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					Housing Solutions With A Human Touch
                                             With the development of 5,000 new
                                             social and community housing
                                             units, Montréal is building the
                                             future, building a community
                                             around cooperation and tolerance,
Solidarité 5 000 logements projects allow    where people can live in harmony.
abandoned lots to come back to life, give    By allowing people of different
                                             means and needs to obtain a
a second breath to vacant buildings or       home in the heart of existing
                                             neighbourhoods, these housing
convert derelict industrial buildings into   projects foster social and economic
welcoming homes.                             mix and avoid the creation of

                                             TH E   PU R POS E OF TH E   S OLI DARITÉ 5 000   LOG E M E NTS OPE RATION

                                             I S TO D EVE LOP   5,000     N EW SOCIAL AN D COM M U N ITY HOUS I NG

                                             U N ITS FOR LOW - TO MOD E RATE - I NCOM E HOUS E HOLD S .        TARG ET

                                             G ROU PS I NCLU D E PEOPLE LIVI NG ALON E , FAM I LI E S , S E N IOR S AN D

                                             PEOPLE WITH S PECIAL N E E D S .

new homes
 to our neighbourhood
As a result, the Solidarité 5 000     The operation allows people with          By welcoming Solidarité 5 000
logements operation is helping to     low to moderate incomes to                logements housing projects to their
make Montréal a unique city with      remain in their neighbourhood,            neighbourhoods, Montrealers foster
a desirable urban community           live in a dwelling adapted to             the vitality of their neighbourhood,
where all citizens can find their     today’s needs and lifestyles, and         in addition to improving the situa-
place and take part in their city’s   take part in the management of            tion of thousands of people. These
development.                          their building.                           projects bring abandoned lots and
                                                                                vacant buildings back to life and
At home in the community              As full-fledged citizens, all residents   convert derelict industrial buildings
Studies show that the situation of    of Solidarité 5 000 logements             into welcoming homes, thus
people in difficulty has a tendency   dwellings take part in the social,        enhancing quality of life and
to improve when they live in a        community and economic life of            safety in the neighbourhood.
clean, comfortable and safe           their neighbourhood.

             The many faces
                 of housing needs
The city of Montréal and its         Social and community housing             The operation therefore consists of
partners, including the Société      needs are diverse: the solutions         three components, each providing
                                     put forward by the city of Montréal      solutions to the needs of a specific
d’habitation du Québec and           and its partners take this diversity     group. Housing is of course the
the Canada Mortgage and              into account. A large family needs       main component of every solution,
Housing Corporation, are             more space than a person living          but services or support may also
                                     alone. Seniors need services that        be provided when required.
developing 5,000 housing             make their life easier. People in dif-
solutions so that every person       ficulty may only need temporary
can find his or her place.           housing with support staff who
                                     can help them overcome their

“ We are happy here because we are surrounded by nice
people and we feel safe. The building is well maintained and
the dwellings are very sunny and they all have a balcony.
As well, we can take part in many organized activities.”
                              Gisèle Larouche and Lucia Hazel

Appropriate solutions

Low- to moderate-income                         Seniors with slightly                  People with special needs
households                                      diminishing abilities                  The third component targets people

        1 2 3
The first component provides                    The second component provides          with special needs: it can offer
permanent housing for low-                      permanent housing for seniors          permanent or transitional housing,
to moderate-income households—                  with slightly diminishing abilities,   emergency housing, or temporary
families, people living alone,                  while giving them access to meals,     housing for women who are victims
self-sufficient seniors or self-                activities and a safe environment.     of violence or for youth in difficulty.
sufficient people with disabilities.                                                   There are also a few housing
                                                                                       projects that provide shelter for
                                                                                       people in difficulty who have
                                                                                       undertaken a social reintegration
                                                                                       process. Residents of shelters have
                                                                                       access to social and community
  Buildings constructed under the Solidarité                                           support at all times.
  5 000 logements operation allow residents to:
  • develop a sense of belonging to their
  • take part in the community and
     economic life of their neighbourhood;
  • improve their health and their social
     and economic situation;
  • take part in the maintenance and
     management of their building;
  • live in a healthy and safe environment;
  • feel that they are full-fledged citizens.

