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									              AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR QUALITY™

                 VANCOUVER SECTION (408)
                NEWSLETTER • DECEMBER 2007

                                   Little Mountain Neighborhood House - Process
ASQ Vancouver                      Improvement, ASQ Community Good Works/
Section December
                                   JDQ 3Spheres/ Six Sigma
meeting details
                                   This project is a result of ASQ Community                      is using the six-sigma methodology to improve
Topic:                             Good Works in partnership with JDQ                             the registration process (Define, Measure,
Little Mountain Neighborhood       3SpheresTM program. The Community Good                         Analyze, Improve, & Control -DMAIC) and
House - Process Improvement, ASQ   Works Program pairs volunteer quality
                                                                                                  is currently at the Improve phase of the project.
                                   practitioners with deserving non-profit
Community Good Works/ JDQ                                                                         The team has been meeting once a week for an
                                   organizations to utilize quality methodology
3Spheres/ Six Sigma                and tools for directed and tangible process                    hour and a half and the project is expected to be
                                   improvement. The program is designed to                        completed by December of this year.
Date:                              heighten the awareness of quality in the
Thursday, Dec 6th                  community and provides the opportunity for a                   The ASQ volunteers are not only helping non-
Registration 6:00                  $5000 grant to help implement the solutions.                   profit organization & their community by
Program 6:30 - 8:00pm
                                   The JDQ 3SpheresTM is similar in nature to the                 using their technical expertise but they also
Venue:                             ASQ Community Good Works program. The                          improving their skills & knowledge by learning
BCIT Burnaby Townsquare C          JDQ 3SpheresTM model is based on helping,                      new quality tools. The volunteer experience
(Room SE2, 213)                    profiting and learning and everyone involved                   gained by the ASQ members also helps them
                                   with this benefits from this program.                          toward achieving their six-sigma certification
                                                                                                  from the ASQ.
                                   Currently the ASQ volunteer team is working
                                   with Little Mountain Neighbourhood
                                   House (LMNH) to improve their program                          For more info:
                                   registration process. LMNH offers over 56                      http://www.asq.org/communities/good-
                                   different educational, cultural, recreational
                                   and social programs to the community and
                                   well over thousand people are registered in a                   http://www.jdq.com/3spheres/
                                   typical year in one of these program. The team                  http://www.lmnhs.bc.ca/

                                          Community Good Works Team: Front row/left to right: Bernice Wong, Lisa Levitt, Joel Bronstein,
                                    Susan Schachter, Claudia Cao Back row/left to right: Richard Vurdela, Jon Morris, Rene Clement, Julia Pop, Luisa Barroga,
                                                  Manjit Parmar, Geoff Swanell Missing: James Shen, Brian Amouzegar, John Apostoli

                                                                                                                                ... continued on page 7
                                                     ASQ Vancouver (408) • December 2007

Notes from the Chair                                                      - by Richard Vurdela, Chair
CGW Builds Community and Member Engagement

