Guide to Crew Safety Meetings by terrypete


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                                                                   Guide to Crew
Supervisor or meeting leader’s comments:

                                                                  Safety Meetings

Employees’ safety suggestions:

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                           Crew safety meetings                                                                                 Minutes of crew safety meeting
                                                                                                                            You may use this form to prepare minutes for your crew safety meeting.
For general industry
                                                                                                               Company name/address:
You may hold crew safety meetings in place of using    • Document attendance and the subjects discussed.
the safety and health committee plan, if you employ:   • Prepare minutes of each meeting. Keep them for
• Ten or fewer employees, or                             at least one year and make them available for
                                                         review by Labor and Industries, if requested. Keep
• Eleven or more employees who work on different
                                                         minutes in a location where the majority of the
  shifts, if 10 or fewer employees work on each shift,
                                                         employees of each construction site report for        Meeting date:                                            Time:
                                                         work each day.
• Crews of 10 or fewer employees who work in                                                                   Number of employees present:
  widely dispersed locations.                          For construction and                                    Meeting leader:
Crew safety meetings must be held at least
                                                       general industry
once a month. At your meetings,                        The job supervisor or someone else designated
you must:                                              by management is responsible for leading the            What we discussed:
• Review safety and health inspection reports.         discussion during crew-safety meeting. Meetings will
  This will help correct safety hazards.               be most useful if you do the following:

• Evaluate accident investigations conducted since     • Discuss and/or demonstrate proper equipment
  the last meeting to determine if the causes of the     operation for any new equipment or equipment
  unsafe situation were identied and corrected.         involved in an accident.

• Evaluate the workplace accident prevention           • Discuss and/or view physical changes in the
  program and discuss recommendations for                job site, changes in job procedures, new job
  improvement if needed.                                 assignments or other conditions that may affect
• Take minutes. Document everyone in attendance
  and the subjects discussed.                          • Involve employees in establishing safety
                                                         procedures, which promotes cooperation and            If you need more room for meeting minutes, use another piece of paper and attach it to this form.
For the construction industry                            improves the prospects for self-enforcement.
Crew safety meetings must be held at the beginning     Tips for meeting leaders                                Who attended the meeting:
of every job and at least weekly thereafter.
                                                       • Hold the meetings at the worksite in a relaxed
In these meetings, you must:                             atmosphere preferably at the beginning of the
• Review reports of walk-around safety inspections       week when your workers are rested.
  conducted since the last safety meeting.             • Restrict discussions to the work at hand and to
• Review any citations received so that hazards          proper safety methods for accomplishing the work.
  can be corrected and prevented.                      • Open the session with the subjects to be covered,
• Evaluate accident investigations conducted             limiting the discussion to a few items. Focusing on
  since the last meeting to determine if the causes      problem areas should be the priority.
  of the unsafe situation were properly identied                                                                                                                                                        Continued on other side
  and corrected.

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