Nissan Patrol Long arm kit - Long Arm Installation Michael Hayes

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Long Arm Installation

  1. Start by parking vehicle on flat level ground; apply handbrake and chock-front wheels.

  2. If pinion angle is correctly setup prior to fitting the new arms than tack weld a piece of steel bar
     from chassis to diff on both sides so when the original control arms are removed the diff does not

  3. Remove the original control arms and fit the “long arms “ in the diff mounts (do not tighten the
     bolts yet.)

  4. Cut of the original chassis mount with an oxy/acetylene leaving the crush bar still in the chassis.
     Swing up the long arm at the front and mark the chassis where the bolt is to go through, measure
     the height of the original crush bar and duplicate to the new position.

  5. Cut the hole in the chassis through both sides for the crush bar.

  6. Push crush bar through the chassis fit new mount and factory bolt, push mount up against the
     bottom of the chassis and tack weld crush bar in place CHECK CRUSH BAR IS SQUARE IN

  7. As a check you can measure crush bar to crush bar on both sides and check the measurement is the
     same, if so you can tack weld the mount onto the chassis.

  8. If all checks okay than remove the long arms and weld the mounts and crush bars in place, once
     cool paint and fit arms.

  NOTE: If the pinion angle is not correct at time of starting you can slightly move the diff forwards or
  backwards to set the pinion correctly prior to welding the steel from chassis to diff, alternately you can
  fit upper control arms to adjust pinion angle once the long arms are fitted in the correct location

  Michael Hayes

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