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Employee review forms

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									Employee review forms

An employee review is a means of evaluating how an employee performs the work
assigned to him or her and is one of the documents used in deciding whether the
employee deserves a raise, or is to be promoted or whether he or she is to continue in
the present job or not. In spite of its many uses, it is often the case that an
entrepreneur will make the mistake of not conducting an employee review. This
happens in spite of the fact that an employee review has been found to have a positive
impact on the business as a whole. This is certainly a necessity that a business
organization can ill afford not to have.

There are also certain legal ramifications to holding an employee review since it can
be the legal basis on which the organization can terminate the services of an employee
at some point of time in the future. The employee review will record the negative (and
positive) performances of employees and thus it makes it impossible for any
speculation to exist when a termination of services is issued later on.

Holding the review is not a waste of time; especially if it is well designed in which
case it will actually positively impact the effectiveness of the company as well as the
employee and see bottom lines achieve healthy levels. The first thing the company
needs to do to begin this process is to establish a process that will be the vehicle by
which to drive the evaluation process forward. There is a need to settle the review
criteria at the outset and also decide the frequency of the review process. There should
also be uniformity right across the company and the same evaluation standards should
apply to every employee within the company.

There is no point in formulating an employee review process without taking the active
participation of the employee into consideration. The voice of employees should be
given a listen and incorporated if and when necessary. This has a positive effect on
the employee who will feel more valued as well as useful to the company, which will
also be reflected in better performances on the job.

When the business organization institutes an employee review, it should do so in a
positive manner as this is an occasion for positive communications with the
employees. The general outlook and feel of the process should not tilt towards the
negative aspects; rather, it should provide the maximum number of positive feedback
about employee performance and the employee should feel reassured that his or her
hard work and diligence is appreciated, considered as well as rewarded.

It is certainly well appreciated by those that formulate an employee review that the
task is not an easy one and it is especially so in the case of small companies and
departments. The process should per force be objective and not subjective.
Performances need to be measured against quantifiable parameters and not on
hunches, feelings and perceptions. It is also not a good idea to punish failures or use
excessive discipline. On the contrary, if an employee has been found, during the
employee review, to have done well, then this should be rewarded.
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