                                                     project with Little Mountain Neighbourhood           information on the program and upcoming
                             ast month I
                                                     House. LMNH offers a wide range of much              projects.
                             highlighted the
                                                     needed programming to the residents of Little
                             Ideas to Action
                                                     Mountain/Riley Park including children,              Let me also take this time to, on behalf of the
                        Gathering held in
                                                     youth and seniors. The assistance of our ASQ         entire Board, wish you and your families a safe
                        Milwaukee September
                                                     volunteers is helping to improve the registration    and very Happy Holidays.
                        2007. One key learning
                                                     process reducing both cost and defects allowing
                        that emerged was that
                        if the ASQ is to expand
                                                     more resources to be focused on client facing            ASQ Welcomes New
                        in the future it will need                                                             Board Members:
to engage members in different ways than it has
                                                     Based on feedback from the ASQ volunteers
in the past. ASQ can be a leader in applying the                                                          It is with great pleasure that I introduce and
                                                     and my own personal experience, the benefits are
quality body of knowledge to new and different                                                            welcome the following new Board Members
                                                     mutual. Not only do team members give back to
problems that benefit the business community                                                              to the team.
                                                     the community, they gain valuable experience
and society in general.
                                                     that is directly attributable to their careers and
                                                     their ASQ certifications (think Six Sigma). Keep               Carrie Dawson,
To that end, this month, I would like to highlight
                                                     an eye out for the team at one of the upcoming                     Treasurer
the efforts of several dedicated ASQ Members
                                                     monthly meetings as they share their story.
that are involved in an ASQ program called
                                                                                                          Carrie is in the Scheduling Department at the
Community Good Works. The Community
                                                     The Vancouver Section has been a leader in           Great Little Box Company. She has experience
Good Works Program pairs volunteer quality
                                                     Canada on this file and is looking to begin          in accounting and prior Board experience (she
practitioners with deserving non-profit
                                                     the next CGW project in early 2008. We               has worked along side Joel Bronstein of Little
organizations to utilize quality methodology
                                                     invite all interested ASQ members and non            Mountain Neighbourhood House). Carrie
and tools for directed and tangible process
                                                     profit organizations to contact Rene Clement,        will be working with Irina to transition the
improvement. Some of you might have seen the
                                                     Community Good Works Chair, cgw@asq.                 books as quickly as possible. Carrie is also a
recent story in the Vancouver Sun and Province
                                                     bc.ca or me, chair@asq.bc.ca for more                brand new ASQ member.
acknowledging the work of the current CGW

                                                     American Society For Quality
                                                      Vancouver Section 0408
                                         Suite 300 - 3665 Kingsway Avenue, Vancouver, BB V5R 5W2
                                                     Tel: (604) 451-0150 • Website: www.asq.bc.ca
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                                                  ASQ Vancouver (408) • December 2007

          Fara Saeedi,
       Audit Committee Chair                         Congratulations to the following ASQ members who
                                                       passed the ASQ exams held in October 2007
Fara is the Director, QA and Support for
WebTech Wireless. She is an experienced
manager and also has web development                           James G Soule                CMQ/OE
experience. Mark and Venu, I am sure Fara will                   Joseph Poon                CMQ/OE
be a welcomed addition to the web migration                        Matt Lovett              CSSB
team, in addition to quarterly audits.                        George K.C. Lam               HACCP

     David Muncaster,
  Marketing and Publicity Chair                          For exams conducted at various conferences
                                                        in 2008, please visit www.asq.org for details.
David is the Director, Business Process and
Improvement for Corporate Express Canada
Inc. David is also an experienced manager and                                         Exam Date
will coordinate the overall marketing of the                                                       11-Jan-08
                                                             Biomedical Auditor       1-Mar-08
society                                                                                            15-Aug-08

     Rene Clement,                                                                     7-Jun-08      4-Apr-08
                                                            Calibration Technician                   3-Oct-08
 Community Good Works Chair                                                            6-Dec-08

                                                                                      1-Mar-08       11-Jan-08
Rene has been a member of the Board since                      HACCP Auditor                         15-Aug-08
September, so he is not new but I didn’t want
                                                           Manager of Quality /       1-Mar-08       11-Jan-08
to leave him out. Rene has already proven
                                                          Organizational Excellence   18-Oct-08      15-Aug-08
himself to be a great contributor not the least
of which was an informative and very well                                                            11-Jan-08
                                                              Quality Inspector       1-Mar-08
organized tour of Canada Post (his employer)                                                         15-Aug-08
last week.
                                                                                       7-Jun-08      4-Apr-08
                                                               Quality Auditor                       3-Oct-08
        Brian Amouzegar,                                                               6-Dec-08
        Workshop Offerings                                                             7-Jun-08      4-Apr-08
                                                              Quality Engineer                       3-Oct-08
Brian will be working with Don and Matt
                                                            Quality Improvement        7-Jun-08      4-Apr-08
to establish our new workshop offerings.
                                                                 Associate             6-Dec-08      3-Oct-08
Brian is not sitting on the Board due to time
restrictions however he is an experienced                                                            4-Apr-08
                                                           Quality Process Analyst     7-Jun-08
consultant, has lots of prior Board experience                                                       3-Oct-08
and is an all round wealth of information.
                                                                                      1-Mar-08       11-Jan-08
                                                             Quality Technician                      15-Aug-08
We are very lucky to welcome these 5 very                                             18-Oct-08
talented individuals to join an already gifted                                                       11-Jan-08
                                                             Reliability Engineer      1-Mar-08
team. I am confident that we now have the                                                            21-Mar-08
horsepower to achieve our objectives and
beyond.                                                                               1-Mar-08       11-Jan-08
                                                            Six Sigma Black Belt                     15-Aug-08
Please join me in welcoming the group and I
                                                                                       7-Jun-08      4-Apr-08
look forward to working with you all.                       Six Sigma Green Belt
                                                                                       6-Dec-08      3-Oct-08

