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For Immediate Release:
Scott Walton
Meredith Gandy

                    KQED Public Media Launches

  Increased Timely Local News Coverage on Variety of Platforms Allows for
               Anywhere, Anytime, Anyway Content Delivery

San Francisco, July 19, 2010—KQED Public Media today announced a significant
expansion of its news service designed to provide more high-quality original coverage of
Bay Area civic and community news. Original reporting from KQED News will span the full
spectrum of KQED platforms, including KQED Public Radio, KQED Public Television, and
the new online news service,
Eight new staff members, including six journalists, have recently joined KQED to expand
KQED’s local news coverage. The results will be immediate as KQED Public Radio, one of
the Bay Area’s most popular stations and among the most-listened-to public stations in the
country, expands its local newscasts from six to sixteen beginning July 19. The newscasts
will span the entire day from 6am to 12:30am. In addition, KQED News plans to add
additional radio news reports and Interactive features in late August. will be frequently updated throughout the day and will feature additional
professionally-written stories about issues facing Northern Californians, a news blog ―News
Fix‖, up-to-the-minute traffic and weather, commentary and analysis, and streamed audio of
the latest newscasts. Working in partnership with NPR, will also serve as a
source for top national and international stories of the day, seamlessly delivering current
local, regional, national, and international news from multiple sources on a single site. A
mobile version of KQED News is also planned.

‖KQED is stepping up to help fill the news coverage void created by cutbacks at other
journalistic organizations. Although we are already dedicating significant personnel and
financial resources to news and public affairs, we determined that an incremental
investment at this time, along with further integration of our radio, TV, and online services,
will have a significant positive impact,‖ said John Boland, president and CEO. ―Combining
our own local and statewide news reporting with content from national providers like NPR
and PBS, as well as local partners positions KQED News as a single destination for local,
regional, national, and international coverage.

―KQED is in a unique situation. We are a community-supported, public service media
organization with television, radio, and online digital services under one roof. We have local
and regional reporting capabilities and access to the highest quality national and
international reporting through our NPR and PBS affiliations. We are combining all our
resources to provide the community with a 21st century news service.‖

The new staff will join the approximately 75 staff members currently assigned to the
production of news and public affairs content, more than 60 percent of whom are reporters
and producers. Other new staff positions include Interactive producers and a media
relations specialist, who will be responsible for creating and maintaining social media
platforms, as well as working with the community to better engage and incorporate the rich
variety of voices and perspectives of the diverse Bay Area.

Last year, KQED distributed thousands of hours of news and public affairs on multiple
platforms, including programming from PBS, NPR, APM, PRI, BBC, and more than one
thousand hours produced or presented solely by KQED.

KQED currently invests more than 25 percent of its annual budget to produce, acquire, and
distribute news and public affairs content. News and public affairs programming that
originates from KQED includes The California Report (distributed statewide to more than
thirty stations), California Money, Climate Watch, This Week in Northern California, ―Capital
Notes‖ blog, Health Dialogues, Forum, and others. Numerous KQED-produced stories have
recently appeared nationally on NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered, and on
Frontline, PBS NewsHour, and Nightly Business Report on PBS.

KQED News will also continue to develop collaborative partnerships with other news
organizations. KQED currently has ongoing collaborations with more than 25 partner
organizations in news and public affairs, ranging from the Center for Investigative
Reporting, to the World Affairs Council, Youth Radio, and Pro Publica.

KQED News will leverage broad collaborations and new digital technologies to provide Bay
Area news that reflects the region’s dynamic social and cultural diversity. Current and new
newsroom staff members are being cross-trained to take advantage of the technology and
media platforms available to 21st century media organizations. KQED’s cross-platform news
team will generate original in-depth stories and interactive features, with particular focus on
local topics increasingly neglected by commercial media outlets. KQED News is based on
the fact that traditional format barriers are disappearing in the increasingly tech-savvy world
of journalism. Journalists will create stories in the media that best showcase their reporting,
such as text, video, audio, interactive, graphics, photography, or social-media feed.

About KQED Public Media
KQED ( KQED Public Television, one of the nation's most-watched public
television stations, is the producer of local and national series such as QUEST; Check,
Please! Bay Area; Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way; and Jean-Michel Cousteau:
Ocean Adventures. KQED's digital television channels include 9HD, Life, World, Kids and
V-me, and are available 24/7 on Comcast. KQED Public Radio (88.5 FM in San Francisco
and 89.3 FM in Sacramento), home of Forum with Michael Krasny and The California
Report, is one of the most-listened-to public radio stations in the nation with an award-
winning news and public affairs program service. KQED Education Network brings the
impact of KQED to thousands of teachers, students, parents and the general public through
workshops, community screenings and multimedia resources. KQED Interactive offers
video and audio podcasts and live radio stream at, featuring unique content on
one of the most-visited station sites in public broadcasting.


Addendums: KQED News Weekday Radio Newscast Schedule
           News and Public Affairs Programs on KQED Public Media

KQED News Weekday Radio Newscasts – July 19 schedule (as of

Mon – Fri    6:04 am       2 minutes

T-W-Th       6:33 am       2 minutes     Mon/QUEST and Fri/The Do List

Mon – Fri    7:06 am       2 minutes

Mon – Fri    8:06 am       2 minutes

T-W-Th       8:33 am       2 minutes     Mon/QUEST and Fri/The Do List

Mon – Fri    9:04 am       2 minutes

Mon – Fri    10:04 am      2 minutes

Mon – Fri    11:04 am      2 minutes

Mon – Fri    12:04 pm      2 minutes

Mon – Fri    3:57 pm*      2 minutes     California Money pm report

Mon – Thur   4:33 pm       2 minutes     Fri The California Report magazine 4:30pm

Mon – Fri    5:04 pm*      2 minutes

Mon – Fri    5:30 pm*      4.5 minutes

Mon – Fri    6:04 pm*      2 minutes     California Money pm report (repeat)

Mon – Thur   11:04 pm*     2 minutes     California Money pm report (repeat)
                                         Fri – The California Report magazine at 11pm

Mon – Fri    12:30 am*     4.5 minutes   Repeat – 5:30pm newscast

     i) August 30 – California Money am report (3 minutes) begins – Mon – Fri,
     5:33 and 7:33am
     ii) Newscasts with asterisks currently are scheduled and broadcast on KQED Public
News and Public Affairs Programs on KQED Public Media
On KQED Public Radio
All Things Considered
BBC World Service
California Money
The California Report
Capitol Notes
Commonwealth Club
City Arts & Lectures
Fresh Air
Health Dialogues
It’s Your World
Latino USA
Marketplace Money
Morning Edition
On the Media
PBS NewsHour
Talk of the Nation
The World
To the Best of Our Knowledge
Weekend Edition

On KQED 9 and KQED World
BBC World News (U.K. daily news)
Charlie Rose
Duetshe Welle Journal (German daily news)
European Journal
Global 3000
Inside Washington
John McLaughlin’s One on One
The McLaughlin Group
Need to Know
NHK Newsline (Japan daily news)
Nightly Business Report
PBS NewsHour
Religion & Ethics News Weekly
Tavis Smiley
This Week in Northern California
To the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe
Washington Week
World Business

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