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sample employee evaluation

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									Sample employee evaluation

One of the most important sections of an employee evaluation template is the
performance appraisal section. In this part, job competencies and core competencies
are evaluated - with the performance being rated independent of previous issues,
which, if present, should be included by the evaluator in the final stages of the

The items under this category would vary greatly depending on the job description, as
well as the industry that the business belongs to. For a service company, here are the
most commonly looked into, and should therefore be included in your template.

The first is customer relationship management. In a contact center, especially an
outsourcing company, this is actually the core competency. For companies or business
departments focusing on production, this isn't as important. It is actually a matter of
first establishing what your core competencies are.

The next item that ca be included is ownership of the problem. This can be viewed
two-ways. If the employee is part of a contact center, it means problem-solving skills
and ownership of a problem with regard to a customer's issue. If it is in a non contact-
center scenario, it is being accountable and avoiding finger pointing.

Another item to be included is productivity. If one is part of a manufacturing plant, or
any other business that has an output, physical or not, then this can be the core
competency that would be assessed. The employee's knowledge of the products, or his
expertise at doing something, is what is measured.

These are just some of the items that can be evaluated as part of the competency
section under performance appraisal. Keep in mind that format actually varies, and
that there are numerous items that you can add to make evaluation more detailed and
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performance appraisal.

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