Best regards,                                                                          7-Jun-08      4-Apr-08
Richard Vurdela                                           Software Quality Engineer                  3-Oct-08
ASQ Section Chair

                                             ASQ Vancouver (408) • December 2007

A Big Little Frontier
For Quality Part 1
by Harriet Black Nembhard

Have you seen the Apple iPod                 Some contend nanotechnology is more                 Some elements that have been born out
                                             important than all previous scientific              of this research include nanoshells (5
nano? While it is very thin,
                                             advances. To quote the authors of one               to 20 nanometers in diameter—about
it is not really on the nano                 book:                                               the width of a blood cell) that can
scale. The term nano denotes                 Nanotechnology is an anticipated manufacturing      simultaneously detect and destroy cancer
one-billionth in the metric                                                                      cells, and nanomotors (2 to 5 nanometers

                                             technology that allows thorough, inexpensive
                                             control of the structure of matter by working       in diameter— about the width of DNA)
measuring system. A particle                                                                     that can be used to rotate microscale
                                             with atoms. It will allow many things to be
with a nanometer diameter                    manufactured at low cost and with no pollution.     objects. However,
                                                                                                                           even      though
is therefore one-billionth of a              It will lead to the production of nanomachines,     prototypes and samples of these devices
meter (10-9m) in size.                       which are sometimes called nanodevices. It is       have been created, nanotechnology is
                                             therefore an advancement as important as the        still in the precompetitive stage, meaning
The thickness (or thinness, as Apple         discovery of the first tool. However, rather than   its applied use is limited.
would have it) of an iPod is approximately   shape what nature offers, we can do it ourselves.
7 million nanometers.                        Unlike metallurgy, natural substances are not       How Will Nanotechnology
To reduce it to just one nanometer, you      used as the starting materials, but atoms—the       Be Used?
would have to make about the same            ingredients of the universe.
                                                                                                 Beyond the basic definitions and
reduction as you would to fit the diameter                                                       capabilities, many people have grappled
                                             NNI, established in 2001, and the 21st
of the earth into your arms.                                                                     with the deeper questions of what
                                             Century Nanotechnology Research and
Nanotechnology deals with arranging                                                              nanotechnology means, what it has the
                                             Development Act of 2003 have supported

particles on this extremely small scale,                                                         potential to offer society and how it
                                             in the neighborhood of $1 billion per
the atomic scale. It is a field of applied                                                       will be used to create wealth. Indeed,
                                             year for nanotechnology research and
science focused on the design, synthesis,                                                        nanotechnology is becoming an engine for
                                             development in the United States. With
characterization and application of                                                              making the food we eat, clothes we wear
                                             this investment, numerous centers
materials and devices on the nanoscale.                                                          and medicine we take. More than 1,700
                                             and networks of excellence have been
The basic goal is to engineer functional                                                         companies in 47 nations are reportedly
                                             established under the National Science
systems at the molecular level.                                                                  pursuing the promise of nanotechnology,
                                             Foundation (NSF), National Institutes
                                                                                                 according to the May 2007 issue of the
The     United      States’     National     of Health, Department of Defense and
                                                                                                 International Nanotechnology Companies
Nanotechnology       Initiative   (NNI)      NASA.
                                                                                                 Business Directory.