The new face of social
      and community
     Social and community housing is a real asset, as
     much for the residents who find a home there as
     for Montrealers who welcome them to their

    The success of housing projects           avoided, architectural integration
    developed since the 1980s is such         is an important concern, and local
    that these projects go unnoticed          management and the participation
    in their neighbourhood or are             of residents are encouraged.
    noticed only for the quality of their
    architecture and their maintenance.       Every project submitted to the
    Indeed, social and community              Bureau Solidarité 5 000 logements
    housing development has evolved           is evaluated according to certain
    substantially: project size is limited,   criteria, including the future build-
    large apartment buildings are             ing’s architectural quality and

                                                                       Social and community housing projects
                                                                       developed in the last 20 years blend so well
                                                                       into their environment that they go unnoticed
                                                                       in their neighbourhood or are noticed only for
                                                                       the quality of their architecture and their

                                                                       These dwelling units:
                                                                       • respect local architecture, the urban
                                                                         environment and zoning by-laws;
integration into its environment.   The Solidarité 5 000 logements     • are built to human scale and offer
The Bureau thus ensures that the    operation also has a major eco-      parking spaces;
buildings blend into their neigh-   nomic impact: construction         • allow abandoned lots to come back to life,
bourhood and take into account      will provide work for over 4,400     give a second breath to vacant buildings or
local factors such as zoning by-    salaried employees, and the          convert derelict industrial buildings into
laws, traffic and parking in the    buildings themselves represent       welcoming homes;
neighbourhood, as well as local     six million dollars a year in      • are managed and maintained by non-profit
infrastructures.                    additional property taxes.           organizations and their members.

At home in the community,
   everywhere in Montréal

    Solidarité 5 000 logements
    The demand for social and community
    housing comes from all parts of
    Montréal. To meet these needs,
    Solidarité 5 000 logements projects,
    an important part of which is
    already completed, are found in
    some 20 boroughs.

         A roof over
                one’s head
                                     The 5,000 affordable dwellings, whether
                                     new or renovated, have quality as a common
                                     denominator. They bring 5,000 concrete
                                     solutions to the housing problem of thousands
                                     of Montrealers.

In Montréal, nearly 100,000 tenant   Just like food and education, a      In addition, around 30% of
households—some 19% of all tenant    decent dwelling is a necessity.      Montrealers—about a quarter of
households—spend over half their     Every person, every family, should   a million households—earn less
income on housing.                   have access to comfortable,          than half the median income. This
                                     affordable housing in a safe and     situation does not make finding
                                     healthy environment.                 decent housing an easy task.

                                     It may seem obvious, but reality     Tackling the problem head-on
                                     belies this: in Montréal alone,      The city of Montréal, well aware
                                     some 100,000 tenant households       of the situation, set out to increase
                                     must devote at least 50% of their    the number of affordable rental
                                     gross income to housing.             dwellings on its territory.

                                                                           “I used to spend half my income
                                                                           on housing for my son and
                                                                           myself. By moving into a housing
                                                                           cooperative, I was able to cut
                                                                           this expense to 25% of my
                                                                           income. We now live in a
                                                                           comfortable home and my son
                                                                           can play in the backyard.
                                                                           We really feel good here.”
                                                                                           Mélanie Plourde

In partnership with the Société       strategies put forward by the city
d’habitation du Québec and the        that include the construction of
Canada Mortgage and Housing           private dwellings and affordable
Corporation, the city launched in     housing, as well as affordable
2002 the Solidarité 5 000 logements   home ownership and neighbour-
operation with the objective of       hood revitalization initiatives.
creating 5,000 new social and         To find out more about these
community dwellings.                  initiatives, refer to the Habiter
                                      Montréal Web site at
The development of new social
and community dwellings is one of
several complementary housing

                                                    Working hand
                                                The organizations that work in a neighbourhood
                                                are keen on finding effective and lasting
                                                solutions to the needs of the local population:
                                                projects therefore originate from local players,
                                                for local residents.

