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									      MODBURY                                                            STUDENT FREE DAY:
                                                                        FRIDAY 29th OCTOBER

      HIGH SCHOOL                           NEWSLETTER NO: 22 MONDAY 25TH OCTOBER 2010
                                                                        FROM THE PRINCIPAL
                                                                     2010 PRIZE GIVING ASSEMBLY
                                            The school community is preparing for our Prize Giving Assembly this Tuesday at 1.30pm. I am
 WEEKLY ATTENDANCE FIGURE                   delighted that at this stage we will have nearly 350 parents and invited guests to share the day
                                            with the students.
 Total Possible Enrolments =         4625
 Total Attendance =                  4197   Prize Giving really demonstrates what the school stands for, encouraging excellence and
 % Attendance =                   90.75%
                                            celebrating success with young people of whom we are very proud. The whole school will
                                            be on public display and I know every student will do us proud. It is an incredible spectacle
 % Attendance to Date for Year = 89.91%
                                            and a moving experience.

                                            We have had terrific support from a variety of sponsors who will be acknowledged in our next
                                            newsletter and I thank them for their support on behalf of the school community.

                                                                              MAJOR AWARDS
                                                       THE MODBURY HIGH SCHOOL OUTSTANDING STUDENT AWARD
                                                         Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Modbury, the winner will receive the
 INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                   John Tilley Memorial Award—value $1,000

                                                               LONG TAN LEADERSHIP AND TEAMWORK AWARD
 •	   From	the	Principal                                                Sponsored by the Australian Defence Force,
 •	   Major	Year	12	Awards
 •	   Prizegiving	Assembly	Awards
                                             the Year 12 winner will receive a cheque for $500, Year 11 winner $250 and Year 10 winner $100
 •	   Prizegiving	schedule
 •	   Past	Winners                                                      UNISA MATHS & SCIENCE AWARD
                                                                                Sponsored by UniSA
                                                                       The winner will receive a cheque for $500

                                                                       THE JAY STRUDWICK ETHOS AWARD
                                                                         Sponsored by the Year 12 Committee
                                                                       The winner will receive a cheque for $300

                                                                                    YEAR 11 DUX
                                                                         Sponsored by Modbury High School
      COMING EVENTS                                                    The winner will receive a cheque for $200
 25 Oct   Year 9 Injections
 26 Oct
 29 Oct
          Senior Prize Giving Assembly
          Student Free Day
                                                                                PRINCIPAL’S AWARD
 01 Nov   Year 12 Exams Start                                            Sponsored by Modbury High School
 11 Nov   Remembrance Day Assembly
 18 Nov   Year 11 Exams Start                                          The winner will receive a cheque for $200
 22 Nov   Year 10 Prize Giving Assembly
 26 Nov
 26 Nov
          Year 10 Exams
          Year 10 Final Day
                                                                            CALTEX BEST ALL ROUNDER
 01 Dec   Year 7 Transition Day                                         Sponsored by Caltex Australia Limited
 08 Dec   Year 8/9 Recreation Day                              The winner will receive a medallion plus a cheque for $200
 09 Dec   Year 8/9 Prize Giving Assembly
 10 Dec   End of Year 12.00pm Dismissal.
                                                                           YEAR 12 MANAGER’S AWARD
                                                                         Sponsored by Modbury High School
                                                                       The winner will receive a cheque for $150

                                                                       THE MAKIN HUMANITARIAN AWARD
                                                                 Sponsored by Tony Zappia, Federal Member for Makin
                                                                      The winner will receive a cheque for $100

                                                                           FLOREY ELECTORATE AWARDS
                                                                   Sponsored by Frances Bedford Member for Florey
                                                            The winners will each receive a medallion plus a cheque for $100.

                                                    A reminder that admission to the Prize Giving Assembly is by ticket only

Pompoota Road, Modbury SA 5092 Ph (08) 8264 1955 Fax (08) 8263 0316 Email info @ Website
                  2010 PRIZEGIVING ASSEMBLY AWARDS

                                                        Tamara Barrow                                1115
Art Practical                    Nathan Peters
                                                        Caitlin Eglinton                             1116
Biology                          Emily Thoday-Kennedy   Jon Henschke                                 1118
Business Studies                 Heidi Poole            Ash Hurem                                    1118
Chemistry                        Mark Prideaux          Jaclynn Mitchell                             1119
                                                        Melissa Swinbourne                           1119
Community Studies                Aakriti Bhandari
                                                        Brooke Galligan                              12F5
Design Practical                 Andrew Peters          Matthew Aubert                               12F2
Desktop Publishing               Ainsley Koenig         Abbie Johnstone                              12F2
                                                        Tessa Ormerod                                12F7
Early Childhood Studies          Hannah Smith
                                                        Crystal Spencer                              12F7
Electronic Publishing            Paul Gretsas
English Communications           Valerie Peters                     ADF LONG TAN AWARDS
                                                                             Year Level 10 & 11
English Studies                  Emily Thoday-Kennedy
Food and Hospitality             Michael McDonald       Lauren Phillips                              10L1
                                                        Alexandra Lamb                               1117
Furniture Construction           Braden Snider
Information Technology           Michael Scorgie               EXTRA CURRICULAR PRIZE WINNERS
Issues and Science               Tim Oparowski          Pedal Prix - “Bent Spoke”     William Cheffirs 1105
Japanese                         Heidi Poole
                                                        Best Senior Sportsman         Wade Denham     12F3
Justice in Society               No Recipient
                                                        Best Senior Sportswoman Zara Sanders          1115
Legal Studies                    Heidi Poole
Mathematical Applications        Kristy Stump
Mathematical Studies             Melissa Bennett
Metalwork                        Andrew Peters
Modern History                   Laura Wallis
Music                            Rhiannon Creaser
Physical Education               Sam Rollison
Physics                          Nick Williams
Specialist Mathematics           Nick Williams
Sport and Recreation             Matthew Cuconits
VET                              Ally Mattner
Visual Arts Studies              Laura Wallis
Woodwork                         Sam Rollison
ITEM                                     PRESENTER
National Anthem                          Modbury High School Concert Band
Welcome and Introductions                Ms Oksana Kaczmarsky, Hayley Whitington & Michael McDonald
Principal’s Address                      Mr Martin Rumsby
School Captain Awards                    Ms Oksana Kaczmarsky, Hayley Whitington, Michael McDonald

Year 12 Presentation                     “Someone’s Watching Over Me” by Hilary Duff -
                                         performed by: Alysha Lockwood-Brooks and Leah Wells

Presentation of Senior Awards            Kahlia Pearce, Abbie Johnston and Michael McDonald
Year 11 Service and Distinction Awards   Presented by: Dr Adrian Hitch
Year 11 Meritorious Awards               Presented by: Mrs Deidre Tipper representing A Class Sports Trophies
Year 12 Distinction Awards               Presented by: Ms Oksana Kaczmarsky
Darryl Baylis Sports Award               Presented by: Mrs Barbara Baylis
Pedal Prix “Bent Spoke” Award            Presented by: Professer Brenton Danise representing UniSA
Year 12 Meritorious Awards               Presented by: Mr Gary Schulz representing Wooldridges
Year 12 Subject Prizes                   Presented by: Learning Area Coordinators
“Thank You”                              Aakriti Bhandari and Shadi Hosseini

Musical Item                             Modbury High School Concert Band
                                         “Torrents of Fire” by Larry Neeck

Presentation of Major Awards             Mr Martin Rumsby
Dux of Year 11                           Presented by: Mr Chris Easton
UniSA Maths and Science Award            Presented by: Professor Brenton Dansie representing: UniSA
Jay Strudwick Ethos Award                Presented by: 2010 School Captains representing: SRC
Makin Humanitarian Award                 Presented by: Mr James Peikert representing: Mr Tony Zappia
Florey Electorate Awards                 Presented by: Ms Victoria Pollifrone representing: Mrs Frances Bedford
Florey Electorate Music Awards           Presented by: Ms Victoria Pollifrone representing: Mrs Frances Bedford
Caltex Best Allrounder Award             Presented by: Mayor Miriam Smith representing: Tea Tree Gully Council
Year 12 Manager’s Award                  Presented by: Ms Oksana Kaczmarsky
Principal’s Award                        Presented by: Mr Martin Rumsby
ADF Long Tan Leadership Award            Presented by: LAC Joshua Rumsby representing: Australian Defence Force
John Tilley Outstanding Student Award    Presented by: Mrs Jo Baxter representing: Modbury Rotary Club

Vote of Thanks on Behalf of Parents      Ms Julie Caust, Chairperson of Governing Council

Hand over of Student Leadership          Mr Martin Rumsby, Hayley Whitington, Michael McDonald, Shanice Allen
                                         and William Cheffirs

Valedictory Speech                       Emily Thoday-Kennedy

Presentation of Year 12 Students         Year 12 Home Group Teachers

Year 12 Song                             “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield -
                                         performed by: Alysha Lockwood-Brooks and Leah Wells

Final Acknowledgements                   Ms Oksana Kaczmarsky
                PAST WINNER                      PAST WINNERS
          John Tilley Memorial Award
            For Outstanding Student     	     2002		   Elizabeth	Stevens
                                        	     2003	    Grant	Altmann
	       1988	     Pouyan	Pourbeik       	     2004	    Lauren	Komoll
	       1989	     Sascha	Meldrom        	     2005	    Vernae	Beattie
	       1990	     Darren	Natale         	     2006	    Matthew	Grooby
	       1991	     Linda	Knight          	     2007	    Steven	Saffi
                                        	     2008	    Lloyd	Goldsmith
	       1992	     Andrew	Tai
                                        	     2009	    Tyler	Whitmarsh
	       1993	     Nerissa	Coggins
	       1994	     Narelle	Crinion
	       1995	     Kelly	Croser
	       1996	     Carly	Mead
	       1997	     Michael	Lowe
	       1998	     Nadia	Baker                 PAST WINNERS OF THE
	       1999	     David	Greer               FLOREY ELECTORATE AWARD
	       2000	     Michael	Mathers
                                        	     1998	    Gregory	Altmann
	       2001	     Narelle	Van	Velzen
                                        	     	        Anita	Yip
	       2002	     Alicia	Ferguson
                                        	     1999	    Rania	Najjar
	       2003	     Samuel	Stump          	     	        Tim	Lowe
	       2004	     Daisy	Correa          	     2000	    Marie	Kieselbach
	       2005	     Sarah	Eglinton        	     	        John	Altmann
	       2006	     Alex	Matthews	        	     2001	    Nathan	Stanley
	       2007	     Nicholas	Kastelein    	     	        Stephanie	Ortega
	       2008	     Thomas	Eglinton       	     2002	    Michael	Cioffi
	       2009	     Sarveshinee	Pillay    	     	        Lisa	Richichi
                                        	     2003	    Andrew	Soltes
                                        	     	        Suzanne	McAllister
                                        	     2004	    Sarah	Schwetlik
                                        	     	        Greg	Hoekman
                                        	     2005	    Nicole	Ortigosa
              PAST WINNERS              	     	        Jon	Dansie
             OF THE CALTEX              	     2006	    Emily	Hewett
        BEST ALLROUNDER AWARD           	     	        Stephen	Jelfs
                                        	     2007	    Kathryn	Dansie
    	     1988	     Justin	Meldrum      	     	        Vaughn	Ryan
    	     1989	     Kymberley	Pearce
                                        	     2008	    Kate	Robertson
    	     1990	     Damien	Goode
                                        	     	        James	Baker
    	     1991	     Christina	Bursill
    	     1992	     Jennifer	Groch
                                        	     2009	    Mitchell	Herrick
    	     1993	     Melissa	Cammell     	     	        Rachel	Tucker
    	     1994	     Alvin	Obed
    	     1995	     Stephen	Jeffs
    	     1996	     Bianca	Kranich
    	     1997	     Tara	Boudville
    	     1998	     Anthony	Wheaton
    	     1999	     Lauren	Dryden
    	     2000	     Skye	Browne                  Please acknowledge receipt of this
    	     2001	     Adrian	Mentha                  Newsletter in your child’s diary.
    	     2002	     Nicole	Taylor
                                                  Yours faithfully
    	     2003	     Ryan	Williams                 Yours faithfully
    	     2004	     Nick	Batchelor
    	     2005	     Tim	Kloeden
    	     2006	     Sheree	Schenk
    	     2007	     Melissa	Cresswell                  Martin	Rumsby
    	     2008	     Jenna	Trueman                  PRINCIPAL
    	     2009	     Lee	Lawson                    PRINCIPAL

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