website defines nanotechnology as “the       Most major universities now have
understanding and control of matter                                                              Many of these companies specialize
                                             laboratories and centers dedicated to
at dimensions of roughly 1 to 100                                                                in businessto-business products, such
                                             nanotechnology, with much of the
nanometers, where unique phenomena                                                               as specialized nanoparticulates made
                                             work focused on the fundamental
enable novel applications.”                                                                      of metals and ceramics, nanotubes,
                                             science needed to advance research and

                                                                                                 nanowires and nanocages made of these

                                              ASQ Vancouver (408) • December 2007

materials, and imaging and tooling            I was a part of a team that used DOE         the experimental research that does not
equipment designed for the nanoscale.         to improve the operation of an SFNL          use DOE far outweighs the experimental
                                              process. The process owners established      research that does use DOE. In fact,

Some companies directly involved with
business-to-consumer products are             that the radio frequency power, chamber      a cautionary word is that there are
using nanotechnology to improve the           pressure, gas flow and the magnetic flux     numerous articles in the nanotechnology
rain repelling capability of automotive       were four important controllable process     literature in which a one-factor-at-a-
glass, to enhance skin condition with         factors and that the average amount          time experimental approach has been
highly penetrating moisturizer, and to        and the uniformity of the etching of the     applied.
purify air with supercharged oxidizing        spin-on material were two important          This approach is so-named because the
                                              responses. A replicated full 2 factor

photons.                                                                                   experimenter tries to change one factor
                                              design with three center point runs was      while holding all of the others constant.
According to TinyTech IP, a blog devoted      carried out.
to nanotechnology, a patent was recently                                                   Although it appears to be a methodical
filed for the Nucleic Acid Nanorobot          The results showed significant interaction   approach on the surface, as explained
that could perhaps be used someday            between pressure and gas flow that           in the classic Design and Analysis of
                                              affected the preferred operating settings    Experiments, its use is unfortunate

to deliver molecular medicine exactly
where it is needed in the body.
                                7             of the process. Furthermore, a               because it often misses important
                                              residual analysis showed the gas flow        interactions among the variables,
If this sounds almost like science fiction,                                                yielding misleading conclusions.
the case can easily be made that the          should be run at a high level because it
future of nanotechnology is here. One of      reduces the mean etch rate variability.      There also have been several published
the recurring problems, however, is that      These results were extremely helpful to      cases in which DOE was applied but
this growing nanotech trade has been hit                                                   was wrongly analyzed due to a lack
                                                                                           of randomization. For example, an
by questions regarding quality. One of
the reasons the use of nanotech is limited
                                                Certification has                          experiment was carried out with the
                                                                                           structure of a split-plot design but
is because process control, reliability
and repeatability of the processes and
                                              started to become a                          analyzed as a full factorial one (see Design
                                                                                           and Analysis of Experiments for technical
products have not been well established.
                                              priority with several                        details on this type of error ).

Fundamental Characterization
And Processing                                   organizations.                            Scaling Up
                                                                                           Nanomanufacturing emphasizes the use
Laboratory         operations        for
                                              the process engineers as they refined        of nanotechnology for manufacturing the
nanotechnology are often concerned
                                              the operating procedures for the             products and services we use. One of the
with       systematically     arranging
                                              nanoimprinter.                               foremost challenges nanomanufacturing
nanoparticles into functional structures
                                                                                           faces is that of scaling up.
such as films, lubricants and adhesives.      As further evidence of the use of DOE
At the nanoscale, there are small-            in nanotechnology, some recent work in       An NSF report says, “To move scientific
size dependent properties that do not         nanotechnology literature includes the       discoveries from the laboratory to
necessarily correspond to macroscale          following:                                   commercial products, a completely
properties.                                                                                different set of fundamental research
                                                 •   Factorial design with center
                                                                                           issues must be addressed—primarily
Therein lies the problem: In many cases,             points in a nanocomposites
                                                                                           those related to viable commercial
these size dependent properties are only             synthesis.