To ensure that the 5,000 dwelling      provides 15% of the funds and 30%      its integration into the environ-
units are built swiftly, the city of   of the building lots and, to ensure    ment, as well as the interior layout
Montréal created the Bureau            the sustainability of the projects,    of dwellings.
Solidarité 5 000 logements. It         provides additional funding for
oversees the entire operation and      land decontamination work and          The Bureau works hand in hand
manages the financial assistance       municipal infrastructures.             with community groups, promoter
programs available to fund the                                                organizations, technical resource
projects. Funding is provided by       The evaluation of projects is based    groups, boroughs, as well as private
the government of Québec and the       on the following criteria: the needs   sector companies and professionals.
government of Canada through the       of the target population, the finan-
programs AccèsLogis Québec and         cial feasibility of the project, the
Affordable housing Québec, social      management ability of the promot-
and community component, and           er organization, the architectural
by the city of Montréal. The city      quality of the future building and

                                                                          Together, these partners give the operation its
                                                                          dynamic dimension; their understanding of local
                                                                          needs allows them to develop housing solutions
                                                                          that meet the expectations of all Montrealers,
                                                                          solutions with a human touch.

in hand
Projects that originate from          housing cooperatives, non-profit        moting projects in conjunction
local players, for local residents    housing organizations and the           with local community organiza-
Housing projects are designed to      Office municipal d’habitation de        tions. The private sector also plays
meet the local needs identified by    Montréal—who often call on tech-        a major part in the process thanks to
social and community organiza-        nical resource groups (GRTs) to         the housing know-how of the
tions who work in the area. These     help them in their initiative.          architects, contractors, engineers,
organizations are well aware of the   Moreover, GRTs are the link             appraisers, surveyors, soil survey
local needs and are keen on finding   between affordable housing appli-       experts, and real estate agents
effective and lasting solutions.      cants and promoter organizations.       involved.
Projects therefore originate from
local players, for local residents.   The boroughs play an important
                                      part in project identification and
Projects are submitted to the         approval. Their proximity ensures
Bureau Solidarité 5 000 logements     them a privileged vantage point for
by promoter organizations—            identifying local priorities and pro-

“We really appreciate the friendliness and
cooperation that prevail here. People help each
other and everybody takes part in the manage-
ment or maintenance of the building. Our
children also made some new friends.
Actually, so have we!”
                               Litthidej Oudanonh
                                                               Montrealers can help the city
                                                               reach the objective of 5,000
                                                               dwellings by finding out the
                                                               benefits of social and com-
                                                               munity housing.

Solidarité 5 000 logements,
  it’s everyone’s business!
To reach the objective of 5,000        increasingly welcome this type of        tribute to making neighbourhoods
dwellings, the city and its partners   housing to their neighbourhood.          more dynamic, prettier and safer,
are counting on the cooperation                                                 and help improve the quality of
of all Montrealers. How can            A win-win solution                       life of all residents. It’s a win-win
Montrealers do their share for         Dwellings developed under the            solution.
Solidarité 5 000 logements? By         Solidarité 5 000 logements operation
finding out from their borough         are a real asset, as much for the res-
all about the benefits of these        idents who find a home there as for
projects. As people become more        Montrealers who welcome them to
aware of the benefits, they will       their neighbourhood. They con-

                                      Some of the professionals hired by
                                      the city for the development of this
                                      document were really moved by their
                                      meeting with the residents, some of
                                      whose testimonials are included here.
                                      They were moved by their enthusiasm
                                      about their dwelling, by their sincere
                                      happiness and by their eagerness to
                                      convey how this type of housing
                                      changed their life. The suppliers
                                      insisted on sharing their experience
                                      with all Montrealers to encourage
                                      people to welcome social and commu-
                                      nity housing to their neighbourhood.

If you would like to apply for a      Ville de Montréal
Solidarité 5 000 logements dwelling   Service de la mise en valeur
unit, contact your borough office     du territoire et du patrimoine
or Accès Montréal office.             Bureau Solidarité 5 000 logements
                                      303 Notre-Dame St. E., 4th floor
Refer to the Habiter Montréal Web     Montréal, QC H2Y 3Y8
site at the address below to find     514-872-4630
out more about Solidarité 5 000       514-872-3883 (fax)
logements or other financial assis-
tance programs offered by the city
of Montréal.

This operation is funded by the
Société d’habitation du Québec,
                                      Copywriter and Translator: Silvana Nahman
the Canada Mortgage and Housing       Designer: Stéphane Jutras
Corporation and the city of           Photographer: Benoît Levac
Montréal.                             Project Manager: Lisette Houle


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