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Hello and Welcome to Azure Motorsport Developments (AMD),

Construction of the 2005 Azure
Motorsport Development car is well
under way.

In this newsletter we would like to
share with you news from the sub-
teams of AMD, namely Chassis,
Suspension, and Drivetrain.

Each newsletter will also include a brief company profile of some of
our major sponsors. In this issue we will take a look at Pirtek, ACI
Glass and Drew Price Engineering.

                           AMD have been working closely in the
                           last couple of months with Victoria
                           University’s TAFE division. AMD have
                           been busy manufacturing products at
                           their numerous locations.

                          We are hoping to have a rolling chassis
                          completed by mid August for the
University’s open day on August 14th.


The engine team have been busy selecting
and acquiring the power plant for our
2005 Formula SAE assault. The chosen
motor is a Husqvarna single cylinder 577cc
Motard engine. The engine will be supplied
with fuel injection and electronic push
button gear selection. The engine
management will be run by a MOTEC
management system.


The chassis is one of our most recent developments the
manufacture is well underway and will be completed in the next
couple of weeks. The chassis
consists of a circular tube
spaceframe and is designed for
maximum torsional rigidity. The
chassis will help compliment the
suspension teams custom made


Drivetrain progress has almost been finalised and will begin
                           construction in the next couple of
                           weeks. The drivetrain comprises of a
                           university special torsen differential on
                           a solid axel drivetrain.

Brakes and Wheels:

Brakes for our Formula SAE car will consist of Wilwood engineering
designed callipers and pads. Discs will be supplied
from one of our sponsors Drew Price Engineering.
These discs are precision made and fully suited to
the applications we will be using them in.

AMD have chosen 13” wheels for the competition
custom made for our design objectives in a 3 piece
configuration. The centres of the wheels will also be
custom made and feature a unique AMD design.
Wheel design is currently underway and in
negotiation with a prominent Australian wheel manufacturer.


The suspension team have utilised
their motorsport background to
engineer a suspension system that
will suit an autocross event perfectly.
Double A arm unequal length
wishbones will connect the chassis to
the wheels which are damped by Fox
shocks. The suspension system is fully
machined in-house at the facilities
offered by Victoria University’s TAFE division. The suspension is
designed to maximise drivability off the corners, which is a typical
aspect of autocross events. This suspension setup along with the
                                  engine will help provide us with a
                                  nimble and quick racecar.


                      AMD custom rack and pinion system design
                      has been finalised and should start
                      construction within the next few weeks. This
                      unique system allows us to keep the weight
                      down and the packaging as small as possible.
                      A steering ratio of 11.25:1 will offer our
                      drivers direct steering aimed at the autocross
                      course. This steering design should help us
                      optimise our setup package and offer more
                      versatility then a purchased rack and pinion

                       SPONSOR PROFILE

Pirtek Melbourne North PTY LTD:

The Pirtek product spectrum has developed from a hydraulic-
focused range in the 1980s to a comprehensive mix today which
also caters to the industrial rubber, PVC, thermoplastic and
specialist hoses markets

Many customers of hydraulic hose products have always had
additional demand for other hose types. But there had never been a
successful integration of these broad products under one umbrella.
Today that integration is complete and is incorporated within the
Pirtek Hose
Customers can
now source
their entire fluid
industrial and
hoses, fittings
and accessories
from their Pirtek Hose Centre.

The many varieties of plant and equipment items used in
construction and industry has led to the proliferation of many
different fitting types and thread forms.

Pirtek's unique position, with an umbrella of distribution for
specialized world wide fluid power manufacturing, ensures
customers have a total range of European, U.S., UK and Asian
fittings and threads to service their every need. Hydraulic pressure
hose technology has also developed rapidly over recent years.
Pirtek's association with the world manufacturers Bridgestone,
Diesse, Intertraco places us at the forefront of these developments.

ADI Glass:

ACI Packaging is a subsidiary of Owens-Illinois Inc. Based in Toledo,
Ohio, in the United States, Owens Illinois (O-I) is the world's largest
manufacturer of glass containers, the leading glass-forming
equipment manufacturer, and has a presence in plastics packaging.
O-I acquired ACI Packaging in 1998 but has been linked with ACI
for around thirty years prior to this in a wide ranging technical
agreement. Total employment within O-I's plants and facilities
associated with glass container manufacture is around 28,000 world
ACI Packaging, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, operates
nine glass container plants and two mould shops located in
Australia, New Zealand, China and Indonesia.
ACI Glass Packaging has five container manufacturing plants in
Australia and New Zealand with annual sales exceeding A$1 billion.
This represents over 10% of O-I's world wide sales. In both
countries, ACI has a strong presence in beer and wine packaging
and also manufactures a wide range of food and other beverage
glass containers.

Drew Price Engineering:

For over 25 years, Drew Price Engineering have been
manufacturing and designing innovative, quality kart products
including axle components, bodywork, brake hardware and, of
course, chassis. With success in the USA, Japan, Australia, New
Zealand and the Oceania Championships, Arrow AX# karts and DPE
products are becoming more and more recognised all over the

In our large, modern kart design and manufacturing facility in
Melbourne, Australia - possibly the largest outside Europe - we

carry out most work 'in-house'. This ensures the highest quality is
achieved and maintained. Our unique combination of modern
technology, engineering ingenuity and clever design provide us with
an unparalleled platform from which to design and manufacture
some of the very best karts and karting products.

In addition to Arrow AX# karts, we also have our own exclusive
'Kartech' range of karting equipment, which comprises driving
apparel, promotional items, tools, engine and exhaust components,
seats and sprockets - just to mention a few! DPE are also agents
and distributors for many of Australia’s and the world’s best karting
components, including being the sole Australian importer of
Bridgestone kart tyres and Rotax kart engines.

DPE - Racing to the front, on and off the track!


All of us at AMD hope you have enjoyed reading about our progress
through the production process. We will keep you updated in future
issues about the new developments that AMD produce. We hope
you are all excited as much as what we are, with the nearing
completion of Victoria University’s first Formula SAE racecar. We are
sure that with your support we will be able to ensure a prosperous


Peter Prescott
Sponsorship Coordinator.

And all at the AMD Motorsport team

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