                                                                                           scale-up of production volumes, process
beginning to be understood. It is critical,      •   Fractional factorial design in a      robustness and reliability, and integration
however, that this science is more fully             nanolubrication process.              of nanoscale structures and devices into

understood to manipulate the nanoscale
                                                 •   Central composite design to           microscale, mesoscale and macroscale
building blocks into engineered
                                                     optimize dispersion properties of     products.”

nanoscale systems. Statistically based
                                                     polymer nanocomposites.               Regarding the processing of nanoscale

design of experiments (DOEs) can be
extremely helpful in comprehending               •   Split-plot design in a nanomilling    materials, a Pacific Northwest National
the effects of design factors on the                 process.
                                                                                           Laboratory (PNNL) report says, “Our
particle or product characterization and                                                   challenge is designing stable, durable
                                                 •   Mixture design in a                   materials that can be scaled up and
                                                     nanoparticulate bonding               manufactured in the form of thin films,
As an example of this point, consider the            process.

                                                                                           bulk powders or bulk solids. From an
step and flash nanolithography (SFNL)
                                                 •   Multistage split lot design in a      applications perspective, our ability to
process. This SFNL process is used for
                                                     self-assembled monolayering           scale up reliable materials will determine
nanoscale imprinting, which can create
                                                                                           whether industry will support the
features of an imprinted pattern on
                                                                                           development of nanoscale materials for
the order of 50 to 100 nanometers. This          •   Taguchi design in a deposition
                                                                                           specific applications.”

capability can be applied, for example,              process of nanocrystalline
to write very small letters for library              diamond coating.
                                                                                           The same issue is echoed by the Food
archival purposes.                                                                         and Drug Administration (FDA): “The
                                              Although the above list is not exhaustive,
                                               ASQ Vancouver (408) • December 2007

industrialization     challenges       posed   be as slender as 50 nanometers in width.                             and intricacy of nanotechnology processes
by the demands of physical product             The photo on p. 27 shows a nanowire made                             might in fact call for multivariate SPC
design, characterization, scale-up and         of silicon that can guide a beam of light.                           (MSPC) methods such as multivariate
manufacturing are often little understood      While it is not the intent of this article to                        exponentially       weighted      average
outside of FDA and the pharmaceutical ...      exhaustively examine the literature on                               principle component analysis and profile
communities. It is crucial that ... improved   nanowires, they have been created from                               monitoring.
methods for design, characterization and       many materials, for many purposes,                                   With these methods, multivariate data is
product manufacture are available to           using many types of processes. In many                               reduced in dimension and correlated with

improve predictability in this area.”

                                               of these cases, however, the literature is                           final product quality. This information
The NSF, PNNL, FDA and other agencies          reporting on the best one of just a few                              can then be used for fault detection and
and private initiatives have helped support    nanowires that had the desired quality                               coupled with engineering process control.
innovation and research to address the         and specification. But that one nanowire                             A recent example illustrates the application
scale-up challenge. The reports point          might have been produced in a batch of                               of MSPC to a reactive ion etching process.

out that key subproblems have been low         thousands.                                                           There is certainly opportunity to explore
reliability and yield for nanoscale devices,                                                                        the application of other MSPC techniques
                                               It has been reported that SPC has been
lack of repeatability and reproducibility                                                                           to other nanotechnology processes.
                                               used by chip manufacturers to analyze
in yielding a particular product, and lack
                                               the surface for defects using atomic force                           In fact, in the last several years, many
of inherent robustness and control of the
                                               microscopy (AFM).                                                    traditional companies have embraced the

nanomanufacturing process.
                                               There seems to be an immediate opportunity to use SPC                Six Sigma metric of quality that aims for
These issues are intrinsically linked to       and AFM or other imaging technology in the production of
                                               nanowires, but in a current review of the literature, this has not   processes that produce products that are
quality and statistics. More specifically,     been addressed.
                                                                                                                    99.99966% defect free. Think about it: Out
statistical process control (SPC) is an area   If true process control could be                                     of 1,000 nanowires on a wafer, in many
in the quality domain that could help          established for nanowires, and indeed                                cases, fewer than 10 will have the desired
tremendously.                                  other nanodevices and nanotechnologies,                              quality and specification. Imagine now
Consider, for example, the current research    it would lay the foundation for process                              how the potential of the field would
into the development of nanowires.             scale-up. An important consideration,                                change if nanotechnology production
Nanowires are generally flexible and can       however, should be that the complexity                               processes met Six Sigma levels. •••

POSITION:                                      RESPONSIBILITIES:                                                    quality assurance function of a drug or
Manager, Quality Assurance                                                                                          medical device operating under GMP
                                                     • Manages all Quality Assurance                                is necessary. Demonstrated analytical,
LOCATION:                                            activities for the Centre and serves                           problem solving and decision making
Vancouver, British Columbia                          as a routine member of the Centre                              skills are required. Sound organizational
                                                     management group;                                              and management skills, in addition to
POSITION SUMMARY: Reporting                                                                                         demonstrated policy and procedures
to the Director, Quality Assurance,                  • Manages and monitors all aspects                             development abilities, are mandatory.
the incumbent is responsible for the                 of the Corporate Quality System                                Effective interpersonal, written and
implementation and monitoring of the                 Program within the Centre;                                     verbal communication skills are essential.
performance of the Corporate Quality                                                                                Knowledge or experience in medical
System Program in the Centre. This                   • Provides ongoing guidance and                                laboratory testing is an asset. The ability
position ensures, by means of sound                  support to Centre staff in the                                 to work with a team of high performance
application of Risk Management                       application of the Quality System in                           professionals is necessary.
principles, the safety, efficiency and               daily operations; and
quality of all blood products, medical                                                                              We offer a competitive salary and
devices and services offered by Canadian             • Develops and manages the Quality                             benefits package, and the opportunity
Blood Services through full compliance               Assurance Unit budget.                                         to work with a group of dedicated
with Good Manufacturing Practices                                                                                   professionals. Please send your
and all other applicable regulatory                                                                                 resume and covering letter, quoting
and legislative requirements. The              QUALIFICATIONS: Post secondary                                       COMPETITION NUMBER 07-099 no
Manager, Quality Assurance manages             level education in a relevant discipline                             later than 2007-11-09 to:
the development, implementation                from a recognized academic institution
and operation of all aspects of a              or a combination of an acceptable                                    Head Office Human Resources
comprehensive Corporate Quality                academic background is required. A                                   Canadian Blood Services
System Program for the Centre and              Bachelor of Science degree in a related                              1800 Alta Vista Drive
serves as a Quality resource. This is a        discipline is preferred. A minimum of                                Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 4J5
regular full-time position.                    six years of progressive experience in                               Fax: (613) 739-2290
                                               the manufacturing, quality control or                                Human.Resources@blood.ca

                                                       ASQ Vancouver (408) • December 2007

 Did you know that Canada                                 more than 100,000 ASQ members and                     information or a copy of the recertification journal,
 Post serves over 14 million                              other readers.                                        visit the recertification Web page.
      postal addresses                                 •	 Recognition for you and your
                                                          organization.                                         Become a Baldrige Examiner
                                                       •	 Peer review and professional editing of               Each year, the Baldrige Award Program recruits
Vancouver November 8, 2007 - ASQ Vancouver
is grateful to Canada Post for opening their doors        your work.                                            individuals to serve as Baldrige Examiners. For
to quality practitioners and students to tour their                                                             more information or to apply to be a Baldrige
impressive facility on West Georgia Street in          Submit Your Case Study                                   Examiner, please visit the Baldrige National
Vancouver.                                             If you have a great story but have lost your             Quality Program Web site . The deadline to apply
                                                       pen--let us do the writing for you! For                  is January 8, 2008. Please pass this information
ASQ Board Member Rene Clement and his                  more details, contact Noel Wilson at ASQ,                along to anyone who may be interested. Don’t
Canada Post colleague Norman O’Connell                 800-248-1946 or nwilson@asq.org.                         miss the opportunity to contribute to the national
provided a comprehensive presentation on the                                                                    effort to recognize and promote performance
past, present and future of this progressive Crown                                                              excellence.
Corporation. The presentation was followed by          Share Your Best Practices
an informative tour of the four storey facility        Does your section, division, or community have
which operates 24/7 to deliver the world-class         a best practice you would like to share? A best          Introduction to Corrective/
postal services we all take for granted.               practice may be a process you’ve developed, a            Preventive Action Webinar
                                                       tool you created, or any other idea that helped
Visiting quality practitioners and students were       you successfully meet a goal. If you have an idea        When: December 6, 2007
able to see firsthand the application of quality and   but don’t want to write it up, a member of the           Time: 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Central Time
efficiency tools in an environment which they have                                                              Course Number: 511380
                                                       Best Practices Team can write a document for
never been exposed to before. Many transferable                                                                 Establishing and maintaining corrective and
ideas could be picked up and adopted in other          you. There is even an option to have an ASQ staff
                                                       liaison conduct a phone interview with you. If you       preventive action systems is not an easy task.
environments. The experience was another proof
                                                       have any questions or a best practice to share, please   This ASQ webinar will provide you with a road
of the fact that the powerful tools, techniques and
concepts of quality are applicable to all kinds of     contact Michael Manteuffel at mmanteuffel@asq.           map based on ISO 9001:2000, QS-9000, AS
operations.                                            org.                                                     9100A, ISO 14001, and ISO/TS 16949 to help
                                                                                                                you understand the basic concepts and tools
Thanks to Matt Lovett for making this happen.          Other media successes include:                           of implementing corrective/preventive action
Hopefully more of these facility tours will be                                                                  systems in your organization.
organized in the future to help in the professional    "Delinquency and Default Management"by
development of ASQ members and associates.             Rebecca Walzak is one of the feature articles in the     Register Today and gain information
                                                       November issue of Mortgage Banking Magazine.             you can start to use immediately:
                                                       This article, which highlights ASQ as a valuable              •	 Root Cause Analysis
        Share Your Quality                                                                                           •	 Problem Statements
                                                       resource for mortgage companies looking to
          Success Story                                                                                              •	 Structure Tree
                                                       implement integrated management programs,
Use ASQ to spread the word of your                                                                                   •	 Ishikawa Diagram
                                                       appears as a result of ASQ’s proactive media
organization’s success. We’re looking for                                                                            •	 Brainstorming
                                                       efforts. Walzak is an ASQ member and president
stories of actual experiences with quality                                                                           •	 Corrective Action Case Study
                                                       and chief executive officer of Walzak Risk Analysis
tools, standards, and methodologies, either                                                                          •	 Investigative Process
                                                       LLC, Boca Raton, Fla.
within the scope of individual improvement                                                                           •	 Difference Between Corrective
projects or as part of successful organizational                                                                          Action and Preventive Action
                                                       Ron Atkinson, ASQ chairman, was recently
implementations.                                                                                                     •	 Various Corrective/Preventive
                                                       interviewed for a Six Sigma story in Design News
What Makes a Good Case Study?                                                                                             Action Samples
                                                       as a result of ASQ’s proactive media efforts.
•	 Evidence of successful use of a quality
                                                       Atkinson is quoted in the article "3M Shelves Six
    practice, tool, or methodology (e.g., Six                                                                   Register Today!
                                                       Sigma in R&D" as a proponent of Design for Six
    Sigma or Lean).
                                                       Sigma, and featured in a podcast, " Pros and Cons
•	 Demonstration of improved processes                                                                          What’s a webinar?
                                                       of Industrial Research Methodologies." The print
    where quality has saved time or money                                                                       ASQ webinars, usually lasting one to two
                                                       circulation of Design News is 170,064.
    or increased customer satisfaction.                                                                         hours, are live Web-based seminars that
•	 The steps your organization followed                                                                         connect participants globally in an online
                                                       And, another proactive media success resulted
    from identifying an opportunity, to                                                                         venue. Topics are covered by ASQ subject-
                                                       in "By Whatever Name, Quality Movement Still
    implementing a solution, to measuring                                                                       matter experts in their respective fields.
                                                       Important." This interview with Mike Nichols,
    results.                                                                                                    Have a question about this webinar? Contact our
                                                       ASQ president, appeared in The Business Ledger,
                                                       a suburban Chicago newspaper.                            Customer Care Center at
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Benefits to Writing a Case Study                                                                                001-800-514-1564 (toll free in Mexico), or
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