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									Performance review template

A Performance Review Template will save you time creating your own performance
reviews. A good template will be flexible and allow you to create a review quickly
and easily without getting bogged down on the detail.

There are plenty of things that should be in a Performance Review. However, it is
critical that when you conduct reviews you allow the communication to flow both
ways. There is nothing more destructive or disenchanting than having a performance
review and not being able to voice your concerns.

If you are running a business you will already know it is not easy. There are so many
things to keep control of. However, you should realise that if your team is happy, they
will perform better and the only way to make them happy is to communicate with
them. This is where a performance review comes into play.

You template should have a number of things on it including areas for improvement,
goals for the next year, positives of your employee and negatives of your employee.
The smartest thing to do is cover the positive aspects of the employee first before you
cover the negatives. This means the review will start in a positive light and the
employee will not feel like they are being attacked.

When creating reviews it is best to use a template. The last thing you want to be doing
is wasting time over and over again recreating the same thing. If you get hold of a
template and store it in a safe place on your computer system, somewhere where you
can easily find it and where it is getting backed up, then you have got one piece of the
system pie set up and this will make your work much more efficient and easier to do. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms for
performance appraisal.

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