; “West coast readers benefit from in-depth coverage of local issues
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“West coast readers benefit from in-depth coverage of local issues


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									                      2011 | Media Kit

“West coast readers benefit
 from in-depth coverage
 of local issues and sports
 as Globe British Columbia
 packages the day’s
 top stories in a stand-
 alone section with a B.C.
                             Patrick Brethour
                     British Columbia Editor

 Globe British Columbia is our daily
 section of news and commentary
 from around the province. This section
 is the only edition of The Globe where
 regional news has a distinct front
 page. The section includes Globe
 Sports, providing a B.C. perspective
 on the province’s professional sports
 teams along with what’s happening
 elsewhere in the world of sports.

 Globe British Columbia provides
 both local and national advertisers
 the opportunity to target B.C.’s most
 desirable demo, along with the cost
 savings associated with a local, rather
 than a national, buy.

 0		 orld-class reporting and editorial
   perspective exclusively for the B.C.
 0		 uns as a stand-alone section Monday
   through Saturday and includes Globe
   Sports content daily

 For more information explore GlobeLink:
                                                                                                 Reaching educated, affluent
                                                                                                 and informed British Columbians

                                                                  Advertising in Globe                                             extend your reach with
                                                                  British Columbia                                                 globeandmail.com
                                                                  Advertisers looking to reach B.C.’s best                         Maximize the impact of your advertising with
                                                                  newspaper readership through a cost-                             an additional presence on the British Columbia
                                                                  effective local buy will do well by advertising                  page and across globeandmail.com — the
                                                                  within Globe British Columbia section. the                       site includes the latest developments in
                                                                  section provides a unique B.C. perspective,                      breaking news, politics, entertainment, and
                                                                  coupled with the best of Canada’s award-                         sports.
                                                                  winning daily national newspaper.                                explore our wide ranging digital options
                                                                                                                                   for display, mobile and video and email
                                                                  position your advertising in one of our                          marketing by visiting:
GLOBE WEEKDAY READERS:                                            impactful display ad formats within Globe
                                                                  British Columbia, or target our readers by                             globelink.ca/digital
SpEnDinG pOWER                                                    advertising in the accompanying Classified
Globe readers are over three times more                           advertising environment that is packaged with
likely than the average person to have                            Globe British Columbia each day.
personal incomes of $100K+ (Index 147).
                                                                  to learn more about Globe B.C. and our
WELL EDuCATED                                                     other newspaper sections, please visit:
63% of Globe readers have university
degrees.                                                                globelink.ca/newspaper/globebc

Over one in four (28%) Globe readers are                                                                                            make an impact.
                                                                                                                                    partner with us.
managers or professionals.

Learn more about our newspaper audience:
SOuRCe: NADBANK 2009 – 4 B.C. ReADeRShIp MARKetS

to learn more, visit globelink.ca/newspaper or contact your sales representative.
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