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Do you really want to hire an Inspector that is new in the business or one that is a
part-time inspector?

Everyone has to get started somewhere, but do you really want it to be on your home?
This can be compared to having surgery. Do you want a Doctor that has just graduated or
one that has many years of experience and knowledge?

Your inspection should be no different and you should want and demand the best
inspection that you can get. You should be comfortable with the Inspectors
qualifications and credentials.

This is why MLC is your best choice. We have been in the full time inspection business
for over nineteen years in the greater Houston area. I come a from building backgrounds
and am trained in inspections. So before you think about how much to spent, please
consider what you are getting for your inspection fee. Inspection fees are generally less
than your monthly utility costs.

To put the inspection fees into the right prospective, consider how much you are
paying for your home and calculate out what percentage the inspection fee is.

You'll find that the inspection fee is really a very small percentage of the homes selling
price. As an Inspector, we serve only you, our client, and provide you with our valuable,
unbiased opinion of the condition of the property, No large commissions or extra fees are
involved. Call MLC Inspections today and learn why MLC is your best choice for your
inspection needs.

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