“I describe JAZZ-it_ as 'CaseWare on steroids' and I'm sure anyone by dfsdf224s


									                   While there are many technologies offering                The productivity associated with each technology is interrelated.
                 amazing innovations, the justification for any              For example, Bennett Gold made a dramatic change when it
               accounting firm to adopt something new, or to                 switched to two, and eventually three monitors per person
         consider changes in current hardware and software,                  enhancing JAZZ-it! and Doc.It's capabilities as stand-alone
        requires case examples with an almost immediate                      programs.
     direct return on investment (ROI).
                                                                             “Because we work in a digital environment, the hardware and
    By using JAZZ-it!'s suite of templates for CaseWare, and                 software contributes to us being far more productive.”
Doc.It to streamline the firm's document management, Bennett                 Expectations were met with JAZZ-it! because the firm produces
Gold not only improved its processes, but also realized many                 financial statements easily and simply, and can make master
tangible benefits: ROI in staffing, firm morale, operations and client       changes across the board. “It takes a powerful tool to do that. I'm
communications.                                                              from the days of creating financial statements in pencil and paper.
                                                                             Today, the same process is done by a piece of software, and for
Overcoming the Unknown                                                       the most part, you don't have to be technically minded to
Robert Gold, MBA, CA, has his hands full. As managing partner of             intelligently produce a financial statement.”
Bennett Gold LLP in Toronto, Robert has his eye on
growth, practice management and operations, as                                                   The time and resource savings are proven over
                                                         “I describe JAZZ-it! as                 and over again. Through rough calculations,
well as technology, hardware and software. Yet, as
tech-savvy as Robert, himself, may seem, he
                                                        'CaseWare on steroids'                   Robert estimates moving to JAZZ-it!, Doc-it,
knows the best use of technology will only have a      and I'm sure anyone using                 and multiple monitors saves the firm as much
negative effect on his staff of 15 if there is no gain       it would agree,”                    as $200,000 annually. The figure is attained by
in time and resources.                                                                           adding up three staff salaries (junior, senior and
                                                                says Robert.                     administrative) who were previously working
“What you don't know can hurt you, and if you don't                                              with financial statements to make them more
know there are ways to improve what you're doing, you don't know             user-friendly, storing and finding files, and calling up a file
how to improve,” he says. “When you're working in an environment             immediately when a client calls.
of multiple documents, you don't know your inefficiencies because
you haven't thought through any alternative.”                                “Our entire staff is more efficient because they switched their
                                                                             attention from manual, time-intensive processes to having
Without using JAZZ-it!, specific mechanical tasks were not                   conversations with clients to talk about growing their companies,”
automated, including copying, pasting and entering information -             says Robert. “That's direct ROI you just can't dream up. You can't
all adding up to an inefficient way to roll forward financial                afford not to have this technology.”
statements. “I describe JAZZ-it! as 'CaseWare on steroids' and
I'm sure anyone using it would agree,” says Robert.                          Learning Curve and Training
                                                                           While Bennett Gold trains new students through internship
The firm also uses the Future Taxes, Capital Assets, Marketable            programs to excel in accounting, Robert says there is no training
securities and Prepaid working papers included in                                             necessary for JAZZ-it! because most students
JAZZ-it!. “The advantage to these documents is the                                            are already familiar with CaseWare. The same
carryforward nature of the accounts. Our staff deems                                          goes for the staff; almost no training
the 'marketable securities' working paper to be              “You can't afford not to         was necessary. “Instead, they just get better
crucial, especially in their analysis of short-term           have this technology.”          at it. Let's face it, our firm's biggest internal
investments.” Based on its capabilities, Robert says                                          expense is training, off-the-balance
the decision to adopt JAZZ-it! was easy; with Doc.It,                                         sheet expense that takes all sorts of time.”
he wanted to hold back until there was a clear intelligent leader.
                                                                           Easy-to-use programs such JAZZ-it! and Doc.It take
Increasing Firm Productivity                                               minimal time to learn and they boost staff morale.
The more efficient a firm is, the more time the staff can spend
recruiting and retaining clients. While many firms look for ROI only         If you took them away, the staff would be miserable.”
in terms of monetary savings, there are many more ways to
measure how an investment in technology pays off.

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