b.      Accounts Receivable        YesNo
 c.      Accounts Payable           YesNo
 d.      Fixed Assets               YesNo
 e.      Inventory                  YesNo
 f.        Sales                    YesNo
 g.      Customer                   YesNo
 h.      Vendor                     YesNo
 i.        Payroll                  YesNo
 j.    Purchase Order,              YesNo
   Purchase Analysis
 k. Others (specify)

 l.        Add on software

 m. If     necessary, include
    other comments:
5. Are user manuals available     YesNo
   – if required?
                         Accounting Information

1. Chart of Accounts –            YesNo
   (Enclose a copy)
2. Invoice and purchase order
   – (Enclose a sample copy of
3. Coding (tax codes, product     YesNo
   codes) details – (Enclose
   comprehensive lists)

                     Backup and Data Retention

1. What is backed up?
   a. Sales, purchases, …          YesNo
   b. Detailed records or          YesNo
2. Period/Information available
   “live” on the system
3. Data backup practice (how
   often, where)

                          Data Export Options

1. Export format: (see Help
   a. ASCII or EBCDIC “flat”       YesNo
   b. DBF or CSV                  YesNo
   c. MS Excel                    YesNo
   d. MS Access                   YesNo
   e. XML                         YesNo
   f. Print report captured to    YesNo
      file – This is to be
      accepted if everything
      else is ruled out.
   g. Other (mention)             YesNo
2. Export media:
   a. CD ROM                      YesNo
   b. DVD                         YesNo
   c. Diskette                    YesNo
   d. USB Transfer                YesNo
e. Connecting auditor’s
   Laptop to Assessee
   computer using:
   i. Ethernet network        YesNo
   ii. USB network cable      YesNo
   iii.     Other (explain)   YesNo

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