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					                           PHILIPPINE AUSTRALIAN SPORTS & CULTURE INC. [P.A.S.C. Inc.]

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                            MISS PHILIPPINES – AUSTRALIA &
                                               [ ENTRY FORM ]

                                                               DECLARATION / WAIVER:
SURNAME:          _________________________________
                                                               I, __________________________ declare that the above
FIRST NAME:       _________________________________            information are true and correct I will abide by Rules and Conditions
                                                               of the Miss Philippines Australia and Charity Queen Australia Beauty
                                                               Pageant. Should I win the said beauty pageant, I will not participate
PREFERRED NAME: _________________________________              in any similar contest without written permission from P.A S.C Inc,
                                                               that I have agreed and accepted without reservation all the rules and
                                                               conditions of my entry.
ADDRESS:          _________________________________
                                                               That all financial obligations to P.A.S.C. Inc must be settled on or
                  _________________________________            before the due date in remittance of all monies from proceeds of sold
                                                               door / raffle tickets and advertisements. Any unsold door /raffle
                                                               tickets are likewise returned.
PHONE:            (h) ______________________________
                                                               Furthermore, (1) I, whose name/signed underneath, as a condition of
                  (w) ______________________________           acceptance of my entry in the Miss Philippines Australia Beauty
                                                               Pageant as part of the annual celebration of the Grand Philippine
                                                               Fiesta Kultura Sydney, for myself, my heir, executors and
                  (m) ______________________________           administrators, hereby waive all and any claim, right or cause of
                                                               action which they or I might otherwise have arising out of loss of my
EMAIL:            _________________________________            life or injury, damage or loss of any description whatsoever which I
                                                               may suffer or sustain in the course of or consequent upon my entry
                                                               or participation in the said event. (2) This waiver, release and
DOB:              _______ /_______ /_______                    discharge applies to all persons, corporations and bodies involved or
                                                               otherwise engaged in promoting or staging the event / promotion
                                                               travel and the agents, representatives and officers of any of them.
PLACE OF BIRTH:   _________________________________            This waiver, release and discharge operate whether or not the loss,
                                                               injury or damage is attributable to negligence or other act of
WEIGHT:           _________________________________            omission of any or more of these parties.

                                                                    PANEL OF JUDGES DECISION IS FINAL AND NO
HEIGHT:           _________________________________            CORRESPONDENCE, WHATSOEVER, WILL BE ENTERED INTO.

AGE:              _________________________________
                                                               Entrant’s signature over printed name:
FATHER’S NAME:    _________________________________

MOTHER’S NAME:    _________________________________                 _________________________________________

NATIONALITY OF PARENTS (ORIGIN):                                             Date: _______/_______/_______

(FATHER) __________________________________________
                                                               I, _______________________________ give permission
                                                               for _______________________________ to be a candidate
SCHOOL/COLLEGE/UNI:                                            in the Miss Philippines – Australia & Miss Philippines –
                                                               Australia Charity Queen Beauty Pageant. I have agreed /
___________________________________________________            accepted all the conditions of entry and the above stated
                                                               declaration / waiver against and release from claim.
                                                               Parent’s / Guardian signature over printed name:
OCCUPATION:       _________________________________
                                                                             Date: _______/_______/_______
AMBITION:         _________________________________

HOBBIES:          _________________________________            Endorsed / Witnessed by:

                                                                   (Signature President of Sponsoring Club over Printed Name)

                                                                                      (Name of organisation)
                                     MISS PHILIPPINES – AUSTRALIA &
                              MISS PHILIPPINES – AUSTRALIA CHARITY QUEEN

I. OBJECTIVES                                                    14. The decision of the members of Board of Judges is
1. To raise awareness among young people to participate               final. No verbal and written complaint/s will be
     in community projects.                                           entertained.
2. To promote and maintain friendship, good community            15. PHOTOS. Six studio photos or plus Disc if available
     relations and harmony in the community.                          must be supplied to PASC for publicity in local
3. To foster understanding and respect for Philippines &              newspapers, judging Miss Photogenic section,
     Australia culture and tradition.                                 Coloured cover page and the group Miss PA center
4. To encourage and increase both individually and                    page Fiesta Magazine.
     collectively participation from Filipinos and Filipino-     16. Candidate/s must be sponsored by an organization or
     Australian in community projects.                                can enter independently with family support.
                                                                 17. No candidate/s and sponsoring participating
ll. POLICIES AND GUIDELINES:                                          organization/s will receive commission unless ALL
1. The deadline for the recruitment of candidates is set on           Advertisements and Tickets (Entrance/Raffle) proceeds
     15 May 2008. Presentation of candidates is schedule              are Paid and Remitted to P.A.S.C Inc. All Unsold
     on 1 June 2008 during the Kalayaan Aliw Festival at              Tickets are returned.
     Fairfield Showground as part of its program. Interstates
     and outside Australia candidates if unable to come          III. PRIZES:
     must send dvd recording introducing herself and             1. The Miss Philippines Australia and Charity Queen
     highlighting important personal interest.,                        Australia shall each receive:
            achievements / schooling etc.                              a) One round-trip airfare (Sydney-Manila-Sydney), Five
2. Both or either one parent of all contestants must be of                 (5) Nights shared Hotel accommodation, plus
     Filipino origin. Guest candidate/s from country of origin             $500.00 spending money, OR
     that has influenced the Philippines culture and support           b) Return Airfare Ticket (Sydney – L.A./San Francisco,
     Filipino-Australian community projects. The candidate                 U.S.A. – Sydney) OR
     must be sponsored by an organization or family unit.              c) Return Airfare Ticket (Sydney - London – Sydney)
3. Must be single, never been married, no child.                 2. Runners-up for Miss Philippines Australia and Charity
4. The candidate must be 16 years to 25 years of age in                Queen Australia will each receive:
     31 December 2008. Upon acceptance of entry                        Return Airfare Ticket (Sydney – Gold Coast/Adelaide/
     application form and has participated on rehearsals, a            Melbourne /Tasmania – Sydney) & two nights
     candidate cannot withdraw. Any candidate who                      accommodation.
     withdraws after participating in the rehearsals shall       3. Monumental winning trophy for Miss PA and Charity
     automatically loss the prizes that she would have won.            Queen Australia
     The sponsoring organisations will lose the 10%              4. Monumental Trophy to Miss Friendship and Miss
     commission for Miss P.A. entitlement.                             Photogenic
6. Candidates are required to comply with all set                5. Portable TV set or Equivalent Entertainment Unit for
     guidelines, rules and conditions of the beauty pageant            Miss Popularity
     as set out by the PASC Beauty Pageant Committee             6. All candidates, except the winners and runners-up of
     and approved by the PASC Inc. Board of Management                 Miss Philippines Australia and Charity Queen Australia,
7. The Runner-up of the Miss Philippines Australia shall               will each receive $300.
     carry out the duties and responsibilities of the reigning   7. All sponsoring organisations of the candidates shall
     Miss Philippines Australia in the even Miss PA unable             each receive a plaque of appreciation
     to carry out her duties.                                    8. Any additional prizes to be confirmed and printed at
8. The Charity Princess shall take over the duties and                 the Fiesta Magazine.
     responsibilities of the reigning Miss Philippines           9. Prizes must be claimed within the current financial
     Australia Charity Queen in the event she fails to carry           year, 30 June 2009, otherwise prizes are forfeited.
     out the duties and responsibilities.                        10. Any additional sponsor/s solicited and pledged prizes
9. Closing time for counting of votes for the title of Miss            will be listed in the final print in the Fiesta Magazine
     Popularity is 12.00pm on the Fiesta day.                          ’08.
10. Participating Organisations and Candidates must
     adhere to Schedule Dates;                                   IV. REHEARSALS:
       i) First Counting - Saturday, 15 May 2008 – Closing       1. Strict adherence to time schedule is required due to
          date Payment Kalayaan Aliw Festival Tickets and             participation from candidates from various States,
     Final Artwork Advertisements Aliw & Fiesta Programs.             Australian Territories, regional cities and metro Sydney,
     ii) Second Counting - Sunday, 27 July 2007 – Fiesta              intensive rehearsal for three (3) consecutive days prior
          Kultura door / raffle tickets and Advertisements.           to the Event. (Dates will be confirmed).
     iii) Third Counting 31 August 2008 - Remittance for         2. Accessories, costume, and clothes (hired or custom
          Sold Door / Raffle Tickets and Advertisements.              made) required for the beauty pageant is the
     iii) Final Counting Charity Queen Australia – Sunday, 23         responsibility of the Candidate and Sponsoring Clubs.
          September 2007 – All Door / Raffle / Return Unsold /   3. Transport to and from the rehearsals is the
          Tickets and Fiesta Magazine AD.                             responsibility of the candidates and the sponsoring
11. The candidates at the last rehearsal shall vote for Miss          club/s.
     Friendship.                                                 V. JUDGING CRITERIA:
12. Independent photographers shall judge the Miss               1. Miss Philippines – Australia and Charity Queen Australia
                                                                     are judged separately with separate titles